Blonde masturbates with vibrator when husband is away

Blonde masturbates with vibrator when husband is away
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My vacation was fantastic. I had nothing to do and great weather to enjoy at my beachside shack, and plenty of company since my friend Karen and her daughter Anna were staying. They had packed for a picnic this morning and we all went to the beach for brunch.

It was a nice quiet beach, partly due to it being situated in Maui, the less popular, yet still populated island.


My little slice of heaven was worth millions due to its section of sheltered beach, multi-hectare size, and most importantly; privacy. It was priceless to me for many reasons, I had no plans for selling it, and the increasing offers only make me shrug. The place was inherited from my grandfather, no strings attached, and before it was inherited, it was the summer getaway for my modest family.

I can afford a flight to Hawaii and back due to renting it out all winter to some other rich people when I'm working at the ski hill back home. But suring the summer, I just relax there with whoever wants to come, and for the last few years, it has just been me, Karen, and Anna. "Be good for uncle Calvin, okay?" "Karen, she's 16, I'd be lucky if I were still alive when you get back." My humor made her chuckle raunchy and wanton group sex hardcore and reality usual, I was never necessarily charismatic, but sarcasm allowed me to fake it.

"Do you have the keys?" "They're in my purse-" She checked her purse, I checked my pocket.

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"Here." I held up the keys for her, I was still lying down, facing my quiet bay. "Anything you need from town?" "Can I get some iced tea?" Of course Anna chipped in when a grocery trip was mentioned.

"Sure." Karen fished out a pen and a shopping list and scribbled it down. "Cal?" "Just some more fruit, surprise me." She chuckled, then headed off to the car. A minute later she drove off to town. The distant surf was almost inaudible through the gentle rustle of tropical foliage. Even with my eyes closed, I could picture scenic view in front of me: Nearly glassy clear blue water lapping up on white sand, sun sparkling off its surface, and a couple hundred meters across was the other end of the bay, solid wilderness, and beyond that, a state park to ensure that my seclusion was pure.

"Hey uncle Cal?" "Yuh?" I didn't open my eyes, I was a bit sleepy and wanted to keep it going in that direction.

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"Is it okay if I ask you something?" She sounded a bit shy now. "You don't have to ask to ask, I'm all ears." "Why does my mommy look different from me?" "You look the same." "I don't have boobs, or the other thing." "Hmm?" I opened my eyes.

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"A vagina, I don't have a vagina." "I don't look like my mother either, and I don't have a vagina, but I know she's my mom." She was silent for a moment, this probably wasn't about her mother. "Did your mom talk to you about sex yet?" I had a small hunch on where this was going, no point i tiptoeing around it. "Yeah. I just have questions still, but I wanted to ask someone who had the same. uh.

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thing as me." "I think you just don't want to ask your mom." A pause. "Not really." "What's the question?" "Is it normal for white stuff to come out?" "Yeah, that's semen, although most people will call it cum. It's what happens when you feel really really good." "Why didn't it school ma tichar ka satha xxx out when we had ice cream yesterday?" "I mean, when you get touched a lot, on your-" This was factual information, everyone should know the birds and the bees.

Despite that, I was definitely hesitant. "-uh, penis, or sometimes in your butt, it can feel really good. It's a different feeling than ice cream though." I tried to be calm and honest, although I was also aroused.

There's no way I could be comfortable with myself like this, I was so close to her mother that she's basically my niece. "Could you show me?" This can't be good. I closed my eyes as I thought to myself for a moment. Her mother would be another hour, she brought everything with her and the store was an hour and a half round trip.

I would be as caring as possible, and I would be happy just to see her nude, that would be enough to keep my lust for her satisfied. It was nothing more than lust, but I was drunk on it right at that moment. "Would you tell your mom?" I was sure she wouldn't want to confront her mother about it. "No." "Lay down then." I opened my eyes and she was smiling.

Maybe not as innocent as I thought, it was more like a smirk, it was 2028 and information spreads way too easily (which is something coming from someone who grew up with the internet). She giggled and laid down on the towel beside me as I got up to my knees, the bulge in her bikini was more noticeable than usual. "If you know what you're doing then you can stop leading me on." I said jokingly. "I have no idea what you're talking about, man." She replied sarcastically. Fair enough.

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"Did your mother tell you that you're a boy?" "Yeah." "Most boys like girls, what do you like?" "You." She giggled again. Oh god, her mother is going to kill me, I hope she can lie like a boy too. I kneeled above her, then put my hand on her shoulder. "Rule one, don't say 'I love you.', got it?" "Never?" "Well, uh, wait a few years, try some other guys and and girls out, you're too young to get married now anyways." "Aww c'mon." "If you don't like that rule then we can stop." "You don't love me?

Why do you look at me a lot?" "That's besides the point, and again, you're too young to be getting married, I can't fix that." "Okay, fiiine." I really didn't like this, but she was just shy of two years away from turning 18, so her words had more weight than they did years ago. "If you have any questions, please ask, and let me know if you want to stop, okay?" She nodded. I tugged off her swimsuit top. Her chest was flat, save for the subtlest buds.

"Some people have sensitive breasts." I placed a hand on her chest, the gently groped it. "Feel anything?" "Not really." She replied nonchalantly. "Mkay, I don't have a lot of words." I slid down her bikini lower a few inches, her member was somewhat hard, as I suspected.

It was also surprisingly large for someone who had estrogen listed on latina got fucked hardly as option to usual consequences diet, about five inches and it wasn't even standing up yet.

"Is it normal?" She asked?


"Your penis looks perfectly normal to me." She seemed relieved at that, I guess the whole body image thing is in the hormones. I grabbed what I could and began stroking slowly. "How about now?" "K-keep going." She bit her lip. I kept going, her cock stiffening in my hand with every stroke. Eventually measured up to a nice six inches, although it was smoother and a bit more narrow than mine.

Her hips subtly rocked to my rhythmic strokes. I sped up, and she began letting out more cute moans. She pushed up into my hand, shaft throbbing as sticky strings of cum shot out of her. "There we go, Anna!" After a gasp and some breaths, and a smile, she spoke.


"I-" She caught herself. "-really really like you, Cal." "You-" I raised a finger, but she lunged forwards and kissed me on the lips, then quickly pulled back and giggled, running back off to the water putting her top back on. She was beautiful, but I did not like where this was going.