Tiny tit blonde earns a gooey creampie

Tiny tit blonde earns a gooey creampie
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Although I had understood Maria to be a conservative, demure half-Filipino, half-Chinese woman, I had discovered that at 52 years old, she had developed some very unconservative, undemure interests.

Our initial sexual contact had involved her dominating me, forcing me to lick her as cunt and asshole before sliding her finger up my asshole and sucking me off. Quite a surprise! Maria and I laid on her bed after I came and cuddled while we talked. I told her that I was surprised when she ordered me to submit to her. "Ah.

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We only discussed my background to when I was 18 and new to America. Then I only knew about missionary sex, and had to be taught how to masturbate. In the 1970s it was hard to get more information, and my husband was not comfortable with sex. We never even had oral sex! As I told you before, one of the older Filipino women in the area took me under her wing and taught me to masturbate.

Well, the more frustrated I got at home, the more time I spent with her. Finally, one weekday afternoon we were sipping wine and I was complaining that my husband would only climb onto me once a week and pump for five minutes. After he came he would wipe off his penis on my nightgown and go to sleep. I was almost in tears with frustration when this woman stood up, crouched before me and kissed me on my mouth. I was shocked. Then he hand rubbed my breast and she kissed me again.

I could feel her twirling around my hard nipple, and she forced her tongue into my mouth. My pussy started getting wet, and she led me by my hand into the bedroom she shared with her husband. Her husband was one of those Americans who wants an Oriental sex goddess, and they had lots of kinky toys.

She slowly stripped me down and sucked and licked my nipples while her fingers rubbed my moistening slit. She pushed my pants off and slid two fingers straight into my cunt.

Her thumb twanged by clit while she sucked on my nipples. I was on fire and kept moaning and thrashing my head from side to side. I was so horny that I was in a frenzy." By this time my cock was rock hard again. Maria was lying with her head on my chest, looking at me while she told me the story. Her eyes had a twinkle in them. She knew how excited she was making me, and she loved it.

"Seeing how excited I was, the woman straddled my face facing my feet, opened her cunt, and lowered herself onto my mouth. I had never tasted a woman before, but as soon as my tongue touched her silky insides and tasted her sweet juice, I could feel another rush of moisture to my own pussy. I reached up and pulled her down further onto my face. As I was sucking on her pussy, I felt my legs spread wide, and a pointy, vibrating piece object against my pussy lips. Stunning brunette loves to tease hardcore european slowly penetrated me with her large vibrator, until the vibrator had stretched me beyond the point I had ever felt before.

Then I felt her tongue on my clit. I was shaking and moaning, with the large vibrator jammed in my cunt, and her nimble little tongue on my clit. I kept rubbing my face and tongue all over her cunt as she shook and humped my face. The only thing I could smell was sex, and every nerve in my body was either being fucked or sucking. It was as if my entire soul had been opened, and I came and came and came.

I think I passed out from the orgasms, because when I opened my eyes my cunt was empty, and she was licking her cum from my chin and lips.

We kissed long and hard, and she told me we could do that any time my husband got to be too boring." I had been stroking her hair as she told about that orgasm, but now I realized I was gripping her head and stroking it. I wanted her to touch my cock with any part of her body. She smiled and said, "I love fucking women. I could never tell my husband about my bi-sexuality, and I never cheated on him with another man when he was alive, but I made love to women at least once a week after that experience.

Do you know Yvette, who works at my cafe? The 20 year old Latina with the big tits? She and I started having sex a few months ago. Her breasts are really fantastic. If you can keep up as well as you have so far, maybe we will have a threesome.

You'll have to earn it though." My head was still spinning. Six hours before I had assumed that Maria was a demure middle-aged Filipino woman. Now I had been dominated by her, heard about her first lesbian experience, and been told I could "earn" sex with her and her very sexy employee. What had I been missing in that cafe all this time?!?

Suddenly Maria turned her head and lightly bit my stomach. She flattened her tongue and licked all the way up to my left nipple. She sucked and nibbled my nipple as she lightly flicked by right nipple with her left hand. I felt shocks shooting up and down my body as she worked my nipples. Maria opened a drawer next to her bed and pulled out a cock ring. She reached down and clamped the ring on to my cock. Then she sat up, swung over leg over and slid straight down my cock until I was completely buried in her snatch.

When she pulled up it felt like my cock was in a vacuum. Then she slammed down. My eyes were rolling back in my head and I was trying not to yell out. Maria held my balls in her hand and squeezed every time amazing teen babe gives a good blowob slid up my cock.

She kept me from cumming while she fucked me for a good half hour. Her beautiful tits swung in front of me, but when I reached for them she stopped me with a word. "Submission." I groaned and put my hands over my head. She was riding me strong, and I could feel the cum building and building in my balls. Suddenly Maria let go of my balls and ground her cunt on my public bone.

I could feel her spasming as she came on me. I let lose with a load and flooded her tight little cunt. I could feel my cum drizzling out and pooling on my balls as she ground herself on me.

I felt drained and I could see from the ethereal smile on Maria's face that she was happy. She leaned forward so that my cock popped out of her and lay across my chest as she smiled and cooed. I held her tight and we both dozed off, covered in each other's juices.

I awoke to find the bed empty with a light coming from the master bathroom. I had a hard on, but I suspected it was because I was piss-hard. As I walked into the bathroom I saw Maria sitting on the toilet, completely naked, pissing. Whether I was piss hard or not, this sight made me horny. "Hi, lover" said Maria. "Hi." I stupidly replied. My cock was standing at attention and facing directly at Maria's face. I felt like a magnet was drawing me to her, cock first.

She smiled at me, and I put my hands on the sides of her head as I pressed my cock against her thick lips. She opened up and sucked me straight in. I could still hear her stream of piss as I thrust into her mouth. She hummed and sucked, and looked straight into my eyes as I started to fuck her face. She started to rub her clit as I pounded her throat. I was really thrusting and pushing and felt my balls on Maria's chin.

She kept looking straight into my eyes as she rubbed her clit and tugged on her big nipples. For the third time that night Wife affair with young boys blew a huge load of cum in Maria.

I could hear my cum gargle in her through as she gagged on it, and her whole body tensed as she came again. My knees went weak, and I leaned back against the wall. She licked her lips, blew me a kiss, and wiped her pussy. As she walked by, she fondled my rapidly softening cock. As I lay back down in her bed, Maria rubbed my stomach and said, "You are quite a find. You can submit, you can be strong. You last long, and your cum tastes good. I should have done this ages ago." "Uh. Yeah.

I have wanted to fuck you since I first saw you in the cafe, so I wish you had" I said. I was still dumbstuck, since I had no idea what to expect next. She was a dominating bi-sexual sex goddess who also enjoyed having me fuck her throat. What else could possibly be up her sleeve? "As much as I loved my new sex life, I was still very curious as to what else was possible. Fortunately the VCR had recently become popular, and live sex amateur camgirl dripping pussy show on com husband purchased one.

My more experienced friends lent me videos that their husbands brought home for them. While my husband was at work I watched sex videos with blow jobs, anal sex, groups, domination, submission, and every other kind of sex in the early porn videos. They drove me crazy, and I would masturbate for hours petite babe roughly drilled by huge cock the day. I wanted to have sex with a group of men, I wanted to have sex with a group of women.

I wanted a cock in ravenhaired minx has her moist beaver slammed pornstars creampie mouth. I wanted a cock in my ass. I was crazy for sex, and my husband was still only comfortable with once-a-week missionary sex. I was becoming more sexually aware, but I would still not cheat on my husband with a man. It was driving me crazy.

However, we had new neighbors move in who had a beautiful German Shepard. He was a nice dog, and always seemed to be in our yard. One day he walked up to me and stuck his nose straight up my miniskirt and licked my pussy through my underwear. I almost passed out. The wife next door saw what happened and walked into my yard with a small smile on her face. 'I see that Fritz got a little too friendly.

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Sorry about that. He's supposed to save that for home, but sometimes he gets a little too frisky' the neighbor said. I was stunned and didn't know what to say. Did she just say that the dog was supposed to save that for home? The neighbor continued, 'I taught Fritz a bunch of tricks. We hotties in fishnet stockings pleasure one another come by some time." She leaned in close to me when she said that. Most of the neighborhood worked during the day, and as I quickly glanced around, I realized that nobody could see us.

I smiled at the neighbor and invited her, and Fritz, in right now. Before I really knew what was happening, the neighbor and I were both naked on the couch, with our asses hanging over the edge. Fritz was lapping at my cunt with his long, rough tongue. I felt amazing. He was pushing his nose further and further into me as he lapped at me. Suddenly I came and Fritz's tongue really went to work, licking me completely clean. I was flush and my nipples were jutting out at least two inches.

After a few minutes I realized that Fritz was licking his master to her own orgasm while I recovered. She had porcelain skin and cute cup-cake breasts.

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I leaned over and sucked her nipples while Fritz licked and nuzzled her to orgasm. As she was catching her breath she said, 'Get on your hands and knees and Fritz will fuck you.' I was so horny I didn't need to be told twice. I was immediately off the couch and on my elbows and knees. Fritz licked my cunt once, then I felt him hop on my back. His claws were clipped, and I could feel him grasping my sides as his cock poked my thighs. I turned my hips a little to the left and BAM I could feel his entire cock slam into me.

He started to hump and I felt a huge knot slide up his cock and fill my cunt. We were hung up together by the knot in his cock. Fritz shot cum the entire time, so long before he was finished I could feel his cum streaming out of me. I must have cum five times while Fritz fucked me." Although I had cum three times already, I could feel my cock stirring again. I was in my 40s, and had never cum three times in a night before.


Four might kill me. Maria went on: "The first time that Fritz fucked me, I thought he would be locked in me forever. When he popped out of me it felt as if I was completely unplugged. The mixture of his cum and my cum that ran out felt like a waterfall.

I laid down on my side while Fritz lapped up our juices. The neighbor laid down next to me, kissed me on the forehead and told me that she fucked Fritz at least twice a week. Within a few months I was having sex a few times a week with my Filipino girlfriend, fucking Frtiz on Tuesdays and Thursdays, as well as my husband on Friday nights.

Every time I fucked Fritz I also had sex with the neighbor.


I was cumming at least twice a day, and was finally starting to feel sexually fulfilled. Thank goodness I was a stay-at-home wife, since it would have been impossible to have my 15 or 20 orgasms a week if I had to work as well. The good thing was that I was still learning about myself.

My neighbor liked to slim hottie katya rodriguez slammed hard by cockzilla me eat her pussy while Fritz fucked me. As much as I loved pussy, this was fine with me! One day when Fritz popped out of me, she spun me around and slipped her entire hand up my cunt.

I was not sure what was happening when I felt her turn her hand slightly, and pop her entire hand into my vagina. Then she made a fist and started to fuck me with it. I had never experienced anything like being fisted and was skocked at the intensity of the feeling. I felt my insides clench and a wave of orgasms swept over me. I fell back and felt her hand pop out of me.

She held me close and kissed my neck as she whispered how sexy I was. It was pure bliss." Maria must have known that she was on the verge of killing me.

Instead of making me cum again, she lubed her finger and slipped it up my asshole. I was so exhausted that I was very relaxed. She massaged my prostate until I had an orgasm without ejaculating. Then she kissed me deep and hard on the lips and we dozed off as the sun came up.