She fuck her pussy and ass hole using her massive toys

She fuck her pussy and ass hole using her massive toys
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At 6pm varsity football practice had finished. A group of players were tired from practice and the captain had to stop by the super sexy blonde teen masturbating on webcam to take a piss. He heard a muffled cry from the bathroom stall. The football captain ran to the bathroom stall where he heard the voice and opened it. There he saw an adorable Asian freshman girl with her hair stained in cum.

The semen pooled underneath her butt too. She was sitting on the ground with her head leaning against the wall of the bathroom. He took off her blindfold and stared at her large sparkling eyes in silence. The rest of the players had followed him in and saw the helpless young teen with tearful pleading eyes staring back at them.

"You thinking what I'm thinking?" said one of the players. The rest of the players silently pulled out their cocks. Erica's eyes widened once she realized just how big the player's cocks were.

All of them were at least nine inches long, and the captain's was a full foot long and as wide as an Izze can. "nMMHHH" Erica shrieked under her gag. "Here's how it's gonna work" said the captain "you let us fuck you, or we'll beat the living shit out of you.

Got it?" Erica sobbed and nodded. The captain was up first. He flipped her so that she faced the wall with her tight red ass sticking out. He stuck his fingers into her pussy. Erica knew better than to fight back at this point. She spread her legs, arched her back, and lowered her head in submission. She looked between her legs hot brunette girlfriend denissa first time anal sex in pov saw the captain's massive 12 inch veiny cock up close and gasped.

His balls were the size of small eggs. Erica began to cry and tried to stare into his eyes for some form of remorse, but the captain wasn't looking at him. He began to stick his index finger into her tight pussy. Erica moaned and tried to move away from his finger. She had never masturbated before, so her pussy couldn't handle the captain's small finger. He reached a point where couldn't push any further. "Hey fellas! She's still a virgin!" said the captain Erica began to sob harder as she realized she was about to painfully lose her virginity to a stranger with a massive cock.

She remembered the boy's small cocks and wished his small cock could've deflowered her. "Hell yeah… Fuck her hard… Destroy that pussy…" the players cheered in approval.

The captain forced his massive cock into her tight pussy. Unlike Jeffery, the captain did it slowly which made it all the more agonizing. The tip of his massive black cock slid past her pussy lips with relative ease, but that's where the pleasure ended.

Erica's pussy juices attempted to lubricate his massive cock, but it wasn't enough. She screamed as her pussy was being stretched far beyond normal for a girl her size. His cock was only a quarter of the way in when it hit her hymen.

Erica felt temporary relief as he pulled his cock out a little bit. She prayed that he'd stop there, but she knew full well what came next. In one swift thrust, the captain tried to thrust all 12 inches into her pussy. Erica shrieked louder than she ever had in her entire life. The pain of her hymen breaking, along with her pussy expanding to an impossible size was too much.

Luckily, Richie's underwear managed to muffle most of the screaming. Erica's vagina wasn't close to large enough to accommodate his massive size, but the captain didn't care. He only managed to get half of his cock in before hitting her underdeveloped cervix. To her dismay, he continued to attempt to force the bottom half of his cock into her pussy. Erica attempted to squeeze his massive cock out of her pussy, but every squeeze only made the captain moan deeper.

He moaned in the pleasure of feeling the tightest pussy that he's ever fucked, and probably would fuck, in his entire life. Erica on the other hand felt the worst feeling in her entire life. It felt as if here insides were being torn to shreds. Every one of the captain's thrusts was like a knife to her bowels. The combined pain of her hymen and pussy expanding was too much for her.

She tried to pull her body into the handicap bar that she was tied to. Her attempts to get away the captain were futile; the knots were too tight.

She couldn't lean forwards because of the college girl tied up and fuckedk amazing strong grip on her ass, but the bruise beginning to form on her ass was the least of her concerns. Her screams, sobs, and cries were muffled under the gag.

The rest of the boys began to cheer on the captain as he gave her the worst pounding of her life. All of them had their cocks out and gathered in a semicircle around the girl. The meaty quarterback couldn't take it anymore. He walked closer to her face and gestured at the captain. The captain temporarily stopped his assault and pulled out.

They loosened her bonds and turned her so that she was parallel to the wall. Erica was so relieved. She thought that they had a change of heart and were about to let her go.

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Little did she know that the quarterback just wanted to fuck her mouth. The quarter ripped off the duct tape. Richie's dirty underwear fell out of her mouth. He placed his dick right in front of her face. She couldn't see what was going on because of the tears streaming down her face. The quarterback slapped casting babe riding cock on pov sextape face with his cock.

Suddenly, Erica knew what was really happening and tried to shut her mouth. The quarterback attempted to insert his cock but it got caught in her teeth. He slapped her in the face and yelled "NO FUCKING TEETH LITTLE BITCH!" At the same time, the captain reinserted his massive cock into her tiny pussy. Erica once again screamed at the top of her lungs. The quarterback took advantage of the situation and shoved all 8 inches of his cock down his throat.

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Erica was absolutely frightened as the quarterback tried to shove his cock in her mouth again. She was screaming too loud to close her mouth. Soon she realized that she couldn't scream anymore. Her throat was being forced open and filled by the quarterback's thick cock. She didn't want to suffocate, so she stopped screaming and attempted to breathe through her nose whenever the quarterback pulled out.

The quarterback and the captain eventually coordinated their thrusts so that they both shoved their cocks in her at exactly the same time.


Unlike the boys, the quarterback and captain had experience when it came to fucking girls. Unfortunately for Erica, this meant stamina was better. The other players brutally squeeze her tits to make her scream. Most of the boys reached their climax while the captain and quarterback were still fucking.

These players dressed her back, head, and ass in semen. Erica was pounded in agony for a good ten minutes before the captain's grip on her ass began to tighten. Erica realized what was coming.

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She knew her parents would disown her if she got pregnant with a black man, so she grabbed onto the quarterback's ass and tried to pull herself off the captain's cock. The quarterback moaned in pleasure from what he perceived to be Erica's enthusiasm for his cock. The captain growled in frustration and leaned forwards. He gripped her ass tighter with one hand, and reached under to squeeze her tits with the other. He fucked her faster than he's ever fucked any girl before. Then he released the largest load of cum he ever has.

He fired eight shots of cum right into her pussy. It began to spill out as her pussy was too small to bear it. Erica cried in agony as she felt her pussy expand from the semen and realized her life was ruined. Soon after, the quarterback began to moan louder and louder.

He pulled her hair hard and put all of his energy into 6 final thrusts. Then, he fired four shots deep into her throat before pulling out a little and firing two shot into her mouth. She choked on his semen and tried to spit it out, but the quarterback held her mouth shut. The semen tasted disgustingly salty, bitter, and piss-like. "Swallow it little bitch." He said curtly Erica threw some back up but it ended up in her cheeks.

She mustered the courage to swallow the cum out of fear of what would happen to her if she didn't. For the next hour, every one of the football players fucked her once.

She passed out several times during the gangbang. When they had all finished, they pissed all over her body. Finally, at 7:30PM, they finally went home.

Erica lay on the bathroom floor crying. Her body was covered in sweat, semen, spit, piss, and pussy juices. She tried to sleep but she was far too traumatized to do that. For the next few hours, Erica cried on the floor. She cried so much that her throat became extremely dry. She began to get headaches and feel nauseous. Without water, she would throw up. Redhead slut fucked by a big dick looked around for a water source before coming across the toilet.

After sliding down the handicap bar to get closer to the toilet, she peered inside the toilet. The water had a yellowish tint to it from the piss that someone had forgotten to flush. She sobbed as she realized what she had do to survive.

The piss water surprisingly didn't taste as bad to her as the football player's semen and sweaty cocks. Later that night, one of the teachers who had stayed late opened the door to take a piss in a urinal.

Erica thought about crying out for help, but suddenly remembered what happened the last time she did. Erica spent almost the entire night crying. She finally fell asleep at 4AM, but woke up at 5 to the sound of someone walking into the boy's restroom.