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Moms bang teens kendra lust getting caught masterbating in bath tub by step son
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Jebadiah was standing outside on his porch when he noticed a carriage strolling up to the mansion. Once it came to a stop a old man wearing a black and blue suit came out his face wrinkled with great age accompanied by a young strapping man in a matching suit.

It was count Francis Rothschild who stepped out of the cart with his young companion. Jebadiah smiled as soon as he seen him remembering the distinct thump of Rothschild black heart.

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"My good friend Count Rothschild I knew you'd be the first to arrive." Jebadiah said as he embraced the aged Rothschild. "I couldn't miss my protege induction into the Clan today is a great day for us both my boy." Rothschild said in a wheezing voice raspy with age but still heavy with his French accent. "My friend this is my boy you remember him, Reginald." Francis Rothschild said introducing his son to Jebadiah.

"A pleasure seeing you again Mr.McCullen." Reginald said shaking Jebadiah hand and then helping his father up the porch. The men entered the house and into the lounge room sharing stories over cigars and fine aged brandy.


The other guest came in the next few hours first was Patrick O'Reilly and his daughter Baillie O'Reilly dressed in dark red clothing. The Lafayettes were next both mother and daughter wearing powder blue clothing. They all were introduced by Boe who changed into his snow white outfit to match his master as all of the slaves in the house are to wear white the color of the McCullen family.

"Sir shall I set up the dining room for a early dinner service?" Boe asked while pouring the eldest Lafayette a glass of brandy. "Yes we will be there soon Boe that will be all." Jebadiah said as he looked at Patrick O'Reilly. "How's the Island doing?" Patrick O'Reilly took a sip of his brandy and smiled.

"Absolutely famished the land is unforgiving but in England things are the same the Royals stuff themselves while the rest of the Island starves, but I'm still making a killing with my ventures in the India diamonds and other jewels is where the money is not this farming and slave owning.

I make a killing buy the slaves fresh from a supplier work them to death and get some new ones to dig the ground up for more." Patrick O'Reilly said as he eyed Boe. "That one wouldn't last half the day in my mines he's too soft." "Luckily Boe doesn't have to worry about that Patrick.

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Can't grow more shiny rocks can you?" Vanessa said walking into the room in her white gown with a matching vail over her face standing next to her husband. Her remark made Harriet Lafayette giggle the child of the eldest of the Lafayette bloodline. "She has a point Patrick. I myself know of the value of respecting the land for I have much need of the land to grow my textile industry of that silly husband of mine." Harriet said with her heavy French accent while her mother placed a hand on her shoulder telling her to hold her tongue.

"Vanessa such a pleasure to meet you, your husband told us all about you." Mari Lafayette said shaking Vanessa hand and smiling politely at stepmom finds stepsons taboo porn stash and got curious. Mari Lafayette is a petite woman who has a natural pale completion and wear a lot of rouge with a white powdered wig her daughter Harrit had blond hair and had it curled leaving a goldenwaterfall effect on the bangs infront of her face.

"Please excuse my father for his blatant words he ment no disrespect he just likes to brag to much." Baillie O'Reilly said while her father was puffing on his cigar fuming. Patrick was a barrel chested Irish man who had flaming red hair and mutton chops that connected to his mustache giving him a permanent demanding look on his face. His daughter was the spitting image of him but with a baby smooth face and a soft enchanting Irish accent. "Shall we eat?" Francis Rothschild asked as he stood up with the help of his son.

"Yes please if you'll follow me to the dining room." Boe said as he lead the guest from the huge lounge room to the dining room. Along the way they all saw chastity come down from the second floor in a elegant dress and it had a lace pattern over her bust but left enough skin exposed that it caught every males eyes even her father eyes.

"Oh don't start the night without me." Chastity said giggling as she came down the steps and grabbed her daddy's hand. "Never my darling this is your night after all." Jebadiah said as he escorted his daughter to the dining room. Once every one was seated Boe disappeared to the back while a serving of simple soup was given to clear the pallet for the nights treats.


Next was roasted duck and a stuffed pig after the duck, all presented in the finest French cooking style. Everyone enjoyed the meal having polite conversation mostly about business of the fertile land of the Americas and India.

Finally once all had their fill of food and wine came the desert. Boe presented all the guest with a champagne flutes filled with thick and warm blood and everyone enjoyed the drinks.

Getting more drunk off the blood then the wine. "I say this is fine blood and it hardcore doggystyle for milf blowjob and mature have any of that nasty experiences of the cattle you took it from." Patrick said while licking his lips enjoying his fourth glass. "Its a special way of preparing the blood my wife experimented with it to see if we can drink the blood with out experiencing those memories but still have that healing and narcotic effect.

I do say this last batch is one of her best." Jebadiah said as he raised a glass to his wife and the others did as well. "It's just a hobby I'm so well off thanks to my dear husbands enterprises that it leaves me with a lot of time to perfect the most delicious form of blood. It's a bit thick but goes down smooth." Vanessa said as they all went on for hours drinking on the blood of the poor slaves who proven themselves of fit body and low mind perfect for Vanessa McCullen experiments.

Little did they know that back in town another gathering was taking place.


This one was between Flinch and Bishop Flanders at the church in a small room behind a false wall. "Study of the rings discoloration and the fact that you said it happened just after shaking Mr.McCullen hand gives me the impression that your right. They are of demonic origins." Said Bishop Flanders who was holding the silver rings that came out of a green solution on a pair of prongs.

"I had reports that the Clan has been moving around these days. Thanks to the hunters in Europe the ranks of the Clan has been thinned to the times of the last plague." Flinch said as he dressed himself for battle wearing a iron breast plate with iron coated boots.

"Yes a desperate move the church made when they proved busty mommy kendra lust and ariana marie be much harder to kill.

Such a shame so many had to die but there was no way of telling them apart from normal humans. I had my suspicions ever since I saw the girl she has a certain look that gave me the feeling of despair and Imminent doom." Bishop Flanders said putting the prong with the rings down.

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"Have you heard from the other hunters yet?" "A raven has arrived earlier today Bishop seems two hunters have traced the O'Reilly family to the states, but have lost track of them once they boarded a steam boat up the Mississippi river.

The Lafayette and Rothschild families has been spotted by riders around the states too. They seem to be converging here in Georgia like as if for a meeting or some other reason. I wonder for what though not much Clan activity around America." Flinch said as he grabbed his double shot pistol and rapier sword as he poured the same green solution over it coating the sword until it got almost a yellowish glow. "They maybe trying to set up a new Clan branch here in America and deciding to cut their losses in Europe my boy." Bishop Flanders said as he grabbed a ball and chain from his desk that he uses to burns incense during Sunday mass.

"You're not thinking of coming with do you Bishop?" Asked Flinch who sheathed his rapier and tied his cloak around his neck.

"If you won't wait for the hunters then I'll be damned if I'll let you face three of the most dangerous vampires the world has ever been cursed to deal with alone my boy." Bishop Flanders grabbed a flask off his desk and was ready to follow Flinch. "Listen with all due respect Bishop I know you dealt with a few vampires in your youth but this maybe out of your league." Flinch told Bishop Flanders who replied with a strong voice. "Now I dealt with vampires bare handed before we knew their weaknesses I even killed a hoard of a dozen alone and saved a entire village from the cold grasp of them vile creatures." "If you die I know I'll be reprimanded by the Catholic church, but fine just remeber these are not your run voluptuous abby has her orgasmic beaver rammed the mill sucking on goats vampires they have been around since the crusade.

They are dangerous and have unseen powers of manipulation so don't look them in the eyes stay ready at all times and always be ready to kill them when opportunity presents itself." Flinch said as he headed out the door to fetch the horses.

"Don't tell me how to kill vampires I killed more vampires then you read about back at the Vatican." Bishop Flanders said chuckling to himself.