Bd singaer mila sex story

Bd singaer mila sex story
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Young Friends I was heading to my car after leaving a downtown theatre after see. I wore a black lace and chiffon cocktail dress, with a modest V neck, black stockings, black heels and my white gold jewelry.

It was a Saturday night about 11:30, I didn't really want to go home to an empty house as my husband was away at work overseas, and I also wasn't sure I wanted to go to a pub dressed the way I was. I was almost to the parking garage when I saw Ryan coming out of a bar with some friends.

He looked at me and whistled and told me I looked fabulous. His friends all agreed with him which made me feel really good. Ryan was 26 and had been friends with my son since they were about 10. Over the last couple of weeks I had seen him at the house on several occasions.

He was young and very good looking. He came over and put naughty cute brunette girlfriend sweating hairy pussy arm around me and gave me a kiss. Since I was on my way home I asked him if he needed a ride. He stepped back, looked at me and said if I was driving he would go any where with me, then he said something to his friends, took my arm and we went to my car. As soon as we got to his apartment he asked if I would like a nightcap.

I said I would come in for one and then head home. We went inside and he poured me a glass of wine and we sat down chatting and before I knew it we had finished a whole bottle. I was a bit annoyed at myself because now I would have to get a taxi home. Ryan said there was no problem and said that I could stay there if I liked.

I told him thanks but no thanks as I didn't think it would be a good idea.


A taxi will be fine I said to him. He agreed and called a taxi which we found out was going to be about an hours wait due to how busy they were. He said we might as well have another wine so we did. About 10mins later there was a knock at the door and Ryan just called out to come in. It was his friends from bar and they had come over not expecting to see me there. Ryan explained what had happened so there was no if there ever was.

The music went on and the boys started being boys, drinking as young guys do. Once the music went on and the lights dimmed and that was me, I was staying.

So here I was, an older married woman, in an apartment with Ryan (a friend of my sons) and 5 or 6 of his mates, all of which had been to our house. All were in their late twenties, all were drinking and all were really good looking young guys.

I must have danced and chatted with all of them and they loved it, they were all such good fun and it was a far different environment than when they came around a sensational one eyed monster riding session hardcore european the house. It was obviously a side of me that they had never seen.


Ryan and a couple of others had taken their T shirts off and I'll have to say that the muscles on their arms and chest rippled and all of them had that flat ab stomach.

Ryan came up and put his arm around me pulling me in tight and kissing me on the cheek, telling me how much they all loved me and how cool it was that I was here. The boys all agreed and made me feel really good but as Ryan stood next to me, I could smell his young masculine scent fill my nostrils.

I felt my pussy flush and swell slightly, but I quickly shrugged it off as have a bit too much wine. We all gradually cfnm raunchy stripper party tube porn from the kitchen and dining area to the lounge room where the 2 big 4 seater lounges lay. It was a nice set up he had here with a big soft ottoman in the middle that he used as a sort of coffee table.

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The room was a bit bright so I offered to light some candles for atmosphere and turn off the big overhead light which was far too bright for the room anyway. None of the boys objected and it added a more relaxed mood to the room. I sat down in the middle of a couch next to Ryan and another.

Most had their shirts off sister reap sex force bro now and were winding down when one of them lit up a joint and passed it round. It got to me and I though oh what the hell, and took a few puffs and handed it on. It was a wonderful feeling and relaxed me even more which was great after all the dancing we had been doing. After a few more puffs on the joint, I was ready to go home, and then Ryan asked me if I was sure I wanted to go just yet.

He looked into my eyes, then leaned in and kissed me on the lips. It must have been the joint but I kissed him back and then suddenly broke it off thinking what was I doing.

He put his arm around me and holding me close to him, he kissed me again, this time nuzzling my neck and ears and sending goose bumps tingling through my body.

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I felt my nipples harden as he continued his sensual exploration. He cupped and gently squeezed my breasts thru the thin material of my dress, and then slipped his hand down between my legs. I parted my legs slightly offering him no resistance as his fingers reached my panties.

He broke our kiss and looked at me as he rubbed me through my panties and I'm sure he felt my wetness starting to soak through the thin material to his fingers. He kissed me again and as he did he slid a finger past my knickers and inside me.

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It felt so good. He stopped kissing me and with our faces just inches apart we just stared at each other while he gently fingered me. The guy next to me reached over and started squeezing my tits, and when I looked around, the rest of them were rubbing their cocks through their jeans. I was now very, very horny. Pulling his fingers from me, Ryan then leant me forward on the couch and unzipped my dress. We can't have that getting ruined he said, as he pulled it off my shoulders and slipped it down under my ass and pulling it free.

I was now sitting there in just my black bra and panties. He stood up in front of me and took off his jeans releasing his semi hard cock just inches from my face.

He was shaved smooth and his cock was more than ample for a young guy. I took it in my hand and fed him into my mouth sucking and stroking his shaft as he hardened between my lips. One of the others got up and came over beside me then undid my bra and took it off. He stood up and stripped naked then straddled behind me, with one leg on either side. As I sucked on Ryan, the other one started kissing my neck and shoulders as he played with my hardened nipples and tits. I could feel his hard young cock against my back.

Ryan kept his hands in my hair as I moved up and down his long shaft. With each stroke I tried relaxing a little more and taking him deeper. I heard the other guys moving, but he held me to him as he moaned louder and began moving with me. Ryan's hands left my head and I pulled back to see all the other guys in various stages of undress.

He stood me up and turned me around then sat me down on the large padded ottoman cushion. I was naked except for my panties and I leant back on my arms and saw the other guys who were now all naked around me. I knew what was going to happen, and I casting couch of a big boobed french redhead babe hard sodomized believe how wet and sexually charged I was. With their cocks all hard they laid me back, and in an instant, one was kneeling in front of me.

He pushed my legs apart and pulled my panties to one side.

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His mouth quickly covered my pussy and his tongue pushed inside me. He started rubbing and licking me. Two others were now squeezing and rubbing my hard nipples, both taking alternate turns kissing and feeling them. Ryan had moved up beside my face and was stroking his hard cock in front of me. He pushed his dick at my mouth and I took him in, engulfing as much as I could and started sucking him off. This all happened so fast and it was then that I felt the first cock enter me.

I don't know who it was but he pushed his cock deep into my hole and I moaned as the young stud began fucking me. I kept sucking Ryan, and in the corner of my eye I could see another one pulling himself off beside me as he played with my nipples.

A second later, long thick spurts of cum shot from his cock and spattered over my tits and belly as he emptied his load onto me. I rubbed it over my body and mused at the oily sheen it gave my skin. The young guy fucking me was pumping me harder and faster, and as Ryan pulled his cock from my mouth, the stud fucking me grunted and groaned and I felt his hot seed burst inside me with a force Pinay xxx british girlsher tadoo haven't felt in years.

His hot cum spewed into my pussy until his balls were emptied inside me. He pulled out, and my pussy was then immediately filled by another. Ryan pushed his dick back into my mouth I started sucking him again, and I soon felt a second load of semen fill me. I glanced up too see the guy inside me still had his eyes squeezed shut as he continued to fill me.

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I kept sucking Ryan then suddenly he grabbed my head holding me still. My mouth was firmly sealed around the head of his cock when he quickly started pulling his thick shaft.

He stiffened, then grunted loudly and the salty taste of cum soon filled my mouth. I took as much as I could but it soon found its escape, running from my lips and down my chin.

With Ryan out of my mouth I leaned up on my elbows, only to be pulled to the edge of the ottoman and then turned around. From my position I could see the sofa and 3 of the studs were just sitting there naked pulling them selves off while they watched. This was making me even wetter. It was then that someone grabbed my hips and again pulling my knickers to one side he entered me from behind and started xxxe kajal x story sex stories me.

His cock was thick and it filled me completely.


I could feel his balls slapping against me bringing big ass girls home from the club xxxx he thrust into me harder and harder. I stared at the guys masturbating on the sofa while they watched me getting fucked and it felt so good. I could feel my climax quickly building.

Between this and watching the 3 studs wanking in front of me, it wasn't long before my body released the strongest orgasm I can remember. I shuddered and shook on the end of this guys cock as my orgasm swept through me rendering me helpless. Seconds later he flooded me with jets of hot semen as he too came and filled me to overflowing again.

When he finished, he pulled out of me and I rolled over. I looked up to see all six standing over me, slowly rubbing their rods. I moved from one cock to the other, licking, kissing, and sucking until I heard one guy groan.

He moved, shoving his cock into my mouth as he came. I tasted the warm spurt and blast of cum. I pulled back taking the first load in my mouth and the rest went wherever it wanted to go. Then another cock was releasing all over my tits. The semen kept coming as they masturbated over me. Once they were done I leaned back up on my elbows and looked down.

Their young seed was spattered everywhere. My cheeks, breasts, and stomach all glistened with their cum, and that's not even mentioning my pussy. As I re adjusted my knickers, I saw and felt the mess and wetness of these young studs manhood.

Ryan helped me to my feet and to clean up. I replaced my bra and he helped me back into my dress. We all sat back down and a wine was poured for me while another joint was rolled. The guys were still all semi naked, and the strange thing was that we sat there chatting away as if nothing had happened.

I had just been taken and ravaged by these 6 young studs, and I have never felt sexier and more wanted.