Panocha y pito rojos de tanto cojer

Panocha y pito rojos de tanto cojer
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We laid there for a few minutes, till Peg recovers and gives me a kiss, "would you like some breakfast?" She asked me. "Of course," I said as my stomach growled. After I ate, I went back into her bedroom and got dress.

Wendy was still sound asleep in the bed. "I am going home and get some clean clothes, and then stop at the grocery store. Make me out a shopping list of what is needed?" I asked her "You do not have to do that," She argued with me about the food. "Nonsense I want to help please let me." I begged her. "That is very nice of you, I will reward you later." She promised me. She made out a list for me, and I left to get some clean clothes and do the shopping. I got home and did the three S's Shit, Shave, and Shower.

I sure felt better cleaned up and clean clothes. I packed my duffel bag full of clothes and toiletry items, and headed off to the grocery store. I got what was on the list plus a lot more that I figured she could use. I got back to her house around noon. I was going to get the girls to help carry in the groceries in from the car, but they were still naked. So I carried the bags to the door and they took them from there. Ten bags later there was plenty of food in the house.

Peg was putting away the food in the kitchen stark naked, and Wanda was watch TV, and she was naked. Wendy was still sleeping. "What is the deal, do you and the girls always go naked around the house?" I asked her. "Not really, but with you in the house we are hoping for some more sex, by tempting you." She replied to my question. "You mean that Wanda wants me to fuck her also?" I wanted to know.

"Yes, after watching her sister get fucked by you, she though it looked awesome, and wants you to be her first."" Peg told me. "I think I want to fuck her mother first, as she is the one who excites me the most." I whispered into her ear.

I put my arms around Peg and pull her close to me and give her a big passionate kiss, with my tongue brushing her lips. She returns my kiss and our tongues meet in the middle in a slow caress.

My hands softly fondle her breast, and I can feel her nipples start to grow erect in my fingers, as I tweak them. She leads me back to her bedroom and tells me to carry Wendy back to her own bed, which I do. I come back, shed my clothes and climb into bed with her.

We kiss some more very passionately. My hands are busy play with her breast getting her nipples stiff and erect. Her breathing starts to grow more strenuous. She has her hand on my cock stroking it softly causing innocent teen fucks like a spoiled whore by the pool to grow rock hard.

"I need to be fucked now." She said as she rolls on top of me. My cock fits her love hole perfectly, and she fucks me like a cowgirl, riding a horse.

I then roll her over so I am on top and spread her legs wide open. I pound her like a jackhammer. It is not long and she screams softly as she has an orgasm. She has three orgasms in a row, as I just pound away at her pussy. I can feel her juices run down my sack. I pull my cock out of her hole and replace it with my tongue, horny babes get fucked and facialized by hung studs I start to lap up her honey dew that is leaking out of her pussy.

Her circuits extra small teen gets stuffed deepthroat destroyed starting to over heat from all this sexual pleasure, and the overload causes her to have a monumental orgasm, which floods my face with all her juices. I move up and kiss her deeply and passionately, sharing her juices with her.

My cock gently slides back into her pussy, and I start to slowly fuck her again. I make long slow strokes, to maximize her pleasure, and to help me last longer.

"O baby that sure feels soooooo good, you are such a good lover." She coos in my ear. I just grunt back as I try to hold on as long as possible before I cum inside her. "Baby I am getting close to cuming again," She pants at me as we kiss affectional. I pick up the pace and soon I can feel my nut sack give that signal that it is time to blast a load. "Get ready baby, I am going to cum." I gasped at her. "Me to, go for it, go for it now," She moans back to me.

I slam her a couple more times and then blast my seed as deep into her pussy as I could, just as she wraps her legs around me, squeezing me tightly as she cums.

I roll off her slightly, and she put her leg over mine, as my cock is still imbedded in her pussy. "Whew that sure felt good." She whispers to me with a kiss on my lips.

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I kiss her back softly and say, "I enjoy being with you, and you are a very good fuck." "Really you think that I am that good in bed, but I am not very experienced in love making, you are just the second man I have had sex with." She beamed at me giving me a long kiss. We laid there for a while with my cock still in her pussy, cuddling together, and kissing profoundly. Finally we drifted off to sleep, waking up around 4:00 PM.


She is still in my arms looking at me as I rub the sleep out of my eyes. "You know that Wanda wants very much for you to make love to her tonight." She told me with another kiss. "You do not think that she is kind of young yet, how old is she?" I questioned her.

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"She is almost 14, and if you noticed she has developed rather quickly." She responded to me. "Also if you don't fuck her, she told me she would find a boy in school who would." Peg said as she fill me in on all the girl talk they had after I was gone. Wanda is a very pretty girl, whose body has developed faster than her sister Wendy.


Her breasts are a nice hand full, firm like her mother's with a large areolas and nice bite size nipples. Her hair is more to the auburn color than red. She is just under 5' tall, and ca not be more than 85-90 pounds soaking wet We had dinner and watch some TV, but that was hard to do with a room full of naked girls. Finally Wanda gets up and walks over to me and sits on my lap.

She looks me right in the eyes and takes my hand and puts it on her boob, and then she kisses me on women let loose with a stripper strippers and housewife lips softly, as I massage her young tit. Her nipples popped out like a little statues, begging to be sucked. I gently rubbed and tweaked her nipples, and bent down with my head and gave them a little lick and suck.

I got out of the chair with Wanda in my arms, and carried down to Peg's bedroom, where I laid her on the bed. I quickly removed my clothes and crawled up next to her. We kissed passionately, as she fondles my tongue with her mouth. For a young girl she has very sensual lips. My hands are manipulating her young breast, and rubbing and pinching her very erect nipples.

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Her eyes are closed, and her breathing is coming in quick gasps, as she is enjoying the attention that I am giving to her breast. I move my head down to her tender white meat, and start to suck on her nipples. It does not take to long and she starts to have her first orgasm of the night, as I can feel her body stiffen right up, and her mouth opens and closes, but no sound comes cholas polleronas cachanden la chacra of it.

I move my hand down to her virgin pussy lips, that are cover with just a light covering of peach fuzz. I rub her outer lips, and she is moaning and squirming with pleasure just from my touching of her. I spread her lips and my fingers invade her young snatch.

She is extremely wet inside of her pussy. I slowly finger fuck her, and rub her clitoris, all the while I am sucking on her delicious tasting nipples. Suddenly she locks her legs tight on my hand, and clutches my head tight to her chest, as she screams out in passion, as a stronger orgasm washes over her. I let her settle down for a few moments, and then I work my head down towards her aroused pussy, stopping at her belly button for a little kissing and licking.

"O my fucking god Jack that sure feels good." She finally says something. My face reaches her adolescent pussy, and I can smell aroma of her sex on her peach fuzz pussy lips. My tongue licks over the outer lips getting any moisture left there, before I enter her sensitive pussy with my tongue.

I give her a good tongue lashing and I discover her clit hidden in the folds of her pussy. As I lick and nibble on her clitoris, she blows up in my face with an explosive orgasm, which drenched my face with her liquids.

For a young girl she sure can cum. I figure she ready now, by have at least 3 orgasm, so I roll her on top of me. Peg was ready with the Vaseline, and she lubes my cock. I told Wanda when ever she is ready. Peg held my cock steady and Wanda slow impelled her self with my missile. She fucked me the same way Wendy did, by stopping at her hymen, and fucking back and forth to it.

I could hear Wendy say, "go for Wanda just one big push." I looked milf brunette reagan foxx plays her pussy and ends up fucked Wanda's eyes and I could see that she was scared.

I reached up to her shoulders and on her next down push, I lunged up to meet her and pushed down on her shoulders making her a woman. She froze in that position and her eyes filled up with tears, and I could feel her body quiver.

"You did good baby, just sit there till you are ready to continue." I praised her. Slowly she started to move herself up and down on my shaft, gradually picking up the speed. Soon she was riding my cock like an experienced cowgirl. "O my fucking god I feel so good, I think I am going to cum again," She screamed out loud. Her pussy is a virgin no longer, and was gripping my cock with every thrust she made and I could feel my cum shaft start to heat up.

"Get ready young one, you are about to get your first load of a man's seed." I said as I exploded inside of her young pussy. She was so wound up she just kept on fucking me. I was not sure how my cock was staying hard, but I was fucking that tight pussy back just as hard as I could.

I could hear Wendy in the background begging for her turn to be fucked by my cock. Peg told her no that she was next. I think that I have created 3 cock loving monsters with insatiable appetites for sex.

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