Group group girl and boys

Group group girl and boys
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Dear, Mr.N This is the sweet blonde hottie that you met on accident the other day. Our eyes met and I was lost in you. Your scent washed over me as I settled on the couch beside you.

I felt your eyes scanning my body, watching my thighs rub together and I parted my lips slowly. Tempting you to see where my naughty thoughts went.

Could you see in my blue eyes, the shimmering desire for you to ravage me. I caught a glimpse of your cock, stiffening at the body heat we shared. I could hardly breath as I walked into the kitchen, the party thining. You followed me, alone in the shadows of the light.


You touched me, hands hot and rough. I melted. Your lips found mine and we kissed. My body was yours. I ached and dripped for every piece of hot flesh you had. To feel your powerful hands spreading my thighs. Lapping at my dripping cunt. Make me yours. Now. You pushed me against the wall, your tongue and lips at my neck. More and more. Please give me more. A boy fuk his mother stop. You pressed your hard throbbing cock against me.

You body covering mine. I surrendered. With a reluctance we parted, a sigh escaping from my lips. Tempting me for more. You tried to leave but I grabbed your arm, pulling you in for more. Your hands grabbed my ass sqeezing.

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My thoughts raced to what naughty things you could do to me. Fucking me until I couldn't move. Desire for that to be true. You slipped your hands down my jeans, rubbing my hot flesh and I was tempted to moan. I could feel everything in that moment. I brushed my hand on the hard hot rod pushing against your zipper.

Desperate as I was to be released. You mumbled against my neck of the lust you felt. Do you remember that smile? Do you remember the way I felt in your powerful arms? Or the way your cock slid into my flesh? Do you remember how intense those moments were? I remember them. I remember the taste of your cock and your hot cum. I remember the way you enveloped me.

The way I didn't want to stop. I wanted everything you had and more. The sex was not enough, I wanted you to ravage my pale creamy flesh. To taste my ecstasy and mom son sek japan 3 gp my life in your hands. I remember the truck the empress ass fucked in the terms, the cigarette smoke floating in the air and the music thumping through my body.

Your body so close to mine and I desperately wanted it closer. You grinned at me, pulling me deeper in. I felt my heart race and my fire roar to life. I moved closer to you, brushing my hand below your waist. Playing with your growing cock, your length and thickness driving me insane with need. My pussy aching with need and my flesh silky with honey.

You smiled, teasing me more and I needed it. We talked, playful words that only made the desire that much stronger. I secret spot inside of you, where I could dwell.

The beast within you desperate to escape, the key within my grasp. I could beg but that would be to forward. Like prey and predator. I needed what you had, and you wanted what I had. I cannot stop myself, put your mouth on my body. Make my lips swell with need. Lick and dip deep inside. While I brush my tongue along your hard shaft, the soft flesh slick underneath my tongue. Pushing deep within my mouth, until I gag on your length.

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I moan softly, your own personal slut. Desperate to be fucked by you. Take me. LIke now, I want you. I want your intensity, your passion. Your rough, bad ass nature. I want to forget this world everything but you. More and more. I get so wet thinking about you, your smell, your body, the way you handle me, the way you touch me. I can picture you standing before me and for a small moment you smile. I step up to you, breathing you in and feeling the warmth of your skin.

You kiss my neck, drawing redhead first time with lesbian on cast soul in and igniting the fire. Clothes fall off in a frenzy. Skin touching skin. The floor against my back, your body hovering above mine.

Cold air brushing against my nipples and pussy. Your hard length pressing in ever so slightly, asking for permission but not waiting for the answer.

Scream after scream as you slam your thick cock deep within my hot flesh. Every muscle tight around your shaft. Your lips tight against mine, as you fill every inch of my tight depth. My wet hot honey coating you, the slippery rhythm intoxicating. I beg you not to stop as each orgasm slams through me. I am yours. Our bodies are coated in sweat as you use every muscle to bring me pleasure while taking yours.

Deeper and deeper. My nails and teeth leaving marks along your body.


You are too far mine to stop now, plunging and watching the puzzle complete. The edge is yours to fall from as your cum shoots into me. My muscles squeezing every drop from your member. Your hands holding me still as you pump more and more inside until it's pouring from my cunt, sliding down my ass. Please don't stop. Again, feed the beast with my body. Oh yes I remember it all so well. Like a vivid dream, I don't want to wake from. Oh take my sweet cunt once more, it begs for your cock.

With all the love, this temptress can have. Mz. Hyde