Mature vixen nina elle gets shared by plumbers

Mature vixen nina elle gets shared by plumbers
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It all began years ago, when we were first introduced. At the time, my Alyssa and I loved to hang out with a large group of her friends, and that's when I first met Fiamma. She was the same build and height as my wife, standing at around 5'3", about 110lbs, with nice firm C cups that rounded out really nice. She had black hair that ran about shoulder length, and a beautiful smile. Her smile would captivate you when she laughed. We all shared common interests; we loved going for runs, staying fit and enjoyed going to bars for karaoke and drinks.

My wife and Fiamma loved doing tattooed babe and her honey exchange oral on karaoke night.

Her husband Rich and I enjoyed sitting back, beer in hand, watching our wives sing and sometimes butcher the lyrics. Rich was a great guy. He served in our nation's Army and was going on an overseas deployment for six months. Fiamma had come to my wife to ask her for help in getting a going away present for Rich; Alyssa was all in for it.

I overheard the two talking and understood that she wanted to take some pictures of herself in some of her lingerie. They would serve as a pick me up for Rich to get through the hard times. I got very excited at this, thinking it was a wonderful idea, and would have loved for my wife to do the same. I knew she would never go for the idea if I thought it up, so I took this chance to walk into the kitchen and ask what they were talking about. All I got were a few mumbles and how they were making Rich a going away present.

I then spoke up and said how I heard their plan, and right away my wife's cheeks got beet red. Fiamma got a little flushed, but she directed a lesbian models open up their deep anals and penetrate enormous magic wands smirk at me. I told them both I thought it was a fantastic idea and told Fiamma that she should do the reverse and take some pictures of my wife as well and send them to me.

I couldn't help but grin from ear to ear. They looked at each other and my wife busted out and laughed. I shrugged my shoulders at what I thought was a great idea and grabbed a beer from the fridge, and then headed towards the living room again. Not missing a beat, Fiamma said to my wife how she thought the men should do the same. They both began to giggle as I turned and noticed Fiamma flashing me a very sly wink that made my head turn and my eyes widen. We have known our friends for many years.

My wife grew up with Fiamma, and I am sure they have over the years talked about their men to each other. I was beginning to go crazy at the thought of Fiamma hitting on me or making some sort of small pass at me.


I was a little flattered and then thought to myself, "Am I just up playing and giving myself a huge ego?" I decided to go to my wife with this one; though it would be a very risky and touchy subject, she was open for the chat.

We talked about the upcoming photo shoot and how it would go. Then I asked her about Fiamma, the comments she raised and the wink she gave me. As expected, my wife made me believe I was blowing this out of proportion, that I should know that Fiamma loves to tease men and flirt a little. Knowing this was mostly true, I went on with my days until the photo shoot came and went. A few weeks later, I was feeling nosy and asked my wife all about it -- what did Fiamma wear and oral stimulation previous to fucking pornstar hardcore. She was like a closed book, only saying that it went well and that Fiamma looked really cute and pretty for the photos.

She said that Rich would love them and it would be a great thing to keep him poised, helping him in rough times over there. I couldn't keep this under wraps and asked to just see one. My wife slapped me, not hard but enough to try and set me straight. I let her do her thing on the computer.

When she left, and told me she had to run some errands, I took to the computer for myself. My wife was smart, but sometimes careless. I saw right away that she had left the photos dumped in the trash bin on the desktop. I felt as if I had hit the jackpot and quickly emailed them to myself to enjoy at a later time. I couldn't help myself and took a peek at a few just to see how it had gone.

My mouth dropped at how beautiful Fiamma looked; she was truly breathtaking in her cute and well picked lingerie, and the poses she was doing made her more so.

One she chose was a small teddy that was purple and black, with a nice lace trim that looked very sexy. She had these gorgeous poses too, showing off her tanned body, that smooth skin and her black hair. I examined the photos for a few moments, and my jaw dropped when I noticed one of her half turned, wearing this blue lacy thong and holding her breasts with her hands.

I nearly blew a load when I noticed she was winking the same way she did for me in the kitchen that night. I quickly closed the computer and emptied the evidence so my wife wouldn't know that I'd had a peek at the pictures.

I left the computer to meet my wife in the kitchen as she got back home. I nearly fell back when I saw Fiamma walking in behind her holding some bags from what appeared to be a shopping spree. My wife looked at me oddly, and all I could see was Fiamma standing there holding her breasts and winking at me. When she turned or bent over I could imagine her in that purple and black lingerie, just a little see through so I could see her perfectly shaven smooth legs.

I began to sense myself getting hard at the thought of all this and had to excuse myself from the kitchen, only to see. That's all you need. Fiamma wink at me again. I dashed up the stairs to the bathroom to take a breather. Standing in the bathroom, all I could think about was Fiamma half naked. I was about to blow; I pulled out my hard cock and quickly jerked off in the bathroom.

I was imagining her on her knees in her lingerie, pulling her breasts out and pushing and pulling them for me to see. She had amazing, firm tits and perfect nipples. I kept coming in and out of reality as I slowly jerked from the tip to my base and played with my balls a little. I could see her bending in front of me with that sexy blue thong on, backing onto my lap and slowly rocking back and forth, giving me one hell of a lap dance.

I heard a knock on the door and it was Fiamma. The thought of her outside the door pushed me over the edge and I blew my load all over the sink, hitting the floor and shower curtain. She was telling me that my wife wanted her to check up on me to see if anything was wrong. I cleaned up, and though I think she sensed a little worry and hesitation in my voice, I told her I was fine and just cleaning up a little.

She seemed very sweet and sincere and was just making sure that I was alright. She said I had looked very pale downstairs, and the way I looked at her made her feel that she might have done something wrong.

I finished washing my hands, dried them and met her at the door. I opened the door slightly and I told her that everything was fine, that I just wasn't feeling very well. She smiled alanah rae fucked by tution teacher brazzers com glanced down, and her jaw dropped before her hand covered it.

I was still semi hard and must not have noticed that some cum was dripping; I had a wet spot on the front of my pants. I told her it wasn't what she thought and that I had been imagining her pictures from earlier today. Right then and there, I noticed I spit it out and couldn't take what I had said back. Her face got beet red and my face flushed.

I ended up fainting right then and there. When I awoke, I found myself lying on my bed with Fiamma sitting next to me, holding my hand. I was a little story incestos xxx en best de papas con hijas porno at first as to what had happened, and she began to fill me in on all the details. I asked where my wife was and she said she had run into town to grab some medicine for me along with some other things and had asked that I was looked upon until she returned.

I told her how embarrassed I was about what I had done and said. Fiamma shrugged her shoulders and said she was flattered and wished that I had been there taking the pictures. She said that she would have been sunny leone sexy long foot nails turned on and might have given Rich a better show for his leave.

I must have heard wrong or been dreaming, because I could sense and feel her moving her hand from mine to over my crotch. She began to softly rub my cock through my pants, telling me how she has been dropping hints and winks at me for a reason. I still couldn't believe it and asked her if I had a concussion.

She told me I was alright and would be even better after this. Like an animal, she unzipped my pants and undid my belt, then pulled my hard cock out and began to lick and suck the tip. My eyes watching my wife's best friend play with my cock. She took me in her mouth a little deeper and hummed, which sent a rush of electricity through my entire body and I jolted back and closed my eyes.

She was amazing, with the way she slowly sucked and worked my balls with her hand. Her mouth felt like a vacuum that sucked and licked in a fashion I have never felt before. I was in ecstasy and couldn't escape nor would I want to. Fiamma got more courageous and pulled me out of her mouth, asking if I would want to feel her tits for real, instead of staring at them on the computer. She slowly undid her top and pulled it over her head, leaving two amazing breasts in my view.

My hands moved without even thinking, cupping them both and rubbing ever so slightly.


They were amazing, firmer than my wife's and perkier. Her nipples were so erect, and I wanted to have them in my mouth badly. I began to rub around her aureolas, and she closed her eyes and leaned back. I moved in closer to slide my tongue over them softly, comma allowing her to enjoy like I was a moment ago.

She let out a soft moan when I locked my lips around one and swirled my tongue around her nipple. I knew I was doing well when she began to run her fingers through my hair and over my back.

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I wanted more but wanted to move slow. I reached lower, sucking on her breasts as I undid her belt and pulled her jeans apart a little to get even lower. I could sense she was getting excited by how warm and wet she was below. Her little landing strip got me so excited as I ran my fingers over it slightly and pulled it a few times, making her smile and giggle.


She told me that if I wanted to play more, she was going to get involved. So she slowly rubbed a finger over my cock from the tip to the base, teasing me in good fashion as I had just done to her. She wasn't wearing panties, but that didn't shock me at all because she wasn't wearing a bra either; both got me very excited.

Feeling lower, I slid a finger alongside her lips, working slowly along her pussy as she began to kiss my neck and rub my balls. I was very turned on now redhead and a blonde babe hardcore and lesbian wanted to feel her wet, hot pussy, so with a finger I spread her lips and inserted it, hearing her gasp and moan loudly as she took my finger deep inside her. She was so tight; working slowly, she started to rock her hips.

My fingers moved faster in and out. Her breathing was becoming more labored and I could see her chest heaving. The faster my pace, the faster her moans echoed.

She let out a loud scream as she came all over my finger. It was amazing to watch her release all her sexual tension and cum for me.

As I pulled out my finger. She began to relax a little more while holding onto my cock a little more firmly. I squirmed to let her know to ease off as she smiled and apologized.

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I told her how hot and amazing that was for me and how my wife would never do that or let me do that to her. She smiled, her face still flushed, and she said that neither one of us could tell my wife what had happened. Then she shot me a grin and said, "Or what will happen." pics.