Pamela anderson on howard stern

Pamela anderson on howard stern
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It was late afternoon and I was heading for home form teen slut making her very first porn video ever care home after visiting my Gran. She was now looking quite frail and had some trouble remembering some things but I still liked to visit her there.

I was taking my usual short cut through the woods when I saw someone walking about 50 yards ahead of me. She disappeared and then reappeared as the path wound through the trees and I recognised that it was Janet, the administrator from the care home. She was one of the things that made visiting Gran a good event and I would catch my breath if she walked past me on the corridors, especially if she was absorbed in reading a file or something and I could watch her shuddering boobs as she walked along.

She always said "Hi" and smiled when she saw me I would Say "Hi" back and feel myself blush at talking to her. I guessed she was about forty or so a little older than my mom but she looked great to me.

She had brown hair flowing over her shoulders or sometimes she had it tied back in a pony tail. She was slim and tall and had these superb boobs which gently bobbed under her blouse as she walked along. She always wore a crisp white rikki six threesome with her hot stepmom and a neat dark blue skirt and I figured this must be her uniform there.

Sometimes I'd take a peak through the gaps between her blouse buttons and catch a flash of her lacy bra.

Almost every time I visited Gran, I jerked off that night thinking of Janet. I was a bit surprised to see her walking the path through the woods as I'd never seen her there before and was sure she drove to work. Still, it was fun to be following her and thinking about her ahead of me, imagining those boobs swaying as she walked through the trees.

What happened next was even more of a surprise. She stopped ahead of me and for some reason I stopped too. Then she turned and looked around in every direction and although I thought she must have seen me, she didn't seem to have and then she hopped over a fallen branch and went into the trees. I was wondering what she was doing and I moved on up to where she had disappeared and I crossed over the branch and followed. About 20 paces or so in, there was a small clearing and I almost blundered into it when I saw Janet in there and I stopped and hid behind a bush.

She moved over to a tree and lifted her skirt to reveal white lacy panties which she then lowered to her ankles and slid them off. Then she squatted down and began to pee. I almost choked watching her as she seemed to take ages dribbling a little stream, then pausing and then dribbling some more, pausing and dribbling again and all the while she kept holding her panties to her face and sniffing them.

My cock was rock hard and I rubbed it through my jeans as I watched her. "Have you seen enough then?" she suddenly asked and raised her head to look straight in my direction.

I ducked down but she called out again, "Come on, I know you are there so show yourself!" and she began to stand, still holding her panties and smoothed her skirt back down. I had no choice so I stood up and came out from behind the bush. "So, what do you think you are doing?" she asked as she faced me with her hands on her hips. "Nothing," I blurted, "I'm just going home and I always use this path." "Path? What path? The path is over there so I'll ask you again what you are doing." She sounded mad but didn't really look that angry and I didn't know what to say.

"I dunno. I'm just going home. I've not done anything wrong." "So spying on a lady as she takes a pee is doing nothing wrong is it?" Now I was worried and fired back "Hey, I wasn't spying, and anyway, it's you who's taking the pee in a public place so it's your fault and not mine if I saw you." "So you admit it now do you? Come over here." "What for?" "Just get over here and don't talk back to me." Sullenly, and with my hands in my pockets I shuffled over towards her.

"So, you weren't spying on me Mikey, and I suppose you are going to say you never ogle my tits when I walk past you in the care home! Oh yes, I know you do and I've watched you do it for a while now wondering what to do with you. Looks like you were enjoying your little spying game too" she nodded down to my crotch and I tried to move my hands in my pockets to cover my hard on but it was obviously too late and then she laughed at my embarrassment.

"Hey, it's not amy andersen fuck a fan so stop laughing at me" I grumbled, feeling my face flush even more now. "Alright," she said "I'm sorry. I knew you were behind me and I wondered if you would follow if I left the path. Don't be so grumpy now. You enjoyed what you saw didn't you?" "I didn't see anything" I began but she cut me short. "Of course you did. You were there when I lifted my skirt and you watched me all the time I was peeing and the little lump in your pants is proof of that and you saw me sniff my panties too." "Do you mean you knew I was there all the time?

So you did it on purpose?" "Of course. I said I'd been wondering for a while what to do with you and now I know. You see Mikey, the thing about you young boys is that you can't control your cock yet and I just love a teenaged cock which keeps getting hard all day long.

So, how old are you? About sixteen?" "Not quite," I said "well actually I'm still fourteen for a few months yet." She gasped at this and then slowly smiled "My, oh my. You are going to be even sweeter then aren't you? Do you have a girlfriend Mikey." "No, not really." "Have you ever made love to a girl yet?" "No, not yet but I've hardly known any girls like that.

I mean I've just kissed a few and stroked their tits a little but I've never even touched one……you know…&hellip.down there." I blushed again and she giggled at my predicament. "Well, we are going to have to do something about that then aren't we? So you've stroked some girl's tits then have you? How would you like to feel a real woman? After all you've been trying to get a peek of them often enough." Now I was really confused, "What do you mean?" I spluttered "are you saying I can touch yours?" "Come on now, don't be shy or I might change my mind" and with this she cupped japanese young wife n son sex and held them out to me, giving them a little shake as she did.

My eyes must have nearly popped out of my head as she did this and my cock was rigid as a stuck and beginning to hurt like hell with the pressure as I moved forwards and reached out to put my hands over these beautiful tits. I just stood there with my hands resting on them and she laughed out loud and said, "Are you paralysed now? Don't just plop your hands on them, feel them and stroke them a little." I did as she said and I could feel them shuddering beneath my hands as I moved over the front of her blouse, feeling the pattern of the lace beneath.

"Can I put my hand inside?" I whimpered after a minute or so. "You can do better than that" and she reached up and began to unbutton her blouse to reveal her superb tits encased in a patterned white lace bra. Then she took hold of the centre of the bra and twisted it to undo it at the front opening and she slowly peeled the two cups to the side leaving me gasping as her tits fell free of their restraint.

They looked incredible, like out of a magazine, as they shuddered there with oval shaped pink rings in the centre and rigid nipples sticking hard out from these. I needed no further instruction and grabbed at them, feeling the hard nipples prod into my palms and getting even more excited as she took a sharp gasp of breath and smiled at me. "Kiss them" she commanded, and I moved my mouth over each nipple in turn and sucked female cops make arrestees tongue fuck their assholes like I was trying to feed.

I felt her hands on my head as she held me to her chest and then I became aware of the panties in her hand. I must have been looking sideways at them as she said, "Do you like these too Mikey? Do you want to hold them?


Go on, feel them and smell them." I still sucked on one nipple as I took the panties from her hand and ran them between my fingers and thumb, feeling the moistness of them and then I held them to my nose and sniffed her aroma.

Without thinking, I stuck my tongue out and licked across the wet patch and tasted the saltiness she had left there. "Oh you are a quick learner, do you like that taste?" I nodded anal fuck asa akira jynx maze jada stevens tori lux carolyn reese she continued, "How would you like to taste the real thing?" and without waiting for my reply she gently pushed my head down with one hand as she raised her skirt again with the other.

I was on me knees with her grown up pussy right in front of my eyes. I'd only seen pictures in magazines up to now and this looked so much better. I could see the lips beneath a thin neat line of hair and I knew I just had to touch it so I reached my hand out and cupped it around the lips, feeling wetness seep though my fingers as she pushed herself harder onto my hand. Then I felt her pulling my head towards it as she gasped, "Lick it Mikey, kiss me there and lick me." I moved forwards and sniffed at her.

I could see all the moistness around the lips with a little drop hanging from the middle so I stuck my tongue out and lapped it from her tasting the saltiness of this thick sticky fluid and as she pulled my head tighter to her, I stuck my tongue between her pussy lips and licked along their length.

I thought she was going to rip my hair out as she clamped my head onto her. "That's it Mikey, oh yes that's so nice. Lick all along there. Mmmmm.


Now suck on that bump at the front as you lick along my slit and then stick your tongue up into me and swirl it around." I did as I was ordered and she gripped me even tighter and then she poured a jet of fluid over my face as she yelled "Oh Mikey. Yes. Yes. Now, Oh I'm cuming, Oh yes it's so good. Now keep going but put your fingers inside me as well." I slid my finger into her, then another and another and then I worked the three in and out of her, feeling her muscles twitch around them and feeling my hand getting soaked to the wrist.

Then she eased my head upwards and began to kiss me as I kept my fingers moving in her. She began to copy the actions of my fingers with her tongue and pretty soon I caught on and began to copy her tongue with my fingers. As she swirled it around in my mouth, I swirled around in her pussy.

As she slid her tongue in and out of my mouth, I did the same with my fingers in her pussy and then I felt her shudder again and she poured out all over my hand as she moaned inside my mouth. After a few more minutes she broke off from the kiss and slowly eased herself down as she swept my zipper down and scooped my cock out of my pants.

"Oh this is so cute Mikey. Now I'm going to return the favour and I'm going to let you cum." She stroked my rigid cock a couple of times and then licked the tip and swirled the end of her pointed tongue in my pee hole and then she took it all in her mouth in one sweeping movement.

For a second or two she held it there and sucked on it and then she began to draw her mouth up along the shaft and back again as she stared up into my eyes. "Janet wait!" I yelped but she ignored me and with one more sweep of her head I soft pussy stimulation for insolent girl miu watanabe to shoot my cum into her mouth.

The sensation was fantastic and I dropped my hands to her shoulders to support myself as I pulsed my jizz into her. Then she giggled with my cock still fully in her mouth and the vibrations drove me wild again. After a slight pause she started to suck on me again and drew any last drips of cum from my cock. She eased it from her mouth but continued to stroke it and keep it hard.

"Ah, that was so tasty Mikey. Did you enjoy that? Was that the best head you've ever had?" "It was fantastic Janet, I've never had that done before. I've seen it in pictures but never had it." "That's what I guessed," she purred "and now you are going to get your first fuck.

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This is why I just love young cocks. They get hard at the drop of a hat and stay that way." She was still stroking my cock and she pulled me in to her and lifted one leg as she leaned back against the tree. My cock was cooling as the slight breeze blew over the wetness on it when she eased the head along her pussy lips and I felt her heat there. She held it so that the tip jutted into her opening and said "Now there, just push up in there Mikey." I edged forwards and started to push up into her as she eased herself down a little to help me and then Mia ashley and ashton play strip darts was in her!

I was actually inside a grown woman's cunt! "Now just hold steady for a moment," she instructed as she moved herself to a more comfortable angle against the tree.

I was mesmerised and just did as I was told but my cock wanted so much to move inside her now. "Ok, try to go slow Mikey and slide your cock in and out of me. Oh yes, that's so good. Fuck Mikey that feels so good inside me.

Can you feel me squeeze on you? Do I feel tight on you up there?" "Oh Janet! It's amazing. I can feel so much of you and I keep feeling when you twitch and squeeze on me, and there is so much juice running out of you and it tickles as it drips down my balls." "Oh fuck! That's too much! That's so good, now move faster and push, push, push my little sexy boy" she began to gasp.

"I can't Janet or I'm going to cum and you'll get pregnant." She flicked her head backwards, exposing her white throat as she began to laugh out loud. "You silly boy, I won't get pregnant, I'm on the pill. I want you to cum in me. I want to feel your virgin spunk inside me. Come on, move faster and fuck me hard now!" She had one arm around my back and the other clasping my ass as she pulled me hard and fast into her.

She was in full control of me and I began to shoot again. "Oh Janet, I'm cuming again and I'm doing it in you." "Yes Mikey, my little virgin boy. Stick that lovely slim cock into me and push hard now, push it inside my cunt.

Push with each shoot so that I can feel you squirt deep in me." I was already shooting my load but when she started talking like that it seemed even sexier and I'm sure I came more than before. I did as she ordered me to and with each spurt I pushed my cock right up into her as far as I could and she pushed me in hard with her hand on my butt.

My cock throbbed inside her as she clung to me and she was murmuring in my ear about me being her first virgin and how much of a turn on it was and how mine was the youngest cock she'd had in her and how hard it still was.

Then I realised she was right! My cock was still hard and she was tensing and relaxing her pussy around it, almost as if she was milking it. Some nights when I was really horny I could jerk off twice in amazing footjob session with a delicious babe but I'd never done it three times and here I was, having my first real fuck and I was still hard after shooting twice already.

Janet was in no mood to let me go just yet as she continued to pull me into her as she held my head to her chest pretty blonde biatch takes black cocks in her fuckholes stroked my hair.

"Ooh Mikey. This is so good. Do you like fucking a fully grown woman? Did you ever think you would be doing this with me when you tried to get a peek at my tits when I was working?" "They just looked so good when you walked along the corridors I just couldn't stop looking.

I used to jerk off at night thinking of you Janet but I never believed you'd let me do this with you and you've just given me a blow job too as well as letting me cum in you!" "Ha, ha, Mikey, now it's your turn to take over and for you to be a man and fuck me.

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Pull out and I'll turn around so that you can get me from behind." I did as she told me and she then turned around and gripped the tree in front of her as she bent forwards to present me with her beautiful round ass.

She reached back between her legs and waved her hand, gesturing me to move my cock to it as she coaxed "Come forwards Mikey, give me that cock of yours. Oh yes, that feels so slick and ready to get back into me." She guided my cock into her hole again and pushed hard onto me.

"Now stick that thing in me as if you were trying to stab right through me." It felt fantastic to be back inside her again and now that I was able to stand up straight instead of bending my knees, I could put all my weight behind pushing my cock into her. I held on to her hips and began to thrust into her. It was incredible to still be hard and my stunning brunette loves to tease hardcore european was feeling so tender now but I didn't want to stop and risk her not letting me do this again so I carried on doing what she told me.

"Push harder now! Yes. Yes that's it Mikey. Oh this young cock of yours feels so good and you are like a steel bar in there. Faster now, come on faster and give me your cum again. Now! Now Mikey, cum with me!" and with that she let out a low pitched howl as she twitched her muscles again and I began to shoot my spunk into her for the third time.

My balls were aching now and my cock head was feeling so tender but, at the same time it felt so good and I thrust into her and held on tight, pumping deep into her. I was exhausted and flopped forwards across her back and her legs began to shake beneath us as she eased herself from my cock and then turned and crouched before me to take it in her mouth.

I almost yelped and jumped back with the tender sensation as her tongue flicked across the tip of my cock and she giggled at this. "Ooops! Sorry Mikey. I forgot you must be tender now, but your cock is so nice I can't resist just a little taste." She drew it gently into her mouth and I felt her bathing it softly in her saliva which she swished around in her mouth before gently easing me from her.

"That was wonderful Mikey. I just knew you wouldn't let me down, and a virgin as well! That was a major bonus!


You were so good and innocent and I like innocent young boys who need teaching what to do. Would you like me to teach you some more?" "Oh yes Janet, but I don't think I can manage any more." She laughed out loud at that, "Not right now silly! I think you've earned yourself a long rest this afternoon. I was thinking maybe you would visit your grandma again this week like late on Thursday afternoon, after school and when I finish early.

That way I might just be driving past these woods when you start walking through and I could stop the car and give you a lift. We can have an hour or so at my place before you have to get home and I can teach you a few more things. What do you say?" My head was still spinning from this afternoon and the thought of her inviting me again in a couple of days left me gaping like an idiot.

She was buttoning her blouse now and smoothing back her skirt as she looked at me with a knowing grin on her face. "Just make sure you don't tell anyone about any of this though Mikey. I'd be in enough trouble if you had been sixteen or seventeen like I thought but if anyone found out I'd been with a fourteen year old I don't know what would happen but we sure as hell couldn't do this again." "Oh don't you worry Janet. I won't tell a soul about us, especially as we will be doing it again, won't we?" "You can count on it Mikey" and with that she turned away and headed back to the path leaving me to ease my cock into my pants and follow her a few minutes later.