Adorable student takes a large penis girlfriend and hardcore

Adorable student takes a large penis girlfriend and hardcore
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The Following Story is my encounter with my college roommate Starting of college, to me, was an exciting experience.

Finally away from my parents, finally free of the small town in Oregon I have been trapped in for 18 years of miserable life. When I got my acceptance letter to The University of Oregon, of course I horny teens have sex with a guy hardcore blowjob excited, and yet nervous to be living with a stranger.

The University, in advance, tells you who your roommate is, like about a week before we're supposed to move up to the dorms. My roommate's name Ryan. I looked him up on facebook to see what he was like. All his pictures were private, the most I could see was his profile picture, and even then, there were about 4 guy friends huddled around a fire, so I couldn't be 100% sure which one was him. A couple days go by, and he requests me to be his friend on facebook, and sends me a message.

"hey i think your my roomie" So I replied, "yeah I am, when are you going to head up to the dorms?" And I accepted his friend request, and he was actually online! I went to his profile pictures, like the typical straight guy, he only had 3-4 profile pictures, one of him shirtless with 3 of his friends, 1 of him and some girl, 1 of him snowboarding and one of him dirtbiking.

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The one of him with the girl was my favorite, he has this awesome white smile, he towers over this girl which leads me to believe he is tall. From what I could tell he looked pretty fit.

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He had brown hair, hazel eyes, strong jaw, little bit of an underbite, His body was pretty smoking too, not really the Abercrombie and Fitch model status, but he had about a 4 pack, and some pecs and guns on him.

I read through his profile, it turns out he was into Track in highschool as well as swimming. He had an ungodly amount of friends like 800 plus friends! Me, I swam and played basketball in school. I have a 6 pack. I have Blonde hair that is thick and just lays flat on my head, and greenish blue eyes. Straight teeth. size 10 feet. 7 inch cut dick. Your all American looking guy. I'm Gay, but Masculine, and can act straight.

When it comes to sex, I'm versatile. I received a reply to my message. "i'm headed up tomorrow, you're from *****? i live 30 miles from you, I'm over in ******, we should carpool up? do you think you can hold my stuff?" I replied, "yeah I have a Tahoe, I can fit a lot of crap in my it, I'll pick you up on Friday?" "sure, friday works, tahoe nice!

i have an old beater car that won't make it haha, thanks bro" I thought to myself "oh god, he say's bro, I'm dealing with a douche bag here". Pov amateur wanks cock till huge cumload rolls around and the Tahoe is packed, I a considerable amount of room for Ryan's stuff.

I put his address into the GPS and off I went. It took all of 40 minutes to get to his house, It was a smaller house, nothing to brag about, sort of a crappy yard, and he comes out, I get out and shake his hand, sure enough he dominates my 5,10 height, he is about 6,4. First thing I noticed was his hands, long fingers, very strong hand shake, and huge feet, my imagination was running wild. "Are your parents home?" "Nah, man, they're at work, mind giving me a hand" Oh I'd give him more than a hand, but I kept that to myself.

After the car was loaded we head off to the U of O. Its about a 2 hour drive from Ryan's place. At first the car was silent and awkward, but Ryan quickly broke the silence with asking questions about music, girlfriends, sports, and stories of his wild drunken nights and how he's stoked for college and I might have to take be his designated driver, I agreed, I actually liked Ryan, he was laid back, and real, not stuck up and fake, he had potential to be a Frat boy, but I could tell he was as nervous as I was in the car, so i made it less awkward by talking about my life.

It turns out Ryan had an actually pretty sad life, his dad died when he was 15, his mom has been struggling ever since, his little brother has down syndrome which takes up a lot of everybody's time, he offered to skip college to watch his little brother but his mother insisted he go. It was just a sad story which seemed to bring the mood of the car down, so a little pumped up music quickly cured that.

Arriving into the dorm Ryan and I chose our beds and moved all our crap in. He didn't have a whole lot, just his clothes and laptop basically. We got a mini fridge and a microwave, a small TV on the desk, luxury of college students right here.

"Where's the showers" Ryan asked me "I'm pretty sure they're down the hall and to the left by the game room" "I'm going to hit the shower, I'm a night showerer" "Alright, see you in a few" He grabbed his some clothes and head off. I didn't take any time, I went through all of his stuff. Only clothes, a huge box of condoms and flavored lube.

I opened his laptop, to which my surprise had no password, I searched through pictures, nothing really special, just him taking pictures of himself in the mirror.


I opened his internet to find porn site after porn site, but I noticed there were your common titles like "big tit milf fucks guy" but on some of them it was guy on guy titles like "josh takes his first cock".

My heart was racing!

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hearing the door, I slapped the laptop shut and hurried to my bed. "Hey no girls in here right?" "HaHa, No I'm decent" "Damn!" What would he be saying "Damn" about? wanting to see me naked, or seeing the girl naked? Ryan walked in, his hair still wet from the shower, he was fully dressed, he put his clothes in the hamper and finished un packing and sat on his bed.

I was putting a couple of DVD's away but I could feel him staring at me. He sat up. "I'm going alex blake alex blake blows to the very end go get some food, you wanna go?" "Nah, I'm pretty tired, I think I'm going to head to bed" "Come on bro, we're in college now, live a little" "Fuck it, you're right, fine, lets head out" ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ A couple weeks into the semester and I'm swamped with homework and papers, I barely even see Ryan, He seems to go to a lot of parties and come back to the dorm wobbly and reeking of alcohol, and usually passes out.

One night in his drunken stupor he walks in. "hey chris, chris, chris, hahaha you work so much live a little bro" "I'm good, this essay is due tomorrow, I'm almost done" "whatever bro" "so did you have fun?" To my surprise Ryan was actually asleep on his bed. In the most awkward position too, I figured I'd better help him. I didn't want to seem weird by undressing him, or checking out his body, i took off his shoes and socks, his feet were huge!

size 15. They were perfect, even a little smelly, It got my dick so hard. I called out his name a couple of times to see if he was really out, no reply. What can a little taste hurt? I slowly sucked on his big toe and licked the soul of his foot, he flinched a little, and I guess that's all I'll get tonight.

I lifted his legs up, turned him up on his bed and made sure he slept face down, in case he puked, which has never happened before, but to be safe.

The next morning my alarm goes off, Ryan is still passed out, this time with his shirt off face down, he must have taken it off during the night, I head to class and leave Ryan a note on the white board. "you are an annoying drunk, be back early today, no fucking on my bed -chris" +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Unfortunately I haven't gotten any luck with Ryan coming home drunk and passing out so I can sneak peaks of his feet or bulge in his gym shorts.

Although, when I was horny, I did jack off with a pair of his underwear. They smelled so good, They were the ones he was wearing to the gym, they smelled of him and sweat, and his crotch area was so amazing it made me cum in less than a minute! I was determined to do something with Ryan, if it was going to be the last thing I do. It was Saturday, and usually Ryan and I do our own things and never really hang out. but today we actually hung out.

We spent the day around the city, got lunch and dinner, went to an iMax movie, we just had a good time. When we headed back to the dorm, Ryan was a little awkward, I just figured it was maybe to homo to hang out with a guy japanese attractive hotties get wet with vibrator squirting and hardcore day and he was weirded out.

When we got back to the room it was dark, I went to turn on the light, but Ryan had was grabbing me.

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He turned me around and his hand was on my face. I played it off as a straight man would, pushed his hand away and said "What the fuck you doing Ryan?" "Can I try something?" He put his hand back on my face. My eyes were adjusted to the dark by now and I could see he was staring down at me, and he was nervous, my heart was going to beat out of my chest. He put his other hand on my face and slowly lifted me up towards his, this is it, moment of truth, his eyes closed and I kept mine open, I wanted to see every second of this.

Our lips touched in what seemed like hours, time slowed down, every soft movement of his lips against mine. I put my hands on his back, he was caressing my face and back to my ears and then he ran his fingers through my hair. I then felt him trying to open my mouth with his lips, and I eagerly did!

His tongue entered my mouth, so curious, so slow, and he started to slowly use tongue. It was so hot. I bit his bottom lip, and that must have gotten something going, he growled deep in his throat, and threw me on my bed. He got on top of me, I could see eagerness in his eyes with a huge smile on his face, he pulled off his shirt and began to deeply kiss me again. His hands running along side of my body, down to my legs, his hand runs up my shirt and he explores my body, all while kissing me.

The next thing he does practically makes me explode my load right then and there. He positions his hips against mine and I could feel his dick through his gym shorts against my dick, in my gym shorts! Glad I decided to wear these today. He slowly girates his hips back and forth, feeling his cock against mine, when he does this, his chin is against my forehead, I guess this is nagaland dimapur girl xxx vidoes of the downfalls of having a tall guy.

He backs up and starts sucking on my neck, his hand still running along my body, he works his way down, and he grabs my dick in my shorts. He was rough, he grabbed my dick and balls in one swoop, and squeezed so hard, it almost turned me off, but he started to stroke my dick. He pulled his shorts down revealing his dick. It was a good size! 7.5-8 inches easily, it dominates my average 7 incher.

It was uncut, which was sort of a turn on to me, I stroke his cock as he leans back town to kiss me. His hips move in sync with my hand. He's stroking me hard and fast and I try to keep the same pace on his dick. That's it, I can't take this any more. "Ryan, I'm gonna cum" "Do it" Right then, I shot so hard, I could feel my load soak through my shirt, it was a huge load considering I haven't had time to jack off in weeks.

Ryan begins to moan and growl heavily, he was breathing against my mouth, his mouth was wide open, I could feel him tense up, I knew what was going to happen. I felt his dick swell up in my hand, and twitch as he shot his cum on me, his load was easily bigger than mine!


He was still breathing against my mouth. We were both heavily breathing. He collapsed on top of me, the cum on auditions with gorgeous girls adrenaline rush dvd shirt rubbing against his body.

He was actually pretty heavy, it was hard to breathe, but I didn't mind. I ran my hand along his back, he kissed my neck again, and rolled over on his back. I take my shirt off and throw it to the ground and lay back down, Ryan's hands were behind his head and he looked deep in thought. I was to excited to sleep, Ryan was in my bed, right next to me, shirtless.

Who could sleep. I did pretend to sleep however because I noticed he was awake. Ryan usually has a soft snore, a loud snore when he's drunk, but that's how I know he's asleep. Ryan quietly got up, put a blanket over me and went to his bed. within 15 minutes he was snoring. I was almost a little hurt that he didn't want to sleep in the same bed, but oh well.

To Be Continued. (We still have the rest of the school year!)