Tattooed brazilian chick rides dong hardcore and big butt

Tattooed brazilian chick rides dong hardcore and big butt
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For the rest of the night I mostly stayed in my room confined and tormented by the thoughts of my mom. I desired her more and more everyday with every action she made upon me. My dreams had been nothing but of her and her sexy tight body. I craved more from her, more from my sweet mother. When I awoke I instantly had to jerk one out thinking of her tits, it was fast and easy to do. I went down stairs like every other morning and ate some cereal thinking of what I can accomplish today.

My mom as usual was upstairs still sleeping while I was eating. I decided to do the dishes again and clean out the fridge and deep freezer. As I was finishing up I heard my mom come down the stairs. "good morning hunny, another early start I see" she smiled. Yeah I wanted to start right away again today mom; with all your motivation how couldnt I. She poured her coffee and sat down to read her paper. I decided to ask if there was anything specific she would like me to do today.

She told me I could clean the living room, under the couches and behind the book shelves to get all the dust that has built up over time. Alright, I can do that I said. I kissed her on the cheek and went to the living room to get started. I pulled the couch out and began sweeping collecting all the dust and crumbs, while I had it out I also decided to mop behind it making sure I did a good job.

I then moved the shelves and did the same thing. I grabbed some more cleaning supplies and began to wipe down our glass coffee table. Once I was finishing up I was shocked to see my mom walk in all dressed up ready for work.

"im sorry sweetie but ive been called into work for an emergency, im afraid I cant reward you today but I will first thing tomorrow I promise" I old lady sex old ma a bit dissapointed because I started cleaning first thing and now I had to wait even longer but I saw in her face that she really had to go.

Its fine I said as she ran out the front door. My mom was a nurse so I knew that it was an actual emergency and bambi brooks riding her daddy boss cock on top, I liked to see her in uniform. I finished cleaning the living room and wasnt sure what to do for the rest of horny skyla novea gets big tits oiled up pornstars hardcore day now.

My mom wouldnt be home until late tonight and I will already be asleep. I came up with the idea to just clean the dining room as well and even clean my bedroom which was a mess. I put everything away as to where it should be and finally called it quits.

I was still a little bummed out that she had to go to work leaving me to wait until morning. But I guess it is what it is.

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It was going on eight pm so I just decided to lay down and watch some tv before I fade away to sleep. I knew that the sooner I fell asleep the sooner morning would come and I could finally feel my mothers warm touch again.

My mom came home a little after 11 and noticed how clean the living room and dining room was. She was suprised to see how much I had done thats for sure. She then walked up stairs and past my bedroom door, while walking past she glanced in and could see that I had cleaned in there as well. Feeling a little ashamed that I had done all this work and wasnt awarded she headed to her room.

She took off her work clothes and put on something she hadnt worn in years. She once again headed towards my room where I was asleep. As she stood in my doorway she looked into the room where I was sleeping; she was wearing black and red lace lingerie that fit her body perfectly bringing out her true perfection. She strode across the room heading towards me, leaning just in front to remove the blanket that covered me. She lightly pulled down my boxers trying not to wake me being as quiet and gentle as possible.

Successfully she had revealed my penis to her and leaned on the bed to get into a position where she could slide it into her mouth. My mom began sucking my penis while I was sleeping, as I began to wake up from the amazing sensation I looked down to see my moms head bobbling up and down on my cock. I began to say something when all of a jessica hard amp jammie flaxxx tease each other on cam my mom noticed I was awake and crawled towards me on my bed.

"you've been such a good boy lately and I couldnt let today go unrewarded" she kissed me on the lips and it was definitely not a kiss from a mother but more of a lover.

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She parted her lips and her tongue pushed through into mine, It felt so right even though I knew it was so wrong. My mom was making out with her son while wearing next to nothing in my own room.

"are you ready to become a man?" she asked. Without waiting for an answer she moved up a bit more to straddle me. I had just begun to realize what my mother was wearing. I could see her hard nipples through the lace bra which had a thin design that lead down her body to reach her thighs and sexy legs. As she was staddling me another suprise came to my attention.

I felt a little warm and wet spot on my body which was from my own mothers pussy. "theres a gap in my outfit for your manhood" she said as if she knew what I was thinking.

This was actually happening, what I had been fantasising about lately is actually about to happen. My mom was going to fuck me, she was going to take my virginity. She had placed herself above my erect cock and began rubbing her pussy on it while going back to making out.

She was teasing me and it felt so good. I reached a point where I couldnt take it any longer and when she was directly above my penis I reached for her ass and slammed her down on my cock. "aghh" my moms lips parted from mine in complete shock as she moaned from the plesant milf shannon boobs ass pounded and severely spanked. My whole shaft was in my mothers cunt and it was unbelievable.

We stayed still for what felt like minutes but must have only been seconds before she began to rise off my penis when suddenly I slammed her back down onto my hard cock. "oh my god" she moaned quietly under her breath. Her vagina was so moist and her insides covered my dick.

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I never let go of her ass for I had never had the chance to touch it after all these years of wanting to slap it over and over just to watch it jiggle and turn red. Her ass felt great in my hands and my dick felt amazing in her pussy. She began to rise again slowly but this time she slammed herself down taking my whole shaft into her vagina.

She continued to do this while her moans became louder and louder. My gaze left her eyes which were filled with pleasure and went down to view her bouncing tits. Her breasts bounced everytime I entered her, I knew I was coming close to cuming.

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She must have sensed that I was for she grabbed my head board and picked up the pace smacking down on her sons cock while she let loud moans slide from her mouth. The head board began to smack the wall violently and her head went back for she couldnt control herself anymore "cum for me baby, cum in me, cum for mommy" I didnt need anymore motivation and I shot load after load into my mothers twat.

She slowed down but didnt fully stop and her moans had begun to quiet.


She humped two more times and I completely finished inside her. She stayed still again with my chode inside her covered with both our cum and her bodily juices. It felt amazing to be this close to her and I began to hope that it wouldnt be the only time.

She smiled and began to stand up sliding my dick out of her as I watched.

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My cum dripped from her as she stood "not bad for your first time champ" she had said and began to walk away out of my room. I layed there naked mesmerized by the previous moment. I craved to have her again, I craved to have her everyday. Someday I will make her ass become mine.