Seema bhabhi ki x story sex stories full

Seema bhabhi ki x story sex stories full
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"Jared, I don't' think its right." I said as he touched my boner. It did feel way so good, but in the back of my mind I heard a scream of outright sinfulness. "Brett, your dick is so hard and throbbing, you want to play with mine, too?" Jared practically begged me. I relented and touched his boner, the electric shock about floored me; I saw stars and erupted all over his hand.

"Oh my God, Brett, that was so awesome!" Jared continued stroking my still hard dick sending waves of pleasure rushing through me. His hand was soaked in my sticky cum and he was using it as lubrication. I continued to stroke his cock as he looked me in the eye and started licking and sucking my cum off his fingers.

The sight of him doing this caused me to involuntarily stroke his cock even harder. I knelt down and had his cock at eye level when he grabbed the back of my head and pulled me closer to his precum akshay kumar ki sexy story sex stories cock. Neither one of us had played with a cock other than our own until now, and Jared was humping my hand and pulling my head closer to his cock instinctually. I touched the tip of my tongue to his dripping pee hole and he splattered my face with a violent spurt of his cum.

"Oh, shit!!!" Jared screamed and pulled my face into his crotch and humped my face. Somehow his cock ended up in my mouth and I just started sucking as hard as I could. I wrapped my hands around his ass cheeks and pulled him as far as I could into my mouth. He just kept coming and coming, filling my mouth with his hot sperm.

I coughed and gagged, but swallowed every drop. Jared fell back onto the bed, his cock making a 'plopping' sound as it popped from my suctioning mouth. I stood there in shame as we both just looked at each other.

"Brett, that was so awesome, you are going to have to let me do that to you." I couldn't believe my ears; I thought he would berate me and make fun of me for being a faggot. I know I still liked girls, but this was new and exciting beyond anything I had done to date. I thought, what the hell, I was going all out.

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"Jared, please suck my cock." Jared wasted no time and slipped off the bed and swallowed my cock in one gulp. He played with my balls and licked and sucked my cock while stroking me lubricated with his spit. I didn't last long and had the most incredible orgasm of my young life and spurt rope after rope of cum into his hot little mouth. Jared swallowed it all. Jared stood up still squeezing and stroking my oozing cock and kissed me open mouthed with the taste of my cum in his mouth.

At first I resisted but big tit milf loves this cock round ass big tits taste of him and my cum and the fact that he was squeezing the last of the cum from my dick sent me over the edge and I kissed him back trying to suck all my jism from his mouth as I came again all over his hand and belly.

I dropped to my knees and licked up my own cum as I moved to his already hard cock and using my tongue, slurped his hard boner into my mouth and tried to swallow the whole thing. His cockhead was gagging me, but I didn't care, I kept pulling his ass with my hands to try and get all of him into my mouth and down my throat. We fell asleep in his tree fort lying in the same sleeping bag.

I woke to a strange but very good feeling. Jared was humping my ass cheeks with his hard cock from behind as he spooned me. I pushed my ass back at him because it felt so good. This made him hump me even harder pushing his cock more into the crease of my ass cheeks.

When his cock finally touched my asshole we both groaned. His cock was oozing more precum and lubricated my asshole enough so that the head of his cock entered my ass. He started Cuming immediately. I pushed back into him as he fucked my ass harder and bottomed out in me while he jerked uncontrollably and came and came and came, filling me with his spunk. My cock was so hard it hurt as Jared rolled me over and licked the precum oozing from my pee hole.

He sucked my dick to the back of his throat. Releasing my cock from his wet sucking mouth he started licking and sucking my balls. "Brett, fuck me in the ass, please? I need to feel you throb and cum in my ass." Jared said between sucking my balls as his cum dripped from my ass. I was so hard and throbbing. Jared lay back on his back, spread his legs and pulled up his knees exposing his asshole.

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I pressed my cock to his ass and started pushing but to no avail, he was so tight and there was no lubrication. I used my spit and between that and my precum my cock started disappearing into his ass as he moaned and thrashed his head from side to side. His ass was so hot and tight I started coming before I got even halfway in. As I was coming he wrapped his legs around my ass and pulled me the rest of the way into his hot cum soaked ass sending violent spasms throughout my body.

Jared really had to hang onto me as I was out of control and drooling from my mouth as I slammed my cock into his ass over and over. "Fuck me, fuck me fuck me!!!" Jared moaned as I was still hard and slammed my cock into his ass as my cum was squirting from his ass with each down stroke of my cock. He grabbed my head and pulled me into a kiss where we both tried to choke each other with our tongues.

I laid on him while still kissing him and felt his hard cock against my belly as I pounded his ass with my hard throbbing cock. "I'm cumming again, Jared!" "Yes, fill me up with your jism Brett! I want to feel you spurt in my ass. Deeper, deeper, and when you curvy sweetie plays with a toy girlfriend hardcore, be real still so I can feel you spurt!" Jared was wild-eyed and sucking my tongue so hard I thought he would swallow it.

I could tell I was reaching the point of no return again and started slowly fucking his ass with full strokes.


Jared was moaning with each stroke. One last deep stroke and I held as still as I could so Jared could feel me spurt when I came. His ass was spasming on my cock causing me to erupt deep in his ass, Jared convulsed and came with me splashing both our bellies with his jism. We lay together for a few minutes kissing and pulling on each other's cocks until we fell asleep.

We woke up when the sun came up and hugged each other. "I think we need to get cleaned up before my parents wake up." Jared said between kisses.

"Yeah, we are a real mess." I milf go crazy on cock in taxi while licking his lips and pulling on his now hard cock.

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"You just can't get enough of my cock, can you?" Jared teased me as he was stroking my cock. "Ha ha, me? What about you?" I teased back. "Guilty as charged. Let's get cleaned up and get back so we can fuck some more." Jared said while pulling me by my hard dick out of the sleeping bag. We snuck into the house being as quiet as possible and got cleaned up in the guest bathroom. We held each other's cocks all internal blonde schoolgirl gets ass banged and creamed cumshots and creampie we peed.

Jared grabbed a jar of Vaseline and we headed right back to the tree fort. "I can't wait 'til we get Sandy up here tonight." Jared said. "I bet she will just freak when she sees us fucking and sucking each other." Sandy was a mutual friend we had both made out with numerous times, separately. She was 14 like us and very sexy. The farthest either one of us had gone with her was fingering her pussy and sucking on her tits.

She had actually jerked both of us off more than once. It was after 10PM when Sandy showed up. Jared and I were sucking each other in a 69 when we heard a rock hit the tree house. We knew it was her.

I tossed the rope ladder down to her. She climbed the ladder and dropped her mouth open when she saw us naked with wet glistening cocks and balls.

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"What are you guys doing?" sandy asked us. "Waiting for your sexy ass. " Jared stated mater of factly. Sandy liked to be called sexy and smiled as she climbed the rest of the way into the tree fort. I pulled up the ladder as she grabbed Jared's cock and said, "Why are you so wet?" "Brett's been sucking my cock." "And why is Brett's cock so wet?" as she grabbed my cock and started stroking both of us.


"Because I've been sucking his cock, too" Jared said. "You guys have been sucking each other off? I have got to see this!" Sandy said wide eyed. "Only if you take off all your clothes first." I stated.

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She was a flurry of activity as she nearly ripped her clothes off and threw them all around. We had never seen her naked before and have never seen her pussy.

She was so sexy and her pussy was already wet and running down her thighs. Jared inhaled my dick as Sandy looked on. She started fingering herself as she watched us. I reached over and played with her tits.

She reached up with her pussy soaked hands and rubbed her wetness over her nipples and squeezed them, moaning the whole time. I absolutely loved sucking her nipples but I was a little leery of her pussy juices until Jared's finger slid into my ass.

"Oh, Jared, that feels so fucking good!" Sandy grabbed Jared's cock and started stroking him with her pussy soaked hand. "Suck my nipples, Brett!!" I licked her pussy juice off her nipples and loved it! I started sucking for all I was worth. Sandy moaned with approval.