Truth or dare with blond on omegle

Truth or dare with blond on omegle
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Sasha and Bayley have always been friends, ever since their NXT days. Even after the super star shake up they ended in the same roster. Sasha has always admired Bayley's natural body, she was a bit jealous how her butt was nice and firm.

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And Bayley was always an innocent girl who no one thought she had a wild side. Sasha and Bayley had a main event tag match vs Nia and Alexa. The match was hard and got them really tired. After the match they stayed back and talked about their match a little too long that most of the female superstars had already left.

They didn't care because they agreed to have a little road trip before heading to their next show. When they got to their locker room they notice everyone was already gone.

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As Bayley started to get undress, Sasha had her eyes real close on Bayley fake agent fucks fat pussy on cast also trying not to be to obvious about it. Sasha watched as Bayley removed her tights and saw how her nice firm butt jiggled in the motion in sliding them off. Sasha got a little tingle in between her legs and her head started spinning.

"I hope there's still hot water left!" Bayley said as she made her way to the showers. Sasha made her way to showers as well and got really upset that all the other showers had nothing but cold water. "Come join me!" Yelled Bayley "Nah, I'm okay! I'll wait till you're done!" Said Sasha Bayley pooked her head out and said "the water is starting to get a bit cold so if you want to take a hot shower, it will have to be right now!" Sasha got a bit excited and finally decided to join in "Okay fine but no monkey business!

Okay?!" Sasha walked in a saw Bayleys big c-cups tits and her round ass nice and wet and got really excited but held her excitement.

Bayley saw Sasha walk in and said "I'm glad you're in here! Can you help me wash my back for me please?" She grad Bayleys scrubber with soap and started to scrub her back. Sasha barley scrubbed her back until Bayley turned her head and said "make sure you clean all of my back!" She winked And wiggled her butt.

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Sasha got really excited and started to scrub her nice ass. After a few seconds of scrubbing, Sasha couldn't hold back anymore, turned Bayley over and started kissing her! They were at it for a minute or two until Bayley broke off the kiss and said "let's get you clean too." Bayley help wash Sasha and decided to call it. After they got all dress kristen scott gets down on bailey and bring her to orgasm headed out in silence as if nothing happen, Bayley and Sasha were heading towards their hotel where they would spend the night.

It was going to be a 8 hour drive to their next destination. They pulled over at a gas station to get some snacks. When they got in the car, the car wouldn't turn on. After a few moments of trying to figure out what was wrong, they decided to call a tow truck and take them to a hotel close by. They told them that they weren't going to be able to fix their car the next day since it was a holiday and they were going to be close. So they decided to just stay at a hotel and wait until they fix their car and not fly since they already had everything planned out.

As they arrived to the hotel, they were told that they were fully booked but had one room with a queen size bed, so they both decided that it was okay since they didn't have any other choice. They went into their room and drop off their stuff and both decided to grab some pizza from a place they saw earlier since the snacks really didn't do any help. They went in to order their food and told them it'll be a few minutes so they decided to walk around in the meantime. They went in a little corner store and were looking threw the drinks when Sasha grab a cheap bottle of wine and showed Bayley while she just smile and said "After all we went threw today, I could go for some wine!" As they made their way back, the only store that was open late night was an adult store.

They both shrugged and Bayley said "we still have time, should we kill it and go inside?" And Sasha nodded. Both sunny leon fucks ta doctor walked threw the isles giggling at everything they saw. After a few moments looking around, Sasha decided to "go to the bathroom" while Bayley told her she was going to check on the food!

As Sasha made her way to the bathroom she was trying to figure out how she could get her way with Bayley and continue what they started in the showers earlier. As she got out and made her way out the store something caught her eye, something that could help her with dreams.

She found a nice strapon with a nice thick 10 inch dildo and looked around to make sure Bayley had left and wasn't anywhere to be found. She decided to grab it and buy it. As she got to the register the employee looked at her and said "having a little fun with your girlfriend tonight?" And winked. Sasha blushed and said "She's not my girlfriend! She's my friend" And the employee with a more surprised face said "well here I recommend this lube to make it more slippery and better to slide in even if she's really tight!" And winked at her again.

Sasha hurried and put everything she bought in her bag and walked away blushing. She meet up with Bayley and asked "what took you so long?

The pizza is getting cold!" "I had to pee really bad that's all!" Sasha said. As they got back to their room, they both decided to get comfortable and put on their sleeping clothes that was a t-shirt and underwear. They turned on the tv and started going threw the channels to watch a movie while they ate their food. Finally they settled down and ate their food and drank their wine. They were drinking the wine as if it was the last drink on earth and finish the bottle quickly.

Both got bored watching the movie so Sasha decided to go threw the channels when she accidentally made it to the adult channels and They didn't notice until a girl was walking towards another girl with a dildo appeared on the tv. Sasha quickly changed the channel when Bayley said "change it back!

I want to see what's going on!" So she decided to change it back and both friends started to watch their first porno together. They were watching the porno for a really long time and with all the alcohol in their system, they got really horny. Bayley got up and went to her book bag and grad something from it. As she made her way back Sasha looked at her weird and asked "what's that you got there?" "It's a dildo! My boyfriend got it for me for Valentine's Day for when I'm out touring!

He made it from his actual size! You don't mind if i use it right?" With all the alcohol in their system, Sasha didn't care what she did. She watched as Bayley sucked on it to get wet to put it inside when she realized that it was probably half the size of the one she bought.

Sasha watched Bayley insert her dildo inside her nice shaved slit carefully and started getting wetter than ever before, and inserted two fingers inside herself and started to work on her wet pussy. Bayley started fucking herself harder as she watched the porn on the tv and started creaming all over her toy. She was doing herself hard and fast that she was starting to build up her climax.

Sasha played with herself harder as she watched her not so innocent friend start to breath faster. Bayley started to lose her breath as she fucked herself faster until she finally had reached her peek and started yelling "Oh shit! Oh shit! Oh shit! I'm cuuumiiinng!!!!". When she started cumming, her best friend did as well!

After a few minutes of them trying to catch their breath Bayley finally said something that sparked her friend "Damn! I really wish I had my boyfriend to fuck me right now!" "Wait here and put this on. I'm going to bathroom quickly" Sasha said as she handed Bayley a bandana to cover her eyes.

A bit confused, Bayley did as she was told. Sasha got off the bed and grab her backpack as she headed to the bathroom. "This is my chance! It's now or never!" Said Sasha as she pulled out the thick 10inch strapon from her backpack that she bought earlier.

She undressed herself completely put on her new toy, looked in the mirror to admire how she look and took a deep breath and said "relax I got this!" She opened the door and headed towards the bed where her best friend was laying down.

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Sasha leaned in a started to kiss her friend and Bayley return the favor. Sasha started to pull off Bayleys shirt and saw she didn't have a bra. When she was fully naked, she just stood there and admire her best friends hot naked body.

Sasha leaned in and started kissing her friend passionately again. After a few minutes of making out, Sasha started to kiss Bayleys neck and started to make her way to her big c-cup tits! She started sucking on her nipples and as soon as she put her mouth on them, they got rock solid! Bayley started moaning hard and got wetter than she has ever been before. Sasha started making her way down Bayleys stomach and as soon as she reached her pussy, she saw how dripping wet she was and Sasha got really turned on and dove in.

She started licking her from her clit to her asshole. With every lick, Bayley twitched a little and then Sasha focused on her clit and shoved two of her fingers in her pussy. Sasha started finger fucking her best friend hard and fast, hitting Bayley in her spot.

She felt another orgasm building up fast and Sasha noticed so decided to go faster. "Oh shit! I'm cumming again!" Bayley screamed as her body started to tense up and then boom! She started screaming with pleasure after her orgasm came and her whole body lifted up from the bed and then fell back down.

Twitching Bayley told Sasha "No one has ever made me cum that hard!

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Not even my boyfriend!" After Bayley had her passionate youing couple love to play around in bed orgasm from a girl, Sasha told her to remove her blindfold and just stood there. As Bayleys eye sight became clear she saw her beautiful friend standing in front of her nude and then as she started to look down, her sight came clear and noticed Sasha's thick 10inch dildo hanging and her eyes and mouth just opened and said "HOLY FUCK!

I have never seen anything so big!" Sasha smiled and got in bed with Bayley and started to kiss her again. After making out for a couple of minutes, Sasha rubbed the tip in her friend and asked "are you ready?" And Bayley just nodded.

She put some lube on her toy and Carefully started pushing it in. She realized how tight her friends pussy was.

"God you're so tight!" Sasha said. "That's cause my man don't have a big dick!" Sasha smiled and continued to insert her toy in her friend. Once the thick 10 inch dildo was all the way in, She slid it all the way out and all the way back in twice really slowly. On the third time she pulled all the way out, saw all of her cream on pinay xxx british girlsher tadoo toy.

Bayley looked Sasha dead in her eyes and said "I want you to fuck me silly!" And with that Sasha did what she was told. Sasha started fucking her slowly and then all of the sudden started ramming her thick dildo into mom and boy sexs porn friend like no tomorrow.

While ramming her, Sasha lifted Bayleys legs over her shoulders and started fucking her with long hard strokes! Every time she pulled out she saw her friends cum juices on her dildo. "Agh! Fuck me! Fuck that tight little pussy! I'm about to cum!" Screamed Bayley. And with that Sasha fucked her faster and harder than anyone has ever fucked her before.

Sasha loved how Bayleys tits were jiggling and loved to see her friends face expressions. "Aaah I'm cumming!! I'm cummmming!!" Bayley yelled from the top of lungs as she came on Sasha's thick dildo. "That was amazing!" Sasha said "tell me about it!" Bayley said breathing hard.

They laid there for a moment until Bayley got a hold on Sasha turned her over and laid on her. Bayley got off her and started licking all of her cum from the thick dildo and started to suck her dildo in which she could barley fit since it was so big and thick. She got up and got on top of Sasha, put the tip in her wet pussy and said "ima ride you like a cowboy on a bull!" Then with that being said, she slid all the way down, but couldn't sit with the thick dildo inside because it was so big and thick.

"Aghh! That feels sooo good deep in my tight wet pussy!" Bayley said. Bayley started riding Sasha's thick dildo slowly. She started going faster and started ramming herself. Bayley felt like she wasn't getting any good strokes so she decided to get on her feet to ride her friend faster and harder. Bayley started bouncing on Sasha hard and all you could hear is Bayleys moans and fat ass slapping against Sasha.

"Agh! Agh! Mmm! God I'm in heaven!" Bayley said. As Bayley continued to ride her friend, her moans became louder and made it hard for her to breath and she knew another orgasm was coming. Sasha got a hold on Bayleys hips and while Bayley rammed herself on her dildo. While she bounced on the thick dildo, Sasha pushed up, meeting her thrusts. Sasha started fucking her best friend harder and harder! "OMG ITS COMMING AGAIN! OH SHIT! FUCK ME!" Bayley yelled! And a few seconds later Bayley fell on Sasha and started cumming hard, and she got off the dildo and started squirting all over.

"Damn I didn't know you were a squirter!" Sasha said. "Neither did I! No one has ever fucked me to the point it made me squirt!" Bayley said while Sasha just smiled and kissed her. Bayley turned around for reverse cowgirl and got a hold of the thick dildo. Bayley slowly inserted the thick dildo inside her and started to lower herself on it.

Once it was completely in, she started to ride her friend. Sasha loved this position cause it gave her a good view of her friends nice fat ass. As Bayley started riding her friend harder, her ass just jiggled and her fat ass started clapping as she slammed herself on Sasha.

After a few minutes of Bayley riding Sasha, Sasha got impatient and got up pushed Bayley down. The thick dildo slipped out from her friends tight pussy.

The cam free busty teen babe webcam sex chat of Bayley laying face down made Sasha hornier. Sasha just stood their and admired how fat her friends ass is and gave it a smack.

Bayley had gave a little moan. Sasha played with her ass for a while, smacking it, gripping it, biting it, and spread them apart and Sasha saw her tigh little ass hole.

After she was down playing with Bayley, Sasha got anxious and grab a hand full of Bayley's hair and pulled her to get on all fours. Sasha grabbed the lube and put some on her thick dildo and a little on her friends tight pussy, even though she was already wet from all the groping. Sasha got a hold of the dildo, position it between her friends pussy lips and started to push in lightly.

"Damn your still tight bent over!" Sasha said. Sasha had half of her thick dildo in her friends pussy by now! "Damn that feels soo goood! So big and thick! I think you might be breaking me apart" Bayley said. Sasha rammed the last few inches in as Bayley moaned loud.

She pulled out all the way till the tip was barely in and asked "are you ready? Cause I'm about to fuck the shit out of you!" Sasha said as she slapped her friends fat ass.

"Yes ma'am! I want you to fuck me like today will be our last da-" Bayley couldn't finish her sentence cause Sasha rammed the entire thick 10 inch dildo in her friend. Bayley got a hold on the sheets and gave a loud scream. Sasha did that for a few more thrust, and when she pulled out one last time to rammed it back in, her dildo was covered in cum, she grabbed some on her finger, licked it off, and slammed all the way back in.

"Fuck me harder and faster! NOW!" Bayley told Sasha. And with that, Sasha got excited and started cumshot facial blowjob cumpilation by cezar73 tube porn her friend, hard and fast. As she fucked her friend hard, Bayley's hard breathing and her juicy ass jiggling and clapping on Sasha was all you can hear. "Agh fuck me! Fuck me nice and hard! Oh yea that's the spot! Don't stop keep going!!" Bayley said as she meet her friends thrust!

Sasha was pounding her friend and with every thrust she did, she would see Bayleys fat ass jiggle more and turned her on more then she already was.

Bayley couldn't hold herself up anymore and now she was face down, ass up. Sasha looked down and saw Bayleys tight asshole again and decided to insert a finger up there so she spit on her hole and shoved her thumb inside.

That made Bayley jump a bit and ended up liking it. Sasha grabbed Bayley and pulled her up and started playing with her nice tits and pulling on her nipples. After a few moments Bayley fell forward again and Sasha wasn't going to have that and grabbed two hand full of her hair again and pull her up.

"OMG! No one had ever treated me like a slut like you do!" Bayley said. After a few minutes of hard pounding Bayley started moaning harder "OMG! I think I'm going to cum again! Agh shit! I'm cumming!!" Sasha started pounding harder and harder. And after a few seconds of hard pounding Bayley started cumming even more harder than before. Bayley started cumming and ended up twitching all over the bed while squirting!

Sasha just stood there looking at her friend twitch as she had her orgasm with a devilish smile. "I fucking love you so much!" Bayley told Shasa. "I love you too!" Sasha replied and kissed her friend. "We should move in together and do this more!" Bayley said. Sasha just layed there in shock wondering what her friend was true and not the alcohol talking.

After all the hard fucking Bayley got, and had finally relaxed, she ended up knocking out. Sasha was a bit upset since she haven't cammed yet but felt satisfied staring at her best friend laying there naked. So Sasha decided to grab Bayleys dildo and fuck herself with it. She didn't want to use the thick 10inch dildo cause it was too big for her petite self. After Sasha fucked herself to an orgasm, she ended up falling asleep as well. The next morning Bayley woke up first with a hangover and felt really sore between her legs.

She notice she was completely naked and was confused and started wondering if what she had dreamed about was real or not. She got up to use the bathroom and saw that their clothes were all over the place and then saw Sasha was barely covered and she was naked too. There was a bit light and saw the thick 10 inch strapon on the floor. When she was using the bathroom it all hit her, it all came back and what she had dreamed was actually true. She did get fucked by the huge strapon, she smiled cleaned up and headed back to bed.

She crawled up on Sasha's naked body and fell back to sleep.