Mom san braezzrs sex story

Mom san braezzrs sex story
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CHAPTER ONE It had taken a lot of convincing, but finally, FINALLY, Chloe's parents had agreed to let her go on holiday with sister and brother sex stories sexy storys friends over the summer.

There were six of them going including her, going on a group holiday before going back to school. Chloe was over the moon. It had taken weeks of sucking up, extra chores, 'love-me' eyes and generally being over the top nice to convince her parents, but finally they had relented.

Chloe was above average looks for a girl of just 15. Long naturally wavy blonde hair that cascaded over her shoulders to her mid back, bright blue eyes, flawless skin, curvy body (but only in the right places) Nice firm boobs with bright pink nipples, a heart-shaped bubble butt and long legs. Despite having long legs however, she only just brushed over five-foot-two, she really wasn't tall. She was probably the best looking of her group of friends, although the twins, Kelly and Cindy were also teenage knockouts.

Both had jet black hair that was straight as an arrow, Kelly had hers angel smalls sucking on jewels jade milf tits to her shoulders whilst Cindy's fell all the way down to her butt. They each had blue eyes too, swimmers bodies and were tall, a good six inches over Chloe.

They did everything together and turned many heads as they paraded through town wearing as little as was socially acceptable. The other three girls, Danni, Jess and Lily were all good looking girls, but really weren't in the same league as the others.

Jess was carrying a little extra weight and Danni had a rather hideous pair of glasses that didn't suit her at all and certainly didn't do her any favours. But none of this really mattered, they were all really close, and they were finally heading on holiday to Spain. The weeks dragged by, Chloe ticking seemingly endless days off of her calendar, buying clothes and lotion and sunglasses and all the essentials for a girls-only holiday. Eventually, the day arrived and her parents dropped her at the airport.

Final hugs and warnings were given and her mother shed a tear as she waved her through the gate. Chloe was happy though, and was laughing as she took her seat next to Lily on the plane. Not a care in the world. Nothing could spoil this holiday. She might have felt frisky lesbos fill up their oversized butts with milk and blast it out threesome spreading if she had known that this was the last time that she would ever see her parents.

The plane landed a little after nine PM local time, and it was not dark but evening was certainly setting in. As teenage girls always will when booking their own holidays, none had thought to book a cab to their hotel and so they found two outside the airport and after some pointing at maps and showing booking forms, the cab drivers loaded their luggage and set off.

The first sign that something was wrong was that the drivers headed off in the complete wrong direction. But having no local knowledge and not really focusing on where they were going, the girls didn't notice this. It was getting steadily darker and as the initial excitement was wearing thin, the first trace that something was amiss dawned on Chloe. They had left the city long behind and were deep into the country now. There were no buildings to speak of and the scenery was getting less and less green d teen torima act red hentai fucking turning almost into dry desert.

Chloe looked across at Jess beside her, before glancing at Cindy in the front seat. They all exchanged worried and confused looks. Then she caught the eyes of the driver in the rear view mirror. Before she even had time to work out what had happened, he had slammed the brakes on, sending her flying into the back of his seat.

Cindy had very nearly smacked her head on the dashboard and Jess had been sent smashing into the seat in front of her as well. If she hadn't been so worried about her own situation she would have noticed the other Taxi (which was slightly ahead of them) had stopped as well. Recovering from her shock, she looked into the front to see the driver had knocked Cindy out cold.

A trickle of blood was running from her forehead. Chloe screamed but she knew it was useless. The doors had automatically locked and they were in the middle of nowhere. The driver reached into the back, pinning her against the door. Jess was hammering at his back, but her efforts were barely evening bothering the man as he shoved a rag into Chloe's face.

She could barely breathe, she felt herself slowly slipping unconscious. Barely thirty seconds later, she blacked out. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ CHAPTER TWO She was lying down on a bed.

Across from her was a light brown door that was closed. She knew without having to be told that it was locked. A small old dad and old uncle fuck teen window was pouring light onto her face. She had woken with a start and realised that her wrists were shackled above her head to the bed frame. She had clothes on. The same she had been wearing.

A tight fitting pair of denim shorts, a pink vest top and pop socks. Her shoes were missing. She had been comfortable in these clothes when she put them on, but now, somehow, she felt very exposed. She had no idea how long she lay there for. By the time that she heard voices outside the door however, the light beam had moved all the way to her knees.

A key turned in the lock and the door swung open. She had a brief look at another door on the other side of a hallway before a man entered and the door swung shut again. He was tall. Much taller than her. And well-built as well. He wore a tight fitting tank top and cargo shorts. His beard was black and clipped short, like the hair on top of his head. His eyes were piercing; he seemed to take every detail of her in.

He didn't speak for a while. while parents not at hime he said softly, 'you're English?' He spoke with a Spanish accent for sure, but his English was very good. 'Y-y-yes' Chloe stammered back at him. Her heart was pounding and her brain was going a thousand miles an hour.

'Hmmm' it was disconcerting that his eyes never left hers. He never seemed to blink. 'Vacation huh? You got a little bit more than you were expecting on this trip, huh little girl?' There was no answer that she could give, but he didn't seem to need one.

'It does not matter. What matters is that you belong to me now. Your body, your mind. I own you little girl, that is all that matters!' She was truly terrified. This was a situation that she had never even believed could happen outside of movies. All she could think of was one thing.

'M-m-m-m-my friends! What h-have you done, w-with them? She stammered at him so fast she barely had time to think before saying the words. 'Ha! Your friends are here. You are in with luck little girl. Normally we split groups like yours up, but we have had a request for six girls, and we were thinking we were out of luck until you came along' She was confused.

Her friends were safe. Well, they were here and by the sounds of it alive, but beyond that she had no idea what was going on. She managed to string together a question from what he had told her. 'W-what do you mean a request?' He cocked his head to one side and for the first time blinked. 'You are all to be sold, to a very wealthy client. Tomorrow, we will move you to him' Before that could sink in, he had moved to the door, opened it and was gone.

Sold?! She had been sold, her friends too! To who? She began to cry. She was so terrified. Her thoughts were of her parents, bound mature euro gets cum on ass after sex far away, so unaware of what their daughter was going through. They might not even notice anything was wrong for ten days. It would have been a small comfort to see her friends, but even they were beyond her reach for the time being.

She was hungry. Sleep would not come. She was thirsty. It was dark before the door opened again. The man who entered didn't say a word. He simply carried a tray to her; on it was a glass of water, some bread and a slice of ham.

He fed her and gave her a drink, which she would have rejected if she had been in any position to move or struggle. Plus she was famished. After he had done his duty, he left, Chloe's shouted questions falling on apparently deaf ears. She cried again, but with food and water inside of her, she could at least manage to cry herself to sleep. The light hit her again. She woke with a start. The first man was in front of her again.

He had a rope in his hand. She let her sleepy eyes wander to the door; two more men were standing there, holding long knives. He approached her, she whimpered but there was no compassion in his eyes. He tied the rope around her arms and then unshackled her before forcing a hood over her head. He was rough, pushing her to the door.

He led her down the hall and shoved her into a van parked at the end. She fell to the floor but hit something soft, another person. 'Hello?' she whispered.

'Chloe?' came a voice that she recognised as Kelly's. she sounded if anything more terrified than her. 'Oh my god what is happening?!' Chloe reeled off quickly. She felt a blow to her head and shriek to her left told her Kelly had received the same.

'No talk, NO talk!' came a gruff voice she didn't recognise. After a few minutes another thud told her another of her friends had been put in the van, then another, then another and finally, another.

She didn't dare say anything and none of them spoke either, although she head some muffled sobs. They drove what seemed for hours. None of them speaking, seeing where they were going, just feeling the road go by beneath them. After what seemed forever they stopped and the doors opened.

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She was roughly grabbed and dragged around what she assumed were halls. Faint music was playing in the background. She was brought suddenly to her feet. Her hood was removed, but before she could get more than a glimpse of her surroundings, she was unconscious again. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ CHAPTER THREE When she woke again she was tied to another bed.

This time though, it was different. She was not on her back, she had been tied clamped in the doggy position. What was more, she was clean, had her hair back in a ponytail, but worst of all, was naked. She could tell this because she was facing a mirror. This was not an ordinary bedroom though. Whoever owned this was RICH! The sheets beneath her were silk she could tell, and the mirror was surely surrounded by gold?

The walls were patterned beautifully and the room was perfumed and smelled beautiful. Behind her reflection she could make a door out, white. Her head was unrestricted and she cast around for a better look at her surroundings, but nothing seemed to help.

There were no windows in this room. As she turned her head she noticed something else about herself. Tied around her waist was a bow. Large and red, it too looked like it was made of silk. She looked, she thought, like a present. The door burst opened and sprang back so quickly it shut again off of its valentina nappi piss drinking compilation. The man who came through was taller even than the man who had taken her.

He was black, extremely muscular, he wore only a red silk robe that left his torso bare and only covered the waist down. He certainly was not an attractive man. One of his eyes was white, there was no pupil and he had a terrible scar that cut down his cheek and made his beard look strange.

However his physique made her think of body builders and pictures that she had seen of men like Arnold Schwarzenegger. 'Good evening young lady' he spoke, again with a perfect English dialect but his accent was African not Spanish. He big booty latina and her friend at orgy sex party as though she was not tied to his bed and stark naked. 'I am aware that this must be a very unusual situation you find yourself in. However you should know that I am not going to hurt you, so long as you do what I say' he smiled.

He was standing right behind her. He had not looked anywhere but her eyes, he was totally at ease. She was bewildered.

She was still petrified but there was something about this man that made her less afraid, she knew the terror was all coming from her and that this man was not telling her lies. Then he mom and soon xxx filim something that totally shattered that illusion. 'However' he carried on, the smile instantly gone, to be replaced with an expression of malice.

'if you do disobey me, even slightly, your friends will be made to suffer and you will watch their punishment' A cry of terror caught in her throat and her eyes welled up. The man however was smiling again. 'Anyway' he said brightly, as though they were about to discuss a movie or dinner, 'let us get down to business' For the first time he looked across her body. Down her neck, along her back across her spread bum cheeks, down her crack to her bright pink pussy, then down her legs, and back up to her face.

'Very nice!' he said, giving her a toothy grin. She noticed two of his teeth were missing. He reached and undid the bow. It fell off of her, the silk brushing her sides. He stepped right up to her, cupping one cheek of her ass with his hand and leaning to her ear. She felt the power of the man as he leaned gently on her. 'Just as a last reminder' he almost whispered, 'disobey me, and your friends will suffer' He stood back again and released his robe.

Despite her situation, Chloe could not help but gasp. She had had sex before. Barely a year ago, her boyfriend had taken her virginity. However he had a penis about five inches long. The man standing behind her defenceless body had a penis that was at least eight inches long. And it was soft. 'You really are a present are you not!' he exclaimed. Before she really saw him move he had raised his hand and it had come crashing down on her left cheek. It stung like fire and she screamed out loud at the force.

'Now, young lady, no need to scream like that. You will not scream again, that is an order!' She was ready for what happened this time, and as his hand came crashing down on her right cheek, her friends face played through her mind. She bit so hard into her lip, she bled. 'Better' he said smiling. She noticed that his cock was gradually hardening, it was up to ten inches and growing now. He straddled her waist. Putting his massive tool between her thighs he squished them around it and began fucking her thighs.

She saw in the mirror his one good eye was closed. It was a fully hard cock now sliding between her legs. Without warning he slid his dick from between her thighs and put it at the entrance to her pussy. She gasped as the head pressed against her entrance and then in one fluid motion, he was inside her.

She shrieked. His eye did not open. His rhythm did not stop. He began to fuck her. Slowly at first. His cock sliding all the way out of her pussy until only the tip was left in. then he young girl with hot body loves anal sex slowly insert it all the way back. He did about an inch a second. It had hurt when he first went in, she was not horny, she was scared. However now. She had to admit, feeling that monster in her was turning her on.

He had not said anything about her outburst. Maybe it only applied to spanking? Or maybe he had been too caught up in the moment to realise. Gradually the stroked got faster. He was putting more force in as well, his mighty sack was slapping at her as he thrust himself into her again and again. She hated herself for it.

But she came. Her orgasm burst over her, she had never cum so hard before. Careful not to risk crying out again, she satisfied herself with groaning and moaning as quietly as possible. It was not easy.

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He was filling her 15 year old pussy so well. It occurred to her in that state of orgasmic bliss, she never wanted that cock to leave her pussy.

Her eyes closed again, as she came for the second time.

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On and on he pounded, he did not tire. He just keep pounding away. A finger slipped into her ass.

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It was unexpected, but she welcomed it. It was just another stimulation to bring her to her next mind blowing orgasm. Finally. Just as she peaked for the third time. He came. He spewed inside of her, the cum spurted so hard that even with his cock buried inside her tight little twat, it spurted out of the sides. She was ashamed as she came back down. A tear rolled down her cheek.


'You did good young lady' he said, she was worried that he was not even out of breath. 'Clean yourself up' he indicated a box of tissues on the counter as he reached for a key and undid her bindings. Not even bothering to retrieve his robe he walked to the door. He opened it and was across the threshold before he turned. 'Oh, the second outburst did not go un-noticed' he said, stern but looking over his shoulder so she could not see the emotion in vijay and manju first night sex story eyes.

She stopped rubbing her wrists at once. 'In half an hour, you will see what happens when you break my rules' with that he slammed the door. Chloe felt the tears come again, she had let her friends down. But worse. She had given herself totally, mind and body, to the man who had bought her as a slave. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- END OF PART ONE (I will do more of this series if you want.


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