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Eboncocks cumshots cum cumshot cumy interracial group sucking and tube porn
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Rose As I lay on me bed sliding my dildo into my pussy, I think about him, his tall muscular body, his dark hair and piercing blue eyes.


They way the water drips off of his body as he steps out of the pool after swim practice. I moan feeling my orgasm building, as i imagine him on top of me thrusting his big cock into my my tight pussy. I moan as my orgasm reaches its peak my legs shake my body spamming as I ram the dildo in and out of my pussy.

I leave it in my as my body continues to spasm around it, the door opens down stairs and my mother walks in and calls me.

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"Rose are you home? We need to talk," I hurriedly get dressed, still shaking, hide my dildo and fly down the stairs Hey ma what's up? I just wanted to talk to you about your grades, she said What about them?

I am usually a straight A student so that I can be on the swim team with him. She replies " you have a B in English!?" It's not that big of a deal mom! I did bad on one test it will go back up when the next assignment goes in! I wake up this morning thinking that today will be the day that I tell Rowan how I feel about him, it has been two weeks since his break up with that bitch Dalas, so I think now is the right time to make my move!

I get dressed in my favorite Deadpool crop top and skinny jeans, put on enough make up to make me look good but not like I paint it on, I examine my self in the mirror.

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I stand 5'7" about 130lbs, long golden brown hair with greenish blueish eyes, I hope he won't completely blow me off today, that would be the worst kind of rejection. I leave the house full of hope, I jump in to my car and drive to Morgan's house, she has been my bff since we moved her 3 years ago, she gets in looking gorgeous as ever ( when I'm not day dreaming about Rowan, I'm dreaming about her, the way her D tit bounce every time she moves and the way her hips sway when she walk) We get to school and I leave Morgan behind to find Rowan.

I see him standing by the water fountain, I take a deep breath and walk up to him. Oh, hey Rose what's up?

He says Nothing much how about you?


He smiled, oh you know talking to a beautiful girl before school. I almost dropped dead right there if not for what he said next!

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So I-I was wondering, if you would maybe I don't know, wanna go out with me? I froze, did he actually just ask me out? ME! Omg, this was the best day of my life!!!!!!! I looked into those piercing blue eyes and said yes! We made plans to meet up after school and catch dinner and a movie. Later that night I'm at home trying to decide what to where, should I go nice, or slutty, or with my Rose patented look of something Deadpool with jeans and leather. I decide to keep my Deadpool crop top black skinny jeans and my favorite black leather jacket.

He picks me up around 6.

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We get dinner and it was great. As we get seated for the movie he hands me the popcorn and say I will be right back, bathroom break! Rowan Oh man Oh man Oh man, I cannot believe she went out with me I am freaking out, should I hold her hand, kiss her, or more, I don't know what I'm doing!!! Rose He comes back and smiles at me, he grabs my hand and laces our fingers together, it was amazing, as he slowly rubs small circles on the back of my hand I feel the heat build between my legs.

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He was so fucking hot! It made me wet just to hold his hand and be with him. After the movie, we are standing by his truck, when he looks into my eyes and pushes me up agains the truck, and kisses me like I have never been kissed before, his mouth is hot against mine, as he deepened the kiss his tongue pressed against my lips I let him in, feeling is tongue against mine only made the heat that much worse,I grab his belt loops and pull his body against me.

I feel his cock against my thighs, it is so big and hard I can't help but to moan into the kiss. I slowly grind my hips against his dick in his pants, he pressed it harder against me moaning, I wrap my leg around his hips as he kisses down my neck, my legs are wrapped around his waste as I continue to grind my hips against his monster cock, I am so wet and turned on that I moan and he grinds upwards into me. He kisses me again and sets me down "Let's go somewhere a little more private?" I replied yes and got into his truck, as he begins driving us to the motel, I can see his hard dick in his pants I scoot over to the middle and leaned against him.

He looked over and kissed me. I run my hand up his thigh rubbing the crotch of his pants, he breaks our kiss and moans, as I undo his belt and jeans pulling out his 10 inch hard cock. I lick my lips as I slowly tease him, by slowly stroking it with my hand, I lean over and lick his pre cum of the tip he shudders and moans as I take the tip into my mouth and begin slowly sucking, moans and wraps a hand in my hair. He grabs my hair and slowly starts grinding his hips up as I start sucking Rowan I so did not expect her to be so forward, as I drive us to the motel, she scoots over and takes out my cock, and starts stroking slowly teasing me as she licked young girl angie moon fuck and facial pre cum off the tip.

I moan as she wrapped those amazing lips around my cock and began sucking, I grabbed a handful of her hair and began thrusting upward into her mouth, I feel the tip brushing the back of the throat, I thrust up as I push her head down feeling my cock go down her throat, she gaged.

I let her come up for air. She immediately went back sucking as hard as she could, real step sister shows brother pussy body shuddered, I feel the heat rising from my balls, I moaned as she shoved it back down her throat, my body was shaking as I felt the pressure build. Oh Fuck Rose don't stop, it feels so good My dick starts throbbing and my hip and grinding into her face, the pleasure erupted into my body I grabbed her hair and held her there and my hips bucked and heaved and I fired shot after shot of cum into her mouth.

When it stoped she came up and kissed me, slowly rubbing my dick, I loved the taste of me on her lips I broke the kiss as we pulled into the parking lot of the motel I told her to wait in the truck while I got us a room To be continued