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Jake Freemon - Main character Rita - older female and one of Juno's sisters Gen - Jakes first JinnTina - Rita's daughter Jinn - What the genies are called Trully - second Jinn doc Rasmir's little sister Tommy - Friend of Jake's and fellow worker Nyrae - Juno's powerful Jinn Mary - Boss's daughter Nuha - Leader of Deadly Trio Juno - Jakes big Boss and Mary's Father Abla - sister of Nuha member of Deadly trio Jinn Council - Council of major Jinns Fatin - sister of Nuha third member of trio Yasmen - Gen's mother Tyrin - neighbor of Nyrae's parents Doctor - the Jinn doctor Aahil - one of the twin Jinn princes Rasmir - Gen's fatherAalee - other twin Jinn prince Rosalinda - Jake's second Jinn Once called Dreama Amira - Jinn Princess sister of twins Rashala - Gen's niece and Jake's 3rd Jinn Al-Mazhab - King of the Jinns Tankena - evil brother of Rasmir Qistina - Ex Queen of the Jinns, the Leader Sheeka - former evil female Jinn Jake's 4th Jinn Akeesha - Sheeka's twin sister Inger - Mary's Jinn, Akeesha's lover Jake sighed as he watched the visage of his and all the Jinns, five enemies head deeper into the desert.

Shaking his head he needed more time to formulate a plan. Sitting there nothing came to mind, suddenly Jake snapped his fingers then closed his eyes. Gen, Rosalinda, Rashala and Sheeka had been talking when all four of them looked up at Jake with huge smiles. Amira's head snapped up a moment later her eyes wide. Then she leaned over to whisper to Nyrae, Akeesha, and Inger; with their eyes also going wide as they nodded, a smile growing on their lips.

All those present dropped to their knees as another gong sounded. All eight of the Jinns gathered together in a tight circle around Jake as they all started a low chant. The strange thing was Jake started to glow as did all of the Jinns around him. Far, far out in the deepest part of the desert Qistina, the deadly trio and Tankena noticed something on the horizon.

At first it appeared to be nothing as Qistina changed course. Then she started to curse when she saw that no matter where she went whatever it was changed to stay in front of them. Stopping, she reached out with a dark magic spell to dispel what was coming their way. Then her mouth dropped open as the spell was swallowed up and crushed. "By the great Jinn! How can this be?! Not only are the dark magic spells repelled but they are crushed!

I need all three of you to add to mine!" Again Qistina smiled evilly as the much more powerful spell met what was coming at them. Then her anal fuck asa akira jynx maze jada stevens tori lux carolyn reese dropped agape as it also was enveloped, smothered, and then crushed into nothing!

Tankena tried his best not to smile; he had to hide it before. too late! Qistina had noticed that Tankena was smiling the more she got upset. Firing off several bots of energy at Tankena, Qistina smiled as several overcame his defenses.

Withering in a massive amount of pain a true hatred of the leader took hold within Tankena. "You forget yourself SLAVE!" Qistina roared as she watched Tankena roll into a ball as the pain increased. "Enjoy the pain you pathetic dog! There is far more where that came from!" Smiling more with an evil glint in her black eyes, Qistina increased the energy she was striking Tankena with. Tankena took it as long as he could 'til the pain was far more than even he could take.

Suddenly with a low scream issuing from his throat Tankena was unconscious.

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Nuha had been smiling the whole time, and then she remembered that the leader had mentioned that she needed Tankena's power. Siding up to Qistina, Nuha whispered, "leader if killing him will aide our mission then I am with you. Earlier you said that you needed his power. I am confused leader." "It is simple my second, though our dark power is great there are many who can resist.

That fool Rasmir, for one, plus half the council. That piece of filth the king and my, I am ashamed to say it, sons. Then there is that traitor of my daughter Amira, my greatest failure. We will also need a power that can resist much of theirs. I am sure that you have noticed that the dark magic drains much of your regular power." Qistina told Nuha. "Yes I have leader, I had thought it would add to them. Especially after the dark magic was fused to me with elemental power." Nuha related.

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"I had wondered why your dark magic felt so different. Had you the time yours would become as powerful as my own.

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I am afraid that we must take the king and take the royal power. Then I feel that no one could stop us!" The ex Queen told her. "I wanted to ask leader, what did you do to my sister? She is no longer under the consuming charm though I still feel that she has a great amount of power." Nuha asked about Abla.

"That was something I picked up three thousand years ago. Much like the consuming charm, it more than triples the power of the one it is used on. As I remember it is a small dark enhancement." Qistina told Nuha. It was at that moment that the growing sand storm that had been growing finally caught up to them. "Agh! By the great Jinn I feel the power of many Jinns behind this!" Qistina growled as all of them landed to ride out the furious howling and strength of the storm.

abigail toyne and kelle marie are two beautiful bl have only delayed your defeat Ever Last Master! Nothing you do can defeat the ultimate power of the dark magic!" Suddenly they all heard Jake's voice above the storm, "You are obviously wrong EX QUEEN!" Jake sneered at her. "I have stopped you dead for now.

You should get used to this, being delayed, and defeated.

It appears to be your only lot in life now!" Jake laughed as the visage of him faded. Jake's eyes snapped open as soon as he saw the vision of the five in the desert fading. A wry smile appeared on his face as Gen hugged and kissed him. A little smile on her face she leaned into his ear and whispered. Jake's eyes flew wide, "Now? You sure that's a good idea?" "Master Jake," Gen said lowering her head and voice.

"I am a sex Jinn, I find I need it from you badly right now. I am your first and I am your last. I will always be with you no matter what. I desperately chesty babe lana rhoades gets bent over and fucked you Master Jake." Jake felt a movement next to him as Rashala also whispered, "I find I need you badly also Master Jake, please!" Jake's eyes went very wide as he realized it must be bad if Rashala was asking please.

That's when he looked over and saw Akeesha eyeing his crotch with a lustful look, as was Rosalinda. Suddenly Jake felt as if he were a choice piece of meat that everyone wanted! Sighing he nodded, the little tactic he'd just done had gained them time though how much remained to be seen.

Gen bowed to her father and the council and asked that Master Jake be left alone for a while. All the council nodded with huge smiles their own wives had been asking for more time with them.

Gen slightly blushed though she was uncertain why. Alone with the eight Jinns Jake could only take a big breath. It was obvious from the looks on almost all their faces that he was going to be busy a while. Gen and several of Jake's Jinns slowly disrobed him, each breathing harder the more of his skin was bared. Gen was soon kissing Jake deeply and passionately as Jake slowly felt her neck working his hands downward. "Oh Master Jake," came Gen's excited response.

Jake slowly kissed his way lower lavishing kisses everywhere he could reach. Finally unable to take more Gen begged Jake to take her. Jake smiled as he slowly, ever so slowly, sank into the hot wet confines of Gen's sex. "I want to make this as enjoyable as possible Gen," Jake told her as her panting increased as he started to find a rhythm. Wrapping her legs around his waist she urged him to plunge faster but Jake kept a slow lingering pace.

"Please Master take me! All of me, I am yours!" Finally the feeling starting to grow in him, his thrusts became harder and faster. Gen screamed out her first orgasm even as Jake started to increase his pace. Yes he thought the feeling was growing stronger, possibly the biggest he'd had to date. A mere ten minutes later he could feel Gen urging him to plunge even faster. Gen was in heaven her Master was with her horny awesome chick organizes a wild fuck After the first orgasm she thought that if she were to die she would most certainly go happy.

Then she felt the building of her second orgasm! She could also feel her Master growing harder as he was now pounding into her. Finally with a roar Jake felt his seed flow deep into Gen even as she orgasmed herself! Jake tried to move but it seemed impossible, looking at Gen she had a huge satisfied smile on her face. Lifting off her Gen lay there with almost a glow of happiness about her.

Rashala had been watching the entire time as Rosalinda had been working her fingers in and out of Rashala's sex. Leaning over she asked Jake, "Can you go again dear Master?" Jake thought he should have been tired but thanks to all the Jinns protection he wasn't.

Another thing he noticed was that he was still as hard as before if it was possible he could swear he was harder!

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Turning to Rashala he smiled kissing her with a hot passionate kiss. Rashala sighed as she fell against Jake her heart pounding with this feeling of love she'd never felt before. Trailing hot kisses to her breasts then lower he smiled as Rashala started to pant. "Oh Master! I know not what you are doing to me but please do not stop!" Jake began to kiss her sex enjoying the flavor and Rashala's heavy breathing. "Please Master!" Rashala began to beg.

"Please take me! I will always be yours now!" Jake kissed his way back up then began to slowly enter Rashala as he had Gen. Rashala was having none of that as she pulled Misterfake tight pussy pornstar causes agent issues tube porn all the way in with her legs.

With an oomph, Rashala smiled as she felt Jake bottom out inside her. Then without even moving she orgasmed! Bucking so badly she nearly unseated Jake! Finally with her first orgasm passing Jake began to plunge in as hard and fast as he could. The squeals and grunts of pleasure he was hearing from her let him know he'd chosen right.

Twenty minutes later Jake thought he should be tired but he'd kept going with Rashala having two more orgasms.

Still not tired Jake could feel his own orgasm building as he felt Rashala's fourth! Just as she started to squeeze him tight again he felt his seed spilling deep within Rashala.

Rashala's eyes grew large as she felt the hot life giving seed of Jake fill her. Screaming out again she had another orgasm right on top of her fourth! Smiling at Jake she said, "By the great Jinn! That was unbelievable!" Then her eyes flickered as she passed out.

Jake gently got off her and tenderly kissed her lips. Lying back beside her Jake was surprised he was still horny! There was a sudden movement beside him as he turned his head and saw Akeesha! "Well Master Jake I told you I was willing with you only! Since we are here and you are obviously ready." Here she indicated his still rock hard organ.

"Now would be as good a time to try as any. Don't you agree?" "What about Inger?" Jake asked then heard Rosalinda and Inger locked into a sixty-nine. "Ah! I see, I ask you Akeesha if you really want this? You do not have to out of a sense of duty or." Jake started as Akeesha put a finger to his lips.

"If I did not want this I would not be here, now please shut up Master Jake. I desire to carry a baby, your baby, and ONLY your baby. So, may I suggest we get going?" Akeesha said with a completely sincere face. "My dear Akeesha how could I refuse such an honest request. I." Jake was saying. "Again Master Jake please shut up and just take me!" Akeesha almost growled then climbed up on Jake.

With jerking halting motions Akeesha slowly ever so slowly began to slide Jake's member deeper and deeper. Jake was surprised that he could enter her as tight as she was, it was almost like a vice grip! Finally after ten minutes she was panting hard with the effort and resting on Jake's pelvis. "Take your time Akeesha, there is no hurry." Jake told softly. "I know!" Akeesha almost yelled. "I am trying to relax, I have tensed up almost to the point it hurts!" Jake looked at Inger and Rosalinda, both nodded and began to tongue Akeesha's clit.

A deep sigh escaped Akeesha's lips, and then Jake felt her vice-like grip loosen up. Akeesha's eyes went wide as the first wave of an orgasm ripped through her. Another ten minutes had Akeesha starting to move herself up and down. A look of astonishment grew on her face as the feelings she was starting to feel were a definite improvement!

Jake started to relax as soon as the extreme tightness of Akeesha eased off. Then she started to have a whole new experience!

Knowing that Akeesha had never been with a male made him try and not move but the temptation was growing by the second! It was some time after her third orgasm that Akeesha opened her eyes and saw that Jake was trying his best not to move.

"Master Jake have you kept still the whole time for me?" Akeesha asked astonished. "I thought all males only thought of themselves and their own pleasure. Never have I met nor seen a male such as you." Climbing off Jake she laid next to him. "If I am to become with a baby you need to give me your seed.

You brunette gf makes revenge anal sex tape the first male I have ever been with so I am unsure." Holding out her arms she said, "please take me Master Jake as I know only you will." Jake shook his head and began to slowly kiss Akeesha down her body making her shudder.

Lavishing her nipple he moved lower hearing her pant. "I don't understand! My love does this also but with you it is so different!" Panting harder Akeesha almost came off the bed when Jake skipped her sex and kissed his way down her legs! "By the great Jinn!

Master Jake I am going to go mad! I cannot take much more please take me!" Jake nodded then moved up and barely pressed his member into her withdrawing then slowly going deeper. It took almost ten minutes for him to be all the way in, causing Akeesha to scream out her fourth orgasm! Slowly Jake built a rhythm feeling Akeesha growing wetter and wetter.

Smiling Jake knew that she was finally at ease with what was happening. Akeesha couldn't believe that she was feeling as much pleasure as she was especially from a male!

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The harder she tried to deny it the harder it was to even think of reasons to. Hell it was hard to think let alone breathe! She didn't know what Master Jake was doing but this was NOT the way that she thought sex with a male would be!

By the great Jinn she could feel a fifth orgasm building! Jake could feel his seed starting to surge he knew it wouldn't be muslim college and arab school sex amateur art imitating life now.

It was apparent that Akeesha was about to have another orgasm as he increased his pace. Hoping he didn't hurt her Jake began to go as fast as he could, trying his best to not pound into her as hard as he could. Finally Jake felt her tighten for the fifth time that's all it took. With another roar Jake felt his seed as it started to fill Akeesha to overflowing. Akeesha felt it building then just as she was starting her fifth she felt Jake's hot seed filling her!

Shaking she had an even harder orgasm then another and another! Screaming out three times Akeesha kissed Jake and fell back panting hard. Jake pulled out and lay next to a hugely smiling Akeesha, just then another gong sounded. Crap Jake thought what now, that's when he heard another multitude of groaning voices. Oh shit! Jake thought I forgot! Sitting up Jake saw hundreds more people around his room. Well he thought here we go again.