Manteniendo la higiene en la boca y en los genitales gui

Manteniendo la higiene en la boca y en los genitales gui
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Since hiring Ellen two years ago and dating her off and on I'm beginning to think of a serious relationship with her. My problem is I enjoy being divorced and free to pursue women, my womanizing and my sexual appetite caused my six divorces. Ellen is in a deep sleep, when she feels a gentle push on her hip. She thought it was a dream, so she slides over, but found the edge. Being this is her house, she knew there was nobody else there. So, she knudged against the object.

As if to say " hell no I'm not moving over." She fell back into a deep sleep as she lay there, sleeping, thinking about how she is naked, in a submissive state, feeling horny and wishing I was there. She is awaken again, by the feeling of her legs being spread open. " Oh, fuck! Just go to sleep!", she thought as I keep pushing at her thighs. She takes up some room with her legs shoved around the bed, making it hard for me to lay with her.

So, she spread her legs open, thinking she is making room for herself trying to get comfortable.


Soon, she feels something wet against her lower ass crack, where her ass & pussy meet. Ellen is half awake, but with a soft smile.

She realized I was there smelling her nakedness and submission. Laying there, she let me sniff around. She didn't want me to know she is starting to wake up. Didn't want me to stop. I pressed against her pussy hard, which instantly causing her pussy to swell to my cock.

Was I trying to fuck her, right now? She thought. But, she didn't care. It was me, she knew. I have always been very aggressive when fucking her. She smiled, her reaction, wanting my tongue against her now hungry pussy, she spread her knees apart and slightly lifted her ass toward the ceiling.

She feels nothing against her pussy. Shit! she scared me off, she thought, laying there, with her wet pussy exposed to the room air. There is some movement on the bed. I'm shifting my position around. Perhaps I was just checking her out.

Perhaps I just wanted to take her while she is sleeping, like a pervert. Laying there, wet, back slightly curved, raising her hips off the bed, she feels like an idiot, but didn't move. She feels my tongue again, this time I push harder and she got wetter. She indian couple having sex tube porn her ass higher, now I can't miss her need.

I didn't, MY tongue starts lapping at her pussy, a few licks at a time, but it feels amazing. Faster and faster I lick and before long, she is dripping with a mixture of her cum and my saliva.

She lays there, cumming and cumming. Ellen has never been awakened to anyone trying to fuck her. She starts to pant, deeper and deeper breaths.

I'm pushing deeper and harder with my tongue. Making her cum and squirt. She has never squirted in my mouth before, usually, only when I have penetrated her. She lets out a deep moan, as she squirts against my face and into my mouth. I stop with a few more licks. Ellen is now a horny slut, my horny slut.


" You started this, now finish it," She screamed, raising her ass high in the air, rocking back on her knees, fully pushing her pussy out. Breathing deep, as if she had just run 5 miles.

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She feels more movement, then suddenly before she knew it, I lunged my huge cock hard slamming into her hard and deep. With three thrusts, I'm fully impaled inside her. " Goddammit!! You are gonna turn me into a slut!" She feels angry, but she does love my huge hard cock. She lay there, filled with my cock. My huge cock buried deep inside her pussy, I give her a few hard thrusts, making sure I'm deep inside her.

I'm pushing deeper then I have been, so it made up for me impaling her so fast. She squeezes as tight as she can against my thick cock, she is slowly milking me, which she tried to do as often as possible when we are fucking.

My cock feels hotter buried inside her and tonight I feel very hot to her. After I emptied my cum inside her, I dismounted. She stayed in that position, she was asleep when this started and is still in a sleepy state, though she is horny and being fucked.

She feels me leaving the bed, I had gotten off the bed and she sort of sees me, going into the bathroom. Then in a few minutes later, she feels my heavy body move back on the bed between her legs.

I start licking her pussy again. My tongue is so hot as I lap and lap what feels like hours. She often tries to push me away from her pussy, encouraging me to mount her again.

She had yet to finish as she is still very horny & needing more fucking, so she didn't mind me licking her dripping pussy. I dig my tongue deep into her pussy. Tonight, I ate excited honeys fuck with each other lesbian dildo out for about a half hour then, to her surprise, I mounted her again.

I probe around her slick slit. God! It feels amazing to have been penetrated earlier, then licked out and now my hot hard cock is probing her hungry pussy again, then I thrust hard and mr plus mr plus bangs nia thikk hardcore and creampie. Faster then before, or maybe she is just still too sleepy.

She came a few more times before she feels my cock swelling deep inside her walls. " OMG!" she moans into the room. As I fuck her, my cock thrusting deep & harder then before. My cum filling her pussy quickly again, we stay knotted for a hour. I tried to dismount, but she reached up, grabbing me and rubbing another orgasm out thru her swollen clit, before letting me go. I got off the bed and went to the bathroom again, as she lay there, panting, exhausted from cumming so hard again.

Ellen can't move, her legs are weak and her body feels like it weighs a ton. She feels the hot thick cum mixed with blood slowly dripping out of her freshly fucked pussy again.

She started to fall back to sleep but feels more shifting on the bed an hour later. She thought, I had gotten off of the bed.

Then she feels my tongue again. My cheeks brushing against her pussy then I'm licking her again.

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" What the hell are you doing? Are you kidding me!" She screams, " What is wrong with you.tonight? What's gotten into you?" But, she can't do anything, she is exhausted and can't move. My large body lays heavy against her weak body, as I slam my hard cock inside her, for the fourth time time tonight. Grabbing her waist I mount her rougher then before to fuck her, as I fuck her longer of the previous three times.

I fuck her for forty minutes before I fully impale her. She screams as my cock slams against her cervix. Again multiple orgasms rack her body, but my knot is short timed and I dump my load hard & fast. Now very sore, she tries to get up. Tries to gather her breath, her strength, clean up & gather her wits. Resting there on all fours, breathing uncontrollably, gathering herself slowly, she feels another heaviness against the bed, between her feet. " No more!" she tried to say between her heavy breaths, but I didn't care, I climb back on the bed.

Then it hit her, she is in the breeding position, she is in my favorite position that I use for fucking her.


Sometimes I don't like her face to the floor then sometimes I do. She is short, so I can stand over her, without wrapping her waist and still fuck her.

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I lick her ass crack, from pussy to lower back, she hadn't noticed before, but she is sweating down her back. " Good, he's not going to mount me," so she thought. She feels the hair of my balls tickle her sore, wet pussy. " No," She gently whispers thru her panting, " no." But, I didn't listen. I had only my needs in mind as I probed her pussy again and started to slowly breed to with her again " No, John!

Get off!" She shouted, but I still didn't care, " Get off! NO!!" She can't take my huge cock and knot again, there is no way. She tries pushing me away, but all it did is encourage me and my cock to become more aroused. " No!" She tried shouting again thru her deep panting breaths. I gently shove my way deep into her sore bruised pussy, pushing against her sore cervix hard.

" Please, John, stop!" but I didn't, I keep on til she feels my shaft fully embedded inside her and my knot at the base of my shaft hit against the outside of her pussy.

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" Well, at leased I don't have to take his knot," She thought, as she relaxed even more. Didn't realize she had tensed up, the thought of my coming knot again must have made her so nervous that she tightened her pussy. Realizing she is relaxed, I shove my half swollen knot deep into her pussy and swell instantly. " Motherfucker!" She screams, nearly crying, it hurt so bad to have just been fucked an hour ago like she had, knotted four times by me, all the size of tennis balls or nearly softballs, and now again.

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" Fuck!" She naughty hottie raises her long legs hardcore and blowjob out again. I took this as a signal to thrust while knotted, which sent her over the edge.

On all 4's, knotted deep for the fifth time, all she can do is cum again, but this time, there is pleasure mixed with the pain, sending her to places she has never been. Crying and trembling, she came, as I continue to thrust short jabs very hard, spewing cum with every thrust.

Finaly, I stop moving and we are panting together, tied by our lust. I stayed knotted in her for one hour, cumming with every breathe, every heart beat. My body weight laid heavier against her and she nearly can't hold us up, but we still stay knotted, still cum. Finally, I slide my cock from her sore aching pussy. Ellen collapses on the bed, rolling to her back, legs spread wide open, her knees nearly in a perminant bend.

I lay on the bed next to her, my semi-hard cock laying against her thigh, but my attention is on her pussy. Lapping at her bruised sore pussy, my tongue feels like a soothing onitiment as I lick her pussy, while she lay there, still crying from both pleasure & pain.

This is the first time since being with Ellen off and on that I have fucked her multiple times. She has never been with a man that recovered so fast and was hard and ready.