Ebony hoe jai james gets fucked and cum sprayed

Ebony hoe jai james gets fucked and cum sprayed
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Author's Note: Fictional former Playboy Playmates. All sisters. I wanted them to have two stories. In their first, they are all about black cock. In their second, it's their sons. This will separate the themes a bit better. After seeing her sister, Diane, in an incestuous situation (in Part 3), desires are awakened in Tiffanie. She runs from village school girl field porn sex and doesn't embrace them.

She can only service black cock for so long before going after the cock she loves most her son's. This is her first story, her attempt to run away from the incestuous urges inside her, drowning out that taboo desire with the semen of black men. This takes place roughly two years after part 1, eight months after part 3. TIffanie is introduced in The Challenge Ch 4 if you're curious about her background.

This story coincides with The Challenge 8. Former Playmate Pt. 08: Tiffanie's Year Chapter 1 Tiffanie's mouth dropped with shock, looking through the materials, photos, documents she found inside a package from Bob sitting on her kitchen table. Her son, Tom, must've put it there for her. She arrived home, after another weekend with Bob, to find the box waiting for her. She started shaking, tears welling up, going through the old photos.

It was all there, plain for her to see. The last eight months of sex with Bob were down the drain. The sole purpose for sleeping with her former employer from nearly a decade ago was all for naught. Her renewed relationship with Bob began almost immediately after Tiffanie witnessed her sister, Diane, with her nephew Elliot, Diane's son, on her back deck, late at night, having sex. Tiffanie denied what she saw, thinking it was a bizarre and twisted dream, only realizing it wasn't.

The sickening taboo nature of the act between her sister and nephew disgusted her but also did something else to her.

A few days later she called Bob, a man she hadn't seen in several years, asked him out to dinner, and then went home with him. Tiffanie regularly rode his cock in his huge master bedroom for the next several months, burying the memory of the incestuous act she witnessed while distancing herself from her son for one very specific reason.

The multi-millionaire, older gentleman, Bob, was engaged, but the two of them didn't care. She stayed the weekends at his mansion, when he was in town, or visited him during the week. Her plan was working, Tiffanie was using sex to fill her mind and push thoughts of what she witnessed that night on her deck away, hoping they would never manifest in her own actions.

It turned her on; seeing a mother and son in the throes of passion like that, so connected, so entwined with one another. Deep down Tiffanie knew her feigned disgust was all a front to hide her true feelings. Feelings that could ruin her relationship with her own son should she let them control her sex mature bbw rare story best. She was very thankful Bob was there for her, wining and dining her, pampering her, making love to her, taking her mind off her son.

Everything was going to be ok. Here she was at her kitchen table, crying uncontrollably, looking at old black and white photos of her deceased mother when she was in her 30's. There was a young man with her, maybe 18 or 19 if she had to guess, he was smiling, his arm around her.

Tiffanie turned the photo over, reading the writing on the back: "My mother." Another photo, "College graduation, Mom and I" was written on the back. It showed a young Bob with Tiffanie's mother, he was smiling, she wasn't. Then there were letters Bob wrote, promising rookie gets a wake up call from ariel x never delivered to this woman Tiffanie's mother, his mother.

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They were love letters, Bob proclaiming how much he sex makes curvy beautiful hottie cum a lot her, loved her, wanted her to forgive him, begging to be part of his children's, Tiffanie and Diane's, lives. Tiffanie couldn't take it anymore. She wanted to call Diane and ask her if she knew about this. If she knew that Bob impregnated their mother with them.

She wanted to ask if Diane knew their mother was also Bob's mother and that he was madly in love with her. She couldn't think straight. All this time, she was sleeping with this man, attempting to bury the shameful incestuous desires that were awakened, and he turned out to be her father.

Tiffanie could hardly read the apology letter Bob wrote for her. She was able to read that he loved her, like a father and more. He couldn't tell her he was her father when she worked for him, but he felt since his life was winding down, that he should now.

She read that he understood if she never wanted to see him again. Tiffanie cried, putting everything back in the box, rushing to her bedroom, hiding it under her bed. She had to get away before her son got home from his soccer game. She didn't want to see him, not that she had much lately, but now more than ever.

She had to run. Calming down, gathering her thoughts, she decided to use up her vacation time, explaining to her employer a family emergency had come up. It wasn't too far from the truth. Tiffanie called her older sister, Julianne, who is apparently a half-sister after learning of Bob, living in Tampa Bay. She asked if she could stay two weeks with her. Julianne agreed, saying she could take the guest room.

Tiffanie noticed Julianne seemed far more upbeat and chipper than usual.

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She thought nothing further of it, ended the call, and started packing. It was May 1, 9:14 am. Chapter 2 Later that night, she arrived in Tampa after a long day of driving. She left a note for her son, explaining she had to take care of some things in Florida. Tiffanie was greeted by an extremely happy Julianne. Another odd observation, as Julianne has been known to be very depressed since her divorce years prior. There was a man in Julianne's kitchen.

He was warming up some leftovers for TIffanie. Split second thoughts of how attractive the man was entered her mind before she chastised herself. The man was Greg, Julianne's son, Tiffanie's nephew or half-nephew. Tiffanie sighed, putting her bag down. "You ok?" Julianne asked, giving Tiffanie another hug. "Yes," she lied. "I'm just exhausted, it's been a crazy several months at work." "Well then, you are more than welcome to stay here for awhile," Julianne said, Greg handing Tiffanie a bowl of spaghetti, then sitting next to his mother.

Tiffanie ate up, hungry after not bothering to stop for lunch. "I'm sure Tom won't get into trouble. He's a good kid," Julianne said, patting Greg on his thigh. Tiffanie nodded, glancing at Busty redhead morgan rodriguez toys pussy on sofa masturbation pornstars hand resting there.

"So how are things with you?" Tiffanie asked. "Wonderful! Absolutely wonderful!" Julianne beamed, snuggling against her son. Tiffanie glanced at Greg.

"Yeah, I've moved in. I'm helping her keep the place in order and spending quality time with her," Greg said, holding his mother close. "Right," Tiffanie nodded. After dinner, they chatted awkwardly for awhile, Tiffanie feeling slightly uncomfortable around Julianne and Greg. Tiffanie was busying herself in the kitchen, close to midnight, her sister and nephew on the couch giggling about something. Then she saw him, the next door neighbor, Tony, in his backyard.

He was smoking a cigar, lounging back, shirtless in a chair near the hot tub. "So Tony is still next door?" Tiffanie asked. "Hm? Oh yeah, he still lives there," Julianne said, distracted from tickling Greg.

"He's going through a divorce now." "Really?" Tiffanie said, watching the huge, muscular African-American finish his cigar and walk inside. It had been awhile since she had his dick inside her. ******** Tiffanie woke up at 4am.

She heard real czech teen gets double facial masturbation european strange noise, a female moan, followed by a male one. Her eyes shot open, she leapt out of bed, "Please no, please no," She whispered to herself, tip-toeing down the hall, toward Julianne's room.

The moans got louder. "Shhh, quiet," Julianne's voice was heard when Tiffanie's ear pressed against the bedroom door. "Sorry mom," Greg said, followed by more moans and whimpers from the two of them. Tiffanie snuck back to her room, sitting on her bed, a blank expression on her face.

"Them too," she thought. She wanted to cry again, but was able to calm herself. Before going to sleep she thought about Tony next door. She decided to pay him a visit tomorrow. She spent the day with Julianne and Greg shopping, riding around, and eating at restaurants.

It had been awhile since Tiffanie was previously in Tampa. They seemed normal for the most part, but Tiffanie could tell something was different about them. They way they held hands, smiled at each other, hugged Tiffanie knew they were lovers. She felt horrible, as if her escape to Tampa had also failed. "So when does Tony get home? I think I might go say hello to him," Tiffanie said, pulling up some weeds in Julianne's garden before dinner.

"He usually gets in late, I think. Maybe around 10pm," Julianne answered, watering the plants. "Great," Tiffanie said.

"I could use some black cock right about now," She thought. Later that evening, Tiffanie stood in at the kitchen window, looking over into Tony's driveway. She was wearing an older, short, teal dress, with matching shoes. She heard Julianne and Greg laughing about something in the living room, lost in their own world.

Tiffanie grinned when she saw Tony arrive. She watched him get out of his car, wearing gym clothes, and make his way inside. A few moments later, TIffanie adjusting her dirty-blonde bangs in the mirror near Julianne's front door, said good night to her sister.

"Ok, I'm going to drop in next door and say hello." "Mmhmm, have a fun night!" Julianne said, sitting in Greg's lap, seeming almost happy lesbians games dildos and fisting with montse swinger vs musa libertina the two of them would be alone. Tiffanie adjusted her dress, mom and son homemade hidden sexvedioes the cleavage her large breasts were producing and left Julianne's house.

Chapter 3 "Tiffanie. It's been awhile," Tony said, opening his front door, eyeing Tiffanie's hourglass frame up and down. "But I'd recognize that smile of yours instantly." Tiffanie blushed, her toothy grin on display and entered his home. She smelled Tony's musky, sweaty aroma. "I'm not bothering you, am I? I just wanted to say hello." "No you aren't bothering me at all.

Come in, have a seat," Tony said. "I was just about to grab a shower." "No. Don't," Tiffanie said sitting on his couch. "So you come to visit your sister next door. Saw me or learned I still live here and wanted some black dick. Is that right?" Tony asked.

"You read my mind, Tony," Tiffanie said, going to her knees. "It's been a few years since I've seen you. I figured you could take my mind off something." "How long are you staying in Tampa?" Tony asked. "About another 12 days." "If you can manage to stay here with me for that time, I'll make you forget everything," Tony said, pulling his gyms shorts down, he wasn't wearing boxers.

His black, sweaty cock sprung out, making Tiffanie's pussy leak. She pulled her up dress with one hand, revealing no underwear, grabbing the base of his cock with the other.

"Mmmm," she moaned, smelling the tip of his cockhead. She licked it, tasting his salty, sweaty skin. "This is going to be good." ******** Tony slammed her on his bed after carrying her upstairs on his huge shoulder. He grabbed her tits, standing above her, with his nut sack banging against Tiffanie's forehead.

She was tonguing his balls, licking them clean. Tony backed away, Tiffanie opened her mouth, and he plunged his cock deep into her throat fucking it while grabbing her breasts. "That's what I'm talking about. That's what you were always so good at. Taking dick down your throat," Tony said, watching drool and bubbles cover his cock when he slid out of her. He pulled all the way out, a long string of drool hung just above Tiffanie's mouth.

She lapped it up with her tongue, opened wide and welcomed Tony's cock back into her throat. "Good, that's good," He said, pulling out.

"You going to ride it all night?" Tony asked. Tiffanie sat up, lust in her eyes, "Give me that big, black fucking cock," She growled. "That's what I like to hear," Tony said, climbing onto his bed, lying down for Tiffanie to mount him.

He smiled, leaning his head back; his arm stretched to the sides, and let Tiffanie go to work. "This is it," Tiffanie thought to herself, sliding Tony's black rod into her pussy, stretching it out.

"This is busty teen stepsis fucked interracial and pornstars I'll do to forget everything.

I've always had a thing for black men. I'll use them to help me forgot about " "Ahh!" Tiffanie cried out, feeling Tony thrust upward into her, banging against her cervix.

"That's it. Take it deep," Tony slapped her ass, watching her tits bounce with each impact. "it's all you now. Go until you can't anymore. I'll last all night." Tiffanie nodded and started grinding against Tony, admiring his muscular frame, working on her first of many orgasms. ******** One hour passed, two hours, and then a third.

Tiffanie was just was sweaty as Tony was upon arriving home from the gym. She lost count of how times she climaxed on his cock. The whole time he laid there, watching her, a smug grin on his face, knowing what his dick was doing to her.

Tiffanie came again, collapsing on Tony, kissing him, sucking at his lips, his tongue. "You forgetting your troubles yet?" he asked. "Almost," She replied, out of breath. "Keep riding that dick then, honey," Tony said. That's exactly what Tiffanie did. With each orgasm, she thought less and less about Bob, Julianne and Greg, and her son, Tom.

"Yes! This is it, this is what I need!" she told herself, grinding against Tony so hard, the bed slammed against the wall. Just before dawn, Tiffanie was reduced to an exhausted, sore, whimpering white woman, with a black cock, still hard, embedded inside her.

It was the tool of her preference now. "Get off me," Tony ordered. He sat up, Tiffanie climbing off him, her gaping pussy sore from friction. Tony stood next to the bed, jacking his cock in her direction. Tiffanie knew what he was going to do. She didn't let him; she grabbed his cock, devoured the tip, and sucked it dry. Tony moaned while his semen filled her mouth to the brim, forcing her to swallow all of it. He collapsed on the bed next to Tiffanie, lying on his stomach. She ran her hands over his back, butt, and thighs.

When he was asleep, she texted Julianne, who was probably not up yet, letting raunchy brunette cougar swallows a massive load know she was going to hang out with Tony more.

A few hours later, they woke up; Tony slamming into her from behind in the shower together. He pulled out, Tiffanie went to her knees; he covered her face with cum, rinsed off and left. She left a little later too, after drying, changing into her dress. Julianne smiled warmly at her, handing her a sandwich for lunch, not asking about her night, or pointing out the slight limp in her step. They spent the day together while Greg was at work, never once brining up any unusual relationships. That evening, when Tony arrived home, Tiffanie left Julianne's house, letting her know she'll see her tomorrow.

Julianne waved goodnight, smiling at her sister. Tiffanie turned around, looking back inside, when she reached the bottom front step.

She saw Julianne's back toward her, lifting her shirt, removing it, tossing it on the floor, Greg smiling on the couch. One more glance to her right, before ringing Tony's door bell, Tiffanie saw Julianne's nice sized breasts on display while she lowered the blinds of the window. Tony answering the door shook her from her trance.

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She forgot about what she saw moments later when she was screaming in ecstasy on Tony's google plushcam play lovense sex toys tight wet teen pussy likes. Chapter 4 It was like this the rest of her Tampa visit.

On the weekend, she stayed the entire time at Tony's. Tiffanie would be on all fours on his bed, her arms and feet tied to a bed post, while Tony went at it all day and night. They took breaks for food and water, but for the most part, Tiffanie remained tied up all weekend, a slave to Tony, a tool for Tony to use, just like he was a tool for her to use. By Monday morning, black cock was the only thing on her mind nothing else.

Tiffanie and Tony kept going every night when he arrived home from work. His house filled with screams of pleasure, Tiffanie wondering if she'd wake the neighbors her sister and nephew. Bouncing up and down on Tony's cock, she ultimately didn't care.

On her final night in Tampa, convinced Tony had fucked the incestuous thoughts out of her, she said goodbye to him with a few hour long 69-session, before going to sleep early for her long drive the next morning. Tiffanie cheerfully hugged her sister and nephew goodbye, never once thinking about their supposed special relationship.

She said she'll call Julianne when she arrived safely at home and thanked her for letting her stay. Again, Julianne seemed happier than ever, waving enthusiastically, her arm around Greg's ebony actress boobs sucking story, while Tiffanie drove off. The only thing on Tiffanie's mind on the long drive home: black cock.

Her new plan was working. She arrived home later than usual. Tom was already in the bed. Tiffanie sat in her bed, laptop open, browsing for dildos. The one she had was enough. She needed one large enough to keep her pussy stretched out. "Why didn't I think of this before?" she asked herself, slipping out of her clothes.

Still naked, boxing up her underwear and bras, she thought about having no idea Bob was her father. They both had blue eyes, but she simply didn't see any other resemblance. Tiffanie pushed those thoughts aside, examining her naked body in the mirror.

"This is going to work," she thought, smiling at her reflection, knowing deep down how easy it'd be, with her looks, to get a man particularly a black man. "Hey. Happy Mother's day," Tom said the next morning. "Sorry I didn't call you." "It's fine," Tiffanie replied, wearing a bathrobe, nothing underneath.

"I was busy anyway," she said, thinking fondly back to a week prior when Tony was fucking her tied up, helpless body all weekend. She loved it. She watched Tom pour a bowl of cereal, the awkwardness of their relationship, evident by eight months of barely seeing or speaking to him, shinning through. She pushed away pangs of guilt. "So you got any plans this summer?" Tiffanie asked her son.

"Yeah. Some of us are making our own soccer league. We'll practice together, maybe even split into teams if we get enough people," Tom said, eating his cereal. Tiffanie felt guilt again. Tom wasn't a bad kid. He didn't drink or smoke weed or skip school. He wanted to play soccer all summer. She wanted to hug him, to hold him against her, but fought the urge, Diane and now Julianne's relationships with their sons popping into her head.

"Great," Tiffanie said, turning around. "I'll probably be busy too. I might have to work late a lot," She told a half-truth. She'd be busy, but her number one goal was to be busy with black cock as often as possible. The rest of the day she avoided Tom. Tiffanie made some phone calls. She was going black cock hunting, but didn't want to go alone.

******** What followed in the months of June, July, and August, was a black cock, debauchery-filled, madness that would make porn stars blush. Tiffanie's friends played games on their many nights out.

They competed to see who could suck the most black dick. Sometimes Tiffanie won, sometimes she didn't. What she, and her friends, did win at was easily scoring a black man for the night every night they went out.

TIffanie forgot most of their names; most of them were one, maybe three night stands. College and professional athletes were usually the ones she stayed the night with the most. Sex at the gym, sex in their car, sex on the dance floor, sex with several at once at one's apartment, sex at the back of a movie theater with one she went on a "date" with, sex in a bathroom of a restaurant, night club, and even the mall with a few black teens that were checking her out.

As the summer went by, she thought less and less of herself as a single mom, and more and more of a single woman thoroughly addicted to black men. Due to sex, she missed several of Tom's soccer games he and his friends would have in a nearby park.

She continued avoiding him, pushing guilt aside with a black dick. Night after night, mom and san porn porn was filled with cock.

She even brought her addiction to her workplace, regularly fucking the black guy in the IT department she didn't care. If it meant she'd get better service should she have a problem with her computer, and another black guy to fuck, she was all for it. Tom didn't have school on Labor Day. He started his senior year of high school earlier in August. That entire long weekend, Tiffanie was at an apartment complex of a black man she recently met. While Tom sat alone at home, playing video games, his mother was taken over and over again by a group of black men.

When Tom turned off the gaming system and went to bed, his mother was across town, moaning, rubbing her semen-covered breasts and stomach, watching the last black man leave the deep anal and throat tube porn. She showered, dried off and joined the man who lived there in bed, sucking his cock back to life.

Later in September, Tiffanie didn't see her son on her birthday. But she didn't care, she had plans that night. She went clubbing, alone. She knew members of the Atlanta Falcons frequented this particular night club.


Tiffanie recognized one of the players, giving him her typical seductive smile, knowing how this would end. It ended several hours later, in the Falcon's locker room one of the players snuck her into. Twenty black men took her that night cumming on her face, tits, back, and ass, everywhere.

They would take a break, rest up, and go at her again. She had never swallowed that much cum before, she felt full from it. When it was done, the player that helped her organize this event drove her home. She sucked his cock the entire way, swallowing every last drop. He wished her a happy birthday and left. Tiffanie was alone again, alone at home with her sleeping son. She felt foolish and empty for going down this path.

Bathing the dried semen off her body she wondered how long she could keep going like that. She thought about Bob, remembering how much he loved to make love in the shower or bath tub. She remembered how good it felt when he'd gently suck her tits in a soapy tub. Drying her hair, she tossed the towel, noticing something on the bed. It was a card from her son.

He signed it with a simple "Happy Birthday Mom." "I could've spent the evening with my son," she thought, sadness overtaking her. She climbed into bed, still naked and wondered what Tom had done that evening.

She knew what she had done, recalling all the cocks pistoning in and out daughter ivy rider gets ravaged by big black dick every access point on her body.

"I wonder if that would turn him on to know what I've been doing?" she wondered, quickly burying those thoughts. Bob entered her mind again. They hadn't spoken since that first weekend in May. "Bob," She whispered, thinking about her father. She never knew him as that until recently, after all these years of knowing him. The sex was the best too. It was loving, gentle, caring. Tiffanie's eyes watered, thinking about him and their time together.

She wanted to make things right. Before she went to sleep, she wondered if all the black cock in the world would hide her guilt for not at least trying to do that with him her father. Chapter 5 "Tiffanie. Come in, please," Bob said the next day, opening the door, seeing Tiffanie standing there. "Happy Birthday," he said watching her walk past him into his home.


"Forty-one, right?" Tiffanie nodded. "There's something I want to give you. Open it later when you get home. I was planning on mailing it, but was waiting, in case you showed up," Bob said, handing her an envelope.

TIffanie agreed, sliding it in her purse. "So what can I do for you?" Bob asked. Tiffanie said nothing, slowing removing her dress over her shoulders, sliding it down, standing nude for Bob. "One last time?" she asked. Bob looked over her naked body, extending his hand, leading her to his bed room. ******** It felt right to Tiffanie. It felt like something she needed to do, to say goodbye to him. It turned out to be perfect timing too. Diane called Tiffanie near the end of September informing her of Bob's passing.

Tiffanie assumed Bob must've told Diane he was her father as well at some point. Either way, Diane knew enough to call Tiffanie upon Bob's death.

Tiffanie attended the funeral, sitting in the back, seeing Diane and her son, Elliot hold hands, a small smile coming over her face. They looked so happy. When she got home late that night, black cock entered her mind. She debated going out to find some to take her mind off of recent events, but decided to open the envelope Bob gave her.

She had forgotten about it. It had been in her purse for a couple weeks she had been busy on her back and all fours during that time. Tiffanie nearly collapsed when she opened it. Her first thought was taking Tom on an exotic vacation, mom and son becoming one while there. Her next thought was buying Tom a new car, maybe even a house of his own. She pushed that aside.

Her final thought was showing her son the check for $25 million dollars Bob had written her. Their excitement would lead to hugging, then kissing, then… No.

She wouldn't tell him or anyone. This would be her secret amongst her other secrets. She'd never tell anyone about Bob. She would never admit to her other sisters that she and Diane were their half sisters. She would never admit to Diane she knew any of this.

She took a few of her friends out to dinner and dancing, her treat, the next day. Tiffanie decided to resume her black cock loving lifestyle. During girl talk with her friends at dinner, one of them suggested Tiffanie find a sexy, obsidian piece of perfection, to call her own a boyfriend of sorts.

She thought about it more and more as the night progressed. While she was having sex with a random black guy in the parking lot, the idea hit her. She needed a black cock connoisseur; a woman with exceptional knowledge and experience with black cocks. When Tiffanie worked for Bob, one of the magazines the company published was rumored to have such a woman working there.

Word got around that she'd have sex with clients and black male models for the magazine, rising in ranks in the marketing department. Feeling the black guy she was riding fill her pussy with cum in the fogged up car, Tiffanie thought of the woman, meeting and working with her, watching her with black men gorgeous models for the magazine. Tiffanie decided to get in touch with her, hoping she'd remember her.

Saying goodbye to the guy she was with, she re-entered the club, with her friends, to find more dick. Devin was the woman's name.

Tiffanie would call her the next day, after turning in her notice at work, and retiring a millionaire. Chapter 6 "Beautiful. Isn't it?" Devin asked, sipping a glass of wine. "I love watching him fuck." Devin and Tiffanie stood in a darkened room on the opposite side of a two-way mirror, watching a black man have sex with a younger white girl. "Yes," Tiffanie agreed, watching the girl's face contort from immense pleasure. "How old is she?" "Eighteen, maybe 19.

Her name is Rhea. She's a college student I met last week at a career fair the massage rare story sex spy camera had a booth at. I could see how eager she was. I could tell she knew what Elite Magazine is all about," Devin explained, sipping her wine, referring to one of the magazines Bob's company published.

It was marketed toward African-American males, age 18-35. The two women paused, listening to the girl climax again. "One thing led to another and here she is. Ulysses has been fucking her for a week now, almost non-stop. They take breaks to eat, drink, and sleep. But just look at him," Devin grinned. Tiffanie moaned inwardly, watching the most attractive black man she had ever seen, sweat dripping off his muscles onto the college student, relentlessly pounding her from behind.

Ulysses pulled out of her, bent down, pulled her hips back to him, and licked, kissed, and sucked her ass cheeks. Popping her butt cheek big tits sexy pinch pussies of his mouth, leaving a hickey on the girl, he looked to the mirror, a sly grin upon his face he knew he was her first black lover part my girlfriend porn and girlfriend porn watched.

"That young woman will be fully blackened come tomorrow thanks to Ulysses and I," Devin said. "Which reminds me," Devin turned to face Tiffanie. "You want him?" "Oh, well, I mean if he's already taken or busy," Tiffanie answered. "It's fine. You can borrow him whenever you want. I need one thing in return," Devin said, her fingers sliding along the shoulder strap of Tiffanie's dress.

"What's that?" "Before I let you have Ulysses for your playtime needs, I need you to help me pay a debt," Devin smiled, sliding the strap over Tiffanie's shoulder. "Not with money," She whispered. "Uh, well," Tiffanie said. "I made a bet, one I lost, with an associate of mine.

Since I lost I must be his for a month. I don't feel like doing this, since Ulysses is home for awhile before heading out on another photo shoot, I want to spend that time with him instead," Devin explained. She pulled the dress down further, revealing more of Tiffanie's breast, the nipple erect. "If you can belong to this man for one month, in my place, then I'll let you have Ulysses whenever you want," Devin said, bringing Tiffanie's nipple to her mouth, kissing it softly.

Tiffanie moaned, watching the college student fling her head back, arching back while Mom son sex fuck dad sucked on her ass cheek. Devin grabbed Tiffanie's breasts, "Fat Rob will love these." "Fat Rob?" Tiffanie asked. "Is that the guy you're talking about?" "Mmhmm.

Be his for a month and Ulysses is yours," Devin said, tweaking a nipple, pulling Tiffanie's dress back up. "Why do they call him Fat Rob?" Tiffanie asked.

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Devin slowly kissed Tiffanie's lips, "You'll find out," she whispered. ******** After lying to her son, telling Tom she had to go on an extended business trip, pushing away guilt, Tiffanie made her way to Fat Rob's the second week of October.

After entering his luxurious apartment, greeted by one of Fat Rob's associates, Tiffanie was led outside to the deck area. There was a hot tub with three younger white women, each fucking a black man. Fat Rob was in the corner of the deck, at his grill, cooking hotdogs. "Ah you must be Tiffanie, Devin's substitute.

Welcome," Fat Rob said. He nodded to his associate to finish the hotdogs. "Come; let me get a good look at you. You posed in Playboy?" "Yes," TIffanie replied, following Fat Rob back into the apartment. "It was quite a few years ago." "Well you certainly still have a body for it," Fat Rob said, leading her into a bedroom.

"Strip for me." Tiffanie didn't hesitate, removing her dress for Fat Rob. "No underwear. Good," He grinned. Fat Rob, a mountainous black man, circled a nude Tiffanie, eyeing her up and down, studying her.

He stood behind her, cupping her large breasts, "How old are you now?" "Forty-one," TIffanie replied. "Mmmm," Fat Rob said, sliding his hand down her body, rubbing her clit with his middle finger. He slid the finger inside her, she was soaking wet. "Excellent." "You ever worked with black dick before?" Fat Rob asked, taking his finger out of her, smelling it, licking her juices. "In my younger years, yes. But recently my desire for black men has exploded tenfold," she said. "Well my clientele are mostly black men.

I'm going to have to make sure you are stretched out," Fat Rob said, opening the bedroom door; five black men walking in. "These are some of my employees. They are going to warm you up get that pussy nice and loose for me. Then later tonight, I'll come back and break you in more with this," Fat Rob said, unzipping his pants, pulling out the fattest black cock she had ever seen.

Tiffanie's eyes widened, "Is, is that why they call you Fat Rob?" Fat Rob chuckled, watching his associates undress, their black cocks growing in size. He left Tiffanie to them, tending to business. Tiffanie smiled, watching the five black men stand before her naked. She went to her knees, a cock in each hand, and one in her mouth. She closed her eyes, moaning, thinking about how this may be the best month of her life.

Chapter 7 For the month of October, Tiffanie was Fat Rob's number one girl. She had no idea how much money he made off her and didn't care. She was paid with a place to live, Fat Rob's bed to sleep in, sometimes with one or two other white women, and with Fat Rob's fat cock on a daily basis. She followed him around, her arm around his, in his several strip clubs. Tiffanie would suck the cocks of all the black men Fat Rob had business meetings with, staying on one for five minutes, before moving to the next.

When the meeting would end, she'd finish them off, swallowing their seed, then jump on Fat Rob and cum over and over on his dick. She loved it.

She was forgetting she had a son, she was forgetting about Bob, she was forgetting about her latent incestuous desires. After a slip up in September, before Bob passed away, Tiffanie was renewed with her black lust, her plan to never, ever give in to her taboo desires using black cock to suppress those urges for as long as needed, perhaps when Tom moved away and got married.

She felt she was in the clear. Near Halloween, Tiffanie was able to take Fat Rob's in his entirety up her anus. Her asshole was a gaping cavern by the end of the month. On several nights, Tiffanie was double-teamed, a cock in each hole. With her tits being sucked, her hands jacking a cock, a cock in her pussy and one in her ass, Tiffanie thought about Tom. "This is who your mommy is, Tom," She thought to herself, when another cock entered her mouth.

"I'll never cross that line with you." In her mind, Tom was watching her, seeing who she really was. She pictured him watching the several black men take his mother. Tiffanie licked her lips clean of the fresh coat of semen and smiled.

"I bet he'd like it," her voice echoed in her head. She climaxed seconds later at that thought, shaking while surrounded by cock. On Halloween, Tom was at a friend's house, playing video games. Several others joined later, the mother bringing out snacks for come in my rome mom to munch on. That very same moment Tiffanie was on top of Fat Rob, cumming once again, while he sucked her tits.

"Ahh yess!" She cried out. "You love that black dick don't you?" Fat Rob grinned. "You on the pill?" "Yes!" Tiffanie exquisite doll is showing off her opened narrow twat in closeup out again.

"Good. I'm sure you've noticed we don't wear condoms." "I have," Tiffanie calmed down, kissing Fat Rob as hard as she could. "I love the feeling of your cum erupting inside me. "Well we only have another week or so together, so you better get as much of that cum out of me as possible.

Understand?" Tiffanie nodded, smiling into his face, "Yes sir." Fat Rob was merciless in their final few days together. Tiffanie couldn't help but think Devin was missing out. Then she remembered Ulysses. His perfect body, six pack abs, she couldn't wait to get her hands on him.

Little did she know after leaving Fat Rob's, her madness would truly set in. It never occurred to her to let destiny happen, to stop running from the things she feared. ******** Tiffanie sped to Devin's house, cock-crazed, and determined.

It was on now. She would, in essence, own Ulysses, or at least partly own him with Devin. She would show her family, her sisters, and her son that she is NOTHING like them. She would never, ever commit incest. She was above that. She would show all them that she loved black men, Ulysses would be hers!

Devin answered the door in a bathrobe, nothing underneath, drying her hair. Ulysses was behind her, a towel around his waist, checking his phone. "Welcome back. I take it you're done with Fat Rob," Devin said, letting her in. "Yes," Tiffanie said, eyes glued to Ulysses, walking pass Devin. She stood in front of him, admiring his body. "Hi," He said, nodding politely. "Ulysses, this is " "Tiffanie," She interrupted Devin, extending her hand to Ulysses. "Yes, Tiffanie," Devin chuckled. "She's going to be borrowing you some." "Nice to meet you," Ulysses shook her hand.

Tiffanie looked to Devin, "May I take him home with me now?" Devin laughed, walking to Ulysses, bringing him in for a long kiss, "Mmmm, be good for her. She's very excited." Ulysses nodded, finished getting ready, packing a small bag. Tiffanie was taking him home. She had no idea if Tom would be there, but if he was she'd introduce Ulysses, and take him to bed.

Tiffanie plugged in her address into her car's GPS, told Ulysses to drive there, got in the passenger side and immediately began sucking his cock while he drove. It was delicious, and it was hers. She'd show everyone what she truly loves, or at least what she was telling herself she truly loved. Tom was indeed home. Tiffanie never once thought that she hadn't seen her son in a month, only politely saying hello to him. Her heart skipped several beats when she saw her boy, but she quickly calmed herself down in order to focus on her task at hand showing everyone how much she loves black cock.

Tiffanie introduced Tom to Ulysses, they smiled and nodded politely. She took Ulysses by the hand, leading him to her bedroom. They immediately stripped naked, she guided him to bed, and rode him to several loud orgasms not caring if Tom was still in the house. That evening, Tom arrived while she was cooking dinner. Tiffanie assumed he was gone for most of her afternoon sex session with Ulysses. She didn't care, there'd be other times for Tom was see what she's really like. Ulysses stayed with Tiffanie most of November.

They'd go out on the weekend, meeting Devin, going back to her place and worship his body until Sunday. While at her house, Tiffanie was shameless. She'd kiss Ulysses passionately in front of Tom.

She'd suck his cock, knowing Tom wasn't in his room and could walk in on it any minute; she'd have loud sex with Ulysses in her shower, bedroom, and living room couch, knowing her son could hear. She didn't care. She was a black cock queen and this is what she does.

She and her son hardly spoke; her attention was on her house guest Ulysses. She'd jack his cock under the dinner table, sitting across from Tom.

She'd ask her son politely to clean the dishes after dinner, going to her knees under the table, sucking Ulysses' cock while her son quickly cleaned up.

TIffanie wondered if he could hear the slurping and sucking sounds she was making. Ulysses felt uncomfortable, telling Tiffanie several times to refrain, to wait until Tom was out of the house.

She ignored his suggestions and requests. Tiffanie wanted to up the ante. She booked a trip for Thanksgiving to the Bahamas. She purposely ordered Tom to accompany her and Ulysses. He sighed, not wanting to argue with a woman he wasn't very close to anymore, and went along with it.

On this trip, Tiffanie hardly saw her son. Her time was spent with Ulysses embedded balls deep inside her. She fucked him in the swimming pools, the ocean; her room next door to Tom's trying to be as loud as possible. By the end of the trip, her son appeared miserable. His mother completely ignored him, further showing him what she all about black cock. Back home, Tiffanie was riding Ulysses again, looking over her shoulder to her partially closed bedroom door.

"Come in here!" she said to herself through grit teeth. "Watch me! Watch your mommy fuck!" The bed was slamming against the wall, "Watch your mommy fuck this black dick!" Tom was in his bedroom, the my wifes sister my stepmother my wifes mother closed, reading a magazine with headphones on, music turned up as loud as can be without pain.

He knew what his mother was doing. He was counting down the days until Christmas. He'd be spending it with his father and his family, far away from his mother. He didn't quite understand what was going on in her head, but was sick of her and her wanton display.

He had no idea what she was trying to prove, but was caring less and less about her and their relationship. Chapter 8 Tiffanie's insanity went up a few levels at Christmas. She threw a nice sized Christmas party, using her secret millions to fund it, just like she did with her Thanksgiving trip. She would show her sisters she wasn't a sicko like them.

She invited Diane and Stephanie, who was now living with Diane in Charleston, South Carolina, not as far away as Julianne in Tampa. Tiffanie was able to deduce that Stephanie was also sleeping with her own son, living in the same incestuous home as Diane. Tiffanie smirked. She'd show them. She'd show them what she loved.

She'd show them she wasn't a freak like them. She invited Diane's two daughters for good measure. Everyone would know that Tiffanie, in her mind, was the most normal one in the family. Ulysses was the guest of honor. Sister brother selpak sex story was nude the entire time, save for a cute kk vs ade sexx baru ketahuan degan mm bow tie.

He served the women food, beverages, provided foot or shoulder rubs. Tiffanie proudly showed him off as hers. This black man with a perfect body and beautiful black big ass mixed race beauty adriana maya anal banged was all hers.

Then it was time to share her most prized cock. Tiffanie ordered Ulysses to head to her bedroom, then the women would take turns with him. Tiffanie's relatives would see what she experiences daily. She hoped they'd feel bad for engaging in incest. "Who's first?" Tiffanie grinned. "Me!" Diane immediately piped up, rushing up the stairs to Tiffanie's bedroom.

Tiffanie's smiled, chatting with her relatives, the faint sounds of Diane climaxing on Ulysses' cock in the background. "Well? How was he?" Tiffanie asked, a smug grin on her face, 15 minutes later. "Oh he was great!" Diane said, sitting down next to her daughter Valerie. "You want to?" "Sure!" her daughter said.

Diane then talked about her son, Elliot again. How sweet mature ass sex story play was, how they spend so much time with each other. Diane's other daughter, was nodding, smiling. "This isn't right," Tiffanie thought. "Diane is talking about her son again. What about Ulysses?" Valerie returned after cumming on Ulysses' cock, smiling, giggling, taking her seat next to her mother. Then Valerie joined the conversation with the others about the house in Charleston, how big it was, how nice it was to have family there.

"No, no," Tiffanie was getting angry, her crazed mind spinning. "You're supposed to be talking about how great Ulysses was!" she thought. Diane's other daughter went, having her turn, then the same thing occurred. Nothing. They talked about something Stephanie's son did, how cute he was, and so on.

Her plan wasn't working. "Stephanie," Tiffanie spoke up, referring to a woman, who has turned out to be her half sister, thanks to Bob.

"Your turn." "Ooh! Ok," she smiled, bouncing happily on her way to Tiffanie's bedroom. ********* "Well, well, well mister," Stephanie said, busty mommy kendra lust and ariana marie TIffanie's bedroom door.

"We meet again." "Hi Stephanie. It's been awhile," the nude Ulysses chuckled, watching Stephanie slide out of her dress. "Yes, about two years, or so," She grinned, climbing on top of Ulysses. Tiffanie had no idea Stephanie and Ulysses had a hot little fling. "How are you? Things going ok in Minnesota?" he asked. "Oh, I'm living in Charleston now.

My son and I moved in with Diane and her son," Stephanie explained, sliding his cock inside her. Ulysses sucked one of her large breasts, "I see." "Yes, he and I are lovers now," Stephanie explained.

"He doesn't mind you doing this with me?" Ulysses asked. Stephanie giggled, kissing Ulysses hard on the mouth. "No! See there's one thing you should realize." She began grinding against Ulysses, "A good as this big dick of yours is, a mommy will always prefer another one." Ulysses winced, moaning lightly, reading between the lines, "Oh yeah?" "Mmhmm. So I'll have some fun tonight, then tomorrow I'll head back to Charleston to be with my honey." "Your son," Ulysses confirmed.

Stephanie kissed him again, smiling, as Ulysses thrust upward into her. "Yes." When Stephanie returned after her fun with Ulysses, she smiled at Tiffanie thanking her for a nice time with her man, then rejoined the others, not mentioning black cock for the rest of the night.

They were unphased, Tiffanie was furious. She put on a happy face for the rest of her party. Seeing them off, she declined to join them for breakfast at the hotel where they stayed, opting to stay in bed with Ulysses instead. Chapter 9 "So you and your mom aren't that close anymore?" A friend's mom quietly asked Tom at a New Year's party. "Nah, not really. She's been hanging out with this guy and I hardly see or talk to her.

Things are just weird with her," Tom explained. "I'm sorry," She empathized. "I don't have the heart to tell her I got accepted to UCLA. I'm not sure she'd even care if I go to college that far away," Tom said.

"Oh, I'm sure she'll care. I hope things get sorted out by then though," the mother told him. "Yeah, maybe," Tom shrugged. "Ok everyone ready?" a friend said, urging everyone in the crowded living room to stand and countdown to one, signaling the New Year.

When the fireworks when off at midnight, not far away from Devin's, Tiffanie was cumming hard on top of Ulysses, Devin sucking one of her breasts, Devin's sister sucking another. Another of Devin's sisters was sitting on Ulysses' face, cumming too. Devin has four sisters, all of them in town for New Years. Tiffanie brought the group count to six six white women kissing, licking, servicing Ulysses all night.

Tiffanie wondered if they'd let her be part of their family a new family. Over the next few months, Ulysses was resistant to spending time with Tiffanie, questioning her on her relationship with her son, wondering why she wasn't spending time with him more often.

She ignored his concerns, telling him things are just fine striking centerfold is revealing her spread narrow snatch in closeup them. Tiffanie borrowed Ulysses for Valentine's Day.

"Ah! Shit!" she sat on him in the shower, Ulysses sucking her tits, covering them with hickeys. She arched her back, looking upward, closing her eyes, Ulysses taking her breast meat out of his mouth with a loud popping sound, while the water cascaded down on them.

Tom was at the library staying late with a study group, hoping to prolong their session so he could delay going home. Tiffanie and Ulysses argued more in March. He begged her to spend time with Tom for his birthday, she assured Ulysses all was well and she didn't need to. "Harder! Yes!" She called out to Ulysses.

He was behind her, gripping her hair, pummeling into her ass. Tom was at a friend's house for his birthday, blowing out some candles.

The 18-year-old had no interest in going home. Tom was home alone for Spring Break. His mother took her black lover on another trip, fucking his brains out like she always did; cumming over and over while visiting a beautiful tropical locale.

Ulysses stopped the argument before it happened when he asked Tiffanie to bring Tom along on this trip. She said he'd be fine at home. April arrived, Ulysses worked more often, leaving Tiffanie alone to go black cock hunting again. Several orgies and strangers brought to the house, caused Tom to leave.

He packed his things and went to a friend's while his mother was being double and triple teamed in her bedroom. When Ulysses learned of this after casually asking Tiffanie what she was up to while he was traveling for work, he ended it.

"What? What do you mean?" Tiffanie said. "We're done. I'm sorry. My biological mother wasn't around, I never saw her.

You gotta spend more time with your son. This isn't right," he said, packing a few items he left at her home. "No, wait, it's fine! Really it's ok!" Tiffanie grabbed his arm, feeling her plan falling apart.

"No. I have to go. It's been fun, but he's going to college soon, he'll be grown up and resenting you if you don't spend more time with him." "But I need you!" she yelled. "No, you don't. You want me, but you NEED to focus on your relationship with Tom," Ulysses said, quickly taking his leave; leaving Tiffanie alone and crying. She knew he was right. She could've chased after him, begging him to stay, or called him over and over, pleading for his return to her.

But she didn't. Tiffanie was tired of avoiding her son, the one person she knew she loved most. It was time for her face reality, to face her destiny whatever it may be.

Sept mom fuck son xnxx

After a week, holed up in her room, alone, crying, accepting reality, Tiffanie removed her pajamas. Tip-toeing naked down the hallway to Tom's room, she gently opened the door, walking in.

Tiffanie stood there, watching him sleep. lisa ann anal xxx storys, I love you," She whispered. She leaned down, kissing the side of his head, one of her large breasts grazing his shoulder. Before she left his room, she glanced at him once more, knowing it was only a matter of time, knowing what and who she truly wanted in this world. Seeing Diane and Elliot awoke that desire in her, there was no more burying it, no more trying to avoid it.

She was going to make love to Tom. It was May 1, 9:14 am. One year since she learned Bob was her father. The end.

************************** This story shows that while the moms in my literary universe love black cock, there is one cock they love more than all others! Part 9 will feature Tiffanie and her son. She will make things right. **************************