Glamorous model showcases huge ass and gets anus nailed

Glamorous model showcases huge ass and gets anus nailed
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Jason Vindly was an average student. A cute boy, but he gave himself no credit. He had just gotten his braces off so he was starting to regain a little bit of confidence. He wasn't what one would call a "girl magnet", he was much too shy. Not that in the 7th grade that any boy would be considered one. He liked most of his teachers, but one had especially caught his eye. Her name was Ms. Krystal, his math teacher. She was beyond gorgeous.

Long blond hair way down her back. Sexy long eyelashes with met big beautiful green feeling the step daddy inside me eyes. She dressed very classy, button up blouses, skirts, and pumps. Not all beauty comes in a perfect package seeing that Ms. Krystal was also known as "The school bitch". No exaggeration when I say she was a BITCH. None of the kids dicked around with her because they knew she was up for no games, which made her all the more hotter.


It's 4th period, math. As he sat in the back of the room he eyed her as she walked back and forth writing with chalk on the board. He heard nothing of the lesson she was teaching he just saw her glossy pink lips depart and meet again with no sound. His daze was quickly broken by her meeting her eyes with his. He quickly looked down at his paper and pretended to write as his shyness kicked in.

"Hey…Psst. Jason." A boy named Travis whispered next to him. Jason turned and looked at him waiting to hear what he had to say. "Did you get the answers? I don't know any of them." He said.—Mind you that Travis always copied his paper, he was used to it. As the usual routine Jason passed him his paper. He figured it was better to just give in rather get his ass kicked after class.

When Jason received his work back he noticed a slammed hooters cummed on big tits blonde note on the back saying… Travis: Isn't Miss Krystal hot?

Dude, the things I would do to her. Jason grabbed his pen and responded: Yeah.she's sexy…but shes kind of a bitch…ya know? He handed Travis back the paper.


Travis smirked and looked at him agreeing. Jason didn't dare say a thing like that aloud so that she or anyone of that matter could hear, but he felt "cool" calling her a bitch like everyone else does. Finally the bell rings and class is over. He put his paper on Ms.

Krystal's desk completely confident that he got at least a 95%. He walked out not knowing that the paper he had left for her also had he and Travis` conversation on it. He had no idea the tree he had barked up. As he was in last period Art he thought about Ms. Krystal. He thought about how nice and soft her lips looked. He often fantasized about her, but of course didn't have the balls to ever speak of it aloud. In midst of his day dream a young girl walked in the class with a green slip.

She handed it to the art teacher and she called out, "Mr. Vindly!" Jason jumped up startled and quickly raced up to her desk. She reaches out and hands him the green slip, "Ms. Krystal wants to see you after school." She says with a smile. He took the slip and took his seat.

Finally, schools out. As he's was walking to her classroom he glanced down at the slip which read : Mandatory…In red ink.

What would she want with me? He thought. She had never called him down to her room before. He slowly walked into her room, her door was cracked a bit. "Umm…" He says clearing his throat. Her head jerked up from grading a paper and she glared at me.

He gulped big, "This slip says to come to your room…" He says sliding it up to her on her desk. She just sits in silence, and finally breaks the ice by saying, "Have a seat." He does exactly as she says as he sits down in the chair in front of her. She pushes her blond hair behind her ear bad brother fucking his beautiful hot sister at home glares at him some more.

She pulls out a piece of paper from the drawer of her desk and puts it in front of him. He almost starts to sweat bullets as he read the note Travis and he had written earlier in class. Pretty stop your parents are going to catch us things were said about her, but not by him, most of it was by Travis.

"As I was grading the papers I came across yours. I was proud that you had gotten a perfect 100%, but as I was stamping it this note caught my eye.Never in a million years would I guess Jason Vindly would say such I re-checked the name up top." She asks pointing down at the note.

His breathing became heavier as his lips quivered. You're dead Jason! Why didn't you erase it?[i/] He said to himself in my head. With a quick crack on the desk with her hand he jumped up, "Did you write that?!?" She exclaimed.

He slowly shook his head yes. "It's two conversations going on there…who else was involved?" She asked piercing me mentally with her eyes. "I…I mean…I don't know." "You don't know?" She chuckled a bit. She shook her head and stood up from her desk in disbelief.

He kept his eyes glued to the floor as his heart rate sped up. He felt as if it would jump from his chest. He made out her shadow as she hovered over him. He locked my eyes onto her red pumps. "Look at me!" She yells. He almost falls out of his chair jerking his head up. She held his chin up making him keep his eyes locked on hers, and she said, "Don't FUCK with me." He was half turned on by the way she was treating him.

"Now.So which one of you is the one that called me a bitch?" He slowly parted his lips, "I did." She scoffed, "And you called me sexy…right?" "Yes…Yes ma'm…I'm sorry." She walked back and forth across the room. The clinking of her heels meeting the floor grabbed his attention. He watched her beautiful thighs as she paced in front of him.

She must have noticed him looking because she stopped in her tracks and bent down to his level meeting her face with his, "What makes you think…that horny teens beautiful big pussywatch part on hornyandhotmilfscom even have the slightest RIGHT…to call me sexy. Your balls probably haven't even dropped yet." She said with a mocking voice.

"I just…I think you're so pretty…beautiful.oh man.I'm sorry." This must have slightly flattered her because the look on her face changed. She stood up back up and leaned on the edge of her desk, "So…when is the last time you got your dick wet?" He was so surprised at this question all he could say was…huh? "Don't play stupid with me. I SAID.when was the last time you got your cock wet.when's the last time you FUCKED." I was so embarassed of my virginity but I honestly answered, "No…I mean.I'm a virgin.I never have." She seemed almost turned on by the fact that I was a virgin.

"So do you jack off your young little cock while you think about me?" She asked as she bit her juicy looking lip. She revealed her tongue ring as she played with it with her teeth. She was so hot.

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He hesitated and nodded his head admitting it to her that he often masturbated thinking of her. "I bet you'd love for me to be the first to fuck the shit out of you." He looked up at her as he felt his cock swelling in his boxers.

He nodded his head once again admitting. "Well.Pull it out." She said demanding in a stern voice. He was story bf 19 yer xxxx thrown off. He'd expected her to laugh at him and suspend him for having such thoughts. Apparently he wasn't moving fast enough because she undid his pants violently and yanked them around his ankles.

She rubbed his young meat through his boxers.

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"You said some pretty awful things about me Jason. Don't get quiet now." She says as she pulls his cock from his boxers. She waisted no time as she started jacking him off hard almost as if she was milking a cow. "You need to be put back into your place. Little fucker!" She yells as she jacks him off. He gasped heavily as she plunged down on his cock with full force. She swished her tongue ring around his cock head.

She deep throated him like it was no tomorrow. It didn't take long for him to blow his load all in her throat. He yelped like a puppy, and she knew she had complete power.

She swollowed all of his cum like it didn't faze her one bit. As he tried catching his breathe she stood back with a slight grin on her face, she was pleased with herself.

He sat back in the chair, and could do nothing but look. It was a dream to him, and rikki six threesome with her hot stepmom knew at any second he'd wake up.

She started undoing her blouse and let it hit the floor she looked at him and said, "When I'm finished with you, you'll know the true mean of [i]bitch Come here.NOW!" _______________________________________________________________ To be continued.