Fake agent fucks fat pussy on cast

Fake agent fucks fat pussy on cast
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"Lynn. I love you. You really do makes me want to be with you forever" whispered Tim. He was my first boyfriend. A local chinese singaporean standing at 173cm,62kg. Normal decent boy who is my senior in school. Charmed by his boyish looks, many girls envy me as his girlfriend. We dated for 2 months.

For a girl. His gentleness and caring makes me feel love. It was a night where we are back from a date. After a simple dinner and watching a show at a nearby cinema, he sent me home. As I am a virgin, there was hardly any sexual mischievous except a few good bye kiss. My dad is always on business trip which I hardly see him once a month while my mum is assistance to my dad which always makes the house left with only my elder sis linda who is 18 and our new maid Eki from pillipines who is also only 20.

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There were always comments saying that me and lisa looks almost identical which I must admit. Beside her being slightly taller by 2cm and a slightly sharper chin, I hardly can find difference. There were numerous ocassion that even my parents mistakenly took me as lisa.

Just like every relationship, the boy will soon pop questions like can I see your room, stay over. etc. Tim was no difference, while giving me a good bye kiss he too ask to take a look at my room.

Hearing his words I kissed him back and gladly accepted as I had seen lisa brining boyfriends back and stay over. Of course things was always loud at night and you guys certainly knows what I meant and how lonely and curious I was when hearing all these alone in my room. Beside lisa was on vacation with my parents too and I am left all alone with Eki. Once Tim was in the room, we kissed passionately. There was no gentle shy kiss as once the door was closed he hug me and our lips locked.

From tounge twisting kiss while standing he soon pinned me down on the bed. Beside kissing my lips and ears, I also allow him to roam around my body with his hands. From my body to my vigina he hardly missed an inch. Undressing me slowly to my bra and panty. "Your skin are smooth Lynn. I simply love them." Licking my body at the same time fonding with my breast.

This is the first time that he undressed me with only my bra and shorts. Standing at 163cm,46kg a chinese girl with small almond shaped eyes with single eye lid, sharp nose and well shaped lips, I am the innocent schoolgirl that most guys fantasise. Being born with a small built makes me have an envy 24 inch waist and 34c cup firm breast with firm 32 inch butt makes the prefect hour glass figure that many guys stare at when I wore my school uniform.

I enjoyed my gifted body and attention, but I also do aerobics often to ensure I stay in shape. Engrossed in Tim's touch and kiss, I never realised my bra was unhooked. Feeling his dick hardened and licking my pink nipples then awoke me from the daze. The licking horny teen babe gets fucked hard by her lover my sensitive nipples only makes me let out soft moan and unwilling to push him away. " arh. Uhh. Tim it feels so nice. don't stop " I whispered back in my normal innocent voice.

This makes him simply do more licking. From my neck to my nipples with occasional bitting of them.

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My whole upper body was drenched in his saliva. I kissed him back passionately too. I licked hia body like how he does to me. His well shapped chest makes me feel amazing wanting more. Licking and teasing his nipples he responded well by kissing my stomach and massaging my breast.

I can feel my breast hardened. The first time I finally know gay dennis the menace cartoon free porn the meaning of sweet love. "Ummm.

ummm urhh. " I moaned out while Tim moved downwards. He slide his tounge down from my stomach to my tighs and legs. Slowly making his ways to my feet and toes. While Tim removed my panty with a swift action with me gladly straightening my legs. He slowly touch the circumference of my vigina with his finger and the licking of my body never stops. " hmmm. Smells nice. Mmmuck mmmmuck" his nose was at my vigina and kissing them gently with his lips. Tounge licking and sucking was all over my vigina.

It was wet with my juice and his saliva. " ooooh.


ahhh. Tim. Arhhhh. Ahh. yess.ss. sss.

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yeshhhhhh! More please" I beg while Tim just licked and licked my wet vigina. I was shivering with pleasure and holding his head tightly facing my virgina. I am a girl in wonderland yet lost as I am too shy tpand naive to know how to response. Besides occasionally moaning and feeling wet, I just parents films this homemade sextape tube porn on bed legs wide open.

Fingers in my mouth trying to stop my moan. Hands and legs holding Tim tight to me. I want more. I can't lie. " uhhh. . ooo. nice work Time." I started to enjoy so much that my moans gets louder.

" Lynn. come lick my penis first. It's your first time I know. Don't worry. Just like licking an ice cream. I will guide you. I just simply obey. Looking at the 7 inch penis, I simply give it a few gentle kiss. Muck muck. Slowly I licked the tip of the penis. " yeshhh. Lynn well done. Now lick them all. And slowly suck them" Tim was fondling my breast and vigina while his penis simply got harder and wetter.

I brace myself and give him a good licking. Just like ice cream I told myself. I licked the tip a few more times, slowly using my whole tounge wetting the penis down to his testicle. Wetting every inch and licking with enjoyment. I was so surprised how I was enjoying. Slowly I teased him with more licking and finally opened my mouth and suck it with the whole dick in my mouth. Just like how I watched how girls do in porn videos. Slup. slup. Licking sucking the wonder rod in front of me.

I simply can't stop and faster my pace, before long I am a expert in sucking and I can see Tim enjoying. The dick hardened more and I suck faster.

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Every brain cell in me simply tells me to suck more. Faster but not too rough. I would occasionally take a break by licking his inner tighs. " ohh heaven… you are a slut. Now move your pussy over and let me taste them." Tim command. Shifting himself below my open legs. We shifted to 69 position. Licking and fingering me gently while I continue give him stronger suction and faster pace. From his middle finger he slowly fingered deep into my vigina and licking my g spot together.

It's so wet the he slide in 3 fingers at once after some time. " ouch. it's hurts. " I giggles " Don't stop" though my virginity is making me pain but I just crave for more. "Faster Tim. aaaah aa a ahhh urrrhh. The moaning can't stop even with his penis in my mouth. I can feel the virgina wall tightening his fingers and wanting more. Tim fingered me more while I was sucking and licking his dick diligently.

Tip to testicles and occasionally his tighs. I was overwhelming with all these. Sexual pleasure was certainly good. Tim moved his fingers out of my pussy and turn around on top of me face to face. He used his dick to roam round my virgina which was welcoming it, I can already feel my virgina lossening, wet and wanting it to enter me.

Without second thoughts, Tim entered me link photocom porn story sex sexi photcom storys and gently. He was a guy with numerous experience with 6 girl friends before me.

" yaaa. yahhhhh, "I let out a soft scream. My virginity was broken. There was a slight sharp pain and I held Tim tight. He gave me a peck on my forehead and pump his dick gentle a few minutes. From sharp pain to pleasure I let out louder and louder moans.

" aa.aaaahh. um. arhh. Arh." every thrust he made I responded with a moan. the combination of his nipple licking and thrusting was well timed and prefect. I am enjoying more than I had imagined. He removed his dick and began shifting position and laid down with his dick facing skywards.

Sit on it he commanded and I obeyed like a pussy cat at the sight of fish. Holding his dick gently I slide it into my pussy and wow… it was another feeling that was amazingly fantastic.


Holding my both hands Tim gudied me slowly to become a cowgirl. From the start of only him shifting his body to pump me, I started doing it my own by moving up and down and dictating the pace of his dick entering me. He would fondle with my breast which makes me engrossingly wet and enjoying. After few rounds of vigorous pumping, I suddenly felt a rush of fluid flowing out of my virgina. " arhhhh ahhh yarrrr… I immediately removed his dick and came a downpour of cum jucie onto his face and body.

I cummed. Though I had climax during masterbate but never was it so much and high. My pussy was wide opened clearly from my sight, I try apologise to Tim for making him covered with my juice but he was busy licking them with his fingers and tounge. " Yum yum" Tim smiled at me. Before I can do anythinghe busty office milf fucking on table in trio me around and entered me in a doggie position.

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" uh . ya. yar.


yeshhhhhh" I moaned repeatedly enjoying myself. " ya. yaeah."Tim pace was fast and every thrust makes me wants more. In out in out. his dick continuously pumping me while I was just like a bitch in doggie position letting moans out.

"ohh urhh, don't stop. Ti . ti. timmm nice, nniceeeeee! .ahh. " I continue to explode moans. It was not long before my second climax came. I was shivering and moaning, the bedsheet was drenched. Tim never stopped he just keep pumping with deep thrust. Tim removed his dick abruptly and turned me lying down facing up. He moved his dick facing my face grabbing my mouth open and sticking his dick in. I was still catching my breath and trying to catch sight of what is happening when I felt fluids rushing into my mout.

" er. k. Kerk. kerk. ooorr,"Choked and coughing I half swalled his cum and vomiting out some, he again pushed his dick in and told me to lick them. I obediently followed and cleaned his dick. Still warm and hard. Finally getting my consciousness, I realised he cum in my mouth and I swallowed his sperm.

Tim gave me a kiss on my cheek and smiled satisfied. I shyly cleanned up and hugged him. It was my first sex satisfaction all written on my face. Lovely latina woman tries to sell a coat to shawn and ends up fucked slept for a few hours and had sex 2 more times that night. of course it was me who would wake tim up for more and he would kindly gave me a good time.

Fully exhausted. I slept to the late morning on my bed after Tim left in the wee hours after our sex. Knock knock. urgent knocking on my room door woke me from my drreams, still naked and not smell of semen un my mouth I opened the door. " your call miss, urgent" eki rushed the house phone to me. " hi, this is calling from malaysian police" a malay male voice spoke. " this is not a prank, we are calling to inform you that mr and mrs alfred cheong and lisa cheong was killed in a road accident this morning.

We got your contact and their identity from their phone, as there are no passports and the bodies are burnt, please make your way to kelantan to verify the bodies. " From heaven to hell… I was left speechless holding the phone, how could, how could this happens.

I couldn't even find tears… but instead joy. finally I thought, being a traditional chinese family and a bullying sister, it's enough. I told myself. A wild idea ran in my brain and……… to be continued.