Sunny leone fucking by gangbang

Sunny leone fucking by gangbang
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London, that beautiful city that houses Big Ben, Parliament, Stonehenge, and more importantly for me, two extremely hot girls by the names of Lucy and Kerry. It seemed like forever since I had last seen the girls and forever still, the city of London.

I had been with other girls but there had never been the sheer animal magnetism I had towards Lucy and Kerry. I had just finished my test week, which just so happened to occur the week before Halloween, so when I finished, the promise of getting drunk with my fraternity brothers was the sweetest thing I could possibly hear.

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After taking an anthropology, anatomy, and nutrition test, I was ready to put on my costume and head out to the parties that took place before Halloween because this year it was on a Wednesday the following week. My frat brothers, Chris and Hunter and I got to the party in our costumes and since we couldn't think of anything cool to wear, we all wore tuxedos with black masks covering the top part of our faces. Apparently, the costumes were a better idea than I expected because all my other frat brothers and their dates said that our costumes were sweet.

Then, Chris, Hunter and I had a simultaneous thought that we should start drinking before we started talking too much. The alcohol of the night were three large bottles of tequila silver and the boys and I took a bottle for ourselves and decided to do some damage.


While all the girls were mixing them with juice or fruit punch, our group could be seen sitting by the window playing a shot game with about four other girls and assorted pledges. After about eight or nine shots, sometimes hammered two or three at a time, I decided to start pacing myself before I got too drunk too fast.

I then took a beer and talked with one of the pledges for a while until a small hand tapped me on the back of the shoulder.


I turned around and saw a girl with a magnificent body, clad in a Batgirl suit, beckoning me toward the dance floor. I drained my beer and took her hand and stepped onto the dance floor right as a slow song was ending. Without even asking she turns around and starts to grind on me, I was a little dumbfounded because I had never had this happen to me so I was a little slow to start but before long my cock starting getting harder and harder.


Her spandex suit was pressing against my crotch and I could feel every inch of her small, round butt as it started moving faster and faster. I thanked my lucky stars when Baby Got Back by Sir Mix-a-Lot came on and she started to twirk her little behind in a rapid motion.

At first, she was twirking because she thought it was funny that a white girl with a small butt was dancing to this song, or so I had assumed because the music was so loud I couldn't hear myself think. As she started to slow down, I put my hands on her thighs and pulled her against my crotch and started to move around myself.

She turned around and looked at me with her pretty green eyes that reminded me of…no, never mind. I only wanted to focus on Batgirl tonight, so as I moved her small hips back and forth, she started to twirk her little butt up and down in an even faster motion. As she did her thing, I started moving my hands up and down her thighs moving closer and closer to her vagina. Cautiously, I ran a light hand over her clit to see if she was fine with it and she surprised me further by placing my hand on her pussy.

I got the signal and started to rub up and down on her clit, I could feel everything because I could tell she anissa kate big tits maid service wearing any panties through her tight spandex bat suit. As I started moving faster and faster, she started pushing even harder against my cock until she could take no more and as I felt the wetness seep her costume she turned around and threw her lips into mine, giving me a detailed layout of her mouth that lasted about two minutes.

Then, she took my hand and led me upstairs and as I pointed her to my room, she pushed me onto my bed and quickly mounted me where she then took her butt and started pushing hard against my crotch. As I was about to pull off her mask, she took my hands into hers and said quietly, "Let's blow bang with hot babes hardcore cumshots the masks on." Holy shit, if I had only known this girl's name I would've married her kinky ass on the spot.

She quickly stripped off her costume, revealing that in fact she wasn't wearing any panties or a bra. She kept the mask on but I could still tell she had an amazing mouth and body; she had pink pouty lips and long red hair that went to her shoulders, then I scanned down to her perky B-cups tits with rock-hard nipples.

I quickly took off my clothes and all I had left on was my briefs and my mask. My cock was sticking fully erect through my underwear; even though it pushed it to the side it still looked rather large and in the past couple of months I had started to work out frequently so my body was a lot more cut than it used to be.

She then laid on top of me and I could feel her warm breasts press against my chest and her wet pussy on my dick. I threw her down on the bed and started to kiss down her neck and stomach until I reached her pussy.

I started by licking the outside of her pussy and working inwards until I was penetrating her tight pussy with my tongue. I looped her legs over my shoulders and proceeded to go deeper and deeper into her until I could lick her G-spot. I could feel her rocking shilpa shetty yoga sexy seen hips back and forth and even above the din of the music I could hear her moaning and screaming in ecstasy.

Her pussy tasted so good and this only encouraged me to go faster and be more creative, so I put two of my fingers in her mouth and as she sucked and licked my fingers, I hoped she could do that as well with my cock.

I then shoved my saliva-covered fingers deep into her while I sucked on her excited clit. Suddenly, she grabbed my head and started to push it farther and farther into her pussy until she came on my face and I licked and sucked every drop out of her quivering pussy. Before I even got to come up to kiss her, she threw me down on the bed and sucked my cock like there was no tomorrow. She started by samia duarte se monta un trio con el camarero a glob of spit on my dick and rubbed it in with both hands, working it up and down while playing with my balls, looking at my dick hungrily.

She then proceeded to lick from my balls to my head with her nimble tongue and when she finally put my dick in her mouth she was moving up and down extremely fast keeping her lips tight around the shaft and head. Her mouth was creating a vacuum on my dick and as she did it faster and faster causing me to involuntarily put my hand on the back of her head which she apparently liked because at that moment she preceded to deepthroat me multiple times.

Her mouth was so wet and I could feel the back of her throat close around the tip of my cock and I felt like I was going to cum. At the perfect moment, she took her mouth off my dick, spit on it again and rammed my dick into her pussy all the way down to the base, the sudden expansion of her pussy causing her to shoot cum all over my cock and she screamed over the din of the music, "OH MY GOD, THAT FEELS GOOD." She put her legs into position and started pumping up and down on my cock like her life depended on it, every once and while she would grind her hips back and forth and I would suck on her nipples.

I pulled her farther onto my cock and watched as her tits bounced up and down, keeping a steady beat to the sound of her soaking wet pussy pounding my dick. After twenty minutes of hardcore cowgirl, I put her into doggystyle and proceeded to fuck her senseless.

I grabbed her hair for leverage and shoved my dick into her waiting pussy and she moaned and threw her head back. I put my other hand on her hip and proceeded to go all the way in and almost all the way out for a few minutes before starting to pump her tight pussy as hard as I could. The sight of her little butt pounding my dick only seemed to fuel my lust more as I pushed harder and harder. She was cumming more than I could remember and I felt like I was going to cum so as I yelled, "Here it comes," she immediately took my dick out and put it in front of her face and I came at least five spurts over her waiting tongue.

She swallowed my cum, sucked it a few more times to get all of it out and smiled as we lay back down on the bed and fell asleep. The next morning I woke up and stared at the naked girl splayed out over my body and as I looked at her she became more and more familiar. At last, I couldn't wait any longer so I took off her mask and was immediately awestruck.

There laying on top of me was none other than the girl I met in a bar in London, Kerry. I suddenly sprung from the bed in surprise waking her and after she found that her mask was no longer on she explained to me that she was going to show me regardless of me finding out.

After I calmed down, she explained that she and Lucy had convinced their parents to let them stay a few semesters of college down in Arkansas for some fun. She then explained that she might've wanted to surprise me by doing this and that Lucy went to a different party that night. After some catching up, Kerry explained to me that she and Lucy had joined agedlove lacey starr fucking hard with soldier sorority, Tri Delt, and were having a party that night that I should definitely come to.

I said "yes" almost instinctively and before she left she said that she and Lucy had a surprise for me that night. I couldn't wait. I got to the party at the sorority house at around 10 and the party was just getting started. The dance floor was empty and everyone was in the living room, throwing back shots and talking animatedly. I spotted Lucy and Kerry over by a table with a few cute girls seated around it, as I walked over I could see the Kerry subtly point in my direction to a few of the girls at the table, who were conspicuously staring at me.

As I reached the table, Lucy and Kerry both kissed me on the cheeks and explained that I should've gotten there sooner because they were already on their third shot. "Alright, give me a second to catch up," I said as I poured myself three shots and downed them one after the other. All the girls applauded and I bowed playfully, then Lucy introduced me to two very sexy girls, Hannah and Katie, their Bigs. A Big was a sort of mentor, freshmen girls got on entering the sorority.

Both the girls pretty gal daphne fucked in the cars hood by a helpful stranger sophomores and both were incredibly hot, Hannah was very nice girl.

She said she was a volleyball player and I believed her; she was about six feet tall, with long legs and a small but still very curvaceous butt. She wore a dark sweater that matched her short brown hair and accentuated her B-cup breasts.

Katie, on the other hand, was only about 5' 4" but she still was very involved in cross-country or so she told me. She was dressed casually in a Tri Delt t-shirt that was a little too big for her but that's how all the girls wore them. It was hard for me to tell what cup size she was packing but her choice of yoga pants revealed every curve in her luscious round ass, almost the size of Lucy's.

After a few more drinks, Hannah, Katie, Lucy and Kerry started to get pretty wild while I was still just a little tipsy. Before I knew it, Lucy and Kerry were dragging me off to the dance floor for some pornographic grinding. I could see Hannah and Katie talking to each other as I left, quietly giggling to themselves.

We got onto the dance floor right as Apple-Bottom Jeans came on the speakers and all the girls on the dance floor let out a scream of delight. I was surprised at how little guys there were at the party until I remembered that most of the frat guys were at a secret pledge meeting, I thanked my lucky stars that ours wasn't until next weekend. Out of the sixty plus sorority girls at the party, I would estimate maybe fifteen guys, so the dance floor was crowded with girls dancing with each other.

I was a little confused about how I would grind with both Lucy and Kerry, but the girls quickly figured out that if they pushed my legs out, they could get both their asses on my crotch at the same time. Both their hips were moving at constant paces and I was in Heaven, whenever the "she gave that big booty a slap," came on the song, I playfully slapped both their asses which not only increased their vigor, but they gave me some dirty looks too. As per my usual routine when grinding with girls, I started to rub my hands on their thighs and eventually their pussies, but with the girls I already knew they loved it and were definitely ready.

As the song changed to a fast techno song, I placed a hand on each of their pussies and started rubbing faster and faster. Occasionally, I would glance up and see a few girls look at me and the girls as we did our thing, but I couldn't give less of a shit as the girls seemed to not care anymore and took both my hands and led me upstairs. We quickly entered into the room and they threw me down onto the bed; however, before I was about to pull them close they stepped back and appeared to be waiting for something.

Suddenly, I heard two voices talk behind me, as I whipped around I saw that it was Hannah and Katie emerging from the darkness. "So Lucy and Kerry told us how you met and we thought it was so cute until they finished the story," Hannah added smugly. I looked toward the girls and they seemed to be half ashamed and half excited.

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I looked back at Katie and she lightly brought her hands upon my shoulders and whispered into my ear, "We thought you might know how to handle two girls, from your prior…experience," she added slowly. Without hesitation, she mounted me and started to kiss me with her long, wet tongue. At first, her kiss was so mesmerizing and I didn't want it to stop, but I remembered Lucy and Kerry were in the room so I leapt up, leaving her lying on the bed and went to the girls.

"I'm sorry she just jumped me," Pinay ofw masturbates on story calling said, "Why did you even bring me in here?" "Joe…" Lucy started, but before she could say anymore Kerry interrupted and said "We need you to have sex with them so we can get in Tri Delt." "Are you kidding me," I said incredulously, "Why did you even tell them that?" "We had to tell them everything so we could become close," Lucy added quietly, "And since Kerry hadn't had sex before and no other guy was like you with me, they wanted to see you in person and after the dance, they gave us the signal to bring you up here." "So let me get middle eastern teen gets her twat screwed and creampied straight, if I don't have sex with you two," I said pointing to Hannah and Katie, "Lucy and Kerry won't get into Tri Delt?" "Let's just say it might be a little bit hard for them to make it in the house," Katie said quietly, "So what's it going to be?" I looked at the girls and they looked back encouragingly and without looking back I pulled Katie close and kissed her hard, pulling her sexy body close to mine.

Right as Lucy and Kerry were leaving, Hannah commanded them to stay because she wanted them to watch. "Son of a bitch," I thought to myself, "I'm not going to be able do anything without them watching my every move." Hannah then appeared at my side and kissed me hard, her wet tongue moving over mine ever so slowly.

I laid down on the bed and both girls took off their tops and skinny girl in yoga pants rather quickly, Hannah was first and showed off a round pair of B-cups and after Katie had taken off her bra, two perky C-cups popped out excitedly. I quickly took off my shirt and laid down, the girls right on top of me, their nipples rubbing against my chest.

They started to rub up and down my chest getting closer and closer to my dick. I started the first move and took off my pants and Hannah's pink thong at the same time. I saw Katie take off her panties, revealing little triangle of blond pussy hair which really seemed to turn me on. I quickly put Hannah over my face and started to lick and tease her pussy while Katie moved down to my underwear.

I didn't want to make it seem like I liked it too much because Lucy and Kerry were just watching me. I looked to my left as Hannah moved her hips back and I saw the girls staring at me, not with spite but with ecstasy.

I looked farther down and noticed that they weren't wearing any clothes and were masturbating while I fucked their Bigs. I felt a new energy flow through me and I went deep into Hannah's pussy while sucking on her pussy lips, she threw her head back and screamed "HOLY SHIT, KEEP LICKING THAT TIGHT PUSSY." Katie's curiosity peaked after watching me eat out her friend and pulled my briefs down only to see the briefs covered the actual size of my cock.

My cock burst out of my briefs like an explosion and lightly tapped the side of her dumbstruck face, I heard the music lower and she said "Holy fuck Kerry, how did you handle such a big dick your first time?" I looked over to see Kerry shrug and increase her speed by rubbing her clit and watching me eat Hannah out, her pussy getting wetter and wetter.

I felt Hannah turn around to see and before I knew she had switched places with Katie. While Katie and I were 69ing Hannah decided to help suck my dick. I tried to concentrate on eating out Katie, but the girls sure knew how to suck a cock. Everything I felt was based on pure judgment, but I swear I could tell the difference between their mouths. Hannah started to lick and play with my balls while Katie began to rub her saliva into horny brunette playing with a dildo scene activ studio throbbing cock.

Her lips were so wet and I could feel her hand grip the base of my cock and she raised her head up and down moving faster and faster, I let out a moan and it only seemed to increase her skills. I could see her blond hair as it bobbed up and down on my dick, she let out a gasp and then pushed my cock to Hannah. I decided I should start doing my part and started to work on Katie's tight pussy so I started to poke my tongue along her outer lips and then worked my way inside, feeling her pussy clamp around my tongue.

I proceeded to work my tongue in and out while rubbing her excited clit, her hips pushing harder and harder onto my tongue. As I wiggled my tongue inside her tight pussy, I felt her pussy clamp down and spray her juices all over my face, she paused from sucking my dick and let out a long and deep moan, her body shaking in orgasm.

Katie then started to vigorously pump up and down with her mouth, every few seconds she would turn her head and wrap her tongue around the tip while moving up and down which felt absolutely phenomenal, I gave her a slap on the ass and she started sucking harder.

Before Hannah got too far into it, Katie pulled her mouth off my cock and started to passionately kiss Hannah which turned me on so much. After a minute of deep tongue kissing, Hannah mounted me and as she went all the way to the base I could feel her cum again, I could feel her grab my legs for support as Katie licked the cum off my dick and Hannah quivering cunt. I held Hannah's arms behind her to go even deeper and she moaned loudly as I started to push in and out of her, her titties moving up and down in an even motion.

Hannah's pussy was so asian money and sperm for anal specialist, I'm sure she had had sex before but maybe only once or twice, her pussy increasing in speed. Every once and a while she would raise her hips up so that Katie could lick her pussy and suck all her juices off my cock but before she entered I would rub my dick along her pussy lips, teasing her to the point of moaning. Hannah looked at me with her pretty brown eyes and I saw her mouth the words "Make me cum," so I did as I was told.

I pressed my dick once more into her tight pussy and positioned my cock so that I could fuck as well as her bouncing and she started at an amazing pace. "Yeah, fuck that cock," I could hear Katie saying over and over to Hannah, even though the music was practically silent, I didn't care so I thrusted upwards to meet her hips as she went down and as she bounced I felt her pussy grip my cock again and release her juices all over my cock.

She let out a yell of ecstasy and her whole body shuddered as Katie licked the rest of the cum out of her quivering cunt. "Now it's your turn," I said to Katie and I don't think she ever seemed more excited. I laid Katie down on her back and without homegrownbigtits curvy babe with huge tits covered in cum telling her to do so, Hannah straddled Katie's face and pushed her pussy on her waiting tongue. I'm not sure what came over me but the smell of Katie's pussy and the look in Hannah's eyes made me want to go insane, so I quickly grabbed Katie's wide hips and pulled them close to my cock.

"Are you sure you can handle this," I said questioningly to Katie and without stopping from eating out Hannah she nodded her head excitedly. At first, I didn't go all the way in but I teased her pussy by rubbing the tip of my dick between her pussy lips ever so slowly. I noticed her hips moving back and forth as if they were beckoning me and so I pushed my dick as far as I could go into her and she stopped licking Hannah's wet pussy to moan the loudest moan I have ever heard.

This really turned me on so I start to push in and out of her pussy, still wet from my oral. I grabbed her hips and started to go in slow and steady movements and every once and a while, thrusting hard at the end which caused her to grip Hannah even tighter and eat her out faster.

Meanwhile, Hannah seemed to be enjoying herself as she moved her hips back and forth over Katie's nimble tongue and occasionally throwing her head back in pleasure.

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I leaned forward to kiss her and as I lips touched and tongues massaged each other's, I wanted to finish because this was going to be a big one. I started to gather my last reserves of strength and use it to fuck Katie senseless.

I pulled her closer and grabbed and lifted her big, scrumptious ass closer to my dick for better leverage and fucked her as hard as I could. Suddenly, she stopped eating out Hannah and just moaned louder and louder after each thrust before she was screaming and cumming over and over again. I was so proud of myself that I could make two extremely hot girls cum their brains out at the same time.

I could feel my cum ready to explode and pulled out, ready to explode. Both the girls got on their knees right in time as I shot what I thought must have been a hundred loads into their open mouths. After I had finished, Katie and Hannah started to make out with each other, trading my cum back and forth and then finally swallowing it. As we all started to put our clothes back on, Katie and Hannah went over to Lucy and Kerry and said "Welcome to Delta Delta Delta, that was a damn good fucking and as we promised you are now official members of this sorority.

Kerry and Lucy hugged each other happily and then came over to me and they kissed me passionately on the lips. "Let us know if you'd ever like to loan him out to any of the other girls for their initiations," Hannah said smugly, "It would be quite the initiation." Both girls looked up at me and me at them son rape his sexy mom they said "We'll let you know." As Hannah and Katie left the room, both Lucy and Kerry thanked me immensely for helping them out, obviously unaware that it really was my pleasure.

Both girls walked me out, but before we closed the bedroom door, outside all the sorority girls were waiting, on the bannister and the dance floor, looking incredulously at the girls and I. As we wordlessly moved through the crowd, I noticed a few girls in some of my classes look at me with flirty eyes and coy smiles and I thought to myself "Fucking Hannah and Katie might've been the best popularity decision I had ever made." As they opened the door, Kerry kissed me on the cheek and walked away to gossip with her sorority sisters and as I turned around to kiss Lucy, she whispered in my ear, "I know you fucked Kerry on Halloween and I feel left out so you're going to make it up to me in the very near future," she said adding the last part in light pecks on my cheeks.

"Yes, ma'am," I said and kissed her passionately on the lips and grabbing her big round ass. As I left, I heard a few girls say my name and when the door closed I almost let out a yell of joy. I walked home thinking how lucky I was to have these girls and especially to be spending the rest of the college year with them, I can die happy now.