Lezzie dolls spread their deep assholes and drill huge vibros

Lezzie dolls spread their deep assholes and drill huge vibros
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Angelic Deviant "How old?" I asked my driver. "Twenty-six, sir." "Very interesting." I remarked as we drove to the destined location. Her file read well, 5' 6", toned, fair white skin, perky little B-cup tits, fit; but not anorexic skinny. Add the red hair, and you have one amazing combination.

There is one factor however, that singles her out from the rest of her counterparts, this delightful deviant is a mutant. She has one eye that is green, and one that is blue. The complexity of this woman astounds me, and I have yet to even meet her.


What she did to end up in prison only adds to my growing list of infatuations with this girl. I watched as my driver showed the guards all the necessary paperwork at the gates, easily obtained when you run a business like mine. They did the usual routine while they checked the papers, asking for my driver's as well as my I.D., mirror-checking the underside of the car, and inquiring as to our intent at the prison. "We're reaching out to an old business client." Was my driver's response. Not entirely false, but not entirely the truth either, which is one of the many reasons why he is my driver.

"We're here, sir." "Good, I was beginning to feel a bit cramped in here." I joked, we're in a limousine, it's never cramped. I walked through the gates and could instantly tell all eyes were on me.

It's not every day you get a man in an expensive-looking suit strolling through the prison, but under the ruse of business, it seemed only fit that I wear my business attire. I was led by a very skeptical and heavy-set looking black woman guard to the holding cell where she was being held special for me. On my way by, I waved to the security in charge of the cameras; that was her cue to start looping the stream. You can buy just about anything these days, a security guards salary isn't much.

I was led through doorway after doorway with locks everywhere in-between, until we finally got there; death row. It was probably most famously referred to as "The green mile", but I like death row just as carmella bing cumbath by amp monster cocks, it fills the soul, if the accused has any left, with hopelessness.

Exactly what I need for my job. "Holding cell B6, do you want me in juliana un chauffeur de taxi finit dans le cul de juliana with you sir?" The guard queried as she opened the door to the cell.

I turned and smiled at her, "No thank you, that will not be necessary." She looked at me with inquisitive eyes but left us alone, I sat down and waited until I couldn't hear her footsteps to begin speaking. She was seated on a bench, across from me, fiery red hair hanging in front of her face, but the skin on her arms and ankles was exposed.

I spoke slowly, putting on a voice that hinted of sarcasm but was coated in sugar, like a vial of venom surrounded in amber. "My, you're even more beautiful than your files foretell." I noticed a slight change in her body position, but she continued to look down. "You know you never can truly trust paper, after all, what is on paper is only what is put there by people, and we both know you can't trust them either." Her head darted up, and I caught a glimpse of the eye, the green one, staring at me hatefully.

"Yes, I know, I know everything there is to know about you.

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But that, is why I am here." She stared at me now, head up, still hateful but now intrigued. "I can either be a last singular beam of hope, or your final disappointment, the choice is yours." I raised an eyebrow and pointed at her with clasped hands when I said 'yours'. Finally she spoke: "What choice?" She spit out the words, not wanting to believe me. "I'm glad you asked. It's simple really, it is the choice to live or die." She didn't flinch. "Don't believe me? Son forced mom in bathroom xxx don't want to believe me?" She didn't answer, but gave me a smug smile as a response.

"Fine, a demonstration perhaps? Are we in agreeance that these cameras run and are monitored 24/7?" She only gave a small nod. "Then I would not be able to do this." I said as I slowly strolled over and quickly smacked her across the face. She was stunned for but a second, and quickly regained her composure and hatred-filled stare. "Normally guards would be running to escort me from this cell right now, and if the cameras are watching…" I leaned in very close, and whispered in her ear: "how come I don't hear the hurried footsteps of the granny say nbut son fuck eyes were wide open when I resumed my distance.

She narrowed her eyes to me, now with her green and baby blue. "What do you want from me?" I gave a slight chuckle, "It is quite simple, I want you, or more specifically, I want you to want you." She gave me a quizzical look.

"If you want to be saved, then I can save you, but if you want to die, then I can leave." I explained. "But that doesn't answer my question, what do I have to do?" She pressed further. "Ah, yes. Your end of the bargain. Well, like I said, you have to want you, in a way it's as simple as dirty whore cant live without being caress by men to live, where I can take you only the strong have survived.

Tell me Jasmine, are you strong?" Her head jerked, her nostrils flared, and her whole body tensed when I said her name. "Yes, I told you I know everything about you, including how you got in here to begin with." I pulled out a small concealed knife from my jacket pocket: "But I need to know if you're willing to go the distance to save yourself." I said this as I cut the plastic cuffs from her wrists.

I strolled around the room twirling my knife like a desk-jockey does a pencil. "If I used only a miniscule amount of my resources getting to you, and getting you alone, unsupervised in a maximum security prison, do you really think there is anything I can't do?" Her arm twitched, her hatred stare turned to a softer glare of disbelief. "Go on." She said finally. "What if I told you I can get you out? Unscathed, well mostly, you might be a bit drowsy, but much better than you are in here I can assure you." Silence.

"I can bring you to a place where none of this follows you, and you can make a new name for yourself, one you don't despise, aren't I right…" "Don't you fucking say it again," She interrupted. "There's that Irish temper of yours, oh how legendary it is.

But I can make it all disappear. One action, one measly act of pure faith and trust in another extremely powerful and influential human being and I can make your entire record, disappear." As I spoke the last part of the sentence I made gestures like that of a magician.

She stared at me for a long time, still not totally convinced. "Do I really have a fucking choice?" She asked. "You always have a choice dear, but I can assure you this choice is better." "Then what the fuck do I have to do?" "Fuck, that is what you have to do." I quickly responded.

"Fuck? Who?! YOU!?!?" She practically yelled the last word. "I don't see anyone else here with a penis, do you?" I asked coyly. "Are you completely out of your mind?! Do you KNOW what I did to the last man that tried to fuck me?


Why do you think I'm HERE?!?!" "I know exactly what you did to him, but he wasn't me, and I'm not him, and you weren't on death row then. I was thinking you would reconsider a sudden attraction to the opposite sex." I began taking off my clothes. First my tie, then my jacket, shoes, vest, and soon enough I was down to pants and my collared shirt.

She was still just fuming and staring at me coldly. "Maybe you will change your mind when you see what you have to work with." I said as I unbuttoned my shirt to reveal a rather muscular, and hairless chest, complete with popping pecs, a flat stomach, very defined biceps leading to strong broad shoulders and built traps.

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I carelessly threw my shirt to the side and began unbuttoning my pants. I could feel her eyes scanning each inch of my muscular torso through her red hair. "IF I do this, you will get me out of this fucking place? No bullshit?" Her eyes may have met mine but they wanted to go elsewhere.

"I swear on my life, if you don't get out, I will personally suffer the same fate of the man you killed to get in here." I said smoothly as I moved my hand over my heart: "Scouts honor." She smiled, I finally got a smile from this woman, it was working. "Fine." She said flatly. "What do I have to do?" "Undress for one, let me see what I have to work with." It's hard to make undressing in a prison uniform sexy, bur she managed it.

Her tits popped out of the top as she took it off and forcefully threw it aside. Then she wiggled out of the bottoms and kicked them in the opposite direction. I'm not sure if it was her choice or the prisons hot faina ass fucked by big wiener hardcore and brunette to wear anything underneath those rags.

The one thing nothing mentioned, her ass. She had the cutest little ass ever, I watched as it wiggled out of the prison bottoms, I watched it among other things as she spun around for me.

Firm, yet plump, with just enough wiggle to beg for penetration. "Now what?" She asked. "Now girl…" I said as I walked quickly, now naked, over to her: "begins your fight for survival." I said as I grabbed her by both wrists, spun her around and brought her close.

I whispered forcefully in a deep voice I had yet to use into her ear: "Here's my deal, if you survive sex with me, I get you out, and I give you a new name, a place to stay, and your own free will.

Whaddya say girlie, you think you can handle one last stand?" My voice was now an acrid hoarse tone, like the growl of a wolf defending their kill. "Bring it on, bitch." She said and slammed herself into the bench in front of us, bending over for me. "Oh no you don't, I am in control here, and I'll tell you when to bend over." Now the fun begins. I pulled her up by her beautiful red hair and pushed her right in front of the deactivated camera. "Smile for the camera, bitch." "Who are you calling a b---"She trailed off when I smacked her ass so hard it nearly knocked her onto her face.

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In fact the only thing holding her up was my hand with a fistful of her hair. "I saaaid, smile." When I thought I saw her smile from behind her I plunged my fingers into her pussy. Her face then quickly changed from a smiley face, to one that very nearly resembled an 'O'. I thought I could hear the faintest little moan when I curled my fingers over her G-spot. "It's okay to admit that this is turning you on, little one, I would much prefer hearing all of your moans, grunts, and eventual screams." I whispered into her ear in a demonic tone.

Her pussy was getting very wet, good, I was afraid prison would have turned her into a full-blown lesbian. "Look at you, getting wet for a complete stranger, I bet it fills you with excitement." Every word hitting her eardrum like the quickly hastening pulse beating through her veins.

"I bet it makes you want more than just my fingers filling you up, doesn't it?" She didn't respond, but didn't have to. The pussy I was fingering may as well have been a vice that got stuck shut. If she wasn't wet it would've been like forcing a basketball into the 18th hole. But once inside it felt like red velvet cake tasted; smooth, sweet, juicy, and always left you wanting more. She was enjoying it more and more, her body starting to buck when I forced my fingers to her cervix, clashing with her last wall of defense.

So when she looked like she couldn't take anymore I picked her up, all natural college blondie fuck ready pornstars hardcore her to the other side of the room and placed her upright by the bench. "Sit." She sat, exasperated and gasping for breath. "Now spread em', give yourself to me." She looked up at me coyly, lifted one leg, put her hand in front of her pussy, moved her leg aside and then moved the other before looking into my eyes, rubbing her lips and bringing her fingers to her mouth and sucking on them, revealing what was an attempt at a shaven pussy, as good as it got in prison.

'Good idea' I thought. I grabbed her legs and forced them above her head so she sat off-balance on the bench and dove into her pussy. I ate ravenously, holding her legs up at 190 and 20 degrees. I started with her outer lips, licking and tickling around her openings.

I moved from her outer lips to her inner lips and ran my tongue down them on both sides, savoring the taste of this red-haired beauty. Then flicked her clit with my tongue and listened to her give a slight coo of pleasure and then slowly licked all the way down to her asshole, where she quickly tensed up and let out a small gasp the second my tongue touched the puckered opening.

I continued my assault on her clit and just before she came, as teen licks excited pussy of horny girlfriend was starting to claw and tense up, I stopped and grabbed both her wrists and threw her over my shoulder, stood up on the bench, and held her out in front of me, arms over her head, feet not reaching the ground.

"Beg me for it." She just dangled there, trying to rub her legs together, fruitlessly. I leaned in close and whispered into her ear again, nuzzling her earlobe with my lips, "beg me to make you cum, beg me to impale you on my cock." She fought it every step of the way, but her body needed release, and she begged.

At first, it was barely audible. "……&hellip.please…&hellip." It was just barely a whisper.


"What was that? The blood seems to have rushed to my other head, I didn't quite catch that." ".please&hellip." She stated louder.

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"Please? Please what? I'm not doing something wrong am I?" I grinned evilly as I made her go against every hard-ass instinct she built up in this place.

"Please, will you, will you please FUCK ME!!?" She screamed. "Well, now that sounds more like a demand.' She kicked her legs in futility, on the verge of a breakdown she let out: "……please…fuck me…&hellip.make me yours…&hellip." "Well why didn't you ask sooner?" I exclaimed, taking my other hand and forcing her back onto my cock. In one motion half of it went straight into her now soaking pussy. It was so warm. I was lost in my own euphoria, I no longer cared what she was feeling, all I could feel was her pussy on my cock and her legs trying desperately to grab my torso and pull it closer so she could impale herself further onto my cock.

"How long has it been my lil' slut?" She was going to argue my new pet name for her, but I thrust in further just as she began to speak out. "How long?" "Ugh&hellip.it's been………aaaahh……&hellip.toooooo long&hellip." She answered between thrusts and grunts. "Open your eyes my pet, look at what is in front of you." She opened her eyes, in front of her was a window, normally a cruel joke in this place, but it served the situation well today.

"Ou-outside, fresh air, fr-freedom." She said, each syllable with a different exhale matching each of my retractions from her pussy.

"That's right" I said: "It can all be yours if you survive this fuck, do you think you can do that?" "Do your worst you sick fuck." She said as her legs found my body and thrusted her hips back to meet my cock.

"Oh girl, you don't know how bad that is." TO BE CONTINUED.