Xxx pmb story sex stories 2019

Xxx pmb story sex stories 2019
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I have been married 4 times in my life. The thing about that is it has only been to two women. Yes, two women. I married my first wife three times in 12 years. Now your thinking I'm either crazy or dumb. I was young and wanted my marriage with the mother of my kids to work out.

It did not and I married my current wife and all has been good. My current wife does enjoy this story and has used this sometimes to push herself over the edge. I hope you find it hot and satisfying. ----------------------------------------- So, she was mad and I was mad and we were both mad.

We had words and I wanted to give her a chance to cool down so I called my Dad and ask if I could come bunk in the spare room till we sorted this out.

He said yes of course. This would add 25 miles to my drive back and forth but it seemed worth it to stop the arguing. She and I talked on the phone for a few days. We were not yelling at each other but I was not ready to come home because it did not seem settled. This was the month of August. Long summer days. Pop and I would go fishing sometimes when I got 5mb and 5nint story download the house and I was enjoying this time with him.

This pretty chick deepthroats watch part on suzcamcom have been a contributing reason I was prolonging going back home. I was hoping on this day that he was planning a fishing trip out this evening as well. I arrived at the house at about 5:30.

The daylight would last until 8pm or later. It was still nice and warm and seemed like the sun was still high in the sky. I did not see Pops laying out fishing gear. Bummer. Maybe he will. I sat down in the chair on the front porch. About 10 minutes later someone was pulling down the driveway. I saw it was my wifes car. "Oh no, what fresh hell is this?" I wondered.

She got out of the car best teen blowjob and blonde milf hardcore mia khalifa tries a big black dick came up on the porch and sat down in the chair across from me. I looked over and asked "What are you doing out she fuck her pussy and ass hole using her massive toys. She said "I just came out to talk and see if we can end this. The girls are asking when you are coming home.

I don't know what to tell them." I hung my head and thought. I had my hand on my eyes and looked slightly up, I noticed I could see her panties under her skirt. At the time, Denise was a nicely shaped proportionate woman with a J-LO ass and full 36C breasts. I still found her sexy even if she could infuriate the piss out of me sometimes.

Now I kept trying to look at her panties while still trying to stay mad or seem mad about what was the on-going argument. It was hard with the growing problem at my crotch. I will be honest and this honesty comes from what I have been told. My cock is about 5 to 6 inches long but I seem to be blessed with a nice thick girth that fascinating lady is precious at blowjobs pornstar hardcore, I have been told is nice and filling.

I say it like this because like all men, I have over-compared my male member to those on videos and have this vision that every woman wants 8 or 9 inches or longer and as thick as a beer can. For me, I have been told by the women I have been with that they have been pleasantly pleased with my thick girth.

Hoorah for me. Semper Fi. Back to the story. I was now shifting as I imagined pulling those panties down. Denise did not wear thongs. She liked good regular panties. When I met her, she wore granny panties but I suggested she wear a more hip hugging younger style and save the granny panties for much later years. She was just turning 30. I'm glad I did because these were much more pleasing to the eye, especially peaking out at me.

And as I continued to peek out from under my hand, she was oblivious that she was giving me this view. Which made this that much sweeter. I remember them so very well. They were a flower print with a light pinkish background. I had helped her pick them out a few months earlier. We had bought 6 pair. Buy 2 and get one free. So we bought two sets. I was quite pleased she had let me help her pick them out.

They were the high rise hip huggers and I could see they were exposing a lot of her side hip and hugging her mound tight. Hey, is that a camel toe? Why yes it is. Now I was beginning to feel very conscious of my cock straining against my jeans. It was very distracting and I wanted to shift it to be straight but that would be too obvious and even though she is my wife, I was trying to make a point about the damn argument. I was right and this was important. I was making a stand.

She stood up and I lost my view. I thought she was going to leave. I had not really concentrated on what she had been saying the whole time because I was concentrating on looking at her covered pussy. Damn, how long had it been. I had jerked off a couple of times the last few days but how long had it been since I had been in her pussy. A couple of weeks. Yeah, that was it. A couple of weeks. "What? Are you leaving?" I said "Did you not listen to me?

Typical. I said - Why don't we go somewhere and talk? I don't want to sit here and have your dad or mum over-hear." She shot back. "Okay. Sure. We need to get this settled.". By now my mind was back in focus and my cock was relaxing back to semi-soft. I'm going to win this one and we can get back on track. AND my dad had already been saying "Son, you need to get this done and get back with your family." That was ringing in my head too.

So I thought, lets go get this settled if possible, as long as I win the argument. We got into her car and drove down the road. She turned up another road to a field she knew I would dove hunt in sometimes. This year they had planted it with hay.

We started talking. It was low key and I was maintaining my temper and demeanor.

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She was one girl and tow man sex to understand why I was so. so frustrated. But she was not going to make it easy. She opened her car door and got out. Now I was gonna have to chase her. Part of her normal procedure. She wants to know I will come after her.

She walked to the front of the car. I got out and followed. We talked some more and I noticed she was looking across the field. I looked over and saw there were two 20 something year old guys bailing hay. She seemed to be enjoying her view and was relaxed. I bent down to pick up a rock and swore I could smell sex. It hit my nostrils and I was getting the idea she was aroused.

It was a good smell that I recognized. Hmmm. I wonder . I stood up and looked at her. I asked her "Are you fantasizing about those guys over there?". She looked at me with pursed lips and said "NO. That would not be right." I said "Hey, if you are, I don't mind." And thinking to myself the smell of your pussy juice says otherwise. She women and women xxxx storys away from me as if offended. I could tell she was still trying to watch them out the corner of her eye.

I'm not sure if this was for my benefit or really one of them had caught her eye. They were good looking guys. It was like a movie, you could see the sweat reflecting the sunlight off their arms, biceps, and face as it hit them.

I pushed forward. I really didn't mind if she was and now I was intrigued. We had talked about other men fucking her with me or while I watched. I knew this fantasy turned her on. I asked which one looked better. She surprised me and answered "the one on the right". She turned and stared at him. She knew I was aware now and it was not bothering me so why not get her eye full. We leaned on the hood a couple of minutes while watching them.

I ask "Have you pictured his cock yet?". She sheepishly said yes. I KNEW IT. I FUCKING KNEW IT. Awesome. She's finally cutting loose of some inner inhibition. I was going to take advantage of this. How? I did not know but she seemed very into this situation.

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I at least knew I would make sure her pussy would be aching and begging. Just not sure if I was going to give it to her. I really was trying to convince myself I would let her suffer with an aching pussy.

One thing I am is a patient and attentive lover. I don't mind the foreplay or how long twgirls and one boy sex bathroom last. I came up behind her while she had a hand on the hood of hot girlgirl fucking in front of mirror pantyhose and lesbians car.

She was standing but propped on that one extended arm on the hood of the car. I did not lean into her or touch her. I just wanted her to know my presence was there.

I asked what she would do with him if he was available to her. She was shy about it at first but I knew the sound of her feeling horny too. It is a sound in her voice like she is drifting away in her conversation. She was at this stage. I said "Hey, it's okay.

It's perfectly natural to have thoughts about good looking people and even fantasize about them. You know me.

I don't mind at all. I would like to hear it if you want to talk about it. Make it more real." She started slowly telling me that she could see him kissing her neck EVER so slowly. Tickling her earlobes with his tongue.

She always loved her neck being kissed and was one of her regular requests to me. I ask her to just keep that thought and picture him kissing her neck. "Let him just stay on your neck. Lift your hair and kiss the back of your neck and down to your shoulders. Picture it Denise. Just picture it." I could tell she was getting into a fantasy now. I lightly, ever so gently, petted her side.

The small of her back. The under side of her arm. All the areas I knew from experience she found stimulating. She was responding. She tried to lean back into me but I wouldn't let her. I kept telling her to watch them. She again tried to lean back. I gently pushed her forward and said "Just keep him in your mind. Let him take you.

You want maricar reyes and hyden co cock don't you?" "Uh Huh" she softly groaned "What else? What more do you want from him?

And if you want both of them, SAY IT!". She tried leaning back again. This time she reached back to grab at my crotch. I was not letting her off that easy.

"Say what you want. It's okay. You know what it is". I gently prodded her to continue. This was fucking hot. Hotter than I can ever remember with her and we have had some good fucks. She replied "So, you want to hear it?" "Yes but only if it's the truth. I want to hear your desires. Would you suck him?" "Oh yes. I would suck him. I would lick him and suck him and stroke him." She admitted. "Go on. This is great." I whispered "I would lay on his chest and then let him take me any way he wanted.

That would be it." she ended. I said "No, I don't think that would be it. You would just take all that and just be done?" Her "No, but it's weird saying it to you." She responded Me "Who would you say it to? Another woman." Her "Probably." Me "Okay.

I know you want him so just let that go and share it with me. Please." Her "Okay but you can't hold this against me." Me "No problem. Just let go." She leaned her head back and continued. "I would let him feel anywhere on me he wanted. I would let him kiss anywhere on me he wanted. I would suck his dick until he came and then keep sucking it till he was up again." FUCK ME! My cock was trying to grow larger than it ever had.

It was hurting because it was straining at my skin so hard. This is so fucking awesome I thought. And a big milestone for her actually saying it out loud. She then said "Oh shit. I would even let him finger my asshole. I really would. That doesn't make you mad does it?" I said "No.

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It doesn't. I've always told you you have a fuckable ass. I don't mind at all." She had let me play with her asshole on rare occasions.

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I could rub the outer hole every now and then but when I tried pushing a finger in, Nope. Deal breaker. So she knew this might upset me. FUCK NO. I found it encouraging she would even entertain the idea with anyone. If he was it, Fucking A buddy, come and let me see how she likes it. "Yeah. I would let him finger me where ever he wanted." She was wearing a blue jean skirt.

I ever so gently reached below her skirt and touched the inside of her leg from the back and SLOWLLLLLLLLLLY brought it up her leg. I reached just below her ass cheek and then started a slow travel back down.

I know she wanted pressure on her mound but I was enjoying her mood too much. I wanted more. I wanted to hear MORE. She tried to move a bit to push flogging a nasty asian beaver japanese and hardcore hand onto her crotch.

I deftly retreated away and reached around and stroked the area of her blouse under her left breast. Again, ever so lightly grazing just the underside of her globe through the material of her blouse.

I brought my hand again up her inner thigh and came to the back of her left asscheek. She wanted to be touched. I moved my hand down to the opening between her legs and grazed her crotch area. HER PANTIES WERE DRIPPING WET. SOAKED!! I applied more pressure and rubbed her mound pushing against her pussy lips and pushing panty into her slit. She was so wet. That slippery oily wet that comes from a very excited woman.


I rubbed a few seconds more but I wanted them panties out of the way. I pulled them down to her knees. She was so wanting them off. I know the cooler air coming across her exposed pussy had to intensify her feelings. She would now realize she was without panties in public and her pussy was basically exposed to the correct angle of anyone looking beneath her skirt.

I relished janet mason gets fucked by prisoner this thought. I knew this was a rare experience for her. My mind wondered how I could get her to this more often. Nevermind. I told her to keep watching them.

Keep thinking about them. What she would do if they saw her pussy right now. She moaned and said "No problem". My mind went to another FUCKING A. That was my statement I used that year when I agreed with something.

FUCKING A or sometimes FUCKING A BEAVE. I kneeled to take the panties off around her tennis shoes. She easily lifted her feet and I threw her panties up on the hood of the car. I lifted her skirt and started kissing her ass globes. Trickling my fingers here and there. I know she wanted her pussy rubbed. No, not yet. I'm not going to rub her pussy yet. I want it aching. I wanted it "wanting".

I wanted her to feel that ache of wanting sex so bad and not being satisfied. Every time I got close and she would part her legs and i would drift off. I did this several times. I asked how big his cock was and two skinny babes drilled by hard dick involuntarily shifted clenching her pussy and butt cheeks together like squeezing his cock.

She was wound up and radiating serious pussy heat. I dropped my jeans around my ankles along with my boxer briefs. I turned her around and lifted her onto the hood of the car. I pulled her forward to the edge and folded her skirt up to lie on her stomach. She realized her pussy was laid out for anyone to see. I thought it would end there. She just laid back on the hood. I drove my mouth to her cunt. She let out a loud and noticable squeal.

Her bush was so wet and absolutely covered in cunt juice. It only took two licks of my tongue on her clit and BOOM! She started arching and grabbing my head and squealing. I said "let them know your pussy is feeling good" and she lost it and yelled "I want his cock". Wow. I did not expect this. It was AWESOME! I looked up and they were now looking over our way. Still throwing hay but definitely looking over.

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I teased her and said "Both of them can see you laid out on the car with your skirt up. I bet they can see your pussy or at least your bush glistening in the sun. Your bush is so covered with cunt juice." She just smiled.She didn't care. Didn't budge. I was so impressed and so fucking into this. And it was obvious that the guys had to know what was going on.

She arched again and her pussy pushed against my hand. I had her. Had her right were I wanted her. She slid down the hood of the car and squatted. She took my cock in her mouth. OH NO. I couldn't let this go on. She could get me to blow a nut and I was not ready for that. No. Not wanting this to end. I turned her around and told her to watch her big cock guy over there. "Watch him while I put my cock in your pussy." Her "No problem." Me "Fucking A" again. I slipped in so easily with that oily cunt profusely dripping juice.

I reared back and pushed in good, hard, and deep. BAM! She was cumming on my first thrust. She was so horny. She had her pussy exposed. She was watching two beefy guys she found attractive and sexy. And she knew they were watching her fellatio previous to fucking pornstar and hardcore fucked. She lost it. I looked up and both of them were sitting on a hay bail watching us.

I told her to look back. She saw them now just sitting there watching her. She didn't care now. I was teasing her and asking if she would do them both. She was so into this. I ask again if she would take on both of them. "Would you let both of them fuck your cunt.

Your juicy soaking wet cunt RIGHT NOW. I bet his cock is so big. Look at him." She looked back again and I was lunging making sure she was being pushed up and down on that car hood. That someone could tell she was getting cock. I told her "They can see you moving up and down on the a best way to relax at suck and suck. They know your getting fucked.

They know your watching them too." SHE LOST IT. She was arching and pushing and pulling. I was making sure she was getting very well rocked in front of those guys. I told her to say it out loud. She said very loud "I WOULD FUCK BOTH OF THEM!!!! YES. BOTH OF THEM. NOW FUCK ME!" "Pleasssssssssseeeeeee." she purred. That was it for me. My nuts tightened up and then lurched forward, my balls emptied.

I squirted hard and deep into her tunnel. I pushed hard and know I had the look of a crazed madman, my cock was uncontrollably pumping man gunk in her out of control pussy explosion. I just slumped back and she lay on the hood. Her skirt up and her swollen pussy dripping and still very exposed. I motioned to the guys to come on over. She was still laying there with her eyes closed and her clit slut gets fist in twat masturbation and fingering just pulsing.

I didn't know how close they would get before she came around but I wanted them to see as much as they could.

They had about 25 yards to go when she opened her eyes and saw them coming. She pulled herself to sitting up and started pushing her skirt down.

She moved off the hood and stepped behind me a little embarrassed. I pulled my belt closed just as the guys approached I said "I hope you guys didn't mind our talking out here". They laughed and said "Not at all". They were looking at Denise and then looked on the hood of the car at her obviously soaked panties laying there.

They smiled a shit eating grin. She realize what they were looking at and she was trying to find her words. They laughed and said "That was a good show. Thank You." She smiled and was now looking up at them, her shyness passing.

I whispered in her ear "No reason to be shy, they just saw everything you had and how you like it. Might as well own it." She said "I'm . I'm glad we didn't bother you." Her big cock guy laughed and said "Bother? Not at all." I said "Thanks for helping her have some fun". They cracked up. "Yep. That looked like fun." they both said. The said they had to get back to work and started shaking our hands. I reached under her skirt as she was shaking her fantasy guys hand and stroked her pussy.

She let out a gasp and sigh. He just said "My pleasure". They turned and walked away. She turned around and kissed me HARD. And whispered in my ear "This is not over!" I moved back home that night.