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Liara sucking cock new porn game play now
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Heather ran her hands lazily over the sun warmed skin of her bare breasts and abdomen. Arching her back and pointing her toes, she stretched with the languor of a very contented feline. She sat up and reached for the skimpy, tangerine bikini top and slipped the halter neck over her head.

Reaching behind her back, she fastened it in place before rising gracefully to her feet. She crossed the patio to the sliding glass door that led into the walk in basement. Four pairs of very appreciative male eyes turned their attention from the baseball game on the large screen mounted on the wall to Heather's scantily clad breasts as she entered the house.

She smiled brightly at her dad and his golf buddies. "Hi, Daddy," she purred stopping by his chair and leaning down to kiss his cheek. "No kiss for your Uncle Tom?" her dad's younger brother asked with a grin. Heather laughed as she turned and leaned down to kiss her uncle's cheek.

His hands closed over her waist and he turned his head to meet her lips with his. She heard her dad's low laugh as she pressed her hands against her uncle's shoulders. Straightening away from him, she laughed and shook her head as she glanced warily at the other two men. "It's ok, baby," her dad said standing up and pulling her back against him. "Barry and Dan know you're Daddy's girl." He ran his hands up over the soft skin of her flat stomach to cup her firm, young breasts.

Heather laid her head back against his chest as he fondled her. He bent his head to caress the soft skin on her neck with his lips. She sighed as her father's hands moved to the the knot between her breasts that held the top of her bikini together. He untied it and the cups fell open exposing the pert mounds with their upturned pink tips.

Heather closed her eyes and moaned as her dad rolled her hard nipples between his thumbs and forefingers. He squeezed her firm breasts then let his hands glide down over her ribs to follow the curve of her waist. His arms slid around her and he ground the hard bulge in his pants against her soft ass as he slipped one hand down the front of her bikini bottom. His friends sat forward in their chairs and watched avidly as Mack cupped his daughter's pussy using his middle finger to rub her clit.

With his free hand he undid the bow at her hip, untying the string that held the triangles of fabric together. The bottom of her bikini slipped to the floor and he slid his fingers back and forth through the slick, wet folds between his daughter's legs. Mack sat down on the wide, red leather arm chair using his knees to hold Heather's legs spread wide, exposing his fifteen year old daughter's smooth, clean shaven pussy to the lascivious gaze of the other three men.

He plunged two fingers into her and began to thrust slowly in and out. Heather rocked against her father's hand. Her hands cupped and fondled her tits as she squirmed on her dad's lap, her chest rising and falling rapidly. "You've got to watch this," her uncle said as he unzipped his trousers and freed his quickly rising cock. Barry horny latina sucks and fucks fingering hardcore Dan followed suit and sat stroking themselves while watching Mack nuzzle his daughter's neck as he finger fucked her.

He worked a third finger into her pussy and Heather began to whimper and coo delicious legal age teenager engulfs pecker hardcore and russian Mack increased his tempo. He thrust into her harder and faster, his fat granny wants young cock in her pussy slightly curled to caress the velvety upper wall of her vagina, the fleshy mound at the base of his thumb rocking against her clit.

"Mmmmm Daddy," Heather moaned, lifting her hips to take her father's fingers deeper. "I'm gonna cum." Her body tensed as Mack rammed his fingers into her convulsing cunt faster. "That's it, baby. Do it. Cum for Daddy." She bucked her hips wildly against his hand, her fingers gripping the arms of the chair tightly.

Pushing her head back against Mack's chest, Heather arched her back and drove her cunt onto her dad's hand. Her audience hooted as they watched her pussy spasm on Mack's thrusting fingers. He slipped a emma hix blonde makes juan fuck her hard fingered in and continued thrusting into her wetly sucking vagina as she rode the crest of her orgasm, not letting her come down all the way before her body began to build toward another, more powerful climax.

He shoved half his hand into his daughter's tight cunt, his thumb pressed against her swollen clit. Heather's head thrashed back and forth against her father's broad chest, her breathing ragged. "Come on, baby girl," he murmured against her damp hair.

"You know what Daddy wants." He pressed his free hand against her lower abdomen just above her pubic bone. Heather grew rigid as she strained toward the next peak of the intense orgasm that continued to rock her petite, young body. Mack could feel the hard bundle of nerves in the upper wall of his daughter's drenched pussy beneath his fingertips and he stroked it firmly.

Heather lifted her ass off his lap and cried out as her cunt clenched on Mack's fingers and a clear, viscous liquid spurted onto his palm. He continued to fuck his hand into his daughter as she moaned and squirted again. His brother dropped to his knees and Mack pulled his fingers out of Heather's still quivering snatch to smear her cum onto her belly.

"Fuck, man," Barry groaned as he watched Tom bury his face against his niece's pussy to lap up the juices still flowing from between her swollen lips. "Does the kid always cum like that?" "Not every time," Mack said kissing the top of her head as she laid against him limply, "but Daddy knows how to get her there." He pushed a hand under Heather's body to free his straining cock from the confines of his jeans.

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Tom lifted his glistening face from between his niece's legs to grin at his brother. He ran his hands over Heather's silky thighs, spreading her legs farther apart. "What do say we make her airtight?" A slow grin spread across Mack's as he nodded.

Tom lifted Heather and held her against his body as Mack striped his out of his jeans and boxers. When his brother had settled back in the chair, Tom lowered Heather onto her dad's lap again. Mack plunged his fingers into her drenched pussy to scoop up some of her fluids. Circling the puckered rosebud of her anus, he spread her wetness over that opening. Heather moaned softly as she gyrated her hips.

Mack slowly pushed the tip of one slippery finger through the tight ring and started working it in and out.

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"No way a tiny thing like her takes your monster of a cock up her ass," Dan said licking his lips as he watched Mack work a second finger into his whimpering daughter's tight ass. "What are you betting?" Tom asked looking over his shoulder the two men seated behind him stroking their cocks. Dan thought for a moment. "Twenty bucks," he said.


Tom smirked at him. "Make it fifty," Barry said. "I'll take half of it." Dan nodded and Mack pulled his fingers out of his daughter's ass with a soft popping sound. "Suck it first, baby," he said sliding his butt to the edge of the cushion as he slouched down in the chair.

Heather scooted off her father's lap and turned to kneel between his thighs. She lifted his rigid prick and licked the clear drop of pre-cum from the tip before opening her mouth and letting the plum shaped head slide over her tongue. She closed her lips around her dad's thick shaft and started bobbing her head up and down, taking as much of his cock into her mouth as she could, coating it with her lubricating saliva.

Mack rested his head against the back of the arm chair and stroked his daughter's hair. His hips started to move of their own volition as she pushed down taking him deep into her throat. He lifted her head off of his glistening cock and urged her back onto his lap. "Ready, sweetheart?" he asked, his hands resting on her hips. Heather nodded. Placing her hands on the arms of the chair she lifted herself off her father's lap.

Mack positioned the head of his cock against the tight pucker of his daughter's anus and she pressed down. The other three men leered as Mack's thick rod started to bend and Dan thought for a second that he was going to win his bet. Heather gasped as her sphincter suddenly gave way and the head of Mack's prick pushed into her rectum. She paused for a moment panting slightly as she adjusted to the intrusion.

Lifting herself a little, she pushed down again and took the first few inches of his shaft. She rocked her hips, letting gravity help as she slid down farther and farther until she'd taken all eight inches of her dad's rigid cock into her ass. She laid back against her father's chest breathing heavily and Tom lifted her legs to drape her knees over the arms of the chair. He stroked his tumescent two filipinas fuck and get a facial as he watched his brother pump slowly in and out of Heather's ass.

With his knees slightly bent, Tom rubbed the spongy head of his cock through his niece's swollen labia. "Ready, baby?" He asked looking into Heather's half closed eyes. "Uh huh," she panted as Mack paused his gentle thrusting for a moment. Tom pushed his cock into her with a slow, steady pressure. She was still drenched from the finger fucking her dad had given her and he easily buried his entire length in her tight cunt.

Heather and Mack both groaned as Tom began to thrust into her. Mack began to fuck her again, timing his strokes so he was drawing back when his brother shoved his cock in deep. Heather rolled her hips between her dad and her uncle. It wasn't the first time she'd taken both their cock, but it still felt like they were trying to split her in two when they both thrust into her at the same time.

Tom leaned forward and caught her swollen nipple in his mouth and she groaned as he pulled at it with his teeth before he brunette shoplifter gets her cavities searched by horny investigator to suck it gently.

Heather arched her back and pushed her firm young breast against her uncle's mouth. "Fuck me," she growled, sliding her fingers into his hair. "Fuck me hard, Uncle Tommy." Barry and Dan were on their feet, one on either side of the armchair, stroking their rampant cocks rapidly as they watched Tom and Mack double team the moaning teen ager.

Heather reached out, turning her face toward Dan as her fingers closed around the hard shaft of his penis. Her lips parted and he took a step closer and slid his cock into her mouth. Heather swirled her tongue over the head of his cock and then over the shaft as he began to thrust into slave crushed under car and bondage orgasm overload left behind at a palace party in a mouth.

She sucked him in gagging a little when he pushed into her throat. She felt Barry take her left hand and guide it to his cock. She closed her fingers around it and he began to thrust into her fist.

She stranded big tit gymnast blows hard dick in car concentrate on any one thing. She was overloaded with the sensations of the two cocks thrusting into her body as though they were trying to tear her apart. Dan's hands were tangled in her long, blond hair holding her head in place as he fucked her face, his breathing ragged and fast. The soft skin of Barry's turgid cock slid against the palm of her hand. Heather groaned around the cock in her mouth as she felt another mind numbing orgasm begin to wash over her trembling body.

Tom rammed his cock into her quivering cunt fast and hard, his fingers dug into the soft flesh of his niece's thighs as he felt his balls tighten. Heather's tight cunt clenched around her uncle's turgid penis, her climax driving him over the edge.

"Oh, fuck," he groaned loudly. "I'm gonna cum, baby." His testicles let loose and his pulsing cock pumped semen into his niece's convulsing cunt. He pushed in as deep as he could, shuddering as the rippling walls of her tight pussy milked the last of his load from his wilting cock. Tom pulled out and dropped onto the sofa still breathing hard.

Heather felt Barry's cock slip from her hand as he moved to take her uncle's place between her thighs and her cunt was filled again. Her dad thrust deeply into her clenching ass and she felt his hot sperm wash into her bowels. Dan was panting as his strokes became jerky. His cock swelled in her mouth as he pushed the head into her throat. His prick twitched and jumped and she began to swallow. "Oh, yeah, baby," he groaned.

"That's a good girl. Swallow it all." Heather sucked and swallowed as he shot thick ropes of cum into her throat. Her dad's hands were massaging her breasts as his cock soften and shrank, finally falling out of her ass. He wrapped his arms around her, feeling her slight body rock against his as his friend pounded her well used cunt. Barry continued to thrust wildly into her sopping pussy, his balls slapping against her ass.

He grunted and shoved his cock deep into her wetly sucking vagina. Heather could feel the head of his penis pushing against her cervix as he splashed her womb with his semen. Barry pulled out and sat down heavily on the edge of the coffee table to catch his breath.

Mack turned his daughter to lay across his lap. Holding her tightly against his chest he rose to his feet.

"Beer's in the fridge," he said as he started toward the stairs. "Enjoy the rest of the game." "Where are you going?" Tom asked. Mack grinned and kissed Heather's forehead.


"I'm going to take my little girl to bed." "Ok," Mack heard his brother say to the other two men as he carried his daughter up the stairs, "pay up."