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Lee casting couch of a big boobed french redhead babe hard sodomized, it had been several hours since his time spent with April and Dawn and both were now gone. He remembered Dawn falling asleep with him but he was now alone in bed covered by the sheet, Dawn must have covered him before she left.

April had been in her room with Kim while Dawn was sleeping with her brother in his room. "They have really?" Kim asked her oldest sister intently listening for her answer "Yeah I was with them it was so sweet seeing them do it" April said with a smile to her sister Kim, "I wish I was there too it must have been really a great sight" Kim sighed as she thought of her time with Lee, it had been so special.

"Maybe one time you could join us?" April asked as she curled up on her bed looking away from her sister as the door opened and Dawn entered. "Have a good sleep?" Kim asked a knowing smile on her face as Dawn walked a little uneasy over to her bed. She nodded her agreement. "I thought you would have all the energy you two expelled I'm surprised you're able to move" April joked as her sister sat on her bed before flopping onto her back smiling "It was well worth it though" she said dreamily a content expression on her face.

"I know that" April said as she squeezed her breasts in her hands "And so does Kim" Kim smiled as her name was mentioned.


Lee got out of bed and looked at the clock next to his bed 9 : 30 was flashing he had been in bed for some time everyone would be coming to bed soon he had to look presentable or some one may suspect something was wrong. As he thought his door was knocked on by first his Mum then in succession Trish, Stacey, Stephanie, Dawn, Kim then finally April all said a goodnight then gave him a little kiss on the cheek as was the custom in their house and always had been.

Slender latina looker has her pussy hammered, Kim and Stacey gave him a little more then a goodnight kiss then his Mum, Trish and Stephanie had though, each placing a big wet tongue kiss on their brother April lingered until she was alone with her brother and all the other had said their goodnights. "So you have been busy these past few days haven't you?" April asked with a smile as she hugged her brother close to her body.

"They have been the best of my life" Lee explained as he felt his sisters nipples harden threw the thin top she wore to bed. "What are we going to do; we'll have to pull up a sort of rotor won't we?" April half joked. "Not a bad idea, but I think you'll do me just fine April, I can't really see the others wanting to continue sleeping with me" Lee said as his sister let go of him and closed his door.

"Why?" April asked her brother. "Its not that I don't want milf guy f gypsy girl they're all great but I don't know I just think they think it was a mistake" Lee explained.

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"Oh believe me they don't think that" April smiled as she walked back to her brother and gave him a big kiss. "So what do they think then?" Lee asked his sexy sister. "Goodnight Lee" April said as she gave him another kiss and made her way to the door. "April what do they think?" Lee asked again but he didn't get an answer he just watched as his sister swayed her hips as she exited his room blowing him a kiss.

'What do they really think then' Lee thought as he lay down on his bed, covering himself and drifted off to sleep. Lee woke late the next day he looked at his clock 11: 30 AM, quickly he jumped up and rummaged threw his draws for some clothes, finally he pulled on some faded jeans and a black t-shirt Running into the kitchen he looked for everyone but found only a note. Lee I've gone shopping will be back later. I'll call you sometime with a special treat, Mum, Trish, Dawn, Stacey are at work and Steph and Kim are at Uni so you'll have the house to yourself for ages until I get home.


Love you lots LOVE April XXXXX Was what it read, 'Oh great alone' Lee thought as he looked around the fridge for a light drink before he went for a run, finding what he wanted he unlocked the door old granny fuck and school vintage porn what would you choose computer or your locked it back up taking the key with him he set off for his morning run (if slightly later then normal).

Lee arrived back at the house to find the door unlocked he had been gone a little longer then normal it was now 12: 15 PM but no-one should be in but him.

He opened the door and went inside getting a drink he went into the living room to se who was in but he found only emptiness nothing more. Then he heard the sound of someone upstairs he quickly went to the stairs and shouted.

"It's just me, Trish, don't worry I'm not a burglar" it was indeed his sisters voice that met him "What are you doing back?" he asked her as she emerged from the stairs and entered the kitchen wearing her normal work clothes (A tight blue t-shirt with the name and logo of the shop where she worked and a pair of black jeans).

"Dinner hour why what's it to you?" she shot back but not aggressively, "I thought you'd like some company" "Err yeah that's nice of you it does get pretty lonely in here all alone" Lee said as he drank his drink and wiped the sweat off his head with a towel.

"I know what you mean in the shop it can be pretty quiet sometimes I get so bored of it" Trish admitted to her brother as she ate her now ready sandwich.

"Well normally April is here with me but today she's off shopping or something and won't be back for a while yet" Lee said as he took another drink and started to warm down. "So we're. I mean you're all alone for a while then?" Trish asked as she looked at her brother take off his wet t-shirt and grab the extra one he always keep for after his run.

"Yep" he said as he pulled on the clean t-shirt, a white one.

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"That running has really done you good Lee your body is really coming on nice" Trish commented as she watched her brother cover his body with the t-shirt. "Thanks" Lee said with a smile he was quite proud of his body not that he was especially ripped or anything but he didn't have too much fat on him. "You should go to the gym with me sometime I'd show you a work out little brother" Trish said taking a bite of her sandwich.

"Oh no way this is fine for busty shannon kelly gapes her pussy and ass with big dildos thanks" Lee said holding his hands up and shaking his head.

'It's not just the running but the little extra workouts I do with April and the others that take it out of me' Lee thought as he looked at his sister eat her sandwich. "You wimp, I thought you'd have more stamina then that" Trish joked as she finished her sandwich and got a drink "I've got plenty of stamina thanks" Lee said with a little tap on his sisters back. "I bet you do just look at that body of yours you're not even rippling with muscles shame on you" Trish said giving him a little friendly poke in the stomach and giggling.

"Hay you give up I'm fine just like this and I'm stronger then I look" he said swatting Trish's hand away playfully. "Prove it then little brother" Trish challenged signaling him with her hands to try and take her down. "Ok but I warned you" Lee said as he prepared to tackle his sister, she smiled and stuck her tongue out at him. "Right" Lee warned as he grabbed his sister by the waist and picked her up onto his shoulder.

Trish was not that heavy only about 110 lbs soaking wet and after a big meal so Lee had no trouble lifting her onto his shoulder. Trish squirmed as she felt her brother's hands on her lower body holding her in place as he walked around the kitchen with her taking her into the living room.

"Ok Ok you win I'm sorry" Trish said as she laughed uncontrollably from the ticking she was receiving from her brother's hands as she struggled to escape his grip. "See I told you Trish" Lee said as he held his sister tight and began to spin her samia duarte se monta un trio con el camarero playfully.

"Ok I believe you. Lee stop. please I'm getting dizzy. really dizzy" Trish said still laughing. Lee let her fall from his shoulder onto the sofa kinky cutie cannot wait to fuck enormous dick monstercock and interracial Trish held onto his neck and pulled him down onto of herself. Lee quickly pushed up on his hands removing his body from his sisters, her breasts that were only slightly smaller then April's still touched his chest her hands were still holding his neck tight and she was looking into his eyes.

Lee looked back into hers, nothing was said he just lowered his head and placed his lips on hers; Trish tightened her grip on his neck and kissed him back.

There was something happening that neither could explain, it was obvious what was happening they were kissing, but it was more then that this was something that just felt right for them to be doing this like nothing else mattered at that moment.

The kiss ended and Lee pulled back from Trish, once more looking into her eyes he smiled. Trish smiled back and pulled him close once more this time two luscious lezzies lick each other pussies brunette lesbian him with her tongue forcing it past his lips and into his mouth with ferocity.

Lee responded in kind and their tongues met for the first time in an electric touch. This kiss lasted for what seemed like an eternity since they both didn't want to be the one to break it. Finally it was Lee who stopped the kiss, getting off of his sister he stood off the sofa and looked at her. "What's wrong?" Trish asked as Lee stood before her. "Nothing but are you sure you want to do this?" he asked a little unconvinced.

"You silly thing, Lee I've wanted to do this since you were 15 years old" Trish said as she smiled at her brother. 'What was it about me at fifteen' Lee thought as he heard the words from Trish's mouth spill forwards 'that's Trish and April that wanted to sleep with me'. "You ok Lee?" Trish asked. "Oh yeah now you are" Lee smiled realizing he had been quiet for quite a while. "Good" Trish said as she stood up and walked over to her brother kissing him again and turning him towards the sofa so he could sit.

Before he had chance to sit down Trish grabbed his t-shirt and roughly pulled it off his chest, over his head, she licked her lips as his chest and stomach came into view.

Lee smiled as she undid his jeans and slid them down his legs along with his boxer shorts his hard cock springing forth almost hitting Trish in the face as she knelt in front of her brother. "Oh god" she whispered as she saw his cock bounce in front of her. Lee looked at her watching his cock and smiled, she seemed mesmerized by it like she had never seen one before, but he knew she had.

Even though she was not the outgoing sort she wasn't shy either when it came to guys she had, had her fill off boyfriends in her short life. Lee brought her back to reality when he kicked off his shoes so his pants could be fully removed. Trish shook her head and helped her brother remove the jeans and boxers before pushing him back so he sat on the sofa looking up at his sister, his cock bouncing along with his heartbeat.

Trish watched his body move with each breath he took, he looked so cute like this so vulnerable all naked like that, just like he was made for her to look after and that's what she planned on doing. Trish was just about to start taking off her clothes when the phone ringing next to the sofa startled both. Both looked at it then back to each other, then back to the phone. "You'd better answer it" Trish said downheartedly, Lee nodded and leaned over to grab the receiver.

"Hello" Lee said bringing the receiver to his face. "Hi Sweetie it's me I was just missing you and thought id call like I said I would with your treat" "It's April" Lee mouthed to Trish who smiled and looked on at her brother. "Hi April so where are you" Lee asked.

"I'm just in a little out of the way place with a mobile phone all alone and thinking of you" April said slowly. "I'm thinking of you too" Lee said as he looked over to Trish who was removing her t-shirt revealing she had no bra on as her breasts fell forwards and bounced, her nipples hard and delicious looking. Lee's eyes bugged out as he looked at his sisters stunning body as she placed her hands on her hips and then started to unfasten her jeans sliding them off leaving on just her tight white lace knickers.

"What a pleasant surprise I was just. thinking about you myself" Lee said to April as his eyes swallowed his sister Trish's body, as she started to sway her hips in front of him getting him hotter then before. Then she did something he wasn't expecting she mouthed the words. "I know about you two" Lee was shocked she knew he mouthed. "How" "I just do now carry on with April this is so hot" she whispered to her brother who smiled, he had been listening to April while watching his sister Trish as she removed her knickers.

"I was just thinking of your mouth actually" Lee said down the phone, those were first thing to come into his mouth; he smiled at Trish who was grinding her hips sexily in front of him.

"You've got something I'd like to put in my mouth" April said smiling as she looked around for any signs of other people. "Its nice and warm in there" Lee smiled as he said it, Trish was still stood in front of him swinging her hips and sliding her hands around her body touching herself in all the places that sent shockwaves threw her body.

"I'm on my knees rubbing my hands up and down your thighs, the inside of your thighs" April said sexily down the phone to her brother who was staring at his sister Trish as she slid her hand over her pussy making little circles with her fingers over her clit. "And what about your hands then?" Lee asked April down the phone as he watched Trish's hands work on herself.

"I have you in my hands" April said as she slid her hands down her stomach and into the top of her jeans and into the top of her knickers, making sure no-one was watching she slid her hand down into her knickers as she breathed into the phone. Lee was getting so turned on he felt like he could cum right there as he watched his sister Trish stand naked in front of him touching herself and his other sister April have phone sex with him.

"I climb on top of you and put you inside of me" April said as she put her finger into herself making little circles with it teasing herself as she talked with her brother. "Ohhhh yeah" Lee said as he watched Trish walk towards him she'd had enough of this self pleasure and wanted her brother now.

Climbing on top of him she moved slowly up his legs until his cock was inline with her pussy and slowly she lowered herself onto his cock. "Ohhhhh god hhhmmmmm" Lee moaned as he felt the warmth of his sister's pussy envelop his cock, the slick juices making it easy for him to slide in. "Aaaahhhhh yeah" April moaned as she heard him moan too thinking it was her he was moaning about but in fact it was Trish who was sliding his cock deep inside of herself that had caused the moan.

When he was as deep as he could go Trish stopped and leaned her head back pushing her breasts into his face. "Ohhh mmmm you're so good inside of me" April moaned as she fingered herself in public, while her brother was on the other end of the phone, kissing Trish's breasts massaging them with his hands as he licked the nipples of first one then the other.

"Come on tell me what you want" April said as her brother watched the breasts in his face bounce as Trish started a steady up and down slide on his cock letting it slide almost all the decorate my hard cock not the tree out before sliding it back in. "Come on don't be shy" April prompted as she heard Lee moan on the phone to her. The reason for this was that Trish had now grabbed his shoulders and was making little slides with her hips on his cock sending him to heaven as her tight pussy squeezed his thick cock.

"Oh you're doing it" Lee said looking into Trish's eyes but talking to April, Trish smiled this was causing her immense pleasure as she fucked her brother while he had phone sex with their sister.


"Oh god I'm so hot" April moaned as she pushed her finger into herself further, while back at home Trish leaned and kissed her brother who accidentally dropped the phone as he moved his lips to her breasts nice more sucking on each nipple, making Trish moan out louder then normal. "Oh god you're killing me" April moaned as she placed another finger in herself. "Oh oh oh aaahhhhh" Trish moaned as she increased her pace and began really thrusting herself on her brothers cock faster.

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"Is there some one there with you?" April asked as she heard the other moans loudly. "Oh err yeah there is" Lee admitted as he looked into Trish's eyes as she began to slow her thrusts slightly. "You could have told me there was someone there" April said as she pulled her hands away from her pussy and out of her knickers.

Trish started to speed up on her brother again as she listened to April's voice on the phone. "Who is it?" she asked, Lee looked at Trish who smiled and nodded. "Patrisha" he said using her full name for once. "Trish oh god I knew you two would" April said as she looked around to see if anyone was coming "Look I gotta go see you soon" "Ok I'm glad you're not mad" Lee said before the phone was grabbed by Trish.

"Hi April don't worry he's in good hands and a better place bye" she said as she went to put the phone down. When the phone was put down she grabbed her brothers face and brought it back to her breasts so he could suck on them once more this was her favorite thing for a guy to do, she had always had sensitive breasts and this was just heaven.

Lee kissed her breasts for all he was worth as he felt his sister slide his cock in and out of her pussy faster making both moan out. This new speed made Lee's cock become more sensitive and he knew he wouldn't last much longer as his sister grabbed his face in her hands and began kissing him lightly then more passionately as she felt his cock swell inside of herself in readiness to cum. "AAAAHHHHHHH YES IM GONNA CUM TRISH" Lee shouted as he felt the cum rise into his shaft and shoot up to the head.

Trish stopped her thrusts making sure that her brother was deep inside of her as he burst forth his thick cum, the heat was unbelievable inside of Trish as her brothers cum flowed freely inside of her.

"Ah god Lee you're amazing" Trish panted as she felt her brother's cock start to shrink inside of herself. She slowly rose up until her brother slipped out of her and then she got off the sofa and stood naked in front of her brother who smiled up at her satisfied.

"That was too good" Lee said as he watched his sister close her legs as a little drip of his cum started to slide down her inner thighs. "I know it was Lee I better go get a shower and you better get dressed" Trish said as she made her way upstairs for a shower. Lee nodded and looked at his spent cock, which was glistening with the combined skinny small tits asian amateur blowjob interracial of him and Trish.

"This is too good" Lee said as he looked for his clothes the day had only just begun and he had already had sex with his forth sister just think what could happen in the future.