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Diana ruis in yo latina dianas big cock older man
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Chapter 5 The red-haired lass took a deep breath, holding the card in her hand. She was alone in her bedroom, just like before. "Punish me." Nothing happened to her body, no ribbons or ropes sprouting from her collar. However, the text on the card changed. GO SKINNY-DIPPING IN THE POOL TONIGHT AT MIDNIGHT. ALL THE DOORS WILL BE UNLOCKED.

She stared at the card, waiting for some horrible detail to emerge. Really? That was it? She just had to go skinny-dipping in the pool? Hell, that was barely even a trial. That was more like a summer camp dare. Sure, it would be awful if she got caught and being up so late on a school night wasn't very appealing, but screw that. This would be easy! It seemed she had finally caught a break.

For once in what felt like ages, school seemed to pass by without dread or worry. Sure, Xavier was using Sophie as a hostage brett fingers her tight wet pussy masturbation and brett rossi her, but all she had to do was just go swim naked in the school pool. As long as she did that, Sophie would be fine, and hopefully, Xavier wouldn't do anything to mess with her. That certainty was a huge weight off her shoulders. As the day wore on, she found herself imagining the night to come more and more and even thinking that maybe, just maybe, it would be a little fun.

Helena thought it would be difficult to keep from falling asleep, but instead she was incredibly restless. She hated the idea of breaking the rules and getting caught, but she was actually kind of excited. At quarter to 12:00 with Sophie out like a log, Helena put on some spare clothes and snuck out of her dorm room. Strange, the last time she had done something like this was when she went to the church and Xavier revealed himself as the Antichrist. She made her way across campus, being as quiet as possible and avoiding any signs of staff or students awake like her.

She reached the gym, and as the card had promised, all the doors were unlocked. She entered the poolroom and smiled. The sides of the pool were lined with lights that she had never noticed before, creating shifting hues that painted the dark ceiling while the air itself was heavy with night's shadow. It was beautiful, stunningly even. The chlorine pool that she had swam in hundreds of times before now looked like a glimmering spring from the Garden of Eden, or some crystalline oasis deep beneath the earth.

Standing at the edge, she slowly took off her clothes. She felt incredibly nervous, unable to stop imagining the bleachers being lined with spectators. It took a dozen looks around the room for her to gain the confidence to slip out of her bra and panties. Completely naked and shivering in anticipation, she looked to the clock up on the wall. Both hands struck 12 and her collar activated, telling her that the time had come.

Taking a deep breath, she took a step back and then jumped. She hit the water in a perfect dive, sliding in like a dagger.

The feel of the water against her naked body shocked her like a bolt of lightning and she writhed beneath the surface, overcome with this new, blissful sensation. Surfacing, she gasped for air and clutched her naked form. After all the time she had spent in this pool, the water had never felt so good. The freshening chill shocked her system like peppermint, and unlike a bath, she was able to stretch and move.

She began swimming to the other end of the pool, relishing the sensation of the cool water kissing her breasts, tickling her stomach and back, and licking between her legs like a paintbrush. She moved at her own pace, her speed decided only by how fast she wanted the water to roll over her skin.

Reaching the shallow end, she rested her chin on the edge of the railing below the surface and let her body float up. Her eyes bolted open as she heard someone enter the water nearby. Covering herself, she looked back to see Xavier, settling in the pool like it was a hot tub.

Like her, he was naked, and she was almost tempted to look down. "What are you doing here?!" she hissed. "I wanted to join you. You were having so much fun." She blushed and looked delicious olga sits on a thick member, embarrassed from the joy she had felt just a moment ago.

She readjusted her arm across her breasts and Xavier sighed. "Honey, we're a little past that. Relax; I know what you look like. Besides, I'm in the same boat as you are." She refused to meet his gaze.

"Stop that. I'm not an exhibitionist like you. I'm nothing like you." Xavier moved over to her and she screwed her eyes shut, afraid of how he was going to molest her. She could feel the movements in the water, reaching for her covered breasts.


But instead, he gently grasped her hand. "Do you think people cover themselves because they really believe that nudity is sinful, or because they are afraid of the world not accepting their true selves?

Be proud of who you are. You don't have to hide your beauty, especially from me. I'll accept you for everything you are." The way he spoke, that gentle and soothing way, it would have made her heart flutter if coming from anyone but him, though that wasn't to say Helena didn't feel something when he spoke to her.

He gently pulled on her arms, and as if forgetting why she had held them there in the first place, she dropped them and let herself be exposed, under the water at least. Xavier moved past her to the wall, then pushed off and began swimming across the pool in the backstroke.

Helena kept her eyes shut, not wanting to find out whether or not "it" would float. "Come on, just standing there naked doesn't count as skinny-dipping. You're allowed to enjoy yourself, just like you were a minute ago." "Why are you doing this? Why make me do this things?" Having reached the other end of the pool, Xavier turned back to her.

"Sorry! I can't hear you from all the way over there!" Muttering curses, Helena swam over, feeling like she might as well have been crawling on all fours. She reached the end and growled, "So why?" "So that you'll have a little fun for once. Stop taking everything so damn sex vidifilim kilip or diskis and live on the wild side." "Oh, so that rope thing was fun?

And I shouldn't take the rape of my friend seriously?" Xavier sighed and began swimming back to the shallow end, this time with Helena following. Only once they both touched the wall did he answer. "Sophie doesn't seem very upset. Hell, she hasn't even had her first kiss yet, let alone lost her virginity. Admit it, being bound was the most thrilling experience you've had in a while, even more than when you beat up punks.

You felt alive when you were tied up. You sensed everything like never before as if you had just rediscovered your own body. The exciting possibility of getting caught, the erotic feel of the ropes clutching your body like hands, you were high as a kite on endorphins. And this whole day, you were looking forward to coming here.

You didn't care about breaking the rules. If anything, it made this more exciting for you. You're having fun, enjoy it." Helena lowered her head below the water and blew bubbles in frustration and embarrassment. Xavier looked over to the clock. "Tell you what, swim with me for twenty minutes and then you can go." "Fine." For the next twenty minutes, she tried to push Xavier out of her mind and simply enjoyed the pool. She did slow laps and lazily floated on her back, her exposed breasts pointed at the tittyfucking dominatrix pegs subs tight ass fetish. He mostly left her alone, swimming off on his own.

It felt so strange to her, to be swimming naked with a man, the Antichrist of all people. It was like this pool really was from the Garden of Eden. 'No! No! Don't make that comparison! He's evil! He's a monster' "Helena, watch this." She followed his voice, spotting him on the diving board like the statue of David.

She yelped and looked away, afraid of seeing him so boldly displayed. But a part of her wanted to see. Even after all the times he had been with Sophie, Helena had never gotten a look at him nude. It had always been too dark. He was very masculine, almost buff. It filled her stomach with butterflies for a reason she didn't understand. "I'm serious. Watch this." He did a few quick jumps on the board to build up energy and then leapt off. In midair, he spun around and curled his body into a flip, simultaneously.

Even Helena couldn't hide her surprise at the sight of the stunt. She had seen Olympic divers perform similar maneuvers from the high jump, but never off the diving board just a meter above the water.

To think he could do it with so little room and time. He surfaced, sputtering but with a grin. "I learned to do that from a monk when I swam in the River Ganges. Do you want to try?" Narrowly stopping herself, she turned up her nose at him and looked away.

"As if." "Come on, you'll be happy that you tried it. Even when you are at your lowest, you should always try to make happy memories. However this ends between us, whether we live our lives together or our paths diverge, don't you want to say you had the courage to get up on that board and make yourself smile?" This was strange, why was he being so nice to her?

Whenever he spoke to her before, it was as the Antichrist would: cruel, arrogant, and mocking. But now it was like he was a completely different person. When she saw him speak to others, he was always kind and charming, but she had learned to see through that false persona, sense his deceit. She wasn't feeling it now. This wasn't the mask he wore to cover his evil; this was a whole other side to him. She had felt this before, when she saw his photo album. Helena tried to resist, but any willpower she built up just poured out of her like a colander.

"Fine." She moved to the edge of the pool and climbed out. Walking to the diving board, she realized as if for the first time that she was naked. Sure, she had been naked this whole time, but at least she had to water to hide herself with!

But on the other hand, Xavier was right when he said that he had already seen her like this. 'I guess it really isn't that big a deal.' She stepped onto the diving board and again felt a small twinge of nervousness, realizing she had basically put herself on display for Xavier like a trophy. She shook those thoughts away and cleared her mind, trying to focus on how she was going to do this. She dared a glance at him. The smile he was wearing was warm, supportive, and sent a rush through her.

She again tried to push these strange feelings away, and after a quick hop to built up energy, she leapt off the board. She was far from graceful and hit the water before she even knew what she had to do.

'Ah damn it. Now he'll make fun of me for sure. Preparing herself for Xavier's ridicule, she surfaced, but couldn't find him anywhere. Had he left? "Xavier?" The reply came when she felt his hands on her back and rear end. He burst from the water beneath her like a missile, picking her up and tossing her a few feet away with a splash.

She gave a shrill yelp when he sent her airborne, and upon rising to the surface, she splashed him. She didn't do it out of rage or frustration, but out of some kind of childish instinct. Laughing, Xavier splashed her back, and the two of them began fighting in this manner. They moved around in the pool, trying to avoid getting hit with each other's waves while sending their own, all while the clock left the original deadline in the ancient past.

For that time, Helena could not stop herself from smiling. She didn't want to admit it, but she really was having fun. Once she got tired, she called for a time-out to catch her breath and check the time. It shocked her how late it was.

Had she really been so preoccupied to lose track of time to that extent? "Uh oh, I really need to get to bed." "Hold on. Before you go, I have a proposition." She turned back to him. "What?" "Well I heard that you're the fastest on the girl's swim team. How about a quick race? One lap? We can even make it interesting." She looked at him suspiciously. "How?" "Let's see… How about if you win, you can give me one free kick to the testicles any time and I can't stop you.

Hard as you want, no collar to hold you back, and I won't even use my powers to block the pain. You can save it for the next time you're angry." "And if I lose?" "You have to return to your dorm without your clothes.

Let the night air dry you off." Helena's whole body tightened up at the prospect. On one hand, the idea of getting an unhindered kick to Xavier's nuts was a dream come true, but on the other hand, getting caught running naked across the campus would easily be an instant expulsion, but she really was the fastest on the swim team, but then again, she wouldn't have shoes and the run back would probably be freezing, although… "No powers, right? You swim like an average human?" "Of course." "Fine." "Damn you, Xavier!" Helena sprinted across the university campus, naked as a jaybird.

Somehow, he had beaten her by a hair, regardless of how hard she swam. He had teleported her clothes to her room and she had showered, so all that was left was to get back to her dorm room without getting caught and ruining her sexy babe katrina jade gets ripped hard in the bedroom pornstars and hardcore. She could only move at a certain pace without shoes, and every drop of couple in pussy licking and blowjob in bedroom hardcore couples on her unclothed body felt like the prod of an icicle.

She also didn't like the feel of the cold air on her naked form, or to be more accurate, she didn't like that she liked it. Xavier was walking back to his dorm, whistling to himself with his hair wet from the shower he took after swimming.

That had gone even better than expected. He could see it in Helena's eyes, her conflicting feelings towards him, caught between hating him for what he was and what he had done, and being drawn to him for his rare kindness and the sexual pleasure he forced her to experience.

It was that conflict that strengthened her emotions. He knew precisely how to manipulate her thoughts and feelings and pull her closer to him.

Bending girls' hearts had always been second nature to him, as well as a way to kill time and indulge his thirst for sadism, but she was different. He wasn't lying to her as he would to any other girl; he wasn't holding anything back. It really excited him to see the results of his work. It made him… happy… to see her smile, to know that he had made her smile. The sound of spray paint being released and its stinging aroma interrupted him from his thoughts.

Who could possibly be a princess getting a raped from her king porn sex fairy tales this late? He followed his nose to the back of the gym, his favorite place to screw Lily. There was a girl there, about Helena's age. She had wiry black hair, tied into pigtails, with a cigarette between her lips and a can of spray paint in her hand.

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On the wall was a crimson pentagram, lopsided and runny like egg yolks. She turned to him and took a drag on her cigarette, the end almost as bright as the flame that would have lit it. "What the fuck do you want?" Xavier sighed. "Satanist? Really? Is that your real belief or do you just do it to be a rebel? Are you just some poser that wants to look cool to the Catholic schoolgirls?

Why don't you just paint that big A for anarchy while you're at it." "Fuck off." "You people always make me laugh. You're more delusional than the Christians mom agree with comrade and amateur milf xxx share with your mommy the easiest to mess with." "Hey, I told you to fuck off!" "Or else what?

You'll blast me with some heavy metal?" She turned and sprayed him in the face with the paint can, yet not a single drop ever landed. Her eyes widened as the crimson paint simply swirled around him like flames. Her jaw hanging slack, the cigarette between her lips fell to the ground. "You should be careful," said Xavier as he picked it up. "You have to make sure you put it out or else it could start a fire." He held it up to his face and stabbed himself in the eye with the lit end, extinguishing the ember without even the slightest twinge of pain.

The girl staggered back. "What… what are you?" "That depends on your level of faith. If you are just a fake Satanist, then I am the man who is about to turn your life into Hell. If you truly believe in the Antichrist's arrival, in MY arrival, then I am your new Master." "You're the Antichrist?" Xavier's eyes lit xxx sex story 2019 new like burning coals and she was brought to her knees by the weight of his power, crushing her from all sides like the ocean.

A wide smile crossed her face, when any normal girl would have been crying in terror. "I've been waiting for this day my entire life, the day when I would finally meet you. It's been my dream to take part in the end of the world, to help bring about the destruction of mankind." A cruel smile crossed Xavier's lips.

"It seems you may be of some use to me. Very well, I will let you serve me from this point forward. What is your name?" "Daphne, Daphne Brooke." "Daphne, do you swear to do anything I tell you and obey my every command?" "I swear!" "Do you swear to give yourself to me, mind, body, and soul?

For every cell and hair to become my property?" "I swear!" "Do you swear to be whatever I command you to be? To be my servant, my apostle, my slave, my disciple, the toy to bear the wrath of my lust and hunger, as well as my second in command?" "I swear!" Xavier began to chuckle and then leaned down.

He pressed his tongue to her forehead and branded her with the three sixes, while around her neck, an ethereal collar formed. She screamed at first nyeema knoxxx wants some privacy with the bbc the pain, but soon settled once he stood back up.

"Then from this point forward, you are mine." He then reached down and unzipped his pants, hefting his manhood in front of her face. "Time for you to pleasure your new Master." Without hesitation, she lunged forward and began sucking on his cock, eager to please him and begin her life at the Antichrist's side.

It was a very long and tiring day for Helena. After being up so late the previous night, staying awake in school was a nightmare. She had to admit, while she had been angry when she went to bed, she had slept very well.

It seemed some late-night swimming had allowed her to relieve some of her stress. When she arrived in class for first period, she felt nervous around Xavier when she should have felt fear and hatred.

Last night, he had made her smile when they swam together. He looked at her and grinned, giving her that same smile he wore when he watched her jump from that diving board. She averted her gaze, feeling a tightness in her chest. That smile lacked any sort of wickedness, and that's what scared her the most. She was also worried, as there had been no task written on the hard he gave her. Even when she gave the order for her punishment to begin, nothing happened.

Was he going to go back to Sophie? Or did he have something more insidious in mind? Thane moved through the school, checking the batteries he had laid out earlier. He carried a device with him that would gauge the amount of power they had, and if they had lost their charge, it meant that something supernatural had passed through the area and caused an energy distortion.

The batteries were untouched, all reading full charges. That was three failed tests, the first being the compass and the second being the voice recorder.

He had gone through the school and used it to record himself saying prayers from the bible. If there were anything around, it would certainly react to the sound of praying and hopefully respond. The recorder had picked up nothing. The only evidence he had was his own gut feeling. But was that just a fluke? Had he been wrong about the school being haunted?

Or was it possible that he was dealing with something too powerful to be detected by such simple tricks? He still had one thing left: the pictures he had taken, waiting to be developed. "So what is your first order for me?" Daphne asked, walking with Xavier down the hall. He was preoccupied, looking around at the batteries taped to the walls of the corridor. "I'm not sure yet. Tell me, how long have those been there?" She looked at them in confusion. "What are those, batteries?

I've never seen those before." "Very interesting. That's a trick paranormal investigators use to detect the presence of spirits and demons. Is there some kind of ghost hunter club in this school? Any groups or individuals known for doing this kind of thing?" "I can think of one person. Alexander Thane, he's a junior exorcist who does work for the Vatican." "And it seems he's looking for something here.

It's quite likely that I'm what he's after." He began to laugh. "This could be fun." The second that Helena lied down on her bed, she knew something was wrong.

There was something underneath her pillow. With Spycam innocent teen groped to orgasm in a crowded cinema working at her desk, she dared a look. It was a portable DVD player with a red ribbon and the card taped on. Sitting next to it was a pair of new headphones, high quality. What in the world…? CONSIDER THESE A GIFT, AS WELL AS YOUR NEXT TRIAL.

WATCH THE FIRST EPISODE ON THE DVD TONIGHT. THE CHARGER IS UNDER THE BED WHEN YOU NEED IT. 'Oh jeez, what now? Knowing him, this may be a snuff film or something else awful. Oh well, this could be worse. Hopefully Sophie will go to sleep soon and the episode will be quick.' As usual, Sophie was passed out within minutes of hitting the pillow, and once she heard snoring, Helena pulled her blanket over her head and turned on the DVD player.

She had never used one of these before, but it was pamela anderson and brett michaels to figure out. Oh goody, it was porn. Yep, Xavier was making her watch porn. From just the opening page, it looked like kind of miniseries about college kids screwing each other in between scenes of poorly-acted drama, and not for a second did she believe that anyone in this series was under 25.

Praying for God to forgive her and protect the innocence of her soul, she put on the headphones and selected the first episode. For the next hour, she watched the story unfold. When the first sex scene started, her collar activated and held her still, fighting her desire to rip off the headphones and cover her eyes.

She had seen Xavier rape Sophie so many times before, but this was different. The consensual aspect spared her the fear and anguish she felt during those times, leaving only an instinctive reaction.

The scene had one of the secondary female characters fucking her teacher for a better grade, and as she watched them rip off each other's clothing, she felt her body shudder with nervousness. This sensation, it was almost impossible to describe. It was like the dread she felt when she was called to the Disciplinary Committee's office, but so much more intense, and even… pleasurable. The sight of the woman's breasts made Helena's stomach twist with jealousy.

Sure, hers were a good size, but this woman's were like melons. Were those the implants she had heard of? She watched as she started sucking him off. The way she looked up at him as she did it, that lustful grin when she pulled it out of her mouth and stroked it, it brought Helena to a statuesque pose, so fixated on the movie that she was barely even breathing. Sure it was all acting, but to see that expression of depravity, to see someone experiencing sexual bliss, it was actually making her curious.

Then when he went down on her, Helena's curiosity grew. What did it feel like to have a man do that? The woman was shaved down there just like Helena. Was this why Xavier had used those flames? Because he was planning on doing… that… to her? Then the real action started. As Helena watched the professor make that initial penetration into the student, she held her breath. To actually see it slide in like that, she didn't understand how someone could moan like the woman was.

Wouldn't it hurt? To have such a big thing pushed inside her? From there, it progressed as every porno did, and while Helena had originally been disgusted by the very idea of watching this, now she couldn't look away. She tried to ignore the way her body was heating up from her arousal and the moistening of her panties. She couldn't pretend that this wasn't exciting her, but her physiological interest wasn't as intense as her scholarly interest.

Strange as it may sound, she was actually paying attention to this porno the same way she would an important lecture in one of her classes, with completely undivided attention.

She was looking at this from the perspective of a student, not unlike the student currently being bent over the professor's desk. Every time they did something, be it kiss, engage in oral, or change positions, she studied it closely, her mind hungry for the information.

It was the mechanics that she found so interesting, the ennie and kari eating each other pussy they would move their bodies. Hell, she hadn't been this curious in a subject since she started taking martial arts lessons in preparation for joining the Swiss Guard.

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There were two more sex scenes in the chapter, much longer than the dialogue and plot development between them. Once the episode stopped, Helena's hand reached out with a will of it's own to start the next one.

Her collar stopped her. It seemed that Xavier wasn't just going to make her watch porn; he was going to embarrass her by keeping it from her when she finally became interested. With her arousal now replaced with shame for how fixated she had been, Helena turned off the DVD player and pulled the blanket off her head. The fresh air felt as cold as ice to her, at least in comparison to the oven of her aroused breath under the covers.

She stashed the DVD player under her bed and lied down. It was a little bit late, but she wouldn't be as tired the following day. Though with her mind replaying the entire porno, she wasn't sure how easily she'd be able to fall asleep. Thane stood in the darkroom of the school's photography club, having finished developing the pictures he had taken.

Normally he would be forbidden from using this room or any other at this hour, but with what he had just discovered, rules didn't matter.

He was gripping the table, trembling with dread at the picture before him. He had snapped it of a corridor between classes, when it was most crowded with students. Unbeknownst to him, Xavier and Helena were in the picture, caught at the very moment that he used playmates step daughter and share all ladies got a taste of his special white stuff powers to reach out and pull on one of the invisible ropes that had bound her.

Deep in the sea of people, he could see someone, a figure eclipsed in darkness, as if the picture had been stained with ink. "So that's it. It's not just a demon or spirit that I've been sensing, but something pretending to be a student. That's why it hasn't been setting off any of my traps; the malevolence is compact and hidden in the body to the point where even I can barely sense it. This is beyond anything I've ever encountered before.

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Everyone in the school is in danger." The next trial Helena faced was to watch the rest of the DVD before 5:00. This one would be a little bit difficult. She had one study hall during the day but two hours left on the DVD. Classes ended at 5:00, so if Xavier had just given her one more hour, she would have been fine.

No doubt he planned it this way. Her only option was to eat a quick lunch, leave to watch the last episode, and accept being late to the class hope harper fucked by bbc big black cock and monstercock. What a drag. At 1:00, Helena's schedule opened up and she came to the classroom where she had her study hall.

She signed out to go to the library and left in a hurry. She had forgotten the time it would take to tie up the loose ends and find a safe space, so no matter what, she was going to be late to her next class.

She arrived at the library and quickly found the quietest and emptiest spot. She hid out in the corner of the audiotape section of the building. With the new computers that the school had bought, the only life this area saw was the janitor. Sitting down on the floor, she opened up the DVD player and turned it on with her headphones secured. The story picked up from the night before, with the cliché college drama continuing to play out.

Helena tried to ignore the bad acting and focus on the plot, if only to stave off boredom. The first XXX scene came and Helena blushed with shame and revulsion.


It wasn't a sex scene, just one of the college girls masturbating while murmuring the name of a male character. The disgust Helena felt was different from the previous night when the first sex scene started. At least then, she could shrug off the unavoidable sensation of lust by telling herself that her body would naturally react to the sight of two people engaging in intercourse.

Back then, she felt like just the observer, like she was a simple student watching a movie in health class. Watching the busty brunette stir her fingers around in her slit removed socando o pau e a matildeo no cuzinho do marido mental buffer. This felt much more intimate, as if she were being recruited to fill the role of the second person.

The woman might as well have been right in front of her, knees spread with her chestnut hair scattered across the dusty library carpet, murmuring Helena's name.

Helena could feel the collar preparing to intervene every time she tried to avert her gaze. She had to watch it all the way through. This felt more sinful than the earlier porn, which in turn made Helena feel more ashamed for watching it.

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Soon enough, though, she gave in and let her guard down, trying to clear her mind so that while she was watching it, none of it was actually sticking. Try as she might, her scholarly curiosity had returned. Having such a close-up view of that woman's slit, smooth as a Barbie doll and dripping with arousal, it invoked an interest in Helena as to the mechanics of self-pleasure.

She watched every movement of the woman's fingers, whether she rubbed them against the puffy outer lips or plunged them into herself. On one hand, she was disgusted to be looking at another woman fucking hard and cum taking fecial this, but on the other, she was curious as to what it felt like.

She refused to let herself say it or even think it, but she actually wanted to try it herself. The woman soon climaxed, but unlike the other female orgasms Helena had seen so far, this woman… went the distance.

A stream of clear fluid spurted from her pussy, transforming into a continuous splash as she desperately rubbed her clit with her hand blocking the way. The shrillness of her voice made Helena check over and over again that her headphones were plugged in.

She was utterly amazed. If she ever experienced an orgasm, would she squirt like that? Not that she wanted to, of course! She would never do something so sinful! Either way, the scene was not over.

From her bedside table, the woman drew a vibrating dildo, big and pink. Helena's eyes widened in shock as she heard it buzz and saw the tremors in the rubber. Was she really going to…? She did! The woman plunged the dildo into compilation of girls who love to suck dick deepthroat and pornstar pussy, moaning as it rumbled inside her.

Helena's curiosity was now mixed with fear. How could something so big not hurt? Especially when vibrating like that? It didn't seem to be painful, as the woman moved it back and forth inside her like a sex-crazed zombie. She did this for a couple minutes, switching back and forth between violently fucking herself with it to simply rubbing it against the entrance and teasing her clitoris.

After her second orgasm, she pulled out another dildo. Helena watched with eyes as wide as dinner plates as she turned around and jammed the second into her asshole. From there on, she double-teamed herself like a pro, switching between moving them in and out together and having countering thrusts and pulls.

'No way, is it really possible for a woman to be able to do that? But why put something in there? That spot is gross!' This time, Helena didn't bother trying to keep from wondering what that felt like.

While she was certain she never wanted to do that ever in her life, she at least allowed herself to have that curiosity. Soon enough, the scene ended and returned to the story line. Helena's collar allowed her to check her watch.

The study hall was half over, and just as she had predicted, the episode would end at least ten minutes after her next class started. For fifteen minutes, the story went on, with the cast of acting school dropouts dragging the big boobed blonde mom fucking in red stockings along.

Helena actually wanted to get on to the sex so that she wouldn't be bored. Soon enough, that wish was granted, and the scene became a locker room with two girls in it. Oh God, please, not this… Now Helena felt truly guilty for her curiosity.

As she watched the women kiss, she slapped herself over and over, trying to keep her body from reacting. Never in her life had she even looked at a woman with lustful eyes, but to see two of them together with their tongues swirling was giving her a forced perspective, as if she were wearing tinted goggles that showed her some hidden truth. She had always been taught that the human body was sinful and that homosexuality was an abomination, but now she was beginning to see the sensual elegance in the feminine form.

The beauty of their faces, the softness of their skin, the youthful maturity of their developed bodies. Regular porn was about highlighting the anatomic link between men and women and the way in which nature had designed their bodies to come together. To Helena, the joining of these two women seemed to reinforce the individuals, the two of them reflecting each other and giving separate views like butterflies on beautiful shemale gets fucked in hardcore fashion mirror.

The previous scene had put a woman on display, for her body to be viewed like a museum piece, but with these two women together, it was like they were being scrutinized with all of their feminine attributes put in the spotlight. Their physical incompatibility made it so that Helena didn't see the union itself, but the sexual potential of these women being fulfilled without being restrained by regular intercourse.

It was like neither woman existed when compared to the other, except to compliment them. Helena watched as the two women did everything together. They kissed, sucked on each other's breasts, went down on each other, and so on. To her, it was like seeing women in a level of detail unlike any other. When the episode finally ended, she nearly jumped in surprise, having been so deeply hypnotized by the sight and her own thoughts.

She was sore all over, having sat in that position against the wall with the focus of a Buddhist monk. She checked her watch. Yep, she was late. As soon as she got up, she shuddered with embarrassment.

Her panties were wet.


"Father Brian, thank you for seeing me." "Please, Peter, we don't need to stand on ceremony." Father Brian and Hauser were in the former's office, just down the hall from the Disciplinary Committee conference room.

The two priests sat down on either side of the desk. "So what xxx pap not sex mom xxxson I do for you?" the old priest asked.

"Kurt, I wanted to ask you about Helena O'Connor." Father Brian sighed with his hand over his face. "Oh Lord, who did she beat up this time?" "No, it's nothing like that. I'm worried—and this is going to sound ridiculous¬¬¬—that she might be under the influence of something supernatural." Brian gave him a stern and concerned look.

"What do you mean?" "She came to me the other day, talking about a dream sent to her by God of a war that will destroy this school. When I tried to press for details, she was unable to, as if someone had bought her silence.

Kurt, I've known her since she was a little girl, and I've never seen her scared the way she was. Also, when Alexander Thane returned to school, he spoke with me and said that he sensed an evil presence here, unlike anything he's ever encountered. You know of his gifts. He's never been wrong." "And you think it's a sign of some kind of possession?" "Or something along those lines.

I wouldn't be here if I didn't think it was serious. I'm asking if she was in trouble recently, perhaps made an enemy with an unchristian nature or was at an unholy place, anything that might mean something sticking to her.

I heard about those three boys, the ones she fought who killed themselves, but she said nothing happened and I haven't heard anything unusual about them. They went to another school and there weren't any reputable rumors that they were involved in Devil worship." "Didn't you know? Didn't anyone tell you?" "Tell me what?" "Peter, she was at the scene of one of the suicides. The boy who gutted and hung himself, they found her at his doorstep, covered in blood and organs and screaming at the top of her lungs.

If what you've told me is true, then what happened to them is no coincidence. There is something evil following her." Helena left the cafeteria just as she finished eating her lunch. She had told her friends she was meeting with a teacher for makeup work. The closest and safest place she could think of was her room, so with her keys already in hand, she sprinted across one of the grassy lawns surrounding the cafeteria and entered her dorm, hurrying up the stairs and down the corridors.

Arriving at her room, she unlocked the door with shaky hands, closed and locked it behind her, and lied down on her bed. She had to finish this final episode as quickly as possible and get to her next class.

"Come on, come on, come on, come on, come on. Hurry up." She muttered this nonstop, wishing for the actors to move on to the sex so that at least she'd feel like she was progressing through the story. Soon enough, that time came, but just like with the second episode, she didn't get what she had expected. The scene was the locker room of the university football team, with a slutty cheerleader looking back and forth at the half-dozen men standing around her, all with hot oral sex and wild anal sex hardcore and blowjob erections.

'Oh God. This porn just has everything, doesn't it?' After everything she had seen, Helena had become a little bit numb to perversion, or at least she hoped she had.

As the sex began, she realized just how weak she really was. The cheerleader was on her knees, naked, with saliva rolling down her breasts and her head surrounded by cocks. Loudly gagging, she ran a chaotic cycle of sucking on the dicks in her face and manually stroking off others. She would deep-throat one man while with her hands she jacked off two others, then another man would step forward and she would let him plug his cock into her mouth like a power socket.

The actress had a ravenous look on her face, begging the men for more, but Helena still felt fear in her heart, like something terrible was about to happen.

To be surrounded by so many men while in such a vulnerable position, being passed around like a basketball and abused, it was her definition of Hell. Would any woman really put up with this or even want it? Wouldn't she be terrified? All one of them had to do was say "I'm not done yet" and this kind of situation would turn into a horror story.

Until every man was worn out, she didn't have the option of saying no or asking for a break. She had to let them all use her to their hearts' content. That anxiety escalated when the real sex started and the men plugged all her holes. At any time, she had one cock in her pussy, one in her ass, and one in her mouth, and if she wasn't using her arms to balance, she was giving handjobs. There were always a couple men in the background, jacking off just enough so that they wouldn't lose their erections.

In time, Helena calmed and a mixture of boredom and shameful curiosity bubbled within her. Just like when she had watched the woman masturbate with the two dildos, seeing this woman getting fucked in both the ass and pussy at once made her wonder what it felt like.

Never in her life did she want to try it, but she wouldn't mind seeing or hearing a description of it. As expected, many of the shots were from behind when she was getting double-teamed, and Helena wasn't sure if it was the sight of the woman's rear end with both holes stuffed or the two ball sacks at the top and bottom of the screen that actually made her chuckle while she thought to herself, 'What the hell happened to my life that would make me end up watching this garbage?' Eventually, the scene boiled down to the money shot.

All six men were taking turns, blowing their loads into her mouth and on her face, making the woman look like a classic pornvideo from da s with groupsex donut. 'Yuck, that stuff looks so nasty. How can she stand being sprayed with it from so many different guys? I don't even want to know how hard it will be to get it all out of her hair.' Once it returned to the normal storyline, Helena readjusted her position in bed, her body again sore from not moving a single centimeter.

She checked her alarm clock, seeing that lunch was just about over and the episode was only half finished. Blah blah blah, more dialogue. Ugh, was Xavier really going to make her watch this crap as well? Eventually the next sex scene came, and this one made Helena laugh bitterly. It was the main character in a reverse gangbang.

It was in his dorm room with the three lead female characters, deciding that they would all have sex at once to determine which girl he should be with. "Xavier, you bastard. I bet this is your fantasy." This time, Helena wasn't shocked or surprised by anything she saw. If anything, she was still bored. She had already seen all these characters have sex, so it wasn't like they were showing her anything new. It was also hard for her to take this seriously because she felt like of all the scenes, Xavier had picked this porno just for this one event.

She didn't know why she thought that, but it was funny, as if she finally had something to laugh at Xavier for. As the women moaned and cried out how much they were enjoying themselves, Helena's mood continued to lighten, now realizing just how hilariously ridiculous this all was. 'Right, like any women would willingly devalue themselves and become some loser's mindless harem.' The sex ended and at last there was the closing scene. The main character was facing one of the members of the harem, the girl that Helena knew from the beginning he would end up with.

The episode was almost over, and with it, this whole laughable series. But strangely, Helena found herself tense. The two characters had yet to even begin speaking, but to her, the piss-poor acting seemed to have quadrupled in quality. Just the looks on their faces showed true dramatic depth. Even the lighting and camera work seemed a hundred times more professional. "But why would you pick me?" the woman asked. Helena had watched this woman pine for the lead male's attention from the very beginning, and found it curious that the character seemed almost angry that she had been chosen.

"Lindsay was better that I was. It looked like you were having a lot more fun fucking her than me. Even Chloe was more into it than I was." The man stepped forward and Helena could not deny that he was very handsome; a strange thing to think after the scenes she had seen him in. He lifted her chin and kissed her. "Sex doesn't mean everything. I'm tired of running around, chasing strangers. I want someone I can spend my life with. Lindsay and Chloe were simply more used to doing that kind of thing.

It was second nature to them. That kind of wife is only good to have on a birthday, if you get my drift." Helena's chest tightened up. "But you and I are polar opposites. How can we be together if we have nothing in common?" "Why are you looking for reasons why this won't work? You never cared before about anything like that.

You certainly didn't care about compatibility last night when you let go of all your worries. Let yourself be happy. Get what you want and enjoy it instead of looking for an excuse to push it away." Helena's chest continued to tighten.

Of all the pornos in the world, was there any significance to this scene that would make Xavier pick it to be the subject of her trial? What the man was saying, some of it reverberated in her for a reason she did not know. The woman looked up and gave a beautiful smile. "Ok, I'm ready." The scene then ended and the credits began to roll. Helena slowly closed the DVD player and sat up. Chuckling to herself, she stowed the device under her bed, feeling like she had just finished a good book.

She felt relaxed, lighthearted, barely caring how late she was for class. Wow. Thinking back, this perverse movie had shown and taught her things that she never imagined. A lot of it, she didn't want to see… at least… she didn't want to see it in the beginning.

It was a sinful and disgusting world, but even with terrible acting, it was still a very honest one. Maybe… it was a good thing she had seen this. Her innocence had taken a heavy hit because of it and she felt ashamed of herself for watching, but she was proud to say that it had expanded her parameters. It was a learning experience unlike any other.

Oh well, she should probably get going. But she decided it would be a good idea to change into some dry panties first. "I was right." Thane slid the photograph across Father Hauser's desk. The young priest took the picture and closely examined it. The sight of the dark figure chilled his blood, but the hallway was too crowded to determine the identities of any students who might have been around at that time.

"And you're positive that this isn't some error in the development process?" "95% certain. However, what concerns me is that this is the only sign of a supernatural presence. I punishment loving wicked foot fetish fetish porn tube porn heard any rumors of strange phenomena happening in the school, which would coincide with a traditional haunting.

Had I not been here, it's possible this entity could have gone completely unnoticed for God knows how long." "So do you know what this is?" "Something new. I believe it to be some kind of demonic entity masquerading as a student. Its evil is far more compact and stable than in a regular paranormal case." Hauser didn't respond, simply continuing to stare at the photograph.

None of this was making sense. He and Father Brian had both come to the conclusion that Helena was possibly the victim of some kind of possession, but if what Thane was saying was true, then this was far more complicated.

On the other hand, that could actually be Helena in that picture and the blackness was the result of the demon clinging to her. Either Helena was possessed or the entity was something other than chubby hotwife used by many at a sex club halloween regular demon. "Since I was able to get it on film once already, that will be my strategy from this point forward.

I already told the headmaster about this and he's agreed to let me take pictures of all the classes under the guise that I'm doing it for the yearbook." "Very well.

Is there anything I can do to help?" "You are a teacher, meaning that you have access to student files. Try to find something that doesn't belong." Please comment!