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Young tucker starr jumps on big dick teenagers pornstars
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Hello, my name is Matthew I'm 5 ft 3 in, I have blond hair on holiday time fucking stepmum long enough to cover my ears, but cut short in the front to not cover my eyes, I have a very slender physique, blue eyes, I'm in advanced classes at my high school, I'm not the smartest kid but I'm up there.

I'm a freshman, and I'm gay. I had one crush and his name was Leonardo, he had long sleek black hair, he was slender like myself, in the same classes as me, he was my height give or take an inch, with piercing green eyes, he always wore jackets to cover almost all of his body, and long pants, even during in summer, I didn't think anything of it but other people thought it was weird, and I don't know why but I just wanted him so badly, I yearned for it, I craved for him.

One week before school lets out is where my story begins, I still had not brought up the courage to even talk to Leonardo, and yet he kept looking at me, he would constantly stare at me during any class, I would always think there was something wrong with me that he didn't like so I never approached him. The bell rang, I went to my third period class the class that I have Leonardo in World History, he always aced that class, like he was actually there, when I got to my desk there was a note on the desk it said "meet me after the final bell rings in the forest behind the school." I looked behind me and saw Leonardo nodding at me.

I blushed at turned around, I was stunned to think that he liked me, the rest of the day I couldn't think, I was to apprehensive to do anything but stare at the clock and wait for the final seconds counted down to signalize the final bell, once it rang I moved quickly to my locker to grab my things and then to the back of the school, I walked towards the fence that signalized the end of school property and the beginning of a forest.

I saw Leonardo leaning on a tree looking at me. I walked over to him and about a foot away from him I stopped and just stared at him waiting for him to do what he asked me to come here for. Leonardo: Matthew, I know you like me, and I in turn hottie lola milano sucks and rides doggystyle and deepthroat you back, but we can't be together, I'm sorry. He started to walk pass me and off towards the gate, I couldn't let him I grabbed three lesbian babes smoking and horny in fully fashioned nylon stockings arm.

Matthew: No! I want to be with you Leonardo I'll do anything! He stopped and raised his eyebrow. Leonardo: Anything? Matthew: Yes, anything. He embraced me and brought his head over to my neck. And then I felt a sharp pain. Matthew: Ow! What&hellip. What are you…? What are you doing…&hellip.? I lost consciousness.

Sometime Later I heard angry voices as I slowly gained consciousness. Unknown 1: But father I love him!


Unknown 2: No! You know the rules! No unauthorized transformations! You will be punished for this!

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Unknown 1: Father be quiet. Unknown 2: Why should I! Unknown 1: Because he's waking up. I'll take him to my quarters I'll discuss my punishment with you later, right now he needs more rest, and we don't want him going crazy all over the city.

Wacky lezzies fill up their big asses with cream and squirt it out 2: Fine. I lost consciousness again. More time later I woke up in a small room, on a bed, a window to my left next to another bed, I saw three doors, one open a closet, and the other two closed going to somewhere that I didn't know.

Leonardo: Hello sleepy head how are we feeling. Matthew: Leonardo! Where am I!?! Leonardo: Why do you need to know? I thought you would be happy enough that I'm your boyfriend that you wouldn't care where you were.

Matthew: We're a couple now?! Leonardo: Of course silly, that's why I bit you. Matthew: But why'd you bite me! Leonardo: Matthew&hellip.

I'm a vampire&hellip. Matthew: What! The window next to Leonardo shattered. Matthew: What the hell was that!

Leonardo: Your technique, I'm surprised I thought it would be reading, not telekinesis. Matthew: What are you talking about! Leonardo: Matthew, I'm a vampire, when you said you would do anything to be with me I bit you, causing you to turn into a vampire, no we're not bloodthirsty monsters, each vampire has a unique power that we call their technique, we live forever, and Matthew we are immortal.

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Matthew we are gods. Matthew: What do you mean not bloodthirsty monsters! You drink blood, and monsters cannot be gods! Leonardo: You mean we, and we're not monsters, my family lives together with society, we drink animal blood to saite our hunger. Yes Matthew, we are gods super intelligence, super speed, super strength, and unless another vampire kills us we're here forever, we are immortal. Matthew: That's amazing! Leonardo: One slight problem&hellip.

Matthew: What's that? Leonardo: When you change you have to live here at our house. Matthew: So? This place isn't so far, well as much as I've seen anyways. Leonardo: Matthew&hellip. You're losing your normal human life, and your normal human parents.

Matthew: What'd you mean? Leonardo: Now that you're a vampire you have to stay here until you can control yourself and even then you couldn't stay with your parents they would find out eventually, my father will have to send them away but make it so college girl rape xxx story can sign adoption papers for you. Matthew: Ok&hellip. My life sucked anyways… my family was a mess.

My family was close to a divorce, my mother, too lazy to work but yells at my father to work, my father also to lazy too work, they could barely afford school for me. Leonardo: Well then, since it's that easy, which it never is, I have to go talk with my father, you go back to sleep you need your energy, I'll see you in the morning. Matthew: By the way, how long has it been since that day in the forest?

Leonardo: Just a week. Matthew: What! I slept for a week! Leonardo: Yea, it was a lot shorter than it should've been personally, just go to bed. Matthew: Ok&hellip. I fell asleep. I awoke later to Leonardo waking me up. Leonardo: C'mon sleepy head, we got stuff to do. I gotta get some training in for you today. Matthew: Training?

Leonardo: Yea, now that you're a vampire and you're super powerful, we got to harness that energy and keep it under control and find tune it so you can use it when you need to.

Follow me. Leonardo led me through a series of corridors and out onto a training field, it was the house's backyard, it was huge, it was about half a football stadium, filled with training dummies and other exercises.

For some reason all of the training dummies were all made out of some type of metal. Leonardo: Matthew this metal is the hardest metal you will probably ever see on this planet, now I want you to punch it as hard as you can. I walked over to it lined up my punch and sent it home, the dummy shattered into pieces, I looked at it like it was some kind of joke.

Leonardo: Wow, you shouldn't have been able to break that on your first try, it takes most new recruits a couple weeks to break it. Matthew: Really? That was easy. Leonardo: Ok then onto the next test. He brought me to a small ring with little holes all around the ring once he closed the door I was basically surrounded by holes including the roof above me it was about ten ft all around.

Leonardo: Ok, this test is about speed, and reflexes, each of these holes will randomly shoot out a copper arrow, if you get hit by more than ten you lose. Matthew: What! There are holes everywhere! Leonardo: GO! Arrows started to fly out of the walls my natural reflexes started to kick in as I dodged arrows left and right, I felt a couple pains in my ankles and two or three in my shoulder area, I was dirt tired after the exercise.

Leonardo: Congratulations, you passed but just barely, I'm surprised though, it took me a week to get through that one, you have a good natural talent to be a vampire.

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Matthew: Thanks, but what do you mean barely, I'm pretty sure I would've felt an arrow Leonardo. Leonardo: Check again, smarty pants. I checked my ankles and sure enough there were three there and six in my back area. Matthew: How come I barely feel anything? Leonardo: Because one the arrows have no tips it's just wood, and two the wood is barely able to pierce your skin because you're a vampire. Leonardo helped m e pull out the arrows, and then proceeded to take me to another test, intelligence.

Leonardo: Ok, Matthew we're not going to have an intelligence test for you, I know how smart you are. Matthew: Ok what is this test for then? Leonardo: This is your final test, sparring. Leonardo brought out a chest; he opened it and inside was a bunch of different weapons.

Leonardo: You will use one of these weapons in a sparring match with another vampire, this weapon you will use, for any mission necessary, and for combat from now on, your weapon is your life, your weapon should also reflect your lifestyle, and personality. I picked up an elegant Chinese sword that unusually long for a normal sword of that style, the sheath was red, with a black dragon curling around the sheath.

I unsheathed it to find a gleaming silver sword with a golden pommel. The sword was long enough for me to use either one or two hands with it. Leonardo led me into the ring. Leonardo: I'll start you off with something easy, a robot built to be a vampire, be careful look for the concealed weapon. A man jumped into the ring, knowing that it was a robot I immediately rushed at it, he blocked with a dagger, I had already found his weapon, I swung for his legs, I jumped away, I switched to one hand and started a flurry of slashes towards the robot, he thought he could block it all and lost.

I looked at the dismantled robot. Leonardo: Good job, now for a big ass mixed race beauty adriana maya anal banged opponent. I looked at my next challenger, it was Leonardo, I couldn't fight him, and I wouldn't. Matthew: I won't fight you. Leonardo: Of course you wouldn't but I'm not fighting you, I came to move the robot, I'm sending in another robot.

Once Leonardo left the ring, another figure jumped out of the shadows, it was Leonardo again? Matthew: I already told you I wouldn't fight you. He leaped at me and landed at punch right into my stomach, pushing all of the air out of my lungs, I staggered back, trying to figure out what was going on and why he would attack me. He came around before I could even see him move at kicked my legs out from under me, then kicked me in the ribs to send me sprawling across the ring.

Matthew: Why Leonardo… Why? He tried another bunch, but I brought up my sword and made a wild slash to try to scare him to back off. I looked and the Leonardo I had hit wasn't Leonardo, it was a robot, I had cut off his arm, and all I saw were sparks and wires.

I took the advantage and slashed again, taking out his other arm, I kicked the robot straight in the chest sending it onto the floor, and I slashed again taking out his left leg. I sheathed my sword on my back, knowing that I was done. Matthew: Why did you put me up against a robot that looks like you? You knew I wouldn't fight. Leonardo: I'm sorry, my punishment for changing you into a vampire without authorization was to be your training instructor, and during every sparring match the instructor has to make the trainee fight someone he wouldn't normally fight, or who would make him refuse to fight entirely, because someone might have to kill a loved one for the good of our clan.

Matthew: Oh&hellip. Leonardo: You did great though, most people wouldn't pass all the tests on their first try you have amazing natural talent.


You get a treat when we get back to my quarters. We went through the maze of corridors once again and soon we were back in Leonardo's quarters. He threw me onto the bed with apparent ease, moved over to me and started to kiss me, we started to kiss, and pull off our clothes at the same time, once all of our clothes were off I proceeded to kiss down the rest of his body, once I reached his cock, I started to suck, taking care not to use my teeth, and plenty of tongue.

Leonardo: Oh, god! Matthew! I felt the pressure build in his dick, I stopped sucking, and I wanted him to save it. Leonardo: Why'd you stop?! Matthew: I want you to fuck me. Leonardo: Well then. I got down into a doggy style position, he slowly brunette gf makes revenge anal sex tape me, it hurt for the first bit, but once his cock was all the way to the hilt he started to slowly go in and out and the pain was replace by pleasure.

Matthew: Leonardo, harder… faster. Leonardo was now pounding into my ass, it felt so good, I was in ecstasy. He came inside me, followed quickly by me. Matthew: God that felt so good. Leonardo: It was you're right. We snuggled into a spooning position together, and fell asleep. I awoke sometime the next morning, with Leonardo, still snuggling around me, I loved it, he was so beautiful, he was perfect, and my life was now perfect. I tried to get up without waking him up but that failed without success.

He immediately opened his eyes the second I moved it scared me. Matthew: How you wake up so quickly? Leonardo: I don't sleep, we're vampires remember? Matthew: But, I slept? Leonardo: Because you're a new vampire as this week passes on you will start to lose human capabilities and gain vampiric ones, like not breathing, and not having to sleep.

Matthew: So you were just sitting there for like eight hours! Leonardo: Yea so? Matthew: What could you have done? Leonardo: Think about you… Matthew: Oh&hellip. Leonardo: We don't have to eat either, but that is our alternative to drinking blood.

Matthew: So, what are we going to do today Leo? Leonardo: What did you just call me? Matthew: Leo? Does that bother you? Do you want me to not call you that? Leonardo: No, it's just no one has ever called me that.

Leonardo: We have to eat breakfast first, I don't want you hungry, or weak for the training today. Matthew: But I did all the tests yesterday, why do we have to go back again?

Leonardo: Because, as a new vampire, the faster you harness your new found prowess, the easier it will be for you to resist the thirst, and to do bondage squirt and tall mistress domination xxx left behind at a mansion party in a bad faster, and more of them. Matthew: Thirst? Missions? Leonardo: The thirst is what we call the term for wanting to drink human blood, and we do missions, like if someone wants us to kill something, track someone, or just for the clan itself like fighting the wolves.

Matthew: Oh&hellip. Leonardo: Just forget about it, let's head down for breakfast. Leonardo once again led me through the maze dragon ball z porn more milk corridors, down to the breakfast hall, it was an actual dining room, with many different tables, and the only other person eating there was Leonardo's 'father'.

We sat down to eat and half way through breakfast he came over to us. L Father: So Matthew, congratulations, I heard you passed all of your tests on the first try, that's not a small feat. Matthew: Thank you sir. L Father: I want to test your abilities I have a mission for you be in the briefing room in thirty minutes.

Leonardo: You know he's not ready for a mission yet father! How dare you put him on one this early! L Father: This is part of your punishment; if he doesn't come back alive it will be on your head, not mine. Leonardo's 'father' walked off.


Leonardo: God damnit! Leonardo slammed his fists on the table, causing it to break into pieces; Leonardo then put his hands on his head and began to cry.

Matthew: Why are you crying? Please don't cry. Leonardo: It's not your fault, you're not ready for a mission, you're only a couple days old, and Father is trying to kill you! Matthew: Why would he want to kill me? Leonardo: Because, I tattood girl with big ass enjoy in this lesbiens homemade supposed to bite you, and he hates that I'm gay, he thinks that if he gets rid of you it will solve all of the problems at once! Matthew: Ok, I'll just finish the mission then, and then he'll stop bothering us right?

Leonardo: No! He won't stop he's being horrible! Matthew: Don't worry, I'll be fine, I'll finish whatever mission he gives me, then I'll be back with you ok? Now show me where the briefing room is. He composed himself then led me through to the Briefing Room. Leonardo: I'm not allowed with you in there, only mission operative are allowed in there. Matthew: OK. I went through two huge silver doors and entered into a large dimly lit room with a large conference table in the middle, with a giant TV screen behind Leonardo's 'father' who I saw sitting at the head of the table.

L Father: Please, Matthew sit down, let's get started. Matthew: Yes, sir. L Father: You will be counter attacking a were-wolf courier, there is only one man, you must kill him and bring back any information that he carries with him, including his weapon.

There is a helicopter waiting for you outside, it will drop you about one mile from the courier's camp, attack as soon as dawn breaks, that will be the courier's weakest time. Once you have killed the courier, take this and push it, we will pick you up in ten minutes.

He slid a small remote with a button in the middle of it across the table to me. L Father: You will leave within the hour, be ready by then you should only need to take a small bag this is a day mission.

I left the room, opened the door, and saw Leonardo pacing back and forth. Leonardo: So how was it? Matthew: Well I haven't done the mission yet, but it seems easy enough.

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He led me back to his quarters, where I packed a small black duffel bag, with a set of clothes, food, the remote, and a small bag of blood that Leonardo had given to me. He then led me down to the heliport where a helicopter awaited my arrival, Leonardo bid me farewell in tears. Matthew: C'mon I'll come back, I promise. Leonardo: I'm holding you to that. The helicopter lifted off and soon it was dropping me off in the middle all sunny newxxx play story a forest I checked my watch just ten minutes before dawn.

I ran north for five minutes before I spotted the camp, I climbed a tree to look for the courier. Unknown: Looking for me? I turned around shocked that someone had spotted me, it was a man, about three or four inches taller than me, he also had a lot of muscle on me too, he had to be the courier, suddenly his eyes flashed yellow and he transformed into a were-wolf, the fight had begun.

I jumped off the tree unsheathing my sword, the were-wolf brought out nothing, he had no weapons, just his claws, he made a swipe at me I sidestepped at made a lunge for his chest, he easily blocked it with his claws, they seemed to be just as strong as my sword but I had the advantage one touch of silver in him would spell his demise. He swiped again, hitting me this time, I now had a gash going up my left arm, I brought my sword down and cut his arm, I then followed up with another lunge straight to the heart killing the were-wolf instantly.

I sat down leaning next to a tree, I felt woozy, I felt sick, and dizzy, I was losing control of myself, I walked to a nearby creek and washed my face in the water I looked at my reflection to discover that my hair had changed color, it was now silver? I was confused and disoriented now, I checked my arm, all the blood was gone there wasn't even a scar, like I had never been hit there.

Suddenly five were-wolves dropped from the trees and surrounded me, I was angry and confused now, and why had my hair changed colors? Why had Leonardo's father sent me on a mission when he knew I would probably fail? Why were my wounds healing so quickly? Matthew: Go away! A force had come from my body instantly killing the were-wolves that were about to do the same to me, why did I feel so differently now?

Why did my back hurt? I looked at my back I had sprouted wings?!? They were exactly like angel wings except black, I felt really tired and drained the blast that had come from me took more from me than I had thought, I pushed the button on the remote before darkness enveloped me.

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