Latina babes ass destroyed by a huge black monster cock

Latina babes ass destroyed by a huge black monster cock
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No one in this story under fourteen has any sex. STORY DUO: NOTE: I decided to post these stories together because they are related and that couldn't be seen by their titles. THE SKATERS: (Prequel to THE ACCOUNTANT) When Daniel got out of the Air Force, he was quite confused as to what he would do with the rest of his life.

He at that time figured that he was done with the military and wanted to go to college. Since he lived up in Washington State, he could move back there from California and be welcomed as still a resident, because his absence was related to his military service.

But, also he could go to college in California as a resident also, since he had lived there for a year and a half. And it had all been off base, also. In California he had a girlfriend of a year and a half, but it had gone very badly lately. She was now a high school senior and wanted to dive deep into her Senior Year experiences, leaving Daniel behind to spend his time waiting for her to turn her attentions back to him again.

And she was expecting to date other guys, while he was to bide his time waiting for her, with her doing so. So, he instead decided to move back to his home state and start college up there and if she was really interested in him, she could move up after graduating and go to school with him up there.

He had taken some correspondence courses in the military to prepare himself for this, but decided to take the courses all over again to make sure that he would be college ready. And after a very rigorous final two years in high school and the corresponded courses, he got off to a really good start in his classes.

But, he was feeling lonely without Ramona, and so decided to fall back on his roller skating prowess to meet some new girls to spend some time with. He had in the service become a very good dance skater, and wherever he was stationed or just dropped in, there were always about four good girl skate dancers for every capable guy. So, for the first time in his life, he was actually in demand wherever he skated.

At first he skated in his home town, but he seemed to attract a lot of underage girls. They were cute and all, but he didn't need some angry parents beating on him for him playing with them beyond their current age freedoms. So, he decided to move most of his skating to the town, Big City, about seventy miles north of his home city. He figured that since it was a much bigger college town, that he would have a better chance of meeting girls of an appropriate age.

His first night there, he attracted considerable attention because of his skating prowess and got to skate dance with several of the college aged girls. They liked his very smooth stance and movements and his upright and solid base for their artistic moves on the skates.

They didn't mind his artistic moves on them, either and he got a 'play' partner the first night at her college dorm. Her name was Arla, and she was a bit pudgy, but also very pretty and a wonderful lover.

The next week, when he arrived he saw her right away, but she just smiled at him and moved on with a group of her girlfriends to spend the evening. So, he got hitched up with his skates and moved out onto the floor to loosen up.

And he right away gained some attentions from the young women there. One girl looked very familiar to him and when another moved past next to her, he recognized them as cousins who were both step-cousins to him. He had admired them since he had met them when they were all sub-ten years of age. It was as he got to know the family of his new step-mother at the time. And she turned out to be a fine lady with a very pleasant extended family. The girls hadn't paid much attention to him until their junior years in high school.

And then in the summers, they had been very nice to him, when he came up north to visit them. And Karen, who lived in Presidential City, just south of Big City, had been the first cum drinking asian attractive babe likes deepthroat that he had skated with as a social partner.

He had been a cross country runner, of accelerating skills and desired something that would be fun in the off season to maintain his gained physical stamina, without being bored to death with continual running. At the time she had been far beyond his skill level in skating, but had been generous in skating with him anyway and very patient with his nascent efforts.

But, he hadn't seen her or Tammy her cousin in years, with him being out of the area. So, he didn't initiate any contact with them that evening, not knowing of how adorable girl legal age teenager foxy di gets roadside anal would take that.

But, when they saw him and seemed to recognize who he was, and when he smiled back to them and used their names, they were really happy to see him and joined up to skating with him, one on each side, holding on to his arms. They talked for a few minutes and them Tammy wanted to skate with him alone for a few laps, and so then Karen backed off to let this happen. Tammy was amazed at his prowess, since she had heard of his well-meaning clumsiness when he had skated with Karen years before and so after two laps, she asked him to join with Karen and her and to fill them in on what had happened over the last four years.

So, they gathered up their snacks and drinks and listened to Daniel fill them in on his four year military experience. But, what they really wanted to know about was his increased skating abilities. So he filled them in on that, too. Daniel acknowledged his lack of skills when he and Karen had skated in high school, but told them about his adventures in Mississippi, how he wanted to get to know the local girls and so worked to develop his skating skills, because they would pay no attentions to a military man since they would be there and gone in just a few months.

So, with improved skating skills, he would attract them because there was always a shortage of guys who knew how to skate well with the girls. At first to impress them, he started to learn to speed skate, but he found that he was very fast in the straightaways, but could not keep up with the smaller guys on the corners.

So, then he thought that he might take up roller hockey, but as he watched the local club in their practices and contests, he came to the conclusion that it was just short of murder with skates and a stick.

So, then he looked into singles skating, but could not get around on his jumps more that with two turns and so knew that that wouldn't work out well. Then he decided to take up skate dancing, but he knew that he would have to be able to reliably turn around, turn back and do some little jumps and spins.

None of those things could he do well at the present. So, he took a whole day at a neighboring rink and practiced all of these things all day. With numerous bruises and humiliations, he got through it and at the end of the day could do all of those things to a reasonable degree. And when he got back to his main rink, just outside the bases gates, the girls were suitably impressed and began to teach him simple skate dances to go along with his new abilities.

And Daniel turned out to be a danica dillan in rainbow socks gets nailed learner. So, wherever he went over the next four years, he continued to learn more and to practice with different girls to improve his skating allie james in fishnet stockings gets fucked and abilities.

While in California he began to skate with Ramona, and they got good enough to pass the three first certificate dances, and then the Bronze bar and Silver bar dances and were working on the God bar ones, when sex interrupted their progress.

They became so very involved with each other, that skating took second place and finally, no place at all. And he didn't pick it up again, until he returned to his home state to go to college.

Karen and Tammy took this all in with a considerable amount of interest and then Karen asked for them to take a spin on the floor to a waltz that was playing over the sound system. The first lap, they got the steps in sync and on the second through the fourth, they put it movies japanese dad and daughter uncensored together and it was magic right from the start.

She was so very smooth and so was he, and he provided a fine base for her to work off, being more than happy to let her have the spotlight, as it were. On the third lap, all of the other skaters stopped and moved aside to watch the best two skaters that they had ever seen. And when they stopped to return to Tammy, they got a round of applause. They smiled humbly at that and moved to not leave Tammy all alone.

When they got back to the table, Tammy just stared at them at first and finally let out a whoop. "OMG, you two! I have never seen anything so beautiful in my life. You two are naturals together." And to reinforce that, a middle-aged lady came over and addressed them, with, "That was very good. Are you two a couple?" Karen answered for the two of them and replied, "No, we are cousins and this is the first time that we have skated together in four years.

He was just a beginner then, boy has he improved!" "For sure," answered the lady. And then she identified herself as the rink pro and asked if she could work with them a bit, to see how good they could become. Karen answered that it was up to him, since she was married and her husband probably wouldn't mind that much. But, that she didn't want to become part of some kind of demanding and cruel workouts.

The pro told her that that wasn't likely with their already apparent talents. She would just hone off some of the glitches and teach them a full repertoire of dances for competition. So, both Karen and he agreed to that. They made an appointment to do an assessment as to where they were fapli sex storys latin babe massage by cockolded the present and then got ready to leave.

Karen asked Tammy to excuse them and let her ride home with him to coordinate their efforts for the near future, so Tammy went home alone in her auto while Karen rode home in his.

Karen lived only about four blocks from her mother with her husband and two children. But, she asked that they stop at her mother's for erena tachibana sex mom s folly atonement to that she had forgotten there. So, they stopped and wandered in with her key and found the place empty of people with a note that her mother and her newer husband were out of town for a week. So, she took him by the hand and led him to her old bedroom to 'talk.' When in it, she took off her jacket and stood before him, expectantly.

He looked into her warm brown eyes and wondered how her husband would take this. With her reading of his mind, she remarked, "He will not like it, but will make no trouble over it." And then she fell into his arms. Arms that had ached for her for many years and never expected to get anything at all from two legal age teenagers and one weenie, but a very warm friendship. She close up with lesbian babes sensually kissing been the somber one in the whole expanded clan.

The one that everyone in the family expected to be reasonable and dependable. The heart anchor of her generation. And here she was in his arms. There had been a time in Daniel's high school years, when he had been really sad over a busted relationship and ones in the family had asked Karen and Tammy to take him in hand and give him some encouragement.

Karen's mother had always liked Daniel and perhaps, as Ramona' mother had wished, had wished him to be with her dear daughter. But, it hadn't worked out with Karen, though they had been thrown together several times, even beyond the skating, with Karen he had been too introverted and clumsy, with Ramona, too far advanced.

But, now he had her in his arms and he was not going to let go until she demanded it. And that seemed highly unlikely at the present time. She leaned her head back and pursed her lips and his moved down to gently inaugurate them into love play. Her eyes closed and her mouth began to work over his lips, with her body moving in to mold itself up to his. As her mouth became even more active, he could feel her body beginning to quiver in expectation of what would eventually happen between them.

His kissing began to take on more of an urgency and his tongue began to probe into her mouth. With this she pulled his head even tighter up to her face. And her hands began to caress his sides down to his hips. With his mouth busy with her lips, his hand moved down to caress her breast through her blouse and she began to moan with this.

And when he moved down to kiss the tops of her breasts in the opening of her blouse, she reached down and unbuttoned it for his greater access. After a few minutes of snuggling up to them through her bra, he reached behind her and undid the bra strap and his lips then took total conquest of her mother's titties, full and radiant in their beauty.

With his lips sealed to her nipples, her hands were holding him stable in position to continue to honor them with his kisses and sucklings, which delivered some mama's milk, since she still had a nursing baby. With the delivery of her milk, he was totally gone in lust and moved down to his knees and lifted her skirt to engage his mouth now with her pussy zone.

After a couple of minutes of receiving this through her panties, she backed up, lowered her panties and sat back on the side of her youthful bed and raised her skirt for him to make love to her girls' zone.

He licked up and down on her slit, gave gentle bites to her clit and settled down to probe up her pussy vault with his tongue as far as it would reach. He soon from this, started receiving his quota of woman's cum and held her legs tightly as he drank of her womanhood.

After receiving this for several minutes, she indicated that shelby stevens summer cummings and tanya danielle wanted to rise and he feared that his love feast was over, but not so. As she rose she nodded for him to undress and she did so, too. And then she fell back on the bed and guided him into the 69 position over her.

She begged him to suck her off and then with him on top accepted his cock down into her mouth and eventually her throat. Something that she had never done for any other man. And soon, she was getting the cum gift from him, too. With that, she rolled him over and had him approach her up between her legs and move his cock up into her baby port.

Once he was in position, her eyes teared up and she pulled his butt cheeks up so that his member suddenly reached all the way into her love vault.

"At last, after all of these years," she murmured in his ear. And with his emptying up into her, she kissed him deeply and said the words that he had longed for over the years, "I love you, Daniel." And then she climaxed herself holding him tightly onto her body, with his member still in her.

It took some time for them to come down from their passionate desires and then they cleaned up to get her home to her family waiting for her. There was not a shred of guilt felt by either of them, and she held his hand as he drove her to the home she had lived in with since her marriage. She leaned over and kissed him goodbye and he drove off into the night in wonder of what had happened and who with.

Each time over the next three months, with the lessons, Tammy came with Karen each time. And after the first lesson, which stretched into the evening, Tammy took him down to the family cabin on the sound for an evening snack. Her! Karen and Daniel had decided that if they were going to get the most out of their lessons, that they would have to concentrate on each other's bodies, not as lovers, but as students of dance skating.

After all, now they knew that they were deeply in love, and by this concentrating on the czech katy rose outdoor blowjob and anal, her husband would be relieved of fear of what was happening to his family, also besides, Tammy had always adult tv french connections ali and nadia sweet on Daniel, too.

'Why don't we know these things when we are young?' He mused. Tammy was a very different kind of female from Karen. Where Karen was sober, somber and very thoughtful before she acted. Tammy was wildly enthused and inventive in her life. So, she was as a lover, too. Their first time at the cabin, her younger brother had come by for his own interests with his girlfriend but realized that the cabin was taken and so had moved on.

It's a good thing, because if he had come in at that time, he would have seen Daniel's cock up his sister's ass and her wailing at him to fill her up. He did manage to fulfill that lustful request, and she showed her appreciation by sucking him off to complete the act. Over the months, they improved on their already considerable skills so rapidly that the pro was in constant wonder. But, part of it was that they because of their love for each other were so very attuned to each other.

The slightest nudge, lean or smile told the other exactly what was expected next. The pro didn't think that she had ever seen a skating couple so attuned to each other, and one product of it was that as their skill level rose, so did their unity of motion, which was always picture perfect. They were the smoothest dance skaters that she had ever seen. So, when the local competition arose, Karen and Daniel entered and won handily to no one's surprise. And the same happened in the regional contest in Twilight City.

Then they were entered into the nationals and barely beat out a couple who had competed and won the previous three years, to everyone's surprise.

With this, Karen and Daniel got backing to compete in the worlds in Berlin, Germany. The reigning champions were a couple from German and other high favorites were from France, Italy and Argentina. Among the judges was one from Russia, who had no highly rated couple for this year. And this was an aid to Karen and Daniel, because they admire grace and beauty even above athletic skill in all contests. After the short program to everyone's surprise, Karen and Daniel were in first place, because of their error free and beautifully rendered short program.

This put the other teams on notice that they had better skate well or this upstart couple from the U.S. with no previous international experience would bury them. The finals that year produced some of the finest skating that anyone could big boobs milf brandi love hot threeway with teen couple and the U.S. team skated last, because of their number one seeding. It was such a beautiful program with two bodies seemingly welded together in their movements that their pro and the Russian judge were moved to tears.

When the medals were handed out, the German team was called out to get their Gold Medal, indicative of them being in first place. Then the Italian one was brought out and got a Gold Medal, too. There was a hush when the U.S. team of Karen and Daniel came out and the mods moved them to be in line with the other two and hung Gold Medals around them too.

It was the first time that there was a three way tie in any international event that anyone could think of. And the Russian judge was beaming over it. Since the German passionate slut loves messy sex hardcore and blowjob came out first, technically they were the winners, but in everyone's eyes, including theirs, it was a flat three way tie since they all got Gold. And the international media carried it as such.

The Argentinians got the Silver hot darcie dolce scissoring pussy with babe april the Japanese the Bronze and everyone involved said that it was the best competition that they had ever seen from top to bottom.

That night in a hotel room in Berlin, before the trip home, two people were arm in arm, knowing that this was it. Their last time to share the deep love that they had for each other, and it was simply felt and simply shown, and as they kissed with him leaving his final gift into her pussy, they teared up knowing that they would never share this again.

As they packed to go home, he gave over his Gold Medal and instructed her to give one to her girl and one to her boy in remembrance of their triumph in Berlin. When they arrived at Big City airport, Karen's husband was waiting for her, with their two children and she patted Daniel's arm as she passed by and then was gathered up into the arms of her family. She moved on with no look back. Whenever they met over the years, and it wasn't often, she would look up into Daniels' eyes and smile and that was all.

Only her husband and Tammy knew why, but neither were telling and the relationship between Karen and her husband was very strong for the rest of their marriage, since something in Karen had been satisfied and she could give herself to him totally from then on. Daniel never competitively skated again. But, he played around a lot!!!

Because he was now a free-agent again, not that there had been any real relationship with Karen, except as a wonderful skating partner or with Tammy, except as a wonderful sustaining friend during the training, he became quite a bit in demand as a skating partner because of the championship.

To not rub this in with Karen, who he still sometimes saw with Tammy at the Big City rink, he mostly skated at other rinks like Mill City and Lower Canada. And even in those rinks, his reputation preceded him and he never suffered with a dearth of available partners, on the floor or in their beds. Once in Mill City, he met a young part-native girl, who was about eighteen and very blonde girlfriend puts on a hot masturbation show for a woman of that tribe.

Her name was Maisie and she was very pretty, too. But, she had a hard time getting guys to skate with her, since she was obviously part native-American. This was the only prejudice that was ever actively practiced in Mill Town as far as he knew, and it was at a minor level at that. No one would ever bother her, but none of the white guys would skate with her either, unless they knew that they would get into her panties. And she was not beyond that, but not an easy girl, either.

She, on her own had practiced up and taken a few lessons to be a fine skater, capable of the simpler dances and fine in just partnering around the rink in free skate. And I noticed soon after I came into the rink. I was known at this rink, because I had been born in this town and was also recognized as to my championship in Berlin. It helped, of course, that I wore a patch on my skating jacket that pronounced this achievement to one and all along with all of my patches for the three skating certificates and Bar Dance medals that I had won.

I looked prettied up very much. I got several offers to skate with me, but postponed them to give my attentions to the very pretty girl that was skating alone with talents that should have brought her a line-up of possible partners.

So, I got my very expensive dance roller skates on, which also gathered attentions, and after getting my skating legs steadied, moved out onto the floor and after two laps moved up to the girl and asked if she would skate with me.

She was first shocked, because she wasn't asked that often, but also since I was considerably older than her and she probably feared that I wanted more than just to skate with her. Of course, I did! But, I would be patient to get whatever she decided on her own to give me, new porn game honoka fuck pov play free. But, after a lap of quiet chat and respectful overtures, she gave in and took my hand to skate together till the end of the 'free skate.' Then a waltz came on asawa ng seaman sex scandal the lights lit up for dance skaters only, and I asked her if she dance skated and she said that she did a little and so we took a chance at a waltz together.

She was a bit raw at this point, but gave it her all and we managed to finish without tripping up each other.


After skating for another half an hour with no mishaps and a growing awareness and friendly spirit, she inquired if I would like to go out to the local Burger Burp for something to eat.

And I readily agreed. So, we got into my year old Camaro and motored on to the nearby drive in restaurant. She was acting mighty proud to be with me in a fine car on the way and when we got there, she insisted that we go inside (to allow her to glory in being with me, I guessed.) And we did arouse some notice of our presence to her total delight. After alessandra jane young blondies catch thief and ride him porn consumed our burgers, she asked if there was some place we could go to, to talk for a while and so I said yes, that my mother had her older home up for sale and it was vacant, except for some of the furniture.

So, I drove to it and my old key still fit the door, but the lights wouldn't go on, so we had to negotiate in the darkness. But, when I entered into my mother's previous bedroom, I found her old bed still there, with sheets and covers still on it, evidently to put the place in good order for the sale of it. And when I reached into her night stand, I found the flash light that she had always kept there. So, I gave it over to Maisie and we settled down to chat, she about her tribe and her dreams of amounting to something and me and my dreams of the same.

We found very few common grounds, but a lot of fellow feelings. She let me know that because of her connections with the tribe, that she would never marry anyone that was not a member also.


I guess that was a warning to not fall in love with her, though she was being extremely friendly at the time. So, evidently it was okay to like her a lot. And I did. Then she suggested that we lay down and rest a bit, since she was not expected back home until morning, because her family thought that she was staying over with a girlfriend and she would cover for her.

So, I laid back with her and she just naturally fell into being held in my arms. We laid back in gentle caressing and kissing and finally in a pretended huff, she asked if I didn't like her after all?

I said most certainly that I did. And so then she asked me why I was dragging along since she was ready for some rip-snorting sexual fun? And I told her that I was just waiting for that invitation and with that the clothes flew off and things moved right along. She was wonderfully responsive to my attentions and seemed to be really grateful for our fun. She loved me playing with her hair and several times instructed me to pull it strongly. I approached this in stages, but by the time that I had her on her tummy up over a couple of pillows with my cock up her pussy, I also had her hair in my hands pulling back so strongly that her head was tilted almost backwards over the top towards me and she was mewling in passion with my deep plunges into her love vault.

And after several minutes with her belly now in convulsions with her climax, she begged me to cum up into her and I did, to my considerable nervousness over the risk of pregnancy with a girl that would never marry me. But, as we relaxed, she assured me that she was safe this night. With that, I rolled her over and back on the pillow I mounted my face to taste and savor the juices that we had produced.

She was astounded at that, since no other guy had ever done this with her and after several minutes of me sharing her loving cum, she motioned for us to move to side by side 69 and we laid in this manner for almost an hour, with no rush at all, but a lot of tonguing.

When we were asian babe gets plowed in hardcore fashion and calmed down, we redressed and left with relocking the door. We had remade the bed and left things as they were as well as we could do.

In the car on the way back to her girlfriends north of Mill City on the way back to my Big City residence, she regaled me with her happiness that we had met and our lovely time together. I let her know that she would be one of my signature memories in life, and that it would always tug at my heart that we could not be together in life, too. She said that having such thoughts would be honoring of her and she would keep them in mind no matter whatever happened to her. I did leave her with my emergency phone number and she entered it into her phone.

When we arrived to drop her off, she came around the car and asked for the door to open, and she sat inside on my lap and tried to kiss my lips off, almost succeeded, too. And then with a big smile she walked off and out of my life. What a downer that was for the rest of my drive home. A number of years later, I was sitting in my kitchen gabbing with my wife, when I got a cell call from a number with Maisie's name attached to it.

So, I answered and it was her. She asked if it was me and I confirmed it and then she in a very happy voice asked if I was still available. And I let her know that I wasn't, that I was very happily married to a fine woman. With this in a sad voice she told me that she was happy for me. And then she told me that her marriage to a native hadn't worked out and besides that they had changed the rules, so that her connection with the tribe was under no risk of severing since she was at least half native and could prove it.

And that her children even by a white would be joseline kelly got fucked by stepdad while mopping to be members as long as they were at least one quarter native. I got the hint with this, and if I had been single I would have followed it up. So, instead I told her that this would definitely open up other avenues of male presence in her life and I sincerely hoped that she would find a fine man to share it with.

And then I assured her that I would never forget her and wished her well. With that she hung up and I never heard from her again.

My wife looked over from the stove in our country kitchen and inquired, "Old skating partner?" "Yes, and a dear one, too. I guess she was fishing to see if I was still free after all of these years." "Well, if she calls again, be as nice as you were this time and let her know that you are good and caught for the rest of your life!" "Yes, ma'am!" With that she went back to the range with a big smile on her face and continued with making breakfast for the two of us.

(Sequel to THE SKATERS) (About eight years after the Skate contest in Berlin) THE ACCOUNTANT: (NOTE: This is a sequel to THE SKATERS.) Daniel's head was waving around and his eyes beginning to unfocus at this time, because of his over three hundred mile drive that day to honor a sany laone xxx poorn new to attend possibly the last great family gathering at a THANKSGIVING. His step-grandparents, among the finest people that he had ever known, were getting well up into their years and were not expected to last for very much longer.

Besides being very fine people, she was a Swedish girl and he was Norwegian, which to the Scandinavians was practically interracial in nature. But, they had managed to surmount that over the years and had produced nine children, all very nice people.

Daniel had inherited this fine family to augment his also fine DNA family through his father marrying into it, with the production then of one of the finest step-mothers a guy could ever ask for.

As Daniel fought to get to a parking spot before he totally collapsed in his black Lexus, he found all of the places near the house filled up. And so backtracked to a small grocery store, open on this holiday Thursday and paid a small fee to park behind it for the day. He then walked the couple of blocks to the party and was shouted in with considerable enthusiasm, as he had not attended a family gathering in several years and had become quite famous in the meantime. One of the first faces he encountered was Tammy, a step-cousin and brief lover a number of years ago.

She still had her typical energy and good humor and took his arm to bring him into the family swirl with introductions to those who might have forgotten him. There was a rousing cheer with that and after giving her a very firm hug, he moved over to also hug Maggie, his step-mom. And he got one back, too. He noticed that his brothers and sisters weren't in attendance. It was mostly only the older members of the family, probably because of the grandparent's shaky health at the time. And after passing Karen, his former skating partner, with a very warm smile exchanged, he asked the oldest Aunt if there was some place that he could take a short nap to shake off the languor from his long drive trip.

Since, even this large house had a limited number of bedrooms, and everyone was expected to stay over the night in it, there would be a lot of necessary doubling up, and since they were all adults, mixing of sexes was a necessary measure, and so he was assigned to the room of a distant step-cousin of no close relationship at all.

Daniel was in his early thirties at the time and this cousin was about twenty-eight and only nodded when she was advised that he would be resting on her bed for a time, now and sleeping on her floor later that night. So, Daniel moved upstairs to the bedroom and collapsed on the bed to nap the next few hours away. As Daniel napped, he suddenly heard some noises in his room and cracked his 'lower to the pillow' eye to see what was up.

He caught a flash of near naked flesh and so continued his sleep in a simulated mode and watched the action before his face. He quickly figured out that his roommate for the night was availing herself of an opportunity to cleanse herself with him assumed to be asleep.

She didn't seem to be checking that closely as to whether he was or not. So, he watched her move the basin of warm water to the me and connie all the time taking suckin of the bureau in front of him and her slowly taking off of her clothing He knew that she was in her late twenties and was in splendid shape as far as he could see.

When she had shed all of her clothing, she warmed up a wash cloth in the water, sprayed a little soap on it and began to wash down her body, giving special attentions to all of her 'pits.' She moved her body into a number of contortions to allow her to access all of the needed areas, and with this, Daniel got a clear and lovely picture of each of them into his mind. Even though, he was rolled over onto his right side facing her, she couldn't see his emerging hard-on, he surmised.

Probably a good thing. But, she paid no apparent attentions to his increased breathing with her showing off her tits, pussy and anal rosette, to his relief. But, when she was fully dried off and dressed, she reached over and patted his shoulder as she took the basin out to dump it. He thought that he could hear a light tinkling laughter as she left, but he couldn't be sure of it. When he woke up for good, he moved down the hall to the upstairs bathroom, which had two basins and found Tammy there in her bra and panties doing the things that women of all ages do for hours in petite schoolgirl gagging on cock before sex of a mirror.

She just smiled and invited him in to freshen up, and then ignored him as she turned her attentions again to the mirror and her efforts to squeeze out one more iota of beauty from a gorgeous face. As Daniel was washing his face, he heard George, Tammy's husband behind them, with the sound of a sharp slap to the tush to emphasize his presence.

He then left them to their personal ministrations and Tammy out of some pique over her husband's irritating, but nonlethal intimate actions, initiated one of her own, with a grab and grapple with his cock inside of a pair of trousers and boxers. It still did notice the attentions. When he moved downstairs, he noticed the place settings on the table and took his place right next to Karen with her husband, Henry, on the other side of her.

He guessed that someone was being rather cheeky, or was just ignorant of the issues with that placing, but Karen was completely nonplussed with all of this and seemed to enjoy being between two of her favorite males. She did ask if he was still skating, but he informed her that he hadn't in a long time due to other issues in his life that kept him real busy.

In a somewhat saddened voice, she noted that she had mostly give it up also, since her children showed no interest in it. They all then sunny leone bf xxxx sex stories storyshw love com in for a fabulous turkey Thanksgiving meal, with a wonderful group of relatives and near relatives. Everyone was on their best behavior and the chatting was cool and interesting as they stuffed as much of the fine meal into themselves as they could.

When the main meal was done, a group of the older grandchildren who were not invited to underware gorgeous hottie desires to fuck sextoy lingerie and japanese meal to partake, but to help with the meal, withdrew any of the 'to be reused' residuals of the meal and brought in their pumpkin pie slices with real dairy whipped crème.

As they settled back to work on finding a place in their stomachs for that delight, Daniel was invited to start the family's practice of updating their lives to everyone's very attentive ears.

So, he started in, "I know that most of you here remember how I came into your association as a very frightened and shy child of about eight. This came about because of my father marrying Maggie, one of the younger sisters among the aunts and uncles. What I remember was the wonderfully kind welcome I got from the grandparents of this family and extended welcome from all of its other members. I will never forget that." With this there was a general hailing of, "Here, Here!" with the remembering of the people involved.

"And all are somewhat familiar to the events up to Karen and me winning the roller skating championship in Berlin. It being one of the signature moments of my life." With that he nodded to Karen and her husband, again to the applause of the rest of the family. "But, after that my life got really busy, with my pursuing the finishing of my college degree, which had been begun while I was in the Air Force and then continued on through my getting my degree in Business and Accounting, passing my CPA exam and then returning to college while working part time at a small accounting firm to get my MBA.

When that was accomplished, I was swallowed up by one of the largest Accounting firms in the state in Twilight City. And I served there for three years as a junior accountant moving up to a sub-partner of the firm. After the three years, I stunned them by resigning from their firm and moving out to a cabin in the deep woods to analyze where I was and where I wanted to go in my future.

I had saved much of my earnings during my professional sojourn and so had plenty to support me through a few years, turned out to be two, while I sorted things out. I was joined out there by a student friend of mine from college, while she worked diligently on her doctoral thesis. We jointly took care of the place and each other during lulls in our studying efforts and got along just fine." A lot of nods and smiles over that statement. "After the two years, I had sorted out my plan of action and she had finished her Doctoral Dissertation, which was accepted, by the way.

What I had done was tear down everything that I knew about rich people's tax accounting and rebuilt a manner of handling it that dismissed any illegalities and shady practices to a manner of handling it that turned out to produce unusually fine returns for the clients. So, with my two years of non-competition agreement satisfied, I used most of my remaining funds and opened a small store front office with one employee, a bright-eyed and middle-aged receptionist and clerk, who would do the actual manning of the office.

I only needed to be there when I performed my accounting miracles for the clients. She did the heavy lifting of taking the inquiring calls and sorting through the possible clients for me. My first client was a locally known wealthy businessman, who had had a very bad relationship with his previous tax accountant and was looking for someone new and was really unconcerned about who it might be, since he had wonderful legal backing in case of any mishandling of his interests.

So, I did his taxes, gave him the severely limited report and settled down to hear back from the IRS on my very new take on high income tax returns. What happened was that I was invited back to IRS headquarters to explain what I had done and why. So, I laid out my whole program to them and after several days of discussions, they decided that I had done nothing wrong at all. And to boot, they agreed to not disclose what I had done to anyone to protect my intellectual property and their usual level of the gathering of their funds for the government.

So, my client got his greatly increased tax refund on a mostly equal earnings to the previous year. And I got to keep my generous fee and his recommendations to any of his buddies that he encountered.

However, I only had in mind of handling up to forty clients, because that would supply me with a generous income for my real interests. But, many of you probably heard of the lawsuits that came soon after. The media kept assuming that I had done something wrong, and were constantly surprised when I won in the courts. You see, what started this legal struggle, was that the accountant that my first client had used the year before was his brother-in-law and he was furious that he had lost him as a client and also with my success.

So, he put it up to my client to initiate a legal action to give him all of the pertinent procedures that I had used and a complete copy of his return, like the law says that he has a right to. In court for the first trial, it was pointed out that as part of insext net real mother and son client agreement, he had signed that right away and though it was a guaranteed right, it was cancelled out by the stipulations of our legal agreement to do his taxes.

And the IRS testified to the legitimacy of that argument and under cross examination refused to give any details of my manner of preparing his return. So, the judge ruled for me, and ordered my court expenses returned to me along with a small settlement over the impertinence of the lawsuit in the first case. After all the complainant had gotten a very generous refund of funds from his tax return. After this, four more times I was taken to court over various pretexts to try to accomplish the same thing, ferret out my manner of handling these returns.

It must have been especially frustrating to them that I never sent any of the information over the phone lines, cell phones, nor the internet. And even when someone broke into my office, all they found were the notes on my client choosing and the barebones returns that I sent to the clients with notice of their pending refunds.

By the way, the firm that sponsored that attack on my office was identified and I got a really big settlement from that and they lost their license to do business in this state over it. The results of dildo in fresh gorgeous teen bawdy cleft four additional lawsuits were the same ruling as in the first one, and increasing settlements for me over the impertinence daughter puts dildo in mom on camspicycom these litigants in wasting the time of the courts over rulings already made and upheld by the State Supreme Court.

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When the dust settled, I had my up to forty clients and a list of over a hundred that wanted my services. And the original five who had filed suits against me wanted on that list and were refused over the considerable trouble that they had caused me. I guess that they can now comfort themselves over the reduced refunds that they now get under preparation methods that they completely understand." And with that, Daniel picked up his fork to enjoy the pumpkin pie still sitting in front of him.

As Daniel was heaving himself up to move to the living room for more discussions among the adults, he felt a hand smooth down the top of his leg and pat it once. And then when he looked to his right, he saw a very small tear in the corner of Karen's eye. He nodded and smiled back at her and then she turned and took her husband into a very warm-hearted hug, himself. When Daniel settled in the living room, there were several discussions going on, and he decided to just listen for a change.

But, a second cousin of some type who was about eighteen kept interjecting himself into the various discussions, to the annoyance of everyone including his father. And then when the others had deflected him, he turned his attentions on Daniel to try and ferret out some details on the process that he used in his tax preparations. But, Daniel just ignored him, despite his increasingly aggressive questioning, and finally his father dragged him out of the house to give him some 'polite society' lessons.

With this, Tammy who was sitting next to him, leaned over and remarked, "Whew, I was wondering how long that would last." And then with a whisper, "Ten at the cabin in the morning." With that the conversations started to wind down and with a bunch of very full stomachs complaining of their abuses, people began wandering up to their upstairs or downstairs bedrooms.

And with that, Daniel moved back up to the one that he would be sharing with Abigail, the voyeurism inspiring cousin.

When he got there, she wasn't present yet, so he moved to the bed set up on the floor for him and stripped down to his boxers to sleep the night away.

The bed was very hard, but he was used to that and actually preferred it. As his eyes began to close he heard the door open and the rustling of clothing with a person entering to also prepare for bed.

When that was evidently complete, he heard the trill of a lovely female voice over the side of the bed inquire, "Are you asleep yet, Daniel?" "No, just dozing," was his response. And so she let her curiosity inspire the question, "You mentioned other interests besides just working.

Would you let me know about them?" Evidently with her voice tones, with an interest to see if she could fit into that scenario, whatever it was. "Sure, it is no secret. I would have explained it, but I thought that I had already dominated the conversation time for long nikita loves black cock nick manning and pornstar already." "Not, true.

Everyone was just mesmerized by your account of your intervening years. I don't know if you could tell, but there was not one sound made during your whole recitation, the interest in it was so profound!" And Abigail then continued, "There were a whole lot of discussions about it after you left the room, almost all of them very positive about you!" "Hmmmmmm." "So, about your plans?" "You should know that despite my growing notoriety and wealth, I am not interested in the rich people's lifestyle.

No boats, airplanes or fancy cars in my future. What I want is a peaceful and full life out on a large farm, with a lot of agricultural experiments in order. I have just bought a giant previous berry farm of over eighty acres up near Granite Falls and am remaking it to my plans.

It will have a narrow roadway all around the outside for security purposes, with warning signs liberally posted all around, also to prevent illegal harvesting of mushrooms and cascara bark on my property. Big tits office girl love to fuck hardcore movie have designed the basic plan for a house to my needs and it is being polished up by a local husband and wife architect and interior designer couple.

And I have a giant greenhouse already under construction. It is the largest private one in the state, I think. And up to seventy feet high with three levels, so it can accommodate a very wide variety of flora. It also has an air-conditioned observational lounge and walkway around the inside of it. Outside of that, I have a large garden for fresh produce and a modest sized orchard with reality porno jhonny y lucia y se unen rene y salva very wide variety of fruit trees.

I have had to put up a twelve foot cyclone fence around this area to protect it from the deer and other foragers in the neighborhood, since I want nothing to do with harming them. I plan on sharing the excess produce with the local food bank.

There is a sizable pasture and barn in the back, in case the lady who comes to be with me wants a horse to enjoy. But, she will need to be satisfied with that kind of thing, because I have no interest in becoming a social butterfly or having her become one without me, either.

I am going to build a sort of bunkhouse for visitors to house at least six at a time for family and other visitors to my place. I expect that it will be full most of the time over the springs through falls. There is a congregation of my youthful faith in the area, and I have been notified that I am welcome to attend despite my limited interest in their other activities, except for their fabulous picnics.

And several of their children have asked to help fill in for the labors needed to maintain the place and I am giving them first stab at any job available. There are also local community events at the Grange, so I will keep my social life to bucolic interests among my near neighbors and visiting friends and relatives. So, you see, it will take a very special woman to put up with that, and I despair that I will ever find one that will honestly agree to that mode of living." There was a pause in the conversation and then Abigail offered that she hoped that he would find such a gal, and if she met one, she would refer her to him.

With that they both went to sleep. The next morning, Daniel got up early and was on his way to visit the island with the family cabin, evidently unattended for that day. When he got there, another vehicle was there, one of those new ones that a person can't tell whether it was meant to be a car, a pickup or a van. But, the lady that got out was definitely identifiable. It was Tammy, in all of her down home glory. So, to not interfere with others that had plans for the cabin that day, they didn't waste time, but moved immediately up to the door and entered together with hands in hands.

When Daniel looked to her and asked her about the viability of this, with unspoken words, she just nodded that it was okay and offered that her husband was on his last legs from some unnamed disease that was taking him quickly. And so, with their clothes off very quickly, they reached out to each other and began the dance of life, with vigorous kissing and caressing that would have taken their skins off, if not for the sweat that was popping out on them.

They were moaning into each other's mouths as their hands moved up to each other's chests. His on her darling little breasts that had not shared their bounty with any children yet, and hers on his nipples which were hard as a rock to her touch. Then their bellies moved up to touch and spread against each other, with their reproductive areas now aflame. Then delightsome and erotic mangos mashing hardcore blowjob leaned back on the bed and opened her legs to welcome him up into her love chamber and he immediately took refuge there with his lonely cock.

With him fully entered up into her, she begged him to give it all to her, fully. And he did just that with his cum spilling out around his cock and her cum mixed with it. They then settled back on the bed and spent the next thirty minutes in the very personal and intimate side by side 69 actions and with this well done, they broke up to move out before her brother was to arrive with his girlfriend.

When Daniel got back to the family home, he arrived just in time to enjoy turkey sandwiches from the previous day's bounty.

And with a root beer, he moved to the now vacant living room to sit quietly with his lunch. But, Abigail, having the same idea in her mind, settled up right next to him and silently munched on her sandwich, too. Because of her respect for his privacy with her silence during his eating, he welcomed her to a discussion about herself after finishing their lunches. And he in an offhand manner asked about her profession.

With this she smiled and informed him that she was an escort, a sex worker in Las Vegas. This stunned him, but after a minute, he asked her to explain that decision. She braced herself up and with chest out and chin up let him know that when she settled into adulthood with the necessity of supporting herself, because she had never met a man that she wanted to marry, she had basically three choices.

Be a beautician, be a legal secretary or fuck for a living. She found that she didn't like toxic chemicals, nor office politics, so settled on something that she really enjoyed. Making love with men, and sometimes with women. It was ever so more remunerative and fun compared to the others jobs, and she had never been seriously hurt, nor bothered by it. The older guys that she saw were so very kind to her and appreciative, that she just couldn't bear the thought of abandoning them.

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After the shock wore off, Daniel looked her in the eyes and told her that it was really special to find something that a person enjoyed and be able to make a living with it. And that he was very jealous that something that he so enjoyed himself was being used by her to comfort older men and take care of her life needs.

With this she reached over and hugged him and motioned upstairs, but he indicated that that would have to wait for a while, not explaining to her, why. She took it well and made a note to propose this again later that night.

She that night shared her body with him and they truly enjoyed the interchange. She initiated it with a kiss as he laid down on his lowered bed on the floor and then she dragged him up to be with her and treated him as she did her customers, to his enlightenment.

She started with the hugs and kisses, added tongue plunging, hers and his, and then moved on to him suckling on her tits and then the environs of her pussy. When he got her clit all up and proud, she moved down on him to get his cock up in the same manner. With him elevated to match her clit, she allowed him to plunge into her pussy, this time without a condom. And as she shimmied her hips and engaged her belly muscles to liven up his cock within her, she and he soon came to their each pleasures.

Her only remark was, "Just like usual. You were very good, Daniel!" "You, too," was his appreciative reply and then with that they went on to talk.

And afterwards she advised him that she would have really liked to have moved in with him and taken care of all of his needs, but she was a woman who liked the bright lights and besides there were all of the guys for her to take care of that would literally suffer if she disappeared out of their lives. Daniel kissed her and said that it is very wise to admit your needs and act according to them and wished her well.

In the morning, he unexpectedly left a day early and moved to his growing rural development and thought very little about any of the previous days' concerns for some time, being so busy in working with the Sully Brothers in getting all of the house, barns, out buildings and green house completed. Then one day, just as things were settling down a beat-up pickup hauling a horse trailer pulled up and out popped Tammy with her smile intact.

The first words out of her mouth were, "Here I am, reporting for all of the duties you need!" And he took her into his arms and escorted her to the house to confer on their future while one of the hands unloaded her pony and guided it back to its new home with a pasture and nice little barn. Everything worked out fine, Daniel and Tammy married and had two children before the grandparents passed away. And Karen and Henry became their best friends and frequent visitors as they loved the country life too, despite living in the city for his job.

When Karen and Henry would come, they would dancing and stripping on her bed in the big house with Tammy and Daniel, since it had a number of bedrooms.

And the kids that came got three free days in residence, and if they decided to stay longer, light chores were assigned to them. It was enough to discourage those that just wanted to live off of the resident family and enough to help with the chores and balance off the expenses for their overstays.

One of the things that the kids liked was the two four wheelers that Daniel had for instant transportation around the eighty acres.

But, the kids were notified that they were to be very careful in their usage, since they were not that stable in their movements. Sure enough, two of them decided to race around the anime cum tribute cute hentai teen feet tube porn and one lost control and slid into a tree, with only a broken arm to suffer from for his foolishness.

The four wheeler was easily replaced, since the crashed one was totally ruined, except for the engine which was kept as a back-up. But, Daniel had governors put on the new one and the remaining older one to prevent further foolishness of the boys. Interestingly, Daniel also had cameras installed at the corners of the property to monitor the driving's of the kids and on one occasion had to call in the county deputy sheriff to arrest five people who had decided to help themselves with the valuable cascara bark of my trees and the sumptuous mushrooms, too.

Taking the bark is stealing and kills the trees, which then have to be fallen and the wood utilized in other manners. So, the theft of the bark was not only a monetary loss, but showed a total disregard for the trees that suffered a death in the process. The bark that was recovered was sold and the fines of the robbers were enforced and so there was no financial loss in it, but there was the sadness of taking down the trees prematurely because of this, but also the joy of replanting of them.

He might have passed over the stealing of the mushrooms, because during their productive months, they popped up and had to be gathered very quickly, because they would pass their prime in just a couple of days. But, these stealers were among the ones that when they found a patch would bring a rake and in the process of trying to find every one available, would disturb the patch and prevent many mushrooms from developing for years until the patch moved back to the conditions that sponsored it in the first place.

And instead of gathering some for a sumptuous personal feast, they were gathering them to sell them to restaurants, so it really was stealing after all.

Tammy and Karen were thrilled that they got to spend so much time together, since they had been close friends all the way back to their diaper days. Henry and I got along okay, but were happiest when we each found things to do around the place that were not in the same vicinity. Karen liked to help around the house and Tammy on the outside. With this accommodation to each other, we all four got a long very well. And after all, they were both the closest friends, since their youth, and so the time that they spent on my hobby farm, was time that they would have liked to spend on their own together if they could have arranged it.

And they always left with plenty of canning's and meats provided by the farm. Henry and Daniel managed to get along by keeping strictly out of each other's ways. Time marched on and they were all very happy.