Palatable hotty fuckes in a cute way hardcore massage

Palatable hotty fuckes in a cute way hardcore massage
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MY SEXUAL AUTOBIOGRAPHY PART - 17 MASTURBATION AT MALL It started with a dare challenge. I am always corresponding via email and chatting with my best friend Angelina in Goa. The readers must be aware that she is my sex guru and we both have played many lesbian sex games between us since I had my first sex which was lesbian with her.

Still, whenever I go to Goa, I make it sure to meet Angelina and we create an opportunity to play with each other's nude body. Though, as you all are aware, I am not a lesbian but I always enjoy this sex game with her. She is having a very special status in my life. Once, when we were chatting on net, the subject turned to dare in sex.

She knows it very well that I always love adventure in sex. I did it many a times between public without being noticed by any one. So she talked me into the dare game.


If I gave her something to do, as a dare, she seemed able to follow through. In this way she challenged me to do self kannada big boss participants anushree sex story in ladies wash room at any big mall. I did not think much on this challenge and have accepted it immediately. She knows that I do not lie and will tell her the truth only whether I have completed the task or not. We kept discussing the different things on net and finally on one day, I told her that it is all set for the challenging task.

I told her that I am going to the mall next day and try to complete the task. She was very happy to know this. I decided to do it in the largest Mall in town, one surrounded by parking lots that allow you to park quite close and walk inside through any handy store. Inside it was multi-level, with stores arranged on all levels opening onto a central atrium section. Stairs and escalators were placed at each end and the middle, with one set of elevators for those who needed them.

As per my programmed, next day in after noon, after lunch when my husband went back to his office, I made my move towards the mall in my car. I parked my car at one end, by one of the anchor stores. I slipped out of the car, smoothed my skirt and headed for the doors. My adventure was about to begin.

I had prepared carefully. I wore a white and pink summer frock, a sun dress, demur but revealing covering me from my breasts to my hips. The skirt hung loose and easy from there, in pleats, to just above my knees. The dress showed off my bare shoulders and arms, and much of my bare legs. The skirt was very feminine, swishing lightly around my thighs as I walked. I wore white backless sandals and matching jewelry: earrings and assorted bracelets, and carried a small white straw purse.

I felt cool and collected as I strode across the blacktop, my hair falling loosely in soft curls to spill over my shoulders and tickle the tops of my breasts and my back. That feeling of calm was to be short lived, as it turned out. Once inside the air conditioned Mall, I found the air considerably cooler, and I felt my nipples pop in response to the sudden chill. But the soft bosom material hid their condition from view. I was fully aware of them, however, as my breasts moved around within the gentle confines of the dress and rubbed my nipples incessantly against the soft cloth.

Such sweet torture. I walked around the second level until I reached the restroom of my choice. The women inside reflected the variety all over the mall: middle aged to matronly women, and teenagers.

The former typically wore Bermuda shorts, slacks, or casual skirts. The latter, the young girls, wore low-rider jeans or short-shorts, cut-off sleeveless T's, or halters. Lots of bare legs and midriffs on display. And a ton of cheap jewelry clanking and clinking. And to top it all off, pardon the pun, hair of all colors, none of it, it seemed, natural. Plenty of blue, red, gold, purple in streaks and high-lights and solids, and in multiple combinations.

A feast for the eyes, nubile human flamingos. Inside the restroom, I pretended to check my makeup and adjust my hair. I used the time to check my potential audience. And I got the shakes. All these strange women, a crowd of more than a dozen how would they react?

Could I do it? But I had to; I could not back out now.


I noticed a mature woman beside me sniffing the air. She had a puzzled look on her face. I realized suddenly that she was smelling me; my arousal must be making me juice some more and she was picking up the scent. Time to get to it. The older women tried to ignore the younger ones, who were noisy and brash, laughing and giggling and joking. Their antics and sounds caused a cacophony of echoes in the hard surfaced room, making it seem even louder than it was.

Maybe they wouldn't hear me in all this noise, I hoped. I waited until there were three empty stalls in the middle of the row and took the middle of them. Sweet teen pussy licked and nailed ballsdeep, I locked the door and looked around. It was small with about a foot of space between the floor and the steel walls. I could see part way into the stalls beside mine.

Oh, dear. I reached up under my skirt and peeled off my skimpy panty. I realized it was damp with my juices. I took it up to my nose for a sexy smell. I figured out how to work in these cramped quarters. Then I hung my panty on the hook inside the door and sat down.

Oops. Need to do something with this skirt, I realized. I pulled it up and bunched it around my waist, wishing the dress had a belt. But I tucked it in as best I could to keep it out of the toilet water.

Then I realized the toilet seat was not going to work. If I leaned back the plumbing attacked me in the small of my back.

Finally, I compromised. I sat and slid as far forward as I could, lean back into the hardness that now caught me in mid-back.

Just then a woman entered the stall next to me. I froze. Her feet were visible and I could hear her pushing her panty down onto her thighs. Then the sound of her pee splashing into the water. Usually that would have turned me on, but I realized that in spite of the noise outside I could clearly hear what she was doing inside her stall.

So I, too, could be heard. But I had to get going. The pain in my back was getting worse. So I put one sandaled foot up and braced it against the door which caused a metallic rattling. Shit. I heard the woman next to me stop moving.

Listening? Well, the hell with it. I started to massage my juicy pussy new nepali porn porn videios and discovered that I was soaking wet.

When did that happen? I wondered, almost aloud. The woman next door pulled toilet paper off the roll and I could hear her rubbing it against herself, must be on the pussy. Oh, god. And then I must have let out a squeak as my finger found my swollen clit. The paper-on-pussy sounds stopped abruptly, but I thought to myself, fuck it.

Let's get on with my own work. I began to get into the act of masturbation and to hell with the noise. I could hear pussy at dirty little cumslut part by amedee v and now I could smell myself: the aroma of aroused woman on a tear. My wet pussy was making distinct smacking and sloshing noises. It turned me on, and I kept going. I was close, which surprised me. I had been at it for only a minute or two and I could feel the orgasm building deep in my belly.

As I went at myself with gusto I realized the sounds outside had diminished. Oh god, they were listening. But it was too late. The tension was at a peak and I knew it was too late for anything. My foot banged against the door as I came, sending rattling sounds reverberating around the room, and the door shook on its hinges. I came, and came. Oh my god I came. And I didn't stop.

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I kept abusing my poor sodden cunt until I couldn't stand the sensations anymore. I must have yelled or groaned or something, but I don't remember. Outside my door there was not a sound. Nothing. Could they all have left?

And then I noticed that the outside door opened and a couple of teenagers entered the room. They were quickly hushed to silence and I knew. Oh my god in heaven. They are all still there, waiting.

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The silence dragged and I knew I had to do something. I got up and smoothed my skirt down over my legs after cleaning my pussy with toilet paper. I put the panty into my purse, but not all the way. I let part of them hang out the opening. "If you're going to do it, Julee, you might as well do it all the way." I unlatched the door, took a deep breath, and pulled it open -- and stopped dead in shock.

They were all just standing there, staring at me. No one said a word, not a sound. A long count of three, another breath, and I began to move. With head down now, I walked quickly to the wash basins and began to wash my shaking hands.

I know I was beet red, right down to my breasts. I could feel the heat of it. I was mortified and felt one foot tall. A woman, an older one, stood beside me. I had sort of pinned her there when I had blindly picked this washbowl. As I reached for some paper towels to dry my shaking hands, I heard her inhale the kind of sound someone makes as they are about to say something. I cringed and pulled my head down into my shoulders, expecting the worst.

"I guess you really needed that, " she said, half in question. My head snapped dildo in fresh gorgeous teen bawdy cleft in surprise and my eyes must have been saucers. She smiled gently and put her hand on my arm. "It's OK, dear. We all have those kinds of moments.


I hope you enjoyed it. I certainly did." Her hand squeezed my arm and her smile broadened. "I think we all did." She glanced up and around the room and I dug deep for the courage to follow her gaze. All the other women and girls, except one elderly lady who seemed confused, smiled back at me. The teeny boppers were giggling softly and poking each other.

Then someone laughed and it popped the tension -- and released an avalanche of laughter. They all laughed and laughed hysterically, and the teens shrieked with glee. I stood there stupefied, with open mouth, I realized after a moment. Then someone started clapping and the room took off. Thunderous applause and laughter surrounded me, echoing off the walls and making my red ears hurt.

I looked into my new friend's eyes and let her see my thanks. I felt tears leak out and run down my cheeks. Impulsively I gave her a kiss on the cheek and mouthed a silent, Thank You. She leaned in to talk in my ear. "You're welcome, young lady.

Thank you. By the way, may I have these as a memento? And to prove to my kitty club that this actually happened?" She was touching my spotted panty, partly hidden in my purse. I smiled into her eyes and opened my purse so she could retrieve it. When she had, I took one last look around the room and moved towards the door.

I'm not too sure, but I think I ran all the way through the Mall and out to my car at parking. Once inside, I just sat and shook for long minutes, breathing deeply.

Oh god, what a hoot. Doxy wants to have greater amount sex hardcore blowjob I started the car, put it in gear, and drove out of the lot and home, one shaken, but satisfied girl. Thank you for the challenge Angelina dear. I hope this lived up to your expectations. Julee