Foxy czech sweetie stretches her narrowed pussy to the special

Foxy czech sweetie stretches her narrowed pussy to the special
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I have a great job! I have my own office, and a personal secretary, who is really good. Sarah's just 19, but she is so reliable, I never have to say something, whenever I think of something, she already took care of it.


She handles the difficult customers well, which is very admiring in our line of work. And did I already mention she is good looking? When she applied for the job, she wasn't the most experienced one, but she gave a good impression. But the only reason why I hired her, was because she was the prettiest one of all the applicants.

She wore a long, loose skirt and a sweater when I first met her. I thought it was strange, because most 19 year olds would be showing off with their looks! After I hired her, she told me it was normal for Greek girls to dress like that, because the men didn't like a woman that wanted the boys to drool all over them. So she always wore long skirts and sweaters, which I kinda regret, but since she was the best secretary I could find, I never said anything about it.


That was until 2 weeks ago. I normally have lunch with a friend who also works downtown, but this day he had a day off, so I decided to stay in and eat at the office. Since I was the only one there, I could as well surf the web for some porn.

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If you ever had your dick between two of those juicy pieces of meat, you'll know what I mean! I was just playing this trailer movie, when Sarah walked in on me. "I'm sorry, I didn't know you were here, boss. I thought you were out having lunch, I ." Suddenly she got very quiet. She saw the movie on the screen, and since the moaning and fucking sounds were all over the room, there was no way she could act like she didn't hear anything. "I'll leave you now, sir, I'll be back in around 40 minutes." I was feeling so horny, so I decided to grab the opportunity.

"If you want to, you can stay here and watch it with me." "Oh, no sir, that wouldn't be appropriate for a woman like me." "What do you mean?

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You got to have some . urges like everybody else!" "I have to take my mind of those things, and be a good girl." "If you really want to be a good girl, you'll stay here with me.

What's the harm in looking at some beautiful people?" She still wasn't sure. "I'm afraid it isn't just going to be looking if I stay here." "Well, you shouldn't be afraid, but hope it will not be just looking! Or are you still a virgin?" "Yes I am, sir. I have never even seen something like that. I am saving myself for the man I want to spend my life with." "That's admirable.

Well, I promise it will just be looking, nothing more. You will not be disappointed with what you will see!" Sarah got more and more curious. She wanted to be a good girl, just like her parents always told her.

The best girls get the best husbands, and she lesbians works out hula hoops at gym a nice man, who would treat her with respect.

But she didn't live on planet Mars, she knew that all of her girlfriends had sex. She never wanted to ask them about it, but she had been curious about it for some time now. And as her boss promised, if she just looked at it, it wouldn't hurt anybody!

So she took a chair, and sat next to her boss. I put on the movie again. It showed a teen with large boobs getting fucked by a man with a giant dick. "Oh no, he's hurting her, she's screaming in pain!" "Not at all, darling, she's enjoying this very much! You really have no idea what you are missing!" Next, I put on XNXX. We watched the free movies of the day, and when we reached the gangbang movie, she jumped back so hard, that she fell down from the chair.

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"Oh, I'm so sorry about that broken chair, sir! It was just because I never imagined something like that could happen, different men and just one woman!" "Again, my dear, you really don't know what you're missing!" "Well, I'll just take another chair then." "Why bother, you can sit on my lap, that way you have a better view on the screen." "I'm not sure if .

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well I mean it's . I don't think." "Don't worry about it, it's just looking, remember?" So she sat on my lap. I had a hard-on before while watching these movies, but with her on top of me, I almost came there at once!

We enjoyed the photos next. Sometimes she would move a bit, like if she wanted to turn me on even more. She often said things like "This looks very nice" or "This woman seems to like it very much", and when we saw a well shaped man, she said "I hope that my future man has one like that!" and "I'm sure it has to feel great getting filled like that!" That was my chance! "So you would like to know what it feels like to be filled?" She blushed. I started to stroke her arms.

She blushed even more, but didn't stop me. So I roxie west hot squirting on black dick to touch her. I went down to her legs and thighs, and she started moaning when I reached her inner thighs. I opened her legs a bit, and started rubbing her pussy through her skirt.

She was moaning very hard now, so I kept on rubbing her until she started screaming. "Oh my god, what have you done to me? I feel so weak now!" "That's called on orgasm, honey. I can give you lots more if you're interested. And in more ways than this one." "What do you mean?" "Go stand up against the desk, I'll show you." Sarah stood up on her weak legs, and when she was up against the desk, I started to caress her legs starting from her feet, under that long skirt.

I lifted her skirt until I got to her underwear. When I wanted to take it off, she got scared again, so I had to comfort her a bit. "Don't worry, baby, I'm not going to hurt you! If you want to stop now, you can say so. But that way you won't get that nice feeling again!" "Well, I guess now that we have come this far, we might as well continue." I took off her underwear, exposing her hairy pussy.

I can't remember when I last saw a pussy that beautiful! So pure and innocent. And it was all mine now! I started to lick her lips and made my way to her clit. Once I got it, I started licking and sucking it.


She started moaning again, so I very sexy big tits babe mila treasure big boobs and pornstar on going until she had her second screaming orgasm.

"That was great again! I am starting to like this a lot! I really have been missing something in my life! Do you have other ways of giving me another orgasm?" "Sure honey! I'll show you my love tool, that will really make you go crazy!" I got out of my pants, and got my dick out. Now I must say I'm quite proud of it, it has a nice size, and all the women have complimented me with it.

So now it was time to let this good-looking virgin get to know the little general. "Ooh, that's big! I don't think it will ever fit inside me!" "I'm sure it will, let's give it a try!

I'll try to be gentile, if it hurts, just let me know, ok?" I put my head against her moist little hole, and I slid in without a problem. I had a lot of women before, but this one was so wet! She was moaning all the time, but when I was half way in her, she screamed. "Ooooh it hurts. Get it out, get it out!" "Try to relax, I'll give you some time to get used to it." I stood still, and decided to get a look at those tits she was still hiding. So I took off her sweater, and she didn't object this time.

She didn't have big tits, but they were very firm and perky. I started to massage them, and lick and bite her nipples. She started moaning again. After half a minute or so, I tried to move further in her cunt, and she must have gotten used to my cock already, because I didn't hear her complain again. When I felt my balls hit her ass, I moved it out again, with just the head inside. I started to move in ond out real slow. "Ooooh that feels so good! Come on and take me! Give me another orgasm!" "I'll give you the best orgasm yet!" Now I started pumping faster and faster, and soon I was slamming my hard cock in her pussy, and she took it like she never did anything else.

"Yeah, that's it! Oooh you're so hard, it petite ariana marie and halle von lesbian fun so good!" "You're so tight honey, it won't be long until I'm going to cum!" "Going to cum?

what do you mean?" "Well, I'm going to get an orgasm too, and I will be pumping my hot load into that sweet pussy of yours! Are you on birth control?" "Oh yes, my mum insisted that I took the pill." "Good, I'll give you my warm sperm deep inside that hot body of yours!" "Give it to me!" "Oooh baby I'm cumming now! Ooooooooooooooooooh!" With one final push, I started to cum, I kept on shooting load after load inside her.

That final push was enough for her to get her last orgasm of that day. "Thank you boss, I have had a great lunch break." "If you want to do this again, my office is always open for you!" And she made me keep that! The next day, she came over again, and I learned her how to do doggy-style.

I said she had to start wearing some strings under those skirts, that would make it much easier to get a quicky. And she did! We had numerous times sex while we were in my office, or in the copy room, or . I also learned my Greek secretary the Greek style of sex! After some time, she even started to wear shorter skirts, and tighter blouses, because I found out she had a killer body, that just had to be shown. And that had to be touched a lot, especially by her boss!