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Full sex stories massage oil xxx
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Chapter 1 "No, Markus, shut up," Dawn told her talkative, blond-haired friend. She wore a blue and purple dress that ended halfway down her thigh and purple knee-high boots with blue socks as they walked along Lake Verity. "What?" he asked, doing a double-take, looking at his companion with surprise. "I don't want to look for some red Pokemon that won't be here." She walked toward him. "I brought you here so we can have some fun." She pushed him onto the ground.

"And intend to have it." She dropped onto her knees next to him, unzipping his jeans and taking his hardening dick into her hand. "Don't you want that, too?" "Oh, definitely!" Markus said as Dawn leaned over it, licking his head softly as her hand pumped up and down with a painfully slow rhythm. She sped up as she sunk her head deeper, taking in more and more of his young cock. "Oh, Dawn!" he said blonde girlfriend enjoys her lovers erect donger missionary and homemade he put his hand on her head, edging her on as she shifted her hand to the base of his dick and began bobbing her head on his length.

Dawn closed her eyes as she continued her service on her friend, alternating between long, heavy licks on his length and quick, soft brushing. She kept a steady rhythm as he tried in vain to guide her. "Dawn, keep going, I feel like-Oh, DAWN! Markus screamed as he bucked forward into her mouth, hitting his orgasm. He rarely masturbated and his jackpot certainly rose; he easily filled Dawn's mouth with his thick, white cum, which she gladly swallowed.

"That was great," she sighed when she finally swallowed his entire load. But she looked to see Markus asleep. "Damn, I wanted to go on to part two and he's asleep? Damn it, Markus!" She looked around. "Well, I may as well continue myself." She lay on her stomach, supporting herself with her knees as her hand crept down her body and up her skirt to her pantiless pussy.

She ground her pal m against her clit as she dipped two fingers in and began to pump. She wished it were Markus' dick inside her instead, but her fingers would have to do. Markus probably wouldn't have kept up with her, anyway. Ten minutes in and she was still going steady, her orgasm still a distant treat. She was now rocking on her knees and moaning loudly. Her dress had since rode up to reveal her taut, peach-shaped ass as she worked her pussy like a pro.

Her moans drew some attention, however. In the trees, several Starly watched attentively, their small bird dicks at attention. One very brave Bidoof, however, had the nerves to approach.

He was also an abnormally well-endowed Bidoof with a long, thick dick dragging against the soft, loose topsoil as he approached her. Absorbed in her pleasure, she didn't notice the pokemon creeping up from behind until she felt his paws on her hips as he mounted her, driving his dick into her ass without warning.

She screamed, falling to the ground in pain as the thick pokedick violated her virgin asshole, trying in vain to struggle against the stronger pokemon. Not that she was in the position to fight even if she were strong enough; he pinned her down, her hand stuck against her pussy. All she could do was take it as she screamed for help, all the while Markus slept like a fucking baby. "Water gun!" shouted a deep voice, probably one that had seen many battles and lived many years.

It was accompanied by a loud splash as she felt stray water droplets against her body and the Bidoof blown right out of her ass. She was caught off-guard and, when she finally came to her senses and looked around, she saw the Bidoof fleeing.

She looked to the other side to see a Piplup standing between two men; one was an old, white-haired man in a lab coat, the other around her age and wearing travel-worn clothes; clearly a pokemon trainer. "Are you alright?" the doggystyled and deeped thick chick bbw pawg vs bbc man asked as he came over to her, helping her to her feet.

"I think so, yeah. Thanks for the help." "No problem. I'm Professor Rowan, and this is my aide, Lucas. You are…" "Dawn. And the guy asleep over there is my idiot friend Markus." "Dawn, I can see you're hurt. Please, come with me to my lab and we'll clean you up." "Alright," Dawn nodded as she held onto Rowan's arm for support and walked with them, leaving Markus asleep on the ground with his flaccid dick lying on his jeans.

"Thanks for the help, professor," Dawn said, taking a sip of coffee.


She'd cleaned up, no longer was there dirt on her knees and clothes, and a couple scratches on her back where the Bidoof grabbed her were disinfected. "No problem, Dawn," he said. "Though you really shouldn't go out without a pokemon by the lake, especially," he cleared his throat, "Without proper garments." "I know, but I can't get a pokemon without having another to battle it," she sighed. "I can fix that," he said. "The Piplup that rescued you seems to have taken to you," he motioned toward the Piplup who lay on the floor, ogling her goods from below.

Dawn didn't move, though. "And if you do me a favor, I can give you the Piplup.


"Really? What is it?" "I'm cheating bbw wife having fun with a black stud home made and homemade and I'm lonely, Dawn. All these years studying pokemon, and I never had a chance to settle down and find love. I long for a woman's touch, Dawn, so if you could…" Dawn nodded.

"I'll do it, but I don't think your aide would like it if we left him out," she smiled. "Dawn, you're incredible," Rowan said. "Lucas, come here!" Lucas came from behind the corner. "I heard everything, and I'm game." "Alright, then. How do you want guys to do this?" Dawn smiled. Rowan unzipped his pants to reveal his cock. "Lie on the short table." Dawn smiled as she pulled her dress off and did just that, lying on her back on the small, square table.

"Lucas, take her mouth," Rowan said as he approached the much younger girl, grabbing her legs. "Let me take care of it, Dawn." He put them up against his shoulders and took his time, entering her slowly to prepare black awesome girl rides shlong on closeup for a much larger dick than she was used to.

He rocked his hips ever so gently, going in a bit more each time as he felt her loosen up. Meanwhile Dawn gave Lucas a blowjob in what for her was a strange position. On her back, with her head dangling, she sucked Lucas' dick upside-down. It was a strange feeling as she was used to prime cups tammy sucks a hard cock and gets pounded blowjobs, but the slight change in shape and texture made for an interesting experience.

And Lucas wasn't exactly a blowjob connoisseur. Obviously having his first, he was going mad under Dawn's skilled tongue and lips as she swirled and sucked and licked and kissed every inch of his manhood. He thrust forward with no real rhythm or pattern into her wet mouth as she continued her service.

Rowan, now deciding she was sufficiently loose, began to fuck her like an animal. He released years of pent-up sexual frustration on this young girl who loved every minute of it. He thrust with such power that her body shook and her small, developing breasts bounced around. He could hear her muffled moans of pleasure escaping the small gap between her lips and Lucas' dick, which only drove him to fuck her harder. Dawn was in the best position she could possibly be in; getting the fuck of her life on one end, and sucking a dick on the other, both from relative strangers.

Still, she loved it. She wrapped her legs tightly around Rowan's hips, egging him to to fuck her harder as she ramped up her treatment on Lucas, hoping for all three of them to cum at around the same time. A hope that was very well possible. Rowan didn't know how much longer he could last in Dawn's tight, young pussy, Dawn didn't know how much more of the fuck of her life she could take, and Lucas, being a first-timer, didn't know how he'd already lasted this long.

Finally, with a collective scream of unbridled pleasure, the three all hit their orgasms. Lucas pulled away from Dawn as his dick twitched, losing his veritable load all over her cute face. Seconds later came Dawn as her juices lubricated Rowan's cock. But it wasn't enough, though; she wanted to feel his cum shoot up inside her, so she locked her legs so tightly around Rowan that he had no choice. And lucky for her, he came at that very moment. Rowan shot the biggest load of the three men she'd pleased that day deep into pussy, eliciting an almost primal scream from the preteen with cum on her face.

The three remained still for a while; Lucas leaning against a wall while Rowan leaning over the table, his dick still entirely in Dawn. They all panted heavily as they basked in the intense afterglow.

Dawn turned her head to see her Piplup frowning. "Don't worry, boy," she smiled. "Later on, it'll all be for you." "Dawn," Rowan said, zipping up his pants as he walked to a table with many strange gadgets lined up.

"Take this," he picked up a thin, red and black device that folded out. "It's a pokedex. It records data on every pokemon you guys dick sucked well hardcore and massage, and then relays it back to me to help my research." "Thanks," Dawn said as she took the device, popping it open. "It records height, weight, known locations, and a few other things," Rowan said as she scanned her Piplup.

"What are these other things?" she asked. "Look up Piplup's info," he smiled. Dawn did just that. It had everything he said, as well as a field "mating behavior". "It records the mating behavior. Each pokemon has a peculiar thing they do while mating; several electric pokemon, for example, release small shocks to stimulate their mates nervous system and increase pleasure." "Thanks, professor," she said, closing the device.

"I guess you'll be off to travel now?" She nodded. "Well, do come and visit some time, I get lonely when Lucas is off travelling, and he says he's going to challenge the gyms. Do keep an eye on him for me." "Will do, professor," she smiled, turning off and leaving the lab.

"Dawn!" called a voice as Dawn closed the door to her home. She turned to see Markus' mother running toward her. "Did Markus already leave?" she asked. "Yeah." "Damn. This package just came for him. Do you think you could get it to him?" "Sure." "Thanks, Dawn. You're great," she said, handing her a package that she put into her backpack.

The two walked away in opposite directions; one back to her house and the other up the path to the edge of town. Dawn found that, very quickly, the walk was lonely; she just wasn't used to Markus not being there to nag and talk incessantly. Maybe Piplup would give me some company, she thought, taking his pokeball off her belt and opened it, letting Piplup out.

The small penguin pokemon looked around and, as all he had on his mind the entire time he was in that ball was her goods, jumped onto his trainer.

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Dawn got thrown off her guard, falling back onto the ground. "Piplup!" she shouted at him. The penguin pokemon hung his head. "Oh, I can't be mad at you," she said. "And, I did promise you…Okay, go ahead." "Pip!" the pokemon shouted as he jumped around, scurrying to Dawn's legs.

He stuck a paw up her skirt and poked around her pussy. He flipped her dress up to get a good look at her goods.

He took a few licks up and down her swollen, soft pussy lips, tasting faint traces of cum. Deciding she was good and wet, he planted his paws on her waits. A short but incredibly thick dick emerged from the pokemon's pouch, lying on Dawn's pussy for a moment. "Go, Piplup. Fuck me hard," she moaned. The pokemon complied, sticking his girthy three inches into her warmth.

With roughly the same width as Rowan's, he fit very cozily in her pussy as he fucked her in a steady rhythm that rocked the young girl; a slow pull-out followed by a rough, quick thrust forward.

And she loved it. To feel his dick slowly drag out of her and then hit her with so much force that her entire body shook made her cry out with each thrust. She called out her pokemon's name as she felt the thick cock driving itself inside of her.

Her cries convinced the Piplup to fuck her even harder, putting more power into his thrusts as the girl much larger than he writhed in pleasure. "Pip! Pip! Pip!" he chirped as he mustered all the might he could to fuck her. He felt something building inside her and didn't want to leave her hanging. Finally, his legs buckled as he thrust in one last time. He shot a small jet of thin, watery cum into the young girl's pussy that filled her to the brim.

This new experience of complete fullness drove her into a powerful orgasm; she threw her head back so hard that her shoulders shot up. She felt her sweaty body wracked pleasure she'd never felt before as the watery cum slowly began to seep out of her pussy.

She panted, her Piplup climbing onto her and lying between her small, pert breasts, his limpening dick pressing lightly against her navel. The two lay like that for longer than Dawn could keep count of. Dawn in particular was tired; it had been a long day for her; brought four guys to cum and had the two strongest orgasms of her life.

And it was still the early afternoon. Finally, Dawn and her Piplup got up. Dawn took one of many supplies from her backpack; some wet naps to clean the dirt off her legs and dress. Her Piplup jumped onto her shoulder as they left Twinleaf town. Walking along Route 201, they encountered several wild Starlies and Bidoofs, and the few that dared attack were shot down by the experienced Piplup.

Aside from that, it was a largely eventless trek. However, about a quarter mile from Sandgem town, Piplup began to shout loudly. Dawn looked around in surprise, worried that a tougher pokemon than Piplup was around. However, she saw a pokemon she was glad to meet again. Xxx sex story 2019 new both she and Piplup recognized well.

The Bidoof that got her from behind. His fur was still very wet and matted, covered in dirt and a bit of blood. "Piplup, dirtystepdaughter lets fuck while mom is gone you thinking what I'm thinking?" "Plup!" "Wait!" called a voice speaking very clear English.

It was the Bidoof. Dawn did a double-take. "You speak English?" "Yes, I do. Please, just listen to me for a moment. I'm sorry about what I did, I saw your ass and it was just so luscious and round…when I see the ass of a human girl, especially one as young and fit as you, I lose control. If it will help you forgive me, I will join and fight for you. At the very least, my translating skills could be helpful." Dawn was still dubious; first she gets ass raped by the Bidoof, then he apparently speaks her language and wants to help her?

Could she really forgive him in exchange for translating? Then again…she thought about the Bidoof's dick. If she expected it and office pussy pleasing for a hot chick Bidoof went a bit slower, it would have been enjoyable.

And, even though she loved what Piplup did for her, the Bidoof's was much longer. "Fine. You can come with us, but you'll have to be good." She took a pokeball and dropped it onto the ground, allowing the pokemon to press the button himself and enter it. She then released the Bidoof. "If you'd like, we could try again.

If you'll go gently and wet this time, that is." The Bidoof just nodded as his dick emerged from its pouch, standing tall and proud. Dawn got onto her knees and nudged Bidoof onto his back before she held his base and took his entire length into her mouth, trying to coat his shaft in a thick coat of saliva.

The Bidoof groaned as the young girl licked and sucked. When she focused on his head, the wind blew onto the lower part of his shaft and left a cold, tickling sensation that made him shudder. Dawn eventually decided he was sufficiently lubed up. "Alright, go around to the other side and do your work," she said. On her forearms and knees, she was in the perfect position to let the Bidoof do the deed. The pokemon grabbed the hem of her dress and pulled it up, revealing her tight, round ass as he again mounted her.

This time, he moved slowly though, putting his head at her back entrance while she braced herself. "Go," she said, confirming her readiness. The Bidoof obliged, sliding his dick slowly into her backdoor, allowing her to adjust bit by bit.

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He rocked back, and then slid just a bit deeper back in. When Dawn felt sufficiently loose, she beckoned Bidoof to go faster, and he willingly obliged. She cried out as he thrust wildly into her tight asshole.

It was a much different experience than she was used to, but it felt good all the same. Much better, though, for the Bidoof who continued to pound her ass fervidly, panting quickly as he drove deeper and faster and harder into the tight, young preteen, her soft skin glistening with sweat.

He felt something powerful build up in him, something just waiting to be released. Dawn felt that he was as he fucked her ass with wild recklessness; his pattern dissolved as he focused now solely on coating her untarnished butt of hers in his cum. She clenched her sphincter, tightening the ride for the pokemon as he howled, pulling out and blasting her fair, shapely ass with his incredibly thick cum. He dismounted the young girl, walked slowly around her and nude girl hard suck clips free down her a kiss before going back to the pokeball and prodding it, re-entering his new home.

Dawn, who wasn't exactly immobilized in orgasmic bliss, stood up, taking yet another wet nap from her backpack and cleaning the cum off her ass. She'd really need to stock up on wet naps when she reached Jubilife. Dawn walked into the Jubilife Trainer's School and, just as she expected, saw Markus intently reading up on everything he could find, all the while fidgeting in his chair.

His need to move trumped his need to know. "Markus," Dawn said as she went to him. "When I left home, your mom came and gave me this to give you," she pulled the package from her backpack. "Oh, man," Markus groaned.

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"I ordered something for your birthday, and it came a bit early, I guess." "Markus, my birthday's in five months." "I know, but I saw it and knew you'd love it.

Open it up." Dawn opened the package and pulled out a very unexpected thing; a long, rippled, double-sided dildo. "Markus…" she said, gripping it tightly as she jumped at him and hugged him. "Thank you!" In all the jumping and hugging, her extremely short skirt rode up to give everybody in the school a nice look at her ass. "Looks like we have a slut on school grounds," snided a loud, bitchy voice.

"And she likes giving total strangers a view of her ass that still has somebody's cum on it." Dawn turned around, not bothering to adjust her skirt (which was one hell of a 'hello' to Markus) to face the girl who said it; a girl not much older than her who wore a knee-length skirt and button-up blouse. Her breasts were large for a girl her age and her legs went on and on.

"And you are?" Dawn asked "Tina," the girl responded. "And it's good to see another slut in this school," she said, approaching Dawn with a strut that caused horny bootylicious schoolgirls crave pussy too pornstars hardcore skirt to sway from side to side enticingly. "I've been waiting for one." She pulled Dawn in for a deep, erotic kiss.