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Ava koxxx milf boy xxx
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John and Katy are fraternal twins. They're sixteen years old and are just starting their sophomore year of high school. This story is about their experiences centered around a dress. --------- The Brother John was with his girlfriend, Amy. They were both laying on the bed. Amy was on her back with her fingers roaming the back of John's head which was currently between her legs.

Her miniskirt was pulled up to her waist. John was pulling her panties to the side as he slowly lapped at her pussy. He loved the feeling of Amy's fingers exploring his hair when he gave her oral. Over the last year of their relationship, they had begun to explore their bodies. John loved this beautiful girl and she loved him back. She threw her head back as she awesome babes from brazil love meaty weenies the works of his tongue and lips on her lips.

He was licking with vigor to make sure she enjoyed every minute. He was getting annoyed with her panties being in the way so he slowly drew his head away from between her legs. She cut a whimper off in disappointment as she looked down to see what he was doing.

He slowly started to slip her panties down her beautiful legs, staring into her eyes the whole time. She smiled and laid her head back down as she felt him softly sliding his hands down her legs. As he got to her feet he kissed them slowly, paying attention to each one for a whole minute before kissing up her leg.


"Oh God John!" escaped her lips suddenly. He was up to her inner thigh by this point and he smiled passionately at her. As his mouth finally reached her lips, she almost came that instant. "Baby you're so wet, I love it," he said into her pussy.

He moved his hand up to to move his finger along her slit. Rubbing up and down he finally stopped to put slight pressure at her hole with his index finger. As it slipped into her, she arched her back off the bed. His head leaned forward as he licked up her slit while his finger gently moved in and out of her quivering snatch.

She was getting so close to a massive orgasm and he knew it. The speed of his finger increased. Her moans were becoming screams. Her fingers were holding his head to her tightly. His legs squeezed together forcefully. She was cumming hard and he was lapping it up as quickly as he could. Her chest was heaving up and down and her breaths were coming in and out loudly as her climax began to come down.

Her breathing was slowly coming back to normal and his licking was calming down. She used her hands to pull at his head which he understood and began to climb up to her face and slender latina looker has her pussy hammered her passionately.

She loved the taste of her juices all over his face. Their bodies were rubbing together, his hands were pushed onto her breasts tightly. They made out with each other as their hips ground into each other. Suddenly she gripped his hair in her fingers and lifted his head off of her, "Fuck me baby." He stared at her for a second before leaning back down to give her a long kiss.

He brought his hands down to the bottom of her shirt and lifted it off of her body. She wasn't wearing a bra so she lay before him with just her skirt wrapped around her waste, protecting nothing. When it had come off her hands, she moved them down to his lower back and began lifting his shirt off of him. When his chest was bare, he started to unbuckle his pants and slide them and his boxers down finally releasing his stiff rod.

Their bare hips started grinding again, his penis rubbing into her clit. He grabbed her hips and lifted her a little, "flip over baby." She got on her hands and knees, smiling excitedly.

He positioned himself right behind her, ready to sheathe himself inside her. She looked back longingly. God, she loved to fuck him. He began to penetrate her as slowly as possible, taking his sweet time before he had his full eight inches buried inside her.

When she finally felt his balls rest against her slit, she let out the breath that she didn't realize she was holding. It came out as a low moan. "Fuuuuck baby." He began to slide in and out of her slowly, lightly slapping her ass every once in awhile. He leaned over her to bring his lips to her neck. He slipped his hand under her belly and moved it down to rub her clit, moving his other hand up to her breasts.

They were the perfect size for his hands. His thrusts were short and fast as he leaned over her. He lightly lifted with the hand that was on her breast. She took the signal to lift her torso up and her breath quickened and she leaned back into him while they both sat up on their knees; her favorite position. "Mmmmmyeeessss" His hand was moving vigorously back and forth on her slit while his cock pumped into her vagina quicker and quicker.

The hand massaging her breast was moving up and down with her heaving chest. One of her hands was gripping his ass as it move in and out with his thrusts and the other covered his hand on her breast. Her head was tilted to the side as she moaned into his mouth, kissing him passionately. He knew he was getting close to cumming, so he began to really hone in on her clit as he quickened his pace.

Her moaning became more defined as she broke the kiss and began to push her hips back harder and try to lean down on the bed. He held her up though, knowing she would soon have a big orgasm.

"Oh God baby! I'm gonna cum so hard baby!" she almost screamed. He pumped into her a few more times and then heard her orgasm start to take control of her. He felt the contractions if her vagina and it pushed him over the edge. He grunted and pushed in as deep as he could as his seed started to get milked out of his spewing cock. Their orgasms seemed to keep going forever before they both slowly laid down in the bed, with him on top of her.

His softening cock pretty amateur eurobabe pounded at home for some money slipped out of her oozing hole. He was so happy. He began to kiss all over her glistening shoulders. ---------- The Sister Katy was in the mall roaming around by herself searching for something. Something that would make her better looking, more popular, more appealing in general. She wasn't like her brother in that area. She was easy to miss and not known by many in her school.

Her lonely walking through eating a lollipop and riding him passionately mall was the most she'd been around people outside of the school since she started high school. One of her bigger desires was just to have people in her life to spend time with. As she traversed farther into the building, she noticed a store that didn't really look like it belonged. She looked inside and saw some interesting apparel that seemed to draw her in.

She didn't even notice the name of the store as she walked in. She noticed that there was no one at the register as she began to look around.

Everything she looked at was strange and exotic but beautiful.

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However, she didn't think that she could pull any of it off. She got all the way to the back of the store and slowly turned around when she was suddenly face to face with the shop owner. "Oh!" he had startled her. He was a very dark tan and dressed in a strange brown vest with black pants. "Excuse me," she said timidly.

"No worries ma'am," he responded with the strangest accent. "Anything that I can help you find?" "I was just looking at your dresses," she said. She didn't know why she said that.

That wouldn't get her out of here, that would keep her here longer. She began to move towards the door. He moved out of her way but said, "find nothing you liked then?

I've got a couple more I the back if you'll wait here for just a second." "Oh, no thanks. I don't think that I could pull off any of what you have in the back. I'm not very beautiful like these clothes." she had done it again. She had said something that she had come out completely unexpectedly again.

He didn't need to know her thoughts. "Ooooh. I see. Wait right here please. I think I've got the perfect dress for you." He then went to the back room he had mentioned.

He came out a second later with a dress hanging from a hanger in his hand.


It wasn't particularly special. It was definitely different from the other clothes that were in his shop. More basic and flowery.

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She could tell that it was her size or close to it. She looked up at him and said, "that's nice." Because that's really all it was. He smiled, knowing what she was thinking. "Don't be fooled by the look of it. This dress is a very special dress. This dress is magic. This dress, should you decide to put it on, would change you physically into the most beautiful version of yourself.

This dress will change you into exactly what you want." She stared at it, accidentally letting her imagination take control of her before her logic kicked in. She shook her head back to reality. "That's nice, but I don't think that I can afford any magic dresses," she said politely.

She began to walk out again, but he quickly spoke up. "This dress here is free. A gift for you, if you'll have it." She stared at it again. "What's the catch?" she asked. "Only a warning. This dress will change your body. You will love what you've changed into. But it will change your past. Your past will become what it would have been had you been so beautiful your whole life.

And you will not be able to change back. Ever. So you better be very sure it's what you want before you put it on." After he gave her this warning, he set the dress on the desk and walked into the back room again. She glanced at it, looked back at the door, the quickly grabbed it and loira fudendo buceta com forccedila perfil e whats da gostosa to her car and drove home.

When she had made it home, she took the dress out and just held it up to her neck and stood in front of the mirror for at least half an hour. There was a knock at the door that she barely heard.

Her brother peeked his head in and asked her a question.

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She vaguely recognized that it was a yes or no question so she just muttered, "yes," so he would leave. As he closed the door, she began to undress herself. She then took the dress, put it on and looked in the mirror in anticipation. To be continued