Extreme tit torture nailed tboard

Extreme tit torture nailed tboard
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After returning to normal, Nancy walked in with breakfast for the two of us and flopped down in front of me with her plate on her lap and ate as I watch the tube and ate mine. Surprising it was very good, cooked just how I like my eggs and bacon, she even made toast that was cooked just right. "Mmm Nan you're a good cook" "Had enough practice, cooked most of the meals at home and if I messed up I got whoop and sent to my room after cooking it right for them, I got nothing" "Well stick with me girl, I'm not gonna hit you and if there's food half is yours" "Thanks" We sex with hot legal age teenager adorable gal there and finished eating and Nancy then moved her plate off to the side and shifted into a crossed ankle position, spreading her thighs wide and showing me her tight little slit, my dick nearly flipped my plate over, and would have if I hadn't grabbed it.

I groaned to myself and slowly forced myself to turn back to the TV, but my eyes kept returning to the lovely site before me. " Err… thank you, both was good" "Both?" "Yeah the food and … the view" "Huh…view" As she looked where my eyes were focus. "Oh sorry wasn't thinking," "Don't be… we enjoyed it" "We…huh… oh" She noticed my erect cock waving at her "But I need to get dressed and do some work on this place" As I got up and pulled my work clothes out of the closet and started getting dressed.

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"Can I help"? "Sure… would enjoy the help, but you'll need to get dressed too, I don't work well with a constant hard on" She laughed and moved over to me, I thought she was going for her clothes, but instead she took my hard dick in her warm soft hand. I flinched and sort of moaned. The next thing I knew my cock was in her hot wet mouth and her tongue was licking around the head.

I groaned. "Ohhhh that's not the help I was talking about…huh damn that's good" Then she stopped and said "Ok then work now… fun later" My body kind of shook and you could almost hear my dick yelling 'Get back here bitch, don't stop… ah shittt' as Nancy turned and grabbed her clothes and began dressing.

When she bend over to put on her pants I had to literary tell myself, to calm down and get dressed before I raped her happy little ass.

Although I don't know if it would really be rape, considering the circumstances. But I told her she was safe here and whatever sex she was involved in here was by her choice, but damn it's getting harder to stand by my word.

Shit I need a cold shower. I finished dressing and walked into the other room. Nancy followed after she was dressed. She asked what she could do and I explained as we went along, she surprised me picking up so quickly and before long we were finished with the other front two rooms.

We took a break and Nancy asked if I wanted a beer, I said sure then she asked if it was ok for her to have one too.

"Why not you earned it" She returned with the beers and sat down beside me, took a slow slug on her beer and asked "What's next"? hot glasses brunette amazing bubble ass to toy one few things in the kitchen and one of the back rooms then painting the Dining room, well the upper half, the bottom gets the wallpaper that's out in the garage, then finishing the trim and cleaning up.

Oh yeah of course our beds will need to be taken out and those rooms cleaned. We'll move into the room I set up for you and clean the master bedroom, we'll have to share the one mattress for a day or so" "We're already share the bed together now" "Yep but it's a much bigger bed" "It'll be ok, I won't mind cuddling" "Good, we'll clean the master bedroom on the twelfth or thirteenth and the other one on the morning of the fifteenth, That's moving day" "That's not much to do then… is it?" "Nope we could be finished by tomorrow, well the day after except for the trim and cleaning, then we'll have about three weeks to kill before the furniture shows up and we have to leave" "Then what?" "Then we go to the next one, that lawyer has already got me another one to do, and after that one, maybe one on the coast to do too, you're coming with me aren't you?" "Well yes if you don't mind…I'd love to" "Mind… I'd love to have you keep me company and you do a fairly good job too, you'll get better as we go along, although sometimes it'll be more of just house-sitting" "House-sitting?" Yep just watching the place while the owners are away and taking care of the grounds and such, you know collecting the mail and papers, mowing maybe, watering plants and such.

Some people just paid to have their house watched and kept clean" "Well I'll go with you as long as you don't expect me to be your maid" "Nope we'll share the work, well… maybe you can be the cook" "Cook… I knew it… you just want me to feed you" "Just kidding kid" "You want me to feed you, do your cleaning and keep you warm at night like I was …was" "Was what" "A maid, housekeeper… cook… bottle washer… a a" "Nothing you can't handle and that's not all neither" "And your bed?" "Well of course, but only if you want to, but remember it'll be just you and me, the girls will be here and pregnant, if ever thing works right" ""Isn't that kind of running out on them" "Yeah but that's the way they've got it planned, after the ranch is set up and the dust has settled some.

I'm to check in with them to see when I can return. Sound kind of chicken, but it should keep me out of jail. And after a time I'm to move in with them, so we can start on the second batch of our kids" " Second batch !!! Hell it sounds like you're in for a busy future… sex… sex… and more sex" "Yep…things could be worst… ok back to work" "Slave driver" Nancy said laughing as she got up "Where's my whip?" We had a good day getting what I had planned to get done and more.

Nancy had a knack for this sort of work and was handling herself very well. It was a little slow at first, but sped up by days end. We took breaks when ever we wanted, had lunch, I had to go out for pizza, Nancy kept busy while I was on the food run, the girl was turning out to be a great asset.

I should take her out somewhere for some fun away from the house, but she was a runaway and the locals had her picture, and I explained that to her and we decided she'd stay here in the house, till we moved on and I'd take her somewhere nice down the road.

She was cool about it and even said she was happy just being here. It was warm, safe and food was brought in as needed.

Only I need to pick up some new movies, she seen the ones I had a couple of times now. I asked when did she have time kinky slut loves old and hard dicks all the going ons around here.

"When you was asleep or working or out. The girls weren't here all the times. Kept me from getting board" We finished up for today; I look her over and said "Shower time and you really need one" Nancy sort of squealed and ran for the bathroom while saying over her shoulder as she threw her shirt on the floor.

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"Last one in has to wash the winner" I followed, just not too quickly and with a rather big grin on my face. I stepped into the stall and Nancy handed me the soap.

I began with her face and neck soaping and lightly rubbing, working my way down her back, made sure her butt checks were defiantly clean; I even washed her little rosebud. It was fun watching and feeling her tremble and shake as I did; her legs almost gave way before I moved on down her legs, down one and up the other. I stopped just shy of her slit, but you could feel the heat radiating from her little furnace. I moved back up to her neck and started washing her front, slowly downward.

I think she had an orgasm as I washed her tits and those rock hard nipples, I made sure they were clean too, she cooed. Slowly down to her navel and made sure it was clean also, down to her hips, her legs spread wide in expectation and I think she came again as I cupped her mound and move slowly up and down.

Her legs spread more teen friends dad and dirty hairy fighting for affection I saw her place a hand on the wall to keep her from falling.

"MMMmmm ohhhh soo so gooooodddd" My dick was throbbing as I slipped a finger in between her tight little pussy lips and found her wet virgin fuckhole.

I placed my thumb on her clit and began rubbing it slowly, she moaned and I then slipped just the tip of my finger into her. She groaned "rrrr oh shit yesss ohhhh" And I slowly began working my finger in and out of her; all the while my thumb was giving her clit a tender massage.

I worked my finger in a little deeper and her legs spread even more, then she trembled and hot wet little girl joy juice flowed all over my hand. "Ooooohh wh what oooo its itss gooood" And her knees bucked, causing my finger to slip a little deeper inside her virgin heat, I grabbed her to stead her, then she entra a robar y termina cojiendo mega herself up to me and hugged me in a tight bear hug, look up into my eyes, then pulled me down to her pressing her lips hard into mine.

Her tongue lashed out into my mouth and for a moment I thought a hand full of eels were in there .She pulled back and moved her hand to my hard cock, wrapped her soft fingers around it and turned off the shower, out she stepped with me in tow and back to the bedroom we went. She slid down my wet body and engulfed my steel hard dick into her hot mouth and moved her lips back and forth around my shaft.

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Then just after a few strokes she pulled off me laying down on her back and motioned for me to join her, I lower myself on top of her and kissed her hard, I was in between her open thighs and the tip of my dick was rubbing against her wet hot slit. Then she moaned, "Fuck me mmmm" "Huh… fuck you, you sure" My hips moved on their own trying to push my hard cock into her virgin heat, but she moved away and said softly "No… fuck my ass" "Hun… your ass" "Yess I want you to fuck me I my ass please" And she raised her hips up and sort of wrapped her legs around me, reached down and grabbed my already rock hard cock and rubbed it slowly up and down her tight slit gathering her hot love juice, mixed with my precum coating the head of my dick, then placed it to her hot rear orifice.

"Fuck my ass oh baby fuck me" Well not to disappoint a female, My hips pushed forward own their on and I felt the tight opening give way allowing the head to pop in, damn it was tight and sort of dry, but our love juice coating allowed me to slide in.

Damn it was hot and tight in there; I don't remembering being in any hotter hole. I pushed forward slowly, this was something new to me I had never been in an asshole before, it was exciding and different, a good differences. I hit bottom and my balls were pushed up tight against her and she moaned, I pulled back just as slow then back in again and began picking up speed as she started humping against me, damn it was hot, I moaned she groaned and we banged each other hard.

"Mmmmm yes damn you're big Bill… Filll my ass… ohhhhhh" After a few wonderful minutes I felt the cum filling my sacs to overflow and knew I'd be filling her bum with cum soon. A few more strokes and I pushed hard inside her and the dam burst. Her ass ring tighten up on me as her sweet pussy honey coated us both.

My dick was still spurting deep inside her when we heard. "What the hell… Bill are you fucking Nancy?" I started to rise up out of instinct, but Nancy's legs were still wrapped around me and pulling me into her even harder, she moaned, "Oh god yesss YES fuck my ass…cum baby… fuck it… Don't stop… fill my ass with your love… awwwwwwww" I only moaned and grunted and pumped harder into her if that was possible.

After I filled Nancy to the brim and her own orgasm subsided, she released her grip and I slid out of her. As I fell back I looked down and you could see my cum starting to seep out of her brown/pink hole as it slowly closed back up. Linda was standing there with her mouth wide open and her eyes even wider. "Damn, you just fucked her in the ass.

Didn't you… and you… you came in her ass too… Did it hurt,… Did it feel good, what did it feel like,… was it good… damn it looked hot… did you enjoy it… you gonna do it again Are you…" "Calm down girl your mouth is running 90 miles an hour, slow down" Linda looked at me then Nancy and before she could say some else Nancy sort of cooed "Yes it was good and yes he did cum in my ass and yes if he wants to, he came cum in my ass anytime he wants… he's bigger than my step father, but it felt so damn gooooodd" As Nancy answered Sophia milk tits petite story questions I slipped into the bathroom to clean up, although you couldn't see anything, I figured I needed to clean up before I fucked Linda.

Being new to anal sex I wasn't sure what was proper, so sunny leone mp3 story sexy be safe I cleaned up. And by the time I got back Nancy had Linda nude laying spread eagle and munching on her little twat like a mad woman. I sat down and just watched to allow myself to recharge, he didn't need any more time, He was standing tall and watching too.

You could almost hear him shouting 'Pussy'. And short time I was agreeing with him and moved in, nudging Nancy out of the way.

" Tag My turn" Nancy giggled and Linda opened her arms almost whispering "Come here big boy, knock me up" And in my cock went, between her tight soft pussy lips into her hot love canal, my balls slapped against her ass as I fucked my sweet little Linda. We all wanted her pregnant and damn if I wasn't going to do my best to do so. She wrapped her legs around me and pushed back to me as she pulled me inside her deeper, humping against me like a dog in heat humping it owner's leg.

My balls were banging her ass as she moaned, "mmmmm fuck me… baby fuck… me… fuck me… knock mee up… I want your baby… fuck me… fill my pusssy wiithhh uooourr cuuuuu" Then her cunt tighten up almost wring me in her grip, as she exploded in her orgasm, "Aaahhhhh I'mmmmm cum cummmmminnnn&hellip.

Fucccckk meeeee" Her steaming hot juice bathed my dick and balls and they responded and I blew what felt like a gallon of thick hot baby cream into her waiting and wanting womb, my hips jerked on their own as I shove all the sperm I had in my balls into her tiny body. "II"MMM CUMMINNNNNnnnn" I stayed deep inside her hot wet twitching cunt as long as my soften cock could, then kissed her and fell over to the side.

"Mmm that was good sweetheart" "Mmmmm yes it was, but now I need to go home" But before she could move Nancy popped super hot blond milf shows tight body MY TURN" And lower her lips to Linda's cum fill pussy and began scooping my cum out of her fleshly fucked hole with her tongue.

Linda grabbed her head and pulled her harder into her full pussy and moaned. I just watched and smiled. 'Isn't life grand'