Sexy bimbos show off their hot bodies big tits

Sexy bimbos show off their hot bodies big tits
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The muffle boom of the music playing inside the club could be heard as Karissa drove into the driveway. Not even the sound proofing windshield of her million dollar car could block out the thundering beats coming from the establishment. When she opened the door, the sound roared louder. She slid herself off the car, her thousand dollars Louboutin pumps hit the wet floor, and passed the key to the valet.

The bouncer, a large bulky frame of 6'4" that dwarfed Karissa's 5'6" built, saw her and gave her a curt nod before opening the door for her to pass. The heart throbbing club music blasted out like a jet of air against her smooth olive skin.

She strutted elegantly into innocent teen lesbians ass and pussy licking crowd of people dancing to the music, her perfectly slender figure formed a silhouette under the kaleidoscopic lighting. Karissa walked towards the bar counter section, which was decidedly less crowded and was greeted with a waving hand. A smile tugged on her face. Melissa, the proud owner of this fine establishment was as beautiful as Karissa remembered.

"Hey, look who's back." she shouted against the music as she opened her to take Karissa into a tight hug. "I missed you, bitch." Karissa shouted back. "Missed you too, whore." Melissa released the embrace. "Here for the new pet?" "Would there be any other reason why I am here?" Karissa smirked snidely. "I don't know. Maybe because I make one helluva cosmo." "Yeah, right.

Wouldn't miss it for the world." Karissa remarked sarcastically. "So, the cellar?" "Yup. You know the way." "You aren't coming?" Karissa frowned.

"Are you blind? This place looked like a warzone." Melissa gestured at the crazed crowd, jumping and humping their way to the music. "Maybe later.

After things die down a bit." "Okay. See you then." Karissa blew Melissa a kiss and walked towards a door guarded by two even bulkier men than then one outside. The two men parted instantly and Karissa pushed open the door. She walked through a long hallway, the music gradually faded away behind her, until the only thing she heard was the clack of her heels against the cement floor. She turned to a corner and reached a metal door with digital lock mounted on the handle. Karissa punched in the code and a buzz echoed.

She opened the door and entered a room full of stocked liquor and wine, and barrels of beers. Her pumps clacked even louder against the wood flooring. She closed the door behind her and scanned the environment. Other than a few creepy critters lurking at the dark corners, she was the only other living thing in this room. She strutted along rows and rows of wooden racks, housing the best wine and liquor in the state, until she reached the aisle between the fifth and the sixth row.

She walked into the narrow spacing until she reached a brick wall. Her hand reached out to a bottle of wine placed just slightly out than the rest, and she pushed it in. A series of clicks echoed through the storeroom and the brick wall rotated at a ninety degree angle, exposing an entryway into a tunnel.

The faint sound of guttural moans and bark of degrading remarks drummed against her ears. Karissa sucked in a deep breath. It's been ages since she heard such wonderful sounds and it hadn't occurred to her that she missed it dearly until now. She walked into the entryway. The brick wall closed behind her.


The further she walked, the louder the sound got. She could make out the muffled pleas of someone being gagged. Light pouring out from a corner, illuminating the end of the tunnel.

Her heart grew louder as each step she took. Blood throbbed, her eyes blurred, her sex grew unrest; each step was like injecting herself with a dose of aphrodisiac.

When she turned to the corner, she couldn't help but smile as she was greeted by the chandelier lit, opulently furnished, completely carpeted, luxurious expanse of a room. Oh, it's been a really long time since she had one of these sessions.

Her presence was immediately greeted by Elsa and Jordan, whom were sitting by the bar counter, stark naked, sipping some kind of colored alcoholic beverage. The two jumped to their feet and came forth to hug Karissa. "Dayum, bitch. Didn't see you in a while." Jordan exclaimed, her red colored beverage in her hand sloshed as she awkwardly maneuvered herself for a hug. "Thought you were dead." Elsa added jokingly.

"It's been a busy year. The market crash, you know. I'm lucky I am not sleeping in the streets right now." Karissa chuckled. She almost nearly lost all her fortune if it wasn't for a tip from a confidant of hers. A minute later and she would have lost millions of dollars of investments. She didn't go unharmed though.

She did lost a two million dollars that took a year of hard work to get it back. "If you ever find yourself on the streets, you know who to call." Jordan said with a bright smile. "Knowing what you keep in your basement, I would rather be on the streets." Karissa rolled her sunny leon xxx bp having sex. Jordan had a massive collection of BDSM tools and instruments that not even Karissa dared to imagine herself inside Jordan's basement, tied and gagged.

She had, of course, been in her basement. A few times, in fact, with the rest of the group. And she had witness countless of innocent pussies subjected to ungodly torments inflicted by Jordan. The 6"2' woman could put any smaller woman in her place with a glare and Karissa had no doubt that the woman could put her in hers too.

"You can call me instead." Elsa offered. "No thanks." Karissa scoffed "You are no better than Jordan." "Well, that's only true if you have a cock." Elsa cast her a snide grin. That's pretty much it. Elsa was the last woman a man wanted to date unless he's into bondage and edging. And not those softcore edging, no. Elsa was the flesh and bone of Satan when it comes to edging.

She could make a man cried and begged for hours without release. Karissa had witnessed a few throbbing male flesh, swelled with desperation, subjected to the warmth of her mouth, the clenching of her pussy, and the grasp of her hand for hours without so much of a drop of cum spilled. "Good thing I didn't have a cock." Karissa rolled her eyes. She turned to the large expanse of the center of the room and saw what she came here for.

A petite brunette about Karissa's size, her hands tied behind her back, her mouth gagged, her body bent forward, her neck secured to wooden stock, her legs spread by a long metal pole, being fucked hard by Amelia from behind.

Her nipples were clamped with a pair of weighted clips. "That's the one?" Karissa raised her brows. "That's the one." Jordan affirmed. "She's gorgeous." Karissa complimented. "She is." Elsa nodded in agreement. The brunette was as young as she was beautiful. She could pass as a model for a runway show and Karissa would be surprised if she wasn't already one. Her breasts weren't large, but was large enough to attract the attention of men.

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Her body was fit as a gymnast, lean in the waist yet with curves in all the right places. A few strands of her hair stuck to her sweaty forehead while the cute roxy shaves pussy in shower masturbation amateur of the curls swung back and forth to the rhythm of Amelia's thrusts.

Karissa then met Amelia's eyes. The owner of several properties, including marinas, golf resorts, and hotels, curved a smile and stopped humping on the poor brunette. She moved away and Karissa couldn't help but to notice the shuddering of the brunette as Amelia vacated the dildo from her pussy.

"We'll be back for you in a minute, sweetheart." Amelia said sultrily as she glided her fingers on the brunette's bare back whilst approaching Karissa. Karissa took the frame of the woman as she looked at her from head to toe. Amelia was as powerful Karissa remembered, confident and controlling as always.

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And then her attention fell onto the black rubbery cock, glimmering with the brunette's juice, hung massively between Amelia's legs. She shook her head pitifully to whomever on the receiving end of that black monster. In this case, it would be the brunette. "Took you long enough." Amelia said when she was merely few feet away from Karissa. "Been busy." Karissa shrugged. "You seem to enjoy your new catch." she nodded at the brunette.

"Yeah. Best one ever." Amelia smirked. "Care to share your secret on how you get your hands on that? She's like what? Eighteen?" Karissa prompted, and then turned to the other two women. Their knowing grin told her that it was going to be an interesting one. "Twenty." Amelia corrected. "She's one of my maids. A part time one. Caught her stealing my pearl necklace." Amelia shrugged, as if it was nothing remarkable.

But Karissa knew better. It wasn't that simple. Nothing was that simple when it come to Amelia. She cocked her brows and displayed a -bullshit!- look at her friend.

"Fine. I 'accidentally' placed the necklace on the top of the dining table." Amelia rolled her eyes and gave Karissa an unapologetic shrug. "And then planted a camera to catch the act, I presume." Karissa speculated. "Yup. The girl's desperate for money. I gave her a job out of 'kindness'. A small encouragement was all it needed to trap her in." Amelia winked. Karissa wanted to scoff at her mentioning 'kindness'. There's nothing kind about her intention.

It was a trap set for the brunette to take. Amelia didn't do kind. She would probably watch starving kids dying on the street while sipping a thousand dollar wine. "And why is she desperate for money?" Karissa prodded further. "A certain unpredictable circumstance that had her college scholarship revoked." "And I presume you have something to do with that too." "I might have made a few calls." Amelia feigned innocence, but they both knew she was far from it.

"You evil bitch." Karissa shook her head in utter disbelief. "Only you can planned something so sinister." "At least I pay for her college." Amelia retorted. "And a generous amount of monthly stipend too. No maid work required." Jordan added defensively for Amelia. "Oh, she must be beyond elated about this arrangement." Karissa scoffed. "She will be. I fancy her quite a bit. And I'm going to invest a fortune on her. By the time I'm finished with her, she will be sitting at the Bahamas beach sipping cocktails." Amelia said.

"And how long will that be?" Karissa asked further, casting her sadistic friend an incredulous look. Amelia turned to look at the brunette and the turned back to Karissa. "TBD." She finally said. Karissa almost wanted to laugh. Whenever there's a new pet, Amelia would immediately give an approximated duration of acquisition.

A week, a month, a year. Never TBD. To Be Decided. This girl must be something to acquire the fancy of the great Amelia. And judging by the brunette's looks, she couldn't see why it wouldn't. "So how long have you all been at her." Karissa asked. "Oh, only a couple of hours." Amelia answered. Karissa turned to Jordan and Elsa and they both quickly smirked.

"Each." the two of them said coherently. Karissa curved a smile and approached the brunette as casually as possible. She didn't want to terrify the already terrified girl. But then again, no sane person wouldn't be under such circumstance. Helpless. Defenseless. Alone. A beautiful lamb trapped by a pack of wolves. Waiting to be devoured. And that's what made Karissa shivered in pleasure. She always loved the terrified ones. It made her feel powerful, in control and authoritative.

"Hello, sweetheart." soaked lesbian babes munching on wet pussy whispered into the brunette's ear. The girl instantly jerked away from her voice. Karissa smirked at the reaction. Her eyes shifted from the woman and to the carelessly discarded strap-ons on the ground. There were seven of them, each with a strangely shaped dildo.

Some with feelers around the shaft, some with a smaller extension at the base for clitoral stimulation, some are just not something one willingly put inside herself. Karissa had no doubt that each of those penile implement had spent plentiful amount of time inside the brunette's pussy, eliciting countless of orgasm out of this tiny helpless body. "Break time over." she heard Amelia announced and the brunette shook violently in protest. So helpless, Karissa thought.

She must be exhausted by now. But she wasn't the one to decide when it was over. No, she never would be. She would go on. She would take and absorb one merciless thrust after another. Her spread unprotected pussy would endure as long as Amelia pleased.

Karissa straightened and moved a few steps for a better vantage point that offered the view of the brunette's pussy.

Electricity surged through her body at the sight of the angrily red pussy. That must have been aching, Karissa told herself. And just a few inches away was the tip of the monster dildo poised for her reluctant pussy to receive.

Karissa pulled her dress up and threw it onto the ground. She then removed her bra and pulled down her panties. The lacy garments joined the pile. One hand immediately went for her pussy, taming the burning ache of her feminine flesh. The other went to her left nipple, teasing the engorged nub. As if in slow motion, Karissa watched as the tip of the dildo pried open the brunette's pussy, coaxing the spicy peach gets cumshot on her face swallowing all the love juice lips to part and receive the monstrosity.

A soft moan escaped the brunette when the tip burrowed inside her. Amelia closed the distance between her hips and the brunette's ass. The dildo followed, penetrating further into the brunette's wet folds until fleshes were connected and every black inch disappeared between those scarlet lips.

The brunette groaned at the discomfort of forceful invasion. A invigorating sound to Karissa as her fingers delved into her pussy. Amelia retreated, pulling every thick inch out of her pussy. Once it was out, she eased her hips forward again.

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The brunette's quivering pussy reluctantly puckered, parted, and then absorbed the thickness. It was purposefully slow, just as Karissa preferred. The tame movement was a indication, a statement made for the brunette to understand through her pussy. There's no escape. I can take as long as I want to fuck you and you will accept that no matter what. "You like that, Eva?" Amelia asked sardonically.

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Her movement remained sedated, almost sultry. The brunette moaned through the gag. If Karissa had to guess, it would be 'no'. But her verbal input had no bearing on Amelia's intention. None, what so ever. And that's when Amelia thrust, hard! So hard the brunette rattled the stock holding her head. The weighted nipple clips swung back and forth, pulling hard against the already sensitive nubs. The thrusts grew rougher.

The brunette's pussy was held in place and forced to take the blow as the thick dildo ravaged those lips. She cried in pain, or perhaps pleasure, it was hard to tell. Probably both. Karissa's fingers hastened and drew more of her girly juice out of her pussy. It was so hot watching another person being fucked ruthlessly. Finally the brunette shuddered against her restraint as what appeared to be an explosive orgasm rocked through her body.

Her pussy clenched tightly, spurting the invasive dildo out of her. Amelia smirked as she grabbed the moist dildo.

"I'm not done yet." Amelia said sardonically. She guided the tip of the dildo at the entrance and slid the monster back into the brunette's pussy. The brunette arched her back as a guttural groan rumbled through her throat. Without much of a choice, her pussy was yet again subjected to a merciless torrent of thrusts, each one stronger than the last until yet another orgasm rocked through her body. This time, Amelia stopped. The brunette was already panting british teen pornstar michelle moist tube porn against the stock.

Her chest rose and fell, tugging against the weighted clamps. Karissa was surprised the brunette hadn't fainted yet, rocking through two orgasm within an interval of a minute. And Karissa couldn't help but wished it was her that received the two orgasms. She turned to Amelia, whom was taking something out of her designer handbag. After a while, she fished out a white square box. She tossed her bag to the couch where she had gotten it from and came back to the brunette.

She knelt before her and opened the box. Karissa craned her head curiously and caught a glimpse of white pearls. The necklace, she presumed. "I think this will suit you." Amelia said sardonically as she pulled out a chain of exquisitely white pearls from the box.

Each pearl was perfectly sized, glistening under the brilliance of the chandelier above, except the center pearl, which was three times larger than the rest and was held in a diamond encrusted platinum shell. "No wonder she took it." Karissa remarked. "It cost more than half a million dollars." Amelia winked at Karissa and then back to the brunette. "And you know what, Eva. You get to keep it." Amelia tossed the empty box to the ground and stood up. "And I know just the right place for it to be." She strutted elegantly along her body, her fingers scrapped the sweat-covered skin, then down to the waist, then between the voluptuous cheeks, and finally on the anus.

The brunette squealed through the gag as she realized Amelia's intention. Jordan and Elsa joined in to witness the ultimatum with Karissa. Amelia clipped the end of the necklace together and eased one pearl into the brunette's tight opening. The brunette's whimpered for mercy as Amelia twistys celeste star starring at pure all s with the second pearl, and then the third, so on and so forth.

After a healthy number of pearls had been inserted, Amelia tugged the luxury item and watched a few pearls popping back out of the brunette.


The scene went on between insertion and tugging, until every pearl except the largest was tightly packed inside. "This one is going to be really painful if you don't relax." Amelia warned. The brunette shuddered at the warning.

There's no way she could relax, not when she was helplessly restrained with three dozen marble sized pearls inside her rectum. She pleaded relentlessly through the gag. Unfortunately for her, none of her pleads could change Amelia's mind of getting the final piece in. With both thumbs, Amelia pushed the final pearl in.

Her anus puckered and widened, and finally swallowed the diamond decorated piece deep inside her. She mewled at the fullness of her rectum and Karissa had no doubt that she wanted to expel the half million dollar jewelry like a big pile of shit. "Grab me the strap." Amelia told Jordan, whom hastily went to the cabinet and brought back a leather thong.

The thong came with a belt tightening feature, which Amelia fastened it to the brunette's waist. A black plug sown to the leathery garment was pushed into her anus, trapping the content inside her firmly in place. She then fastened the remaining pieces of straps around her until the whole implement almost resembled a classy underwear. Almost, but not entirely. Because the underwear had a strategically large opening that still kept the brunette's pussy accessible.

Every last tender square inch of it. Prepped and ready for more action. Whether the brunette wanted it or not. "There. All perfect." Amelia huffed. "Karissa, your turn." she added with a sadistic grin. "It's almost nine. Someone may be missing her?" Karissa reminded.

Even if it was a Friday today, there was a possibility that her parents might be expecting her return. The last thing Karissa wanted was someone to file a missing person's report. This whole thing had certainly broken several state laws and countless of principles set in the Geneva Convention. The involvement of police was absolutely not allowed. "Not abigail toyne and kelle marie are two beautiful bl worry." Amelia asserted and then placed her palm on the brunette's head.

"Her mommy and daddy have been assured that she would be staying at a friend's house this weekend. Isn't that right, Eva?" The brunette whimpered in defeat. "And we are going to spend those few precious days meaningfully." Amelia added, two of her fingers plunged into the brunette's drenched pussy, eliciting a moan from her.

"Well then, I guess I can work it out on her for a bit." Karissa grinned. She moved to the cabinet; an assortment of strap-ons laid out neatly in front of her. Eight empty spots; seven on the ground, one on Amelia. Twenty two more left to be tried out on the brunette. Karissa took the smaller one and wrapped it around her waist. It didn't matter though, whether she chose small or large, because in the end, the brunette was going to sample each and every one of them.