Realgfsexposed masturbating on her desk brunettes sologirl

Realgfsexposed masturbating on her desk brunettes sologirl
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Female Temptation By Blueheatt &hellip.I had been getting sexually aroused by my mom's boyfriend for a while now. He wouldn't touch me at all. The most sexual thrill I got from him was to wait until we were alone and just sit on his lap. I was slim, nice tits, blond hair and a real good body. I would lean back on him and have to place his arms around me.

I would move his arms up to touch the underside of my tits, and he would move them to just touching them. … My girlfriend Lisa was helping me to try and get him to feel me up or any sexual feeling from him.

She would do a sleep over and we would plan out things to get his attention. &hellip.Mom always went to bed early so we had the freedom to mess with him. Lisa was getting a crush on him as well as I. We would wait till mom went to sleep and then take our bra's and panties off under our long nightgowns. We would parade in front of him slowly.

He would smile his handsome smile but try not to look at our tits and pussy's. …Lisa got an idea. Let's pretend to be doing some back bends and gymnastic stuff in the living room in front of him. I practiced a back bend while Lisa kneeled beside me to be a spotter and put her hand under my back. I did them slow like I was a beginner. …This finally got his attention.

He made some verbal suggestions but really kept his eyes on my pussy. It stuck up high showing cory chase and lily rader threesome action on the couch blowjob and blondes slit very clear. Lisa smiled as she watched his eyes check me out. He said to raise one leg up to start the complete back bend.

Lisa got up and stood over me to help&hellip.and…to bend over so her tits were exposed to his eyes. Now he had two things to look at.

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He turned in his recliner to watch us with a very gleeful smile. I think we finally had him a little aroused. Lisa could see his lap as he put his hand over it, but she spotted his boner. His eyes were locked on me starting to lift one leg straight up to complete the back bend. As I did my night gown fell down to my hips, thus showing my naked pussy. I said: "Opps." and slowly pulled my leg back towards my head too kick the final back bend.

His face got a little pink as he directly staring at my pussy. Lisa just grinned as she put her hand on the backside of my leg to help me.

She moved her hand lower close to my pussy and pulled a little. I acted like I couldn't complete the back bend. She kneeled down putting her other hand under my back. He watched as I slowly came over to finish.

He watched my naked pussy float by just 3 feet from his face. My night gown now dropping down exposing my tits.

I stood up smiling red faced as Lisa smiled too. We both looked as him. He was a little embarrassed old hot fuckfest after a steaming bath he was aroused by me. He watched as I let gravity slowly take my night gown down. His eyes were checking out my body real good.

Lisa and I both could tell he had a big hardon going as he tried to cover it up, but it was to big. Lisa and I were aroused ourselves and she came up behind me and began to fondle me. He tried to turn away but couldn't. …He watched as we gave him a little feel up show to tease him real good.

We stepped real close blonde in uniform and stockings stripping for older british guy tube porn him in his recliner. He had a huge tent now and took a pillow and put in his lap. I just had to now sit on his lap. I slid over the arm of the recliner and down on his lap. Lisa watched and went around and slid down the other side onto his lap. We leaned back on him and giggled.

We watched as he had to put his arms somewhere. They ended up around us both in our night gowns. He closed his eyes like he was have a hot dream but it wasn't really happening. He was hot and breathing heavy. &hellip.Finally he spoke softly: "Girls, your mashing my…a…private parts?" We scooted our butts over in the chair and I just grabbed the pillow and removed it.

There it was. A big tent in his pants. He tried to get up but we held him in the chair. We both turned a little sideways and we started playing with his chest. His eyes went closed again. I started unbuttoning his shirt as Lisa joined me. We quietly giggled to each other. We were both very horny and this was so hot to us, we just kept going.

&hellip.John thought&hellip. …I think I'm getting in trouble…but I have to see just how far these girls will go. My dick hurts it's so cramped and restricted by my pants.

They wanted to arouse me and now they've done it romi rain loves to get jizzed on good. To feel two warm girls bodies on me is more than I can take to stop them. I'll pretend I'm sleeping and let them go. I wonder how far they will take this. …I hear them whispering to each other. Then I hear: "Don't move, we'll be right back." Mary says. They jump off me and run in down the hall. I'm having to much pleasure to move.

They felt so sexy on me and them playing with my chest was really hot. They smelled heavenly and I could feel legs, hips and tits on me. With my eyes still closed I hear them return. I feel a blindfold being put on me. I don't resist… to see just what they have in mind.

It was just fun and games anyway. I felt my recliner being leaned all the way back. It was a deluxe one that would recline all the way back to fully horizontal. It had steel rails on the back that rested on the floor. I wondered 'what next' for these two.

I heard them giggle as the each took one of my arms and pull them back along side of the chair. I felt bungee cord being quickly wrapped around my wrists. &hellip. This was going to far. &hellip.As I started to say 'stop' I felt duct tape being put over my mouth&hellip.but the bungee cord was so tight I couldn't pull out of them. I now heard a sound I didn't want to hear&hellip.'zzzzzzzzzp'…the sound of hand cuffs being put on both my wrists.

Now I felt straps go around my ankles and pulled tight. Those girls had me, and It was a panic feeling. I couldn't get loose. "Enough of this girls!" I mumbled which they of course couldn't make out what I was saying.

I continued to mumble as I felt my belt being unbuckled. Shit! They were taking my pants down. When I get out of this I'm going to take me two girls and have a hard talk with them about practical vs. bad jokes, kidnapping, held against your will, molesting and…fondling…, and&hellip. lot more things& I felt four hands feeling and jacking my dick. This was way to far over the line. One of them came up and sat on my stomach and started kissing my face and neck.

She whispered: (."just relax and enjoy. Your 'resisting' is over John. We have control now and we want your hot body.") …Mary… …I've felt the sting of rejection before. A guy fucks me and dumps me. I wasn't raped, but as close as you can get…then they call me 'slut' and I'm put on some list as a whore or something.

Now it's 'get even' time. Let's just see how a guy likes it to be fucked against his will. He won't tell anyone this even happened. Who would believe him?…and knowing John, with his manly pride couldn't brunette latina desperate for cash gets fucked in the pawnshop it.

He's got a track record of fucking and dumping single women. He's very sexy and good looking. Now he gets the pleasure of two teen girls fucking him,&hellip. so he won't complain&hellip.he knows we can yell 'rape' and put his life in the shitter& just relax with us John… and enjoy the hot sex we have for him and us. &hellip. I love kissing him on his face and neck. Lisa stroked his hardon as I liked rubbing my wet pussy on his stomach.

At first he moved his head from side to side to resist my kisses…but soon he stopped and I hear little soothing sounds as he was liking all this&hellip.

…John. …I'll resist, no way can a girl or girls force a guy to get a hardon and fuck them or whatever…I thought…but feeling a pair of teen lips kissing and her hand jacking you&hellip.I had no choice as my hardon stayed and even got harder. I felt the girl on top of me turn and I felt a wet pussy on my face. How is a guy suppose to resist that feeling?&hellip.It felt wonderful as it moved back and forth on my face. Now there were two girls kissing my hardon and jacking me&hellip.

…Mary… …Yes.


.its me, I want my turn… …Now there was no rush as I worked my pussy on his face. I was determined to get him so hot, I would take the duct tape off and let him taste my pussy and lick my clit good.

I reached back and began to slowly began to remove the tape over his mouth. He moaned…"Uh huh, uh huh"… as he wanted it off. I took it off. Before he got a chance to say anything…I dropped my pussy down on his lips. I slowly moved it back and forth on them and I soon felt his tongue enter my pussy lips. He was good and gently let it feel my slit and pussy. He moved it up to massage my clit. It felt so hot I almost orgasmed right then. I put my mouth over his hardon and began to suck it.

Lisa felt his balls and licked them. We all started making those sounds of euphoria. Lisa started jacking him as I sucked. Lisa and I felt his balls start to tighten up as he was going to cum a big one&hellip. …John… …I had to make the best of the situation I was in. A pussy in my face and two teen mouth's sucking and jacking on me was way over the top for me. They were going to make me cum …against my will?&hellip.hell who would ever believe that&hellip.I had to give in and enjoy every second of this…I was only human.

The girl sucking on my hardon had to be experienced as she knew just what to do to make me cum big. Having a second girl licking me was over the top as I felt her tits on my legs also. I could feel her nipples pressing on them and the shape of them rubbing back and forth as she rocked her tits on them.

&hellip. I felt it…the 'Oh god!' moment as here came a flood of hot cum shooting out of my dick and into a warm throat. I heard a loud 'MMMMMM' as my shot loaded her mouth. Her mouth and tongue went into action sucking and swallowing it down. The other girl put her pussy on my leg and humped her wet pussy on it, grinding her clit perky pointer sisters are objects of wish a moaning cum of her own.

We all moaned with the peak we were having. Nothing I had ever experienced even came close to this. I was flooded with pussy juice as her hot pussy ground on my lips and tongue. Her pussy trembled as she kept on and on fucking my face. Slender latina looker has her pussy hammered finally pulled her mouth off my hardon to take a big gasp of air and the other girls mouth went on. I still had a few shots of cum left for her as she moaned and ground her pussy firm into my leg.

…Mary… …oh my god… He was a great shooter and pussy eater. I just keep my pussy on his face to get all the good feeling I could drain out of him.


Lisa and shared sucking his hard on as we licked all the overflow cum he shot…and he could shoot a lot. I felt weak in a way but I had to stay on him and soak up this feeling&hellip. ----- &hellip.It was dark out now as we finally got ourselves off of him.

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I was shaky but I got the keys to the handcuffs and unlocked them. Lisa un-strapped his legs. Off with the blindfold…his eyes were closed&hellip.asleep. He moved a little, shifted his body to the side as we pulled up his pants.

Soon, he started to snore. &hellip.John woke up in sexiest body in the world anllela sagra recliner. He wondered if he had a very intense sex dream or what. He had to go to work. The house was all quiet as he got ready and left. His mind kept going back to that sex dream he had…it seemed so real.

He could still hear the voices in the maybe dream…hot moaning from Mary and Lisa. He remembered he was raped by them somehow. Whatever it was, it was against the law, but very sexually exciting. He tried to milf go crazy on cock in taxi the thoughts as he went to work. The thoughts wouldn't stop as that dream thing gave him a sexual thrill he'd never had before. Hour after hour the thoughts dwelled over and over.

Those sounds were so hot and …a wet dream.that was it, he had a wet dream, and the best one he's ever had. He had been a kid the last time he had one, but never as good as this. Now the thoughts were in their proper place and he continued his work&hellip.but the thoughts lingered on all night.

…* the part John still doesn't know about… …Mary. …We let John sleep in his recliner, with that content face of his. We removed everything, blindfold, we put the cuffs away, no evidence… just that he fell asleep in his recliner&hellip. &hellip. We went down the hall quietly and tapped on mom's bedroom door. She opened it a crack. I said quietly: "Did you get all that on the camera?" She opened the door and said: "I sure did, every bit of it. I'll make 3 disk copy's, one for you guys, one for me and one hidden in a secret place in case he ever found ours.

&hellip.I think we've found us a man who will want to stay with us for a long time girls&hellip.nice work." -------- …John was in bed with Mary's mom and told her about this great sex dream he had. She snuggled up to him very interested in the details. He lied&hellip. He said it was about him and her having hot sex in his recliner. She said that sound very hot and different. She of course knew he was not about to say the 'dream' was with her daughter Mary and her girlfriend Lisa.

&hellip.Every Tuesday night was the weekly night when mom pretended to go to bed early, John took a nap in his recliner and the girls practiced their cheerleader routines in the living room. He watch them intensely and then closed his eyes for a his re-occurring 'dream' nap. The girls put the blindfold on him, duct tape over his mouth, the hand and leg cuffs went on and down came his pants. …This time was real different.

He felt a 3rd girl get on top of him. She had bigger tits and a little bigger body. (it was Mary's mom.) She played with him, stroking his hardon and sucking it just right. All the girls became aggressive and all started a multi-attack on him. Kissing him all over, jerking him this way and that way and whispering how they were going to rape him against his will, and there was nothing he could do about it. He was told to lay there and take it. &hellip.John couldn't be more pleased and mega excited.

They told him 'not' to cum until they told him to. He pretended to resist. They liked that and teased his hardon with their tongues. Not cuming was not easy, he was finding. He squirmed for real soon, to keep from cuming.

… Finally the girl with the big tits got on top and started fucking him like a wild woman. The other girls felt his milf blowjob me love you long time and around his hardon.

Then they all said…'cum now mister, or you'll be sorry.' He had no problem pleasing his attackers in their request. He thought his balls had been squeezed as the cum shot into the hot pussy. It shot out the sides as fingers felt it and he heard the licking sounds.

…Moaning voices told him if he ever told anyone about this he'd be sorry. The girl got off as another one got on and continued fucking him. She kept fucking him hard as he tried to cum again. She got off and a 3rd girl got on and stuck his hardon in her wet pussy. She put her hand to his throat and told him he better cum again. She pulled her knees up and fucked him very fast as he felt another cum working it way up. ".cum damn you…cum." she demanded.

He let loose with a wonderful hot second cum in her. Two shots and she got off and the last girl got on as he shot in her too.

Everyone was out of breath and the girls moaned in his ears. They whispered that he better not ever tell anyone about this or they might force him fuck them all again sometime.

Black guy and gral xxx storys just smiled and shook his head agreeing… &hellip. never to tell&hellip.