Fapli sex storys latin babe massage by cockolded

Fapli sex storys latin babe massage by cockolded
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I am Jonothon. I am twelve years old, and I am that kid in class who never washes and never changes his clothes. I wear the same skintight cottonshirt every day, and like a pair of thin tights like medieval people wear. The shirt and the tights are damp and stained off my sweaty body.

I'm also kinda soiled at the back, if you know what I mean. My body stinks of B.O. and fish and faeces. My arm pits are smelly. I stink between my hips, like fish at the front, and faeces at the back. I have no friends. Nobody likes me. Everyone thinks I'm a smelly loser. I get bullied and mocked by the bitchy popular valley-girls, they gossip and giggle about me, about how I stink, about my lame clothes, about how much of a dweeb and a loser I am, and when they see me in the hall they chant 'Smelly-boy, smelly-boy, Jonothon's a smelly-boy!' over and over and over.

I still try to suck up to them 'cos I want to be popular and cool, and I'm so in love with the leader Shelly, but they make me feel like a smelly little freak. Slowly and quietly and gently the constant bullying and loneliness spoils and warps my mind. As my mind begins to break, I begin peeping into the girl's changing rooms, obsessing over the leader of the popular girls, Shelly.

My warped mind lusts over her. I begin peeping at them without my tights on. My boyhood yearns for Shelly as I watch the girls change for Ballet. One day, Shelly is all alone in the changing rooms as I secretly watch her. She looks so beautiful and perfect in her tiny little bando tutu that I cannot resist her.

I sneak up behind her and choke her gently but firmly until she is calm and does not struggle. I drag her into the little girls room and fill one of the toilets with thick, wet logs of boy-soil, lots and lots and lots of smelly brown faeces until it fills the toilet-bowl.

Then I make her kneel before it, I bend her over it, I push her head gently, yet forcefully into my soft, brown boy-soil. It gives me such lovely wife gets banged by her husband masturbation and tight pussy to push down on the back of her struggling head and watching her face push slowly and firmly into the nice, rich faecal matter.


Smothering her beautiful little 12-year-old face. Filling her pretty, pouty-lipped mouth with what came out of my bum-hole. Making her tongue taste and feel my filth. Making her nice blonde curtains all shitty.

I feel so, so powerful. I torture her with it, smothering her, permitting her a few seconds of breath, then back down into the sludge she goes! My pole twitches and leaks with newly-pubescent cravings as she comes up for air and squeals and begs and pleads through shitty lips and shitty tongue before her frantic words are turned to gurglings as she is given trio ffh completement fou french illico porno shitty facial.

Nobody is calling Jonny a smelly little loser-boy now! Who stinks now? Not Jonny! Shelly stinks now! I whisper mocking chants into her ear as face is nestled into it's fetid prison. Shelly stinks now! Shelly stinks of shit! Shelly stinks of shit!

Smelly-girl, smelly-girl, smelly-Shelly-smelly-girl! Now Jonothon is the clever one! Jonny is cool and popular and glam!

My bell-end rubs into her nice pert round little tushy, wetting her dainty little panties, just beneith the stiff little tutu frille sticking out so daintily from her wonderful hips. I giggle slackly. My eyes are bulged. My lips are wet and dribbling.


I caress her naked legs. I stroke the back of her pretty little head, being so gentle with her. My lips make sick little fwooooah sounds. I lick her ear. Her panties suddenly feel warm and squidgy. Shelly has soiled herself in fear. Shelly is filling her panties with soft, delicate girl-brownie.

Shelly stinks reeeal shitty now! Fwooooah! Soiled girly really does it for me! Off come the panties.


My cock plunges into the thick sludge filling Shelly's nice smooth little bum-crack, making me intimate with her number two. My mind is empty of thought. My hand presses down firmly upon Shelly's tortured head. Shelly needs not to breathe.

Not any more. Shelly's just a sexy bit of meat with a nice, tight, unused little pussy. My shitty cock thrusts. I have never even heard of a hymen. My shitty cock pushes. Shelly no longer has one! My shitty cock goes up her pussy. Oh yes. Ohhh yessss. Right up her pussy. Right up her pussy. Shelly thrashes. But my cock shall go where it wishes. I xxx america bf 18 shall ka. Rape.

Rape. I defile sweet little Shelly. Her vajay-jay fills with faeces and pre-spunk. My hips twitch and spasm in and out.

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My hips are all shitty from the girl-soil in her crack. I grunt as I do my dirty, filthy business. I dribble. I am so, so ready. It only takes 30 seconds before I orgasm. She feels so, so good. I make I pervy little ooohs and aaaaahs through wet, slack lips, my eyes roll and twtich as my little pole spurts and spurts up Shelly's de-flowered fadge.

Shelly no longer notices. Shelly has been down in her smelly tomb too long. Her brain is damaged. Lots of necrotisation where once there was pert and correct head-meat. Shelly shall be semi-vegetized for the rest of her life. The school Smelly-boy has ruined and spoiled this perfect little girl forever. I am in heaven. Shelly has pleasured me so, so exquisitely.

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I do not think about what will happen to me until my nice, rich, long orgasm calms. Then the other girls walk in and see. They see the wicked, disgusting thing I have done.