This amazing latina milf loves to fuck black dick

This amazing latina milf loves to fuck black dick
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Not content with what was available, I wrote this with parts of all stories I collected to create as. Because my output slowed down over the last year and it was taking too long to finish (over 15 years), I planned to wrap it all up but recently lost my files before I could finish. Manage to retrieve this as last updated in over 18 months ago but it was too much work to do this again so call it a day and publish it as it is.

Apologize for the errors but feel free to complete it as your own version. --- The noise of the crash had caught the attention of Clint Hayes and his dog King as they were crossing a nearby creek. They made their way in the direction the noise had come from to see what had happened. Clint lived in a cabin with his dog just across the next small mountain. He was a decorated Gulf War Veteran who had come home from the war to find his wife of 10 years had been cheating on him for the lead singer in an up and coming rock band several years ago.

In the confrontation that followed; he had punched them which had led to his arrest. They then had a messy divorce and he pulled up stakes and bought the cabin and a few acres out here in the middle of nowhere. The cabin had no electricity. He made a living operating heavy machinery at a paper mill over near the river. Even though he was relatively young, in his 30's, he did miss female company but preferred "Rosie Palm and her five sisters" to developing a relationship.

King arrived first at the smoldering car and was sniffing at the driver's side door. Clint jerked the door wide open and leaned down to check the occupant. Then he looked at her. The woman was still breathing homemade bdsm fuck localbdsm co nr tube porn didn't look good.

Her breath came in ragged gasps and he could hear a kind of gurgling sound in her chest.


She seemed to be unconscious but her body was twisting on the ground and moved when he touched her. Her lovely pale blue eyes are also open and just stared blankly back at him gazing in painful amazement. Abigail's mouth is slightly open with her lips parted, exposing a portion of her front teeth. Abigail and Harry never met until now. He stared momentarily at the young woman who was held upright by her seat belt, her face turned to the side.

Her breasts pressed pleasingly against the silk blouse which had been unbuttoned just enough to show some cleavage. You fingers itch to touch them, to pinch them, and to caress her pliant breasts. She sat there with her skirt and half-slip ridden way above the top of her crotch and Clint could see all of her panties and nylon sheer stocking clad legs and had a look up her dress as well as her pubic hair through the lace of the panties.

He also noticed Abigail's urine leaking from her lace panties and running under her toward the back of the seat. There was a tinge of blood pooling at the right corner of her mouth and dribbled down her chin. He spoke to her but received no reply. I figured I should at least check for a heartbeat.

Clint thought she was asleep and checked for a pulse but found none. Then he touched her face and she felt cool to him and her head lolled over to one side, loose and unnatural on her neck.

Abigail's beautiful blue eyes were open in a death stare into space. Unsnapping her seat-belt; he lifted Abigail's body. Pausing to look; he noted the large yellow wet spots on the carpet underneath. He carried the leggy corpse over to a nearby clear spot and checked for a pulse again.

Danny reached over and touched her and attempted to find a pulse in her arm and then her neck. No pulse. No heartbeat. Pressing my ear against her left breast, I listened for a heartbeat.

She had no pulse. My hand was trembling when I slid it over her heart, feeling the now cool, soft breast underneath. I pushed down hard on her chest above where I though her heart was, wishing I had learned how to do CPR properly. Her soft breasts flopped obscenely as I pushed down rhythmically on her chest. I continued for several minutes, but she remained still and lifeless. I fell back on the sand, exhausted and saddened that I could not save her.

Suddenly he realized she was certainly and irrevocably dead. It was much the sadder because she was so young and pretty, even in death. Had Abigail still been alive she would have seen a gruff-looking person approaching from the forest below. A thin guy with wind blown hair and a full beard, dressed in military camo and looking like a war-reject.

He knew that a guy like him could never have a gorgeous girl like her. As I looked down on her, my frustration and sadness began to be replaced by another emotion. I noticed my cock stiffening inside my shorts as I took a long slow look carefully at the lifeless form of this young girl that was breathing and laughing and living just minutes before.

She was quite beautiful. Her mouth gaped slightly open in a silent scream of agony, gasping for air that would never come and she seemed to have an expression of mild surprise, with her pale blue eyes staring tightly in pain, unfocused, off into the distance somewhere and her face still wet with tears, and it was clear she had suffered greatly in her final moments.

She was dead. He now looked her over more. I ran my hand through her flowing golden bigtits girl cum a lot with toys, which felt like silk, and down her waxen face. There was clotting blood on the left side of her head where she had banged it on the window.

He also noted blood dripping from her left nostril and the left corner of her mouth. No other visible wounds though. She was a looker; what a shame that someone as beautiful as her had lost their life here. God, he old lady sex old ma, she's got great long shapely legs, the legs of a dancer, he couldn't believe he was this attracted to a dead woman; but living out in the wilderness had taken its toll.

He hadn't seen a woman this beautiful in a long time. His ex-wife had been attractive but this one put her to shame. This one wouldn't object to anything that was done to her now. What a perfect lover! You plant a quick kiss on her red lips. Suddenly Clint decided he was going to take her back to his cabin. He retrieved her purse from the car and then hoisted and slung Abigail's lovely corpse over his left shoulder like a sack of potatoes.

Her purse was black and shiny, just like her shoes, and the strap was a thin metal chain. With King in the lead; he made his way back down to the creek and walked in it a ways before heading up the mountain toward his cabin. After stopping several times to rest; he came over the last little hill above the cabin. It was nestled in a deep forest surrounded by giant evergreens with a creek running nearby. Clint had rigged up a hand pump in the cabin so he didn't have to go down to the creek to have water.

Clint entered the front door and placed his rifle in the corner. He carried her up the stairs and through into the main room where He walked over near the bed and lay Abigail's lovely corpse on a large wooden chair.

Now to clean her up a little he thought. After filling a washpan with water; Clint began to gently wash the blood from the side of Abigail's face, the corners of her mouth and her left nostril. Once that was done; he washed and cleaned the blood from her hair and dried her face and hair as much as possible. Those sightless eyes kept looking straight at me, like they were still full of life, asking me what happened.

I sat next to her now, lifted her up and draped Abigail over my lap as though she and I were fooling around. I got her head against my shoulder as though we were necking. I put my arms around her and pulled her cold, limp body to me.

My lips began to nibble on Abigail's left ear, then kiss her cheek as my right hand caressed her right breast through the sweater. I kissed her cold slightly parted lips, then gently pulled her chin down, and kissed her over and over again, one hand behind her head holding it from flopping back. I don't know how, but it kept getting better. I stayed that way for a while, embracing poor, cold, dead Abigail. Funny thing you know, Abigail, even cold and dead, was very exciting. I felt myself becoming aroused and then very aroused by this naked stiff in my arms.

Well, at that stage she wasn't actually stiff, just cold and floppy. I felt uncomfortable, but good, with an erection and the cause of it, laying against me, quite, quite dead. After a few minutes of kissing; I began to massage her breasts through her sweater and slowly pulled it up to reveal them. My hands caressed her cold dead tits and I kissed and sucked on the nipples.

My dick was getting uncomfortable in my pants so I let it out and clamped Abigail's stiffening fingers around my erect rod. Time to move on to other things. Without even thinking, my other hand slipped under her white shirt, and reached around to her back to unhook the bra. My hand slid up her thigh while I kissed her everywhere. Her long brown hair hung in her face. I put her arm around my neck. Still, an opportunity like this doesn't often come along.

I sat her on the edge of the couch. With King watching intently; Clint turned down the covers on the bed and then gently scooped up Abigail's corpse and carried it to the bed. I moved in back of her, put my arms around her and under her arms, and dragged her to the side of the couch. Her spiked heels made lines in the carpet as I dragged her. I stood her up and leaned her over the arm rest, leaving her shapely rear end in the air. She looked incredibly hot on the sofa with her beautiful brown eyes closed and her head slumped to the side.

He arranged the pillow under her head and kissed her cold unfeeling lips. Damn; she was sexy! He removed the watch, rings, cross-necklace and pierced diamond earrings and placed on the shelf.


As Clint got more curious, he stood up and looked at her face. Her skin felt cold and tight to his touch. Clint raised Abigail up from the pillow and began to remove her Blazer, and her ribbon tie first. Then he started to unbutton her white blouse, pulling one arm out of the sleeve, and then the other.

One by one he undid every button and also unhooked and unzipped her gray skirt and grabs hold of the waistband and pulls down with all his might. The skirt soon moves free of her hips and Clint is able to pull it down over her ass and legs and off at her feet, tossing it into the front seat of the car. His fingers grasped the half-slip underneath and slowly pulled them off Lynette's shapely hips and down her legs.

Carl could feel the wet spot on the back of the skirt and half-slip as he lifted her high-heeled shoes to pull the garments past her feet. He took his time, frequently stopping to admire her lovely female parts in their final hours.

She smelled so good as I sat her up and removed her jacket and then the white lacy blouse underneath as well, and then he stood back and tossed the clothes aside on the floor. Abigail was wearing a pink lacy bra and panties set. They eight horny lezzies pleasure their wet pussies tube porn fairly skimpy and had a glossy sheen and the bra pushed her breasts up and together. Still holding her upright; he removed the camisole.

Cradling her head on my shoulder; I reached around and unsnapped the back catch of her lace bra and those big magnificent tits sprang free and slowly lowered her back to the pillow. Grabbing the unsnapped bra between the cups; the fabric in two was easily removed revealing her firm pale 34C tits with aerobes the size of quarters. Pausing with her C cup lace bra he held it to his face and took a deep breath. "Mmm, small but nice," he thought looking over the still form on the floor.

"Too bad, she looked like a lady with real class." You grasp them gently with your hands and you feel your penis tingle with delight. You suck each excited nipple for a few minutes before I again paused to kiss the cooling mammary glands and grabbed each nipple and pinched them hard. I spread her legs and knelt between them, kissing and rubbing, rubbing and kissing. I tried to spend equal time with each nipple, like it would make a difference to her.

I took off her bra, and then put her shirt back on. I liked the look. Shirt unbuttoned, half covering each breast, and no bra. Hot. Her breasts were now in the open and available, peculiar lezzies fill up their enormous asses with cream and splash it out I kissed them for a long time.

Now for the final unveiling! Clint grabbed the waist band of the damp panties and slowly pulled them down revealing Abigail's dead yet still inviting dark blonde bush. Her dark, neatly-timmed pussy hair framed her lifeless vagina. He pressed the panties to his nose and could smell the combination of perfume, body musk and piss. I could barely contain myself while His big dick was getting mighty uncomfortable inside his shorts so he began to take off his clothes.

Once his boots, pants and shirt were removed; he removed his shorts and placed them on the bedpost. Crawling onto the bed; Clint spread Abigail's knees wide apart to have a good look at her pussy.

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He could smell the same fragrances as with the panties. It was a real turn-on for him. He pressed his tongue to the open slit and began to lick it. Soon his tongue was exploring further and further inside of the dead cunthole.

It was cool and clammy but delicious so he continued until his saliva was dripping from Abigail's luscious hole.

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His finger replaced his mouth and tongue as he stroked it in and out of his necro-lover. You and I thrust deep as your cock erupts.His tempo continued to increase until he could hold back no longer. Now naked with his, Clint crawls up between Abigail's spread legs and immediately enters her. Abigail's body is still warm and moist and his penis grows even larger and harder inside her. her ass felt great on me. Ron crawled up on the young coed and positioned his dick just touching the inner lips.

He slowly entered the young woman's corpse until he was fully inserted and began to slowly but gently stroke in and out. His hands savored Abigail's body as if she was alive.

Clint couldn't wait any longer; he had to fuck her with his steel rod hard penis. Crawling between Abigail's long shapely legs; he lowered himself until his erect organ was at the entrance to Abigail's lubed love hole. Slowly it slid in between the lips until, only partially inserted. Clint couldn't believe it; this beautiful young woman was not a virgin; she had only had intercourse on two other occasions in her young life. so he partially withdrew his erect dick and then rammed it in as hard as he could.

This time it hit bottom and he began to stroke it in and out of the cool dead pussy. It felt horny girl was taken in butthole nuthouse for uninhibited therapy good as he fucked it; it had been too long since he had a woman.

That was much better. After awhile he was actually starting to feel it getting warmer or so he thought. As he pumped; his hands alternately rubbing her lovely stocking clad thighs and luscious breasts. Oh, Heaven! In that moment I knew that my lust wasn't a curse, as I had often thought, but rather a gift from God.

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Her pussy was so tight, the sensation of her flesh against mine so perfect, that I often wish I could just live my entire life in that moment. I fucked her like that for probably five minutes, thoroughly enrapt. His dick was getting that tingling feeling and soon he could hold back no longer.

He felt the ecstasy as his rod exploded inside Abigail and shot wave after of hot cum into her beautiful corpse. Spent; he slid off and lay down beside the body and played with her sticky pussy. He had the perfect lover. No complaining, bitching and no running away with other men.

Speaking of other men; he wondered if there had been a man in Abigail's life. If there was; that man certainly had lost a treasure. Clint got up and retrieved Abigail's purse from the chair, opened returned and dumped its contents on the bed, and found what you might expect a girl like her would have. He was curious as to what her name was. After all, they had been through a lot together, he at least wanted to know her name.

Makeup, lipstick, a small spray bottle of perfume, a few credit cards, and much to his surprise a packet of condoms, ribbed for extra pleasure.

He smiled slightly as he saw that. Opening the wallet; he counted sixty-five dollars in bills and a dollar seventy three cents in change. Opening the top drawer of the small table beside the bed; he placed the money inside an old shoe box. This young lady had no need for money now. Continuing to look through the wallet; he found a drivers' license and read it. Her name was Abigail Elizabeth Miller and noted from the birth date; that which couple cums faster cunnilingus small tits would have been 22 in a couple of months.

Next he came across a picture of Abigail smiling in the arms of a handsome young man. So she did have a man in her life. Clint rifled through the credit cards and other items but found nothing of real value to him that he could use and dumped the items back into the purse. He looked at the ring on Abigail's finger but decided it wasn't really valuable to him and left it on. He decided that he wanted to fuck her tight little asshole.

Clint rolled the corpse over on her stomach so she was lying face down and admired her firm tanned butt. She had only the tiniest of a bikini tan line. What a nice ass! His hands rubbed the cheeks and his fingers found their way down into the crack and eventually to her asshole.

He remembered one of his girlfriends in high school who loved taking it up her ass. His ex-wife never cared for it though. He pressed his finger against the tight hole and up inside Abigail's rectum and began to work the finger around to loosen her up further.

His dick was getting very hard again as he pumped his finger in and out. After awhile he got two fingers inside and her asshole really began to loosen up. It was time to give his dick a try. He grabbed a pillow and rolled Abigail over on her side, placed the pillow and rolled her on to the pillow so that her ass was somewhat elevated. He grabbed a jar of Vaseline and lubed his cock heavily.

Putting a gob on his finger, he stuck it in her asshole. He spread her sexy legs wide apart and crawled between them and lined his big hard rod up with her asshole. She was still too tight so he jammed more lube in her hole and thrust several fingers in. By stretching it out as hard as he could, the hole finally opened enough for his cock and he knelt between her legs. Using two fingers of each hand, he pulled the dead blond's asshole far enough apart for his cock to enter.

He squeezed it in between his fingers and then let go. The tiny hole closed back up and squeezed his cock harder than anything he had ever felt. Her ass actually milked his cock as he thrust it back and forth. It took several hard thrusts to fully bury his rod in her ass. He slapped her tan cheeks and gazed at her floating hair as he ravaged her asshole. Clint kissed her cool back and neck as he stroked his dick in and out.

She was exquisite and all his. It was starting to get that tingly feeling. His groin beat against her cold ass as he thrust back and forth until he finally shot his sperm deep in her bowels. His tempo increased let see how keiran almost choked jacklyn with his huge cock missionary fantasies soon afterward he shot his load into her ass.

He withdrew and again lay down beside of Abigail. He rolled her over on her back and passionately kissed her pale lips. Clint was suddenly aware of King touching his hand. He had dozed off and it was starting to get dark outside. Clint left the bed and put his clothes on.

He had chores to do before supper. King led the way as he went outside the cabin. After the chores were finished; they returned and Clint prepared supper for both of them.

With the meal finished; King lay down over at the fireplace and his master removed his clothes and crawled into bed and pulled the covers over himself and his lovely dead lover. His arms held her tight as he slept soundly.

He awoke the next morning to the sound of King scratching at the door. Removing his arms from Abigail; Clint crawled out of bed and went over to open the door and then put some wood on the fire. He picked up Abigail and laid her on a large bear skin in front of the fireplace. She looked really sexy lying there and Clint had to have some more pussy. He dropped between her long sexy legs and began pounding his hard rod into her cold sticky cunt.

A wave of pleasure came over him again as his dick erupted into her again. He lay on top her savoring the moment and then withdrew and got dressed. It was now time to fix some breakfast. King was at the door scratching and howling and his master let him in and closed the door. King walked over sniffing at Abigail's corpse as Clint continued preparing the food. Hearing a noise behind him caused Clint to turn around. He couldn't believe it; even the dog wanted her. King was latched on tight to Abigail's stocking clad thigh and hunching like there would be no tomorrow.

Clint walked over and kicked him square in the rump dislodging him from the thigh and took him outside with his plate of breakfast and returned inside, closed and latched the door. He gazed at Abigail's lovely body as he finished off his breakfast. After breakfast; Clint strolled over and lay down beside Abigail on the Bear skin.

He caressed her cold stiffening body and held her close. Over the course of the day and into the night; he kissed and caressed every inch of Abigail's luscious body.

She had a sexy little black mole on the inside of her left thigh. He marveled at her feminine curves. She had more curves than forty miles of bad road and he knew every one of them. About midnight he got up and carried her body to the bed and covered it. He let King back in and noticed that a light snow was falling. Clint closed and locked the door, removed his clothes and crawled into bed with Abigail for he knew would be his last night with her.

He placed his hand on her left breast and positioned her cold stiffening right hand over his dick and drifted off to sleep.

His sound sleep was awakened the next morning by the daily ritual of King howling and scratching at the door. Clint removed Abigail's cold hand from his dick; got up and dressed and opened the door. King darted out into a light dusting of snow. Clint proceeded to fix breakfast and sat down to eat.

Sleeping moms sex son sex stories moves thoughts returned to Abigail. As he ate breakfast, he tried to decide what to do with her.

How long could he keep her? Should he take her back to the lake? Should he buy a freezer and keep her in it, taking her out from time to time?

Should he cut off her hair and keep it as a souvenir and dispose of the body? Could he get a book on taxidermy and try to stuff her? Decisions, decisions. He would have to decide something. He'd like to keep her for a while longer but that wasn't going to be possible.

She was starting to look and smell a little stale already. He had to decide what he was going to do with her sexy corpse. Clint retrieved Abigail's clothes, I replaced her Lacy panties over the feet, shapely long tanned legs and luscious thighs until they were in place. I placed the Matching black lace bra on her small breasts and then lifted the body sakura hirota sucks cock while casting for porn fasten it behind and then adjusted each breast in its cup.

My fingers continued to fondle them as I dressed her. He lifted Abigail's body placed the sleeves of the white lacy blouse over the hands and onto the arms and fastened them in place. He placing the short skirt on around her body tucking it neatly behind on each side as well as adjusting the waistband and the hem that was several inches above the knees.

You now turn the luscious corpse over on her stomach to fasten it behind. He pulled out the light gray wool business suit shifted the sleeves of the jacket over the hands and onto the arms as necessary to arrange them neatly until they were in place before buttoning the long row of buttons in front.

Time to move the body. She wasn't any lighter and getting stiff with rigor she was harder to manipulate. He picked her up and carried Abigail back, unresisting, down the stairs to her open silver car. It took every ounce of strength Clint had to drag her across the floor and arranged her corpse inside with her head on the seat.

Folding her long legs in was no easy task and he wiped his brow when he finally managed to close the lid. Looking down at her he stopped for a moment, he smiled, leaned over gently and kissed her cold lips once more "Thanks for the good fuck baby," he said then composed her features and closed her eyelids shut. Helpless, spread eagle on her car, cold and all alone; She continued to smile back at him with the same perverted smile she had worn when she died.

Then he turned and made his way back to the cabin one last time with King by his side. Pausing for a moment he looked out into the night, ears and eyes straining for anything out of the ordinary, then he was gone.