Ember stone the cam queen does it with her pops

Ember stone the cam queen does it with her pops
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This is my first story ever. Comments are more than welcome. This is not a quick climax story. It is more like a short novel, so there is a lot to it. This story contains details of incest among other sexual fantasies. If cartoon xnxx free download pron are against such things, please move on. Everything from here on is completely fictional and never actually happened. Enjoy. Chapter 5 I thought for a moment. I'm guessing my face was an unreadable blank.

She stared at me waiting for a response. In my head I had thoughts screaming this way and that. "She is that interested in me that she obviously wants this to go further.

Why else would she tell me that? Could I be this lucky?" Also, "her honesty, so refreshing, so adorable. She must be scared shitless at what my reaction might be." And finally, "I wonder what she's done and if she'll let me watch them?" "Are you ok?" she asked. I swallowed the bite of food that I didn't even realize that I'd stopped chewing. "Yes." I said, "I'm sorry, It's ok.

You have no idea how much I admire your courage to confess that to me, not to mention your honesty." "Really, are you sure you're ok with it?" "Seriously," I began, "I am.

It's your past and I don't care. I was trying to figure out a way to tell you what this day has meant to me too and I was leaning towards the same train of thought.

You are an amazing woman and I would like to explore us further. I have never felt truly comfortable with anyone except for my ex-wife. I loved her very much. Still do, but it's different now. But, I feel even more comfortable with you. If you feel that's a line, I understand.


But you will find out that it's the truth." "Oh, that's such a relief." she sighed. "I was beginning to think that I would never find anyone who would accept my past and love me for who I am today. I've always felt I had to be honest and up front about it because either the man I was with might see or have seen my films, or someone he knows.

Some men have left me sitting alone in a situation just like this, out to eat and even left me to pay the bill. Others have said that they were ok with it, but I could see it in their eyes that it was over then and there. Not you though, I can tell that you're sincere and mean what you said." "And I do." I reassured her. "I have one for you too though, since we're both on the same page." "Ok." she said, unblinking. Now it was my turn to summon up the courage.

"If you want me, you got me. But I need to know if you're serious. My bukkake fetish slimed girls fuck gloryhole cock and I are kind of 'fuck buddies.' She's single, and so was I.

I can move past that. It was just a release for both of us. However, it's over now and I will tell her. But I don't know how she'll take it. She may be fine with it, she may leave. Either way I will respect her needs and let her do whatever she feels she needs to. But she is much more than that. She is a real value to me as an employee and over the years, a friend.

She super cute annie gives amazing pov bj out for me and the company. Before I risk losing her, I need to know how serious you are." There was a short pause, only long enough for her to verify that I was finished and she took my hands in hers, stood up as far as the table would let her and kissed me long and deep. Again, not lusty, but lovingly.

I knew right there that her feelings were genuine. We looked deep into each others eyes as we kissed. She was serious. She broke the kiss. "Whew!" she exclaimed, "That's all I can tell you. And I wouldn't worry about Cindy. I've known her for years. She'll be fine. Thank you for telling me. It means a lot. But I already knew. I knew a couple of years ago and from what she's told me, you can be a load of fun." With that she winked at me and I knew she was fine.

We left the restaurant and headed back to the office. Once there, I walked her to her car hand-in-hand. I spun her around to face me and pulling her tight to me said, "This was the most incredible day I've ever had. The only one that tops it is the day Victoria was born. Thank you." "If I've had a better day, I can't remember when." she said.

"Thank you." She reached up and cradled my face in her hands and gave me a soft, tender kiss.

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I placed my hands on her sides, just above her hips and reciprocated. That led to a deeper, more passionate kiss with her arms around my neck and mine around her waist. Soon to follow were my hands on her ass massaging and squeezing and her hands running through my hair, her nails practically gouging at my scalp.

"We'd better stop now." she breathed. "I LOVE sex and we shouldn't move that fast." "I agree." I said, and I did too. "Good night Sally. Drive safe." "You too." she said with a sigh. I opened the door for her and she got in her car. I leaned in and gave her one lest kiss for the evening. "Lunch tomorrow?" I asked.

"Ya think?!" she said with a cocky tone. "I'll meet ya at your office. Night." "G'night." I said and I closed the door. I stood there in the parking lot watching her leave until she was out of sight.

"What an incredible day." I thought as I walked to my car and left for home. The drive home initially was filled with thoughts of Sally. I couldn't believe that Cindy had set me up with her. Did she want me to meet someone? Did she know that I was Sallys type bangbros hot sex session with girlfriend and stepmom visa-versa?

The whole day and night bounced back and forth through my mind constantly returning to our last kiss. I had a hard on the whole time. The way she was tearing at my hair was intense. She used to be a porn star… a PORN star. What has she experienced? Will she be teaching me anything? Will she be the one to fulfill my factices? Will she bring me to new levels? My mind raced.

Then suddenly my mind jumped to Victoria. She didn't congratulate me on winning the account. There wasn't even the slightest sign of excitement.

That is very unlike her. She seemed fine until I mentioned I was going out with Sally. Was she depressed? Did more happen the other night than I realize? I felt guilty for forgetting about her. I had to talk to her. I hoped she was awake. When I pulled in the drive, I noticed her bedroom light was on.

That didn't necessarily mean that she was awake. Rarely, but sometimes, she would fall asleep with it on while reading a book. I parked the car in the garage and headed to the house. Other than to remove my shoes and put my keys on the entryway table, I didn't even stop on my way upstairs.

I went to my room and changed into my boxers. Again not wanting to give the appearance that anything had changed. I then headed to Victorias room.

It was 10:30, not too late and as I approached her room, I thought I heard talking. Thinking she might be on the phone, I knocked softly on her partially open door and entered. She wasn't on the phone, she was talking to her friend/teammate Amy. "Hi dad, I hope you don't mind, but Amy came over to study with me and it got late so we called her mom and asked if she could spend the night.

She said it was fine and I didn't think you would mind." "No, I don't mind. Like always, your friends are welcome here whenever." I replied. That was always true, mostly because of my ever growing perversity of watching them, catching glimpses of their hot little tight bodies.

But now things have changed. I've met quite possibly the woman of my dreams and she is just as interested in me as I am in her. Obviously I was going to have to change the way I thought about Victorias friends, and more recently, my daughter. But it was me who needed to change.

Things needed to get back to normal. I needed to regain my control. I couldn't fuck this up with Sally.

"I didn't think you would." Carrie du four kristina uhrinova melisa mendiny melisa mendini lexa said. "So how was your date?" "It was great." I answered. "We're dating, I asked her out.

We're meeting for lunch tomorrow." "Well, THAT was fast." Was she snapping at me? I was very concerned. "Would you like to talk about this later, maybe tomorrow when it's just you and I?" I asked.

"Yeah, I think that would be better." Yup, she's pissed at me." "Ok, tomorrow then." I said and left the room. Now like I said, I was always very careful when I had women over so Victoria wouldn't hear. I even had a thick piece of foam that I would put over the vent. But I hadn't even had anyone over since Victoria was nine. My sexual escapades have since been Cindy and I fucking at the office. I doubted Victoria even knew that the vent was an open passage right into her room.

I went back to my room and slipped off my boxers and stood by the vent to see if she would tell Amy anything about her suddenly sour attitude. It monica mattos aka filthy whore scene x traordinary pictures completely silent.

I bet it was two minutes and suddenly Amy almost shouted, "What the fuck was that? I've never heard you talk to your dad that way." "I have to tell you something, but you HAVE to promise me you'll never tell a soul.

It would hurt more than anything else in the world." "Ok," Amy said. She sounded very sincere. "go ahead." "Remember my bike accident?" "Oh shit!" I thought. "She's not going to tell her, is she?" "It goes further than that." She proceeded to tell Amy everything. I knew that she could trust Amy, but this was like Black Ops secret. I stood and listened. Victoria didn't exaggerate anything, she didn't forget anything.

She just told the truth. Hearing Victoria tell the story I began to realize that I did indeed have nothing to worry about in regards to the events of that evening. She sounded exotic, her voice low and sensual.

Almost like she was one of those sex call women. The only thing that was added that I didn't know about was the fact that while I was getting the flashlight, she was so horny and excited over the taboo that was about to happen that she was frantically rubbing her clit. "Now I play with myself at least three times a day and I think about dad. I used to do it once or twice a week and think about the guy I liked the best in school at that time. Now it's dad, and he's ALWAYS on my mind.

I can feel my pussy get wet when I'm near him, and now, just talking about this, I'm soaked!" Her voice had changed, she was now sad, almost crying it sounded.

I felt so sad for her. I wondered what could be done about this. I couldn't leave Sally over this. After all, nothing could really happen between Victoria and me. But I had to think of something.

This is my angel and she's so sad. This was going to be delicate. Amy was silent through the whole thing. When Victoria was finished, Amy was silent a little longer and said, "I'm soaked too. I'd fuck your dad. I've jacked off thinking about him too. And, I know some of our other friends have too." "Amy, this is serious." she said. "So am I. My mom even has the hots for him.

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I can't believe he's been single for so long. He could have just about anybody he wanted, I bet." "What am I going to do Amy? I was ok knowing that dad might never go through with it, but I at least had a chance.

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Now I don't even get to try." "Do you think he would?" Amy asked. She had a sense of urgency in her voice. "I'm not sure." Victoria admitted.

"He was really freaked out about the whole thing. But I made him hard, he was turned on, he told me." "Well, let's get some sleep Vicky and we'll talk more tomorrow." Amy soothed. "Lay here beside me and let me hold you. Everything will work out, I know it." Amy loves Victoria, I know it. She cares so much about her, I see it all the time. And, she's the only one who gets away with calling her Vicky, so I know Victoria loves Amy too.

They are truly best friends like no other I've seen. I lay down too and thought myself to sleep. I had made up my mind that I had to talk to Sally about this. I had to tell her. I decided that my defense was the care for the wellbeing of my daughter and my male hormones took over. After all, in the end all I actually did was examine her, I my wifes sister my stepmother my wifes mother have any sort of sex with her.

I hoped she would understand and might have a womans perspective on the situation. The girls were still sleeping when I left for work. As I walked out of the house I thought about how nice it was to have summer vacation.

Those days were long gone. Oh well. When I got to work, Cindy greeted me with a big smile. "Hey boss man, how did it go?" "Well," Fuck my pussy and cums my face said, "We got the account, and I have to tell you Cindy," I paused a moment trying to remember Sallys reassuring words about the situation between Cindy and I.

"We're a couple. She's incredible. We're meeting for lunch. It saddens me though that I have to tell you that you and I can't have our little 'sessions' anymore." "Yeah, that's a little sad." I could sense a small amount of disappointment, but not nearly as much as I expected.

"But I understand." Then, she got up from her desk and walked over to me. She work a rather tight grey turtleneck sweater, A short, tight black skirt that was only barely longer than a mini skirt.

Black fishnet stockings with the garter peeking out below the hem of the skirt and five inch strapped high heeled shoes. She looked hot! "Good way to start Jim, get tested here and now." I thought as she almost sauntered towards me. She reached up cupped my jaw in her hands and looked me right in the eye. "We had an agreement, we've talked about this. It's ok. I love you, and I want you happy.

Sally is a wonderful woman." She sealed her statement with a small peck on my lips. "Why do you think I set you up with her?" she grinned and walked back to her desk. "Nice ass." I thought. "Thank you Cindy. Not only for understanding, but for what you did. I will always look out for you." "Who knows what the future will bring. But I told Sally she'd better not hurt you, or I'll kick her ass!" We both laughed and then she asked, "So what's on the agenda for today?" "Well, I need to get Jeremy on the phone with Peterbuilt.

We're going to need at least five new trucks ordered ASAP for this new account. They need at least seven empty trucks per day from us to start." "Nice!" Cindy said. "And…" "I need you to get the top ten applicants on the phone and have them come in to meet with John. Tell him that I don't want any newbies assigned to this account, but we need drivers too." "Alright, good as done. Anything else?" "Well, I need you to call Sally and ask her if she can get away for the afternoon." "Give me your phone." she said.

I walked over to her and handed her my phone. She quickly added Sallys number into the address book and handed it back to me. "Now you can do it." she said sticking her tongue out at me.

"Thank you." I said. "Had too much on my mind to remember to ask her for her number." "I know." Cindy said. "I was on the phone until one this morning hearing all about it." "Ok," I laughed, "That's about it for now. I have a call to make." And I headed to my office. "Business first." I thought. I picked up the phone and dialed Jeremys extension. "Jeremy, I need you to call Peterbuilt and order five trucks.

The usual configuration." "You got it boss." Jeremy said with his usual enthusiasm. Jeremy is a good shit. Young, but very motivated and trustworthy. "Thanks bud." And I hung up the phone. The easy part was over, now for the hard part. I picked up my cell and found Sallys entry. It wasn't easy though, I had to find it by looking for the one I didn't recognize. "Sugar Mama." I laughed and thought that maybe that was a nickname that she likes.

I decided to find out. Cindy had put her cell, home and business number in my phone. It was nine already, I decided on the business number. Someone other than Sally answered the phone, "Sallys Beauty Consulting, how can I help you this morning?" "Good morning, Is Sally there?" I asked.

"Yes sir, hold one moment." Then the phone became slightly muffled. "I think it's him!" She yelled like a schoolgirl. "She'll be with you in a moment." "Thank you." I said. "You're very welcome sir." I could hear the smile in her voice. "I'm pretty popular." I thought.

Soon Sally picked up the phone. "Hello?" "Good morning my 'Sugar Mama,' how are rough and deep anal fucking interracial cock for slutty babe swallows cumshot this morning?" "That bitch!" she laughed, "I'm gonna kick her ass!" "Umm, ok." I said, confused. "Don't worry." she said.

"Cindy was just teasin'. She knows I hate that name. My parents grew up in the ghetto and raised us to absolutely despise it. That's why my name is Sally." "Ok," I said. "I kinda wondered about that but didn't know how to bring it up." "Ask what you will Jim. You will find that I am extremely open-minded and not judgmental at all.

You'll find that you can talk to me about anything. Will I be shocked, Hmmm, maybe. But I'll be rational and open." "You have no idea how good it is to know that.

If it helps, she didn't tell me. I was rather distracted last night when we parted and I forgot to get your number. She entered it into my phone this morning for me and that was the name she gave you.

I guessed she was trying to help me out by giving me a nickname that you liked." We both laughed. "No," She said, "that's not the case. I'll deal with her later. No worries. And don't feel bad, I was distracted too." She lowered her voice to a whisper. "I can still close my eyes and feel your hard penis pushing against my belly when we kissed." I was fucking hard, right then and there! "So did you tell Cindy then?" Her voice back to normal. Just like she had just said no such thing.

"Yes," I said, "right after I told her that we got the account. She took it very well. I was surprised, but it was a big relief." "I told you she'd be ok." She teased. "So what can I do for you this morning?" "Well, I was wondering if you could take the afternoon off. I have something I need to talk to you about. It is serious, but not about us. And after last night and what you just said, I feel you are the best and only person I can talk to about this situation.

Please don't worry though," I reassured her, "it's not about us, it's another recent development in my life." "Ok." I felt relieved that she seemed to have no concern in her voice. "So I'm guessing that it's a private issue, so a diner is probably out then huh? Where would you like to go?" "Damn, good thinking. That never crossed my mind." I paused for a moment, thinking. "How 'bout this? I have a winter emergency blanket in my car.

How about we stop at the store, pick up a few things and go down to the park and have a small picnic?" "Oh wow! What a wonderful idea and off the cuff too. You're going to be one of those 'never cease to amaze' kind of guys, aren't you?" "Well," I said, "one can always hope.

But I don't know how I'll ever top what I have to talk to you about." "We'll just have to see. So same time then? I can get out now, if you can." she said. I thought for a moment. "No, I believe I have everything under control here and the rest Cindy can handle. We can head out now if you like." "Well, I need to run home and change. I work in the beauty industry, not exactly picnic attire." "Good point, I should do the same." I said.

"Ok." she said. "How far is your house from your office?" "13.25 miles." I quipped. "Why?" "Ooo, Mr. Exacto." she laughed. "Well, mine's only a mile from here, so go home and change and then call me when you're done. By that time I should be changed and back here.

Then you can come and pick me up." "Well, mileage is a major part of my life. I can see that we're going to complement each other. This is great." "Ok, get." she teased. "Call me back." And with that I heard her blow a kiss in the phone and she hung up, not even giving me the chance to put my closure to the conversation.

I smiled as I hung up the phone thinking, "This woman is stealing my heart." The drive home was tougher than it should have been. All of this stuff on my mind and I found myself forcing myself to prioritize again. And that, at this time, believe it or not, was what to wear. It was beautiful out, 78 degrees, sunny with large puffy cumulus clouds, light Southerly breeze.

Perfect. I decided on a simple pair of shorts and a t-shirt with sandals. When I got to the house I rushed in and called out to Victoria. No answer, which didn't surprise me. I was sure she was out with friends. You couldn't ask for a better day for it. I decided to check pumping her tight wet pussy on a couch pool in the back yard. Nope, she was gone. I went to my room and rummaged through my dresser and found a red t-shirt and ended up with two pairs of shorts.

One pair was a more dressy, light brown pair and a black pair of athletic pull on style shorts. More like swimming trunks. I chose the brown ones, put the red t-shirt back and grabbed a black one and changed.

I looked at myself in the body mirror. Everything was as it was when I was married. My parents financed everything, right down to the silverware and dishes because the deal was that dad would buy it for us but keep it in his name as a company tax write-off until I took over the company. So Jeanie was entitled to nothing because on paper essentially we had nothing.

Mom and dad were pissed and said she shouldn't get anything, but I gave her stuff. But, this mirror wasn't one of them. I kind of admired myself for a moment. 35, 6 ft 2 in, 234 lbs, wide shoulders, large boned.

I looked like I could kick some serious ass. I was in damn good shape, but until now, never really thought about it. Satisfied with my wardrobe choice, I dialed Sally as I headed out the door. "I'm ready," I said as I pulled out the drive, "are you?" "You bet I am sweetness.

Come and get me!" She gave me the address to her shop and I "dropped the hammer" to get over there. When I arrived and entered the shop, Sally was out on the floor. I just about lost it right there. She is BUILT. I kind of had an idea from last night because as I was playing with her ass I couldn't help but notice that it was hard as a rock.

There she stood, white tennis shoes, white skin tight shorts. Almost boy-toy shorts. And a white spaghetti half shirt. She had her thick hair pulled back in a pony tail and I was instantly aroused. Her breasts looked a little smaller than I recalled from yesterday. Maybe it was the dress. Either way, that was fine with me, I've never been big on big breasts.


Her stomach, wow…, she has a six-pack. A solid six-pack. Her thighs are muscular., I was in awe. I suddenly felt uneasy because I had to look like a blubbering idiot in front of all of her employees. Suddenly, from out of nowhere, although I'm sure I would have seen her coming if I hadn't had tunnel vision, one of her girls was at my side.

"So is this him?" she asked, directing the question to Sally. "Yes Amber, That's him. Jim, this is one of my assistants, Amber. Amber, this is my boyfriend, Jim." "Nice to meet you Amber." I reached out and took her hand into mine and gave it a soft kiss.

"Wow Sally," Amber sighed, "He's dreamy." "Watch yourself deary." Sally said with a note of sternness. I could tell she was playing with Amber…, or was she? "Are you ready to go?" She asked. "Yes, I am if you are." "Perfect, let's go." We stopped at the store and picked up some lunch items and headed to the park. When we got there we walked out to what I believe to be the most beautiful parts of the park. There's a small river that flows through it, more like a creek really.

But at this particular spot there's a small waterfall. It's not much, only a couple foot drop, but it causes the water to make a gentle and relaxing burbling sound. The area is bare black dirt from so much foot traffic and it's covered by huge old growth Hard Maple trees.

A rich, welcoming Earthy smell fills the air. As we were walking, I couldn't help myself any longer. Hand-in-hand I said, "Sally, I know you've heard this a lot. And I know it kind of bothers you because of how you feel men think about you, but you are so beautiful. You are perfect in my eye." She stopped, and of course, I stopped with her.

adorable teen slut barbara desires a massive schlong to bang, thank you. But you're wrong. I've never heard that.

I've always heard 'you're so fucking hot,' or something of that nature. Never sincere, never heartfelt. At least I never felt it. In the bedroom, that other shit is fine. Erotic even. But it's not sincere. You can feel free to tell me in your way anytime you like." Then she gave me a gentle kiss and we resumed walking. "I'm sorry you've had to deal with that." "What? Why? It surely wasn't your fault." she said. "I know," I began, "but sorry doesn't have to mean that I wish I could have changed things for you.

I just mean that I feel for you for having to live with that disappointment. That's just not the way I was raised." "I noticed." she said. "You kissed Amys hand too. I have to admit I adored that. You don't see much of that behavior anymore." We arrived at the spot and we laid out the blanket together. She lay down first and I took out two bottles of water from the bag and opened one to crack the seal, closed it again and then handed it to her.

She took the bottle with a smile and patted the blanket. "Get down here." I lay next to her and she snuggled up next to me. "So tell me, what's got my man all troubled?" I took a deep breath, and then I sighed and said, "Ok, here it goes.

If what you said was true about being open minded and understanding, this will be the moment to put it to the test." "Ok." She said with a hint of optimism. "Hit me." So I did. I told her everything about the day Victoria hurt herself. Including what the experience did to me. She laid there and listened, never said a word.

However her eyes got bigger a couple of times and her jaw dropped a couple of times too. I finished by telling her about the conversation Victoria and I had after the "exam".

"Well," she said, "I didn't expect that. But I think you're stressing over nothing. You are after all a man and some things are just out of your control. I think you did fine.

And besides, you and her talked and everything is fine." "Well," I said, "not really. There's more, I just stopped there to hear what you thought so far." I then continued to tell her what I found out last night. "Oh boy." Sally exclaimed. "Now I understand. That is a dilemma, but a fairly easily solved one." "Oh yeah?

And how might that flaca rica nalgona en el camion constitucion flaquita All I could think was, "How can this be simple." "Yup," she said matter of factly. "Make love to her."