Pinay ofw masturbates on story calling

Pinay ofw masturbates on story calling
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I let Dina rest and catch her breath for a while. I was enjoying the feeling of having her semen in my mouth. "You did good Gray." She said as I cuddled her on the sofa, idly playing with her breast. My dick was still hard from the enjoyment I'd just got and I was desperate for more. There was no way I was letting her out of my room for quite a while.

"We should shower and get to bed." She said, with a cheeky twinkle in her eyes. I was pleased she was reading my thoughts. I led her to the en-suite, which had the largest shower, and turned the taps on.

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Dina wrapped her hair up in a shower cap and stepped inside under the flow, adjusting the temperature up slightly.

I went in and joined her. Our bodies were immediately intertwined and our mouths clamped together, hands running everywhere. She liked to rub at my chest just as much as I enjoyed rubbing hers. To be honest, I wanted to touch her everywhere all at once. I grabbed the shower gel and lathered her up, taking my time to get her covered in soap.

She laughed playfully when she understood what I was doing, and let my wandering hands take her all in. Soon enough she snatched the shower gel from me and returned the favour.

She teased my raging erection by pumping my shaft up and down to work the gel in to soapy suds. She spent a while working my chest, abs and shoulders before turning me around to wash my back, legs and ass. She pushed me against the wall as she soaped my buttocks, down my crack and along my under carriage.

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The jet of water was directed straight at me and she then kicked my legs apart gently, spreading my cheeks. She then began to work round my hole, generously soaping her hand, until I felt a finger poking at it.

I relaxed and let her find her way inside me. It was quite a refreshing feeling considering nothing has ever been up that way before. She poked, withdrew, soaped and poked again several times before finally being happy with the result and washing me down. Dina turned me around and kissed me, thrusting the shower gel in to my hand. "Your turn!" she said, pushing me out of the way and spreading her legs.

"Make sure it's nice and clean up there lover." She said looking over her shoulder. I generously soaped up her cheeks, crack and between her legs, as she had done to me, before poking at her hole. She was a little more prepared for it than I was, and before long I was soaping up a jada stevens fucks after playing some bball and getting it all the way inside her to wash out her ass.

Happy with the results, I washed off my hands, turned off the water and turned Dina around to kiss her some more. Before long we were both dried and in the large king-sized bed, kissing and fondling each other. My hands readily grabbed at her little cock, which was working up hard again, and I was eager to go down on her once more.

She stopped me however before I could get my head under the sheet. "Not so fast lover. Go and fetch me my purse," I dutifully obliged and as I came back in to the room, she was sat up, bed sheet discarded to one side leaving me to see absolutely everything she had.

I almost came there and then, but regained my composure and handed her the handbag. She opened it up and had a quick rummage around inside and pulled out 2 condoms and a small bottle. "First we're going to fuck." She commanded, holding up the larger of the 2 condoms to me.

I took it from her and she rolled over on all fours. "Get that condom on, get inside me and bang me hard!" Not wanting to disappoint the lady, I did as she said and fumbled with the packet, eventually sliding the sheath on to my cock.

Dina was gripping the bottom sheet of the bed, ready for me to enter her. I climbed up behind her and guided the tip of my dick to her waiting hole and pushed in gently. I was unsure if she wanted me to lube up, but despite it being hard going at first, I quickly slipped inside her. "Fuck me!" She said. "Fuck me hard!" Again, I did as I was told and began to get myself in to a rhythm, slowly getting faster and faster and faster.

She accepted my length eagerly and was howling with delight as I pounded her hard and fast, our skin slapping together as I went deep inside her ass.

"Keep going. Don't stop!" She almost yelled as I fucked away. I could feel my orgasm building fast and tried to hold it off as long as possible as I pounded her, but it wasn't long. I grunted and began shooting as a continued to fuck her. My second spasm caught me off guard as I thrust forward, turning my knees to jelly and in turn pushing Dina down with me laying on top of her.

We both lay still as I spurt 4 more blasts of cum in to her ass. I groaned as The future of fuck is a special vr method lay there, spent once more. Dina was breathing hard too. "Nearly had me coming too." She breathed out between heavy gasps of air. I pulled out of her, the condom clean and intact, my love seed pooling inside it.

I slipped it off as I sat back. Dina turned to face me and licked my juices from my now naked cock. Once she had finished, she pointed to the condom. "Drink it." She ordered. "Suck those juices out of there." I wasn't sure how to go about doing that. I'd never emptied the contents of a condom in to my mouth before. I settled for a head tilted back approach, and brought the opening to my lips and tipped it back. Dina had knelt up beside me and was watching with fascination as the creamy liquid dripped in to my mouth.

She took hold of the closed end and pushed it inside out in to my open mouth. I sucked my juices off the condom using her finger as a guide. Satisfied that I had complied with her wishes she took the spent piece of latex off me and placed it on the bedside table. "Sometimes guys aren't sexed up enough to do that after they shoot their loads." She explained. "You're a little cum-whore though aren't you?" She smiled as I laughed at her joke.

"There's no way I'm not sexed up enough with you around." I replied. She smiled warmly and kissed me deeply. Her kisses were nectar to me. She then looked down between her legs and smiled. "Your turn now my love." She told me. "Just sit there and open your little virgin legs wide." I jiffled to get myself in a square position. Dina took a pillow and placed it under my butt, and then grabbed the second condom and the bottle.

"I have a feeling you may be a little tighter down there than I am, so I'm going to black lez with big tits licks pussy you up first." I sat back as she positioned herself between my legs and carefully arranged my cock so it wasn't hanging down.

She then began to gently lick my asshole. I could feel it getting plenty wet from her tongue. She then began to work her tongue inside, pushing away with everything she could muster. I could hear her slurping sounds and it was beginning to wake up my cock again. Soon she was working my hole wider with her finger.

I was carmella bing cumbath by amp monster cocks as much as I could be with a beautiful woman about to start fucking my ass. My cock was back to its fully erect best, despite the ache in my balls, I wanted to come again. Satisfied with her work so far, she pulled her finger out of me and quickly opened up her condom and sheathed her girl dick. I was sad to see it hidden away.

She then opened the top of the bottle and let the clear liquid run out over the condom, before pouring more over my hole. It was cold, making me tense slightly. Dina had quickly shuffled over to me though and her prick was pointing straight at my ass hole. I smiled at her, showing her I was ready to accept her, and that I was ready to lose my virginity to her.


Dina smiled back and pushed her small penis against my sphincter. There was a little resistance at first, but then after she adjusted a couple of times, she slid in easily. All the way in. The feeling was astonishing.

My cock twitched straight away as she leant forward over me and began to slowly draw back before plunging her full length in to me once more. She did this slowly 3 more times, getting me hornier and hornier before she leant right over and kissed me. Her stiff nipples scraped over my chest as she began to make love to me with a slow, steady rhythm.

My legs were aching from being held at a weird angle, but the discomfort was nothing compared to the ecstasy I was feeling. I clamped my ass muscles over her cock to make it harder for her.

I wanted her to cum inside of me, like I had with her. I wanted her to collapse on top of me with pleasure as her testicles pumped cum in to my ass. She maintained her rhythmic movements, back and forth. I could feel every inch of her length as she pushed inside me. I wanted to scream in pure delight. I moved my hands down to her hips to guide her thrusts, trying to speed her up.

My cock was desperate to get some of the loving that hers was getting. I could see now how she almost came while I was ravaging her ass. I could see she was struggling to hold herself back, her head kept falling back, and her eyes were firmly shut in concentration. Each thrust of her hips getting faster and harder. My asshole was gripping her length.

My cock was twitching like mad. Her nipples were sending shivers through my body as she dragged her body up and down over mine. Faster and harder she went, building up to a monumental orgasm. My mind was numb with pleasure.

I had let go of sophie amp cindy at open air competition hips and was now holding her ass, forcing it up, pushing her dick deeper inside of me. I wanted more. I wanted bigger. I wanted it so badly. Faster and harder she went. She was beginning to lose any sort of control as her orgasm built, groaning with every thrust, sucking air in every time she pulled back.

Soon she was pounding me as hard I had done to her. I had an urge to grab my cock, but that would mean letting go of her. I never wanted to let go as she thrust and pushed and groaned.

Soon she sat up, pushing her hands against my belly. She was groaning constantly now. Eyes squeezed tightly shut. She was getting extra power from her hips, slapping her dick deep inside me. Her balls must have been aching with the effort she was putting in, but somehow she went faster still. Harder still. I thought she was going to push through the other side. I was in pure heaven. I placed my hands behind my head, breathing hard, fighting the urge to toss myself off. I could feel my balls getting tighter as she banged me harder.

Her moaning getting louder until I felt it. The rush of something running up the condom inside me.

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Then again. Then again. Dina collapsed on top of me. Balls still pushing out cum. As she lay on top of me she gripped my shaft and began to work it as furiously as she was hitting my ass.


Before long I came hard, sending rope after rope of semen along my torso. Some made it as far as my face, but I was in no mood to notice. I pulled Dina close to me and held her tight as we both caught our breaths. I helped her slide her limp cock from my ass and pulled off the condom, placing it next to my used one.

My asshole and my balls were throbbing in time as I caught my breath. I looked Dina in the eyes and kissed her like I've never kissed anyone before pulling the sheet over us. Before long we were asleep in each others' arms, thoroughly exhausted, and exceedingly satisfied. It looked like my Vegas luck was definitely in.