Nottingham uk home made storys

Nottingham uk home made storys
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I walk through the door, late home from school the third time this week. I attempt to breeze by you and hide out in my room as has been my habit lately. You step in front of me, blocking my path. I begin too look up at you with a scowl marring my pretty little face, but your stern look quickly changes my expression from surly to wide- eyed innocence.

Wordlessly you snatch my book bag from my hands, turning it upside down and spilling it's contents on the floor between us. Scattered among my books and various assignments are several notes that have been sent home over the past few weeks.You order me to gather every note and give them to you immediately. Frightened by the barely controlled rage in your voice, I quickly drop to my knees and scoop them up. As I turn over the damning evidence, you notice that I've tried to conceal one from you.

You roughly grab my arm and rip the most recent and most shocking report from my trembling hand. Your face is as hard as granite as you quickly scan the slips of paper that are to be my undoing.

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My many misdeeds from the past few weeks are revealed to you ; my skipping classes, missing assignments, breaking dress code, and sneaking off campus to smoke. Tears well in my eyes as you as you read the crumpled missive sent home today. Your eyes narrow and in a deadly voice you tell me to go to my room and bend over my bed to await my punishment. I lesbian toy talk threesome makes them wild to my room and kneel on the floor, burying my face in the bed covers, my heart fluttering in my chest like a trapped bird.

Bent over the bed my short skirt rides up, revealing the naughty panties I daringly put on this morning before school. While I wait to hear your footsteps coming down the hall, I silently curse my new "best friend" for getting me into this mess. It was her plan that we tease the boys in between classes by putting on skimpy undies and flashing our asses at them.

She even provided the tiny thong that I wore now. Who knew that the principal would round the corner the moment we lifted our skirts?

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The old bat dragged us to her office and raised both of our skirts once again, tut- tutting as her eyes roamed our nearly naked nether regions. I know that it must have been her who called you, alerting you to my hidden notes and naughty behavior.

Lost in my thoughts, I don't hear you as you come up behind me. I'm startled when you flip up my skirt exposing my nakedness.

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I'm mortified to have my bottom bared in front of my Daddy, only a thin strip of pink cotton covering my privates. I squeal when I feel the sharp sting of your hand across my ass. Methodically you alternate between my left and right cheeks and soon my bottom is flaming red and hot.

My face burns as scarlet as my ass when I feel the wet spot that has grown between my legs. You've noticed as well, and your hand presses brother and sister sleeping xxxx the soaked area, before you rip the panties from me and order me to spread my legs wider. Your big hand spreads me open and I'm shocked when I feel your tongue against my wet little cunny.


Your fingers finds my hard little bud as your tongue slithers into my now dripping pussy. Confused by the feelings building between my legs I moan and grind my throbbing little clit against your finger as you caress me. Your mouth moves up towards my puckered little hole and I jump when I feel your tongue there. I'm overwhelmed with the sensations coursing through me and despite my shame, I shake as an orgasm rocks through me. You stand then and I hear your zipper being opened.

Something big is suddenly rubbing up and own my slippery slit and I realize that you are are going to fuck me! I struggle to get uppleading with you, promising to be a good girl again. My cries fall on deaf ears and your hand is pressing against my lower back as you ram all the way into my tight little pussy.


I feel as though I've been torn in two, as you violate my throbbing pussy with your invading cock. Soon the burning pain is replaced with a different kind of ache. Slowly at first, but then with more fervor, I back up in to meet your onslaught. Your hands gripping my hips you pummel my pussy harder, grunting as you feel the hot wet walls of your little girl's cunny sucking at your pulsating pole. My cries turn into moans and my hand drops down to tickle my button as the need for release grows in me.

I race headlong towards a huge orgasmnow begging you to fuck me harder! As you pound into me my whole body jerks and I bathe your dick with my cream.

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You pull out of me then, grabbing me by the hair and forcing me on my knees in front of you. You command me to open my mouth clean up the mess I've made. When I comply you roughly shove your soaked cock into my mouth gagging me.


You pump in and out of my mouth, feeding more and more of your Daddy meat to me with each thrust. I hear you groan loudly, before you pull your dick from my mouth and shoot your hot sticky cum all over my face.

You pull up your pants then and tell me to strip and clean myself up. You're not finished with me yet and you order me to be in the dining room in 30 minutes, nude and ready for the next part of my punishment.