Smoking hot blonde gets her twat drilled big tits cumshot

Smoking hot blonde gets her twat drilled big tits cumshot
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She bit my neck, and her venom swam through me, infecting my mind, making my knees tremble and my thighs moisten. A coldness fell into my stomach as I lost control of my limbs. I felt every ounce of my agency drift over to this tall beautiful woman. She was twice my size, but the reigns of my person were in her slender hands. She was so much taller than me, even as I floated a little off the ground. She held me firmly and tenderly, shoving our breasts together.

A hell flame burned along my skinny teen small tits red head hot sneaky yoga, too smart to burn my angel skin, but it burned my clothes to ashes. The fire flickered hot around and around my nipples at her command. Forcing them into hard points. "You're mine now." She said dipping her hand low, and began to flick my clit as fast as she could, then bit me again.

This time drawing from me. Pulling me higher off the ground, her teeth drank from my very soul, taking from me and forcing me to give. And I liked her forceful and demanding nature. It made me turn soft inside, like I was water, just flowing around the fingers she was plowing in and out of me. I moaned into her mouth from my throat. My legs climbed over her hips and I tried so hard to shove more of her inside me. Her fingers slid around inside me, first two, then three.

Flexing and wiggling them around, making me need her. Making me need to be filled. I could feel her fill me, then make me need, then making me wet. She pulled me back to look in her eyes. They were burning black, and her darkness was climbing inside me, dominating me from the inside.

Then she put her wetted fingers to my lips, and whispered to me, "who's my sexy girl? Suck." She commanded and I swirled my tongue around her long finger. "Good girl." I could taste myself, and I wanted to taste her. My mouth watered, my head swam. Her fingers returned to my pussy, and I could feel my blood start to boil. My legs started to loosen, and I fell of her finger's driving them deeper.

It burned a little but it only drove me closer to orgasam, then over the edge. I fell into the fires of hell before I began to dance in the stars.

My hips rocked, and my pussy clamped down on her fingers as she forced them deeper inside me.

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My orgasam left me in a gasp of a wave and I collapsed into her arms and she held me up gently. Her spiked tail ran up and down my back as I was smothered by her hair. It smelled like a bonfire, and it took me over as completely as her venom.


"Don't fucking forget who you belong to my beautiful bitch." Her tail whiped my ass, making it sting past all the endorphins she had just wrung from me. "You have the best ass little girl." She said reminding me of class i com xxxn vedios physical dominance.

I bet this demon bitch was even older than me. "I think I'll use it later." Her teeth nipped my ear making me shiver. I wanted to please her. Whatever it took. She bent down, laid me gently on the warm lava rocks, and nuzzled my breasts. "I chose well in capturing you." She sucked one of my breasts into her mouth. The hellfire she produced swirled around making me wet, and thrust I against her thigh. "Now I'm going to make you a real slut." She said lifting off me.

Standing above me, I could see the fiery hair around her pussy shining in the light. She spread her legs over me, making me feel enormously small. She was so tall, and so much bigger than me. My blood burned, and all I could think about was how much I wanted to please her. How much I needed her.

To control me. To dominate me. She bent her knees around my head, and I could smell her. My jaw opened eagerly. "Prepare for my pussy, you slut." My mouth watered, the venom in my veins leaped at her, my head came off the ground as I lept to lick her.

I wound my tongue around her clit, chewing a little as she ground back and forth. I stuck my tongue as far and sharply out as I could, just wanting to be inside her. I moaned into her as I felt her working herself on my face. "You are the best slut, you don't even need any training. Stick your fucking tongue in my cunt." her nails scraped my scalp, digging into my hair, pulling me deeper into her drenched cunt. Her juices were covering my face.

"Make me cum you bitch." She said as she rocked her hips even harder. Then faster and faster until she grabbed two fistfuls of my hair. Then she shook and convulsed as I sank my teeth into her clit. She pushed me away sandra romain sucking balls for her pathetic slave I was still licking her, trying to get more of her on my tongue.

"Now I'm going to fuck you like you would never get in heaven." She said, looking down at my writhing body. I was sweating, and wining, pulling my own hair. I just wished she would smack my ass again.


Make me odia xxx bulu pichar story just a little. Her lips criss crossed over mine, her body laid atop of mine. She pushed my thighs forcefully apart so that she could grind our wet pussies together. Our hard little nubby clits faught eachother and her's won. I felt something shifting down around my entrance.

"Ugh I'm almost inside you." She said and I couldn't figure out what was going on except that it felt really good.

My clit was being massaged, her hands were on my tits, dragging me closer, and my skin was burning wishing she could be inside it. Then I felt a pop, and I realised there was a cock inside me. She had grown a cock and impaled me on it. It was like riding Satan's dick, personally. I wrapped my legs around her, scared she would give up before she gave me the best orgasam of my life.

The cock got bigger and bigger until it pressed against my cervix, then it expanded outward. "I'm going to stretch you out so fucking good, my sweet little angel whore." She growled into my ear. She grabbed a fist full of my hair and leaned back, pressing me down on her huge cock. She stood up shoving herself all the way inside me, then began to bounce me up and down.

It burned, and my clit was rubbing on her pubic bone. She shoved her tongue in my mouth and I felt her tail on my back again.

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Just stroking me, like her cock was stroking me. Then she shoved it in my mouth instead. I choked on the pointed barb. I just loved being used by her. She was a dark goddess, and I just wanted her to cum inside me. Her tail left my mouth and went straight for my ass. I tensed up, but it popped in and she was double penetrating me.

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I screamed in pleasure as her tail forced me to cum. Rubbing the thin skin between my pussy and ass. I swore I could feel her manipulating the head of her cock, and swirling it around the barb of her tail, inside me. It was like being fucked by a snake. As I came, my pussy drug the cum from her and I felt it spill inside me.

It poured down my thighs. It was still flowing hot from her cock when she pulled out of me and it covered my tits and chin.

I looked down to watch and got a mouthful. Her tail shoved deeper inside me, and she grabbed my hair. The exploding fire hose of cum that was shooting from her cock was forced into my mouth and down my throat. I loved swallowing her, being filled with her. I loved being hers. And covered in her cum.