Japan war prison girl rape

Japan war prison girl rape
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Today I've asked Gary to help me finish the project we began so many months ago. We've been sprucing up the guest room because my brother in law and his wife are coming for a weekend visit. Gary needs to finish installing the audio/video equipment which is needed for a special surprise for our company. As Gary works in the cramped space of the closet I steady him on the step stool.


He has such a tight little behind that I can't help but squeeze it. Gary puts his tools down on the shelf and, steadying himself, he begins doing butt crunches.

He knows I love watching him do this a la natural, so I take that as an invitation and undo his pants, dropping them and his boxers to his ankles. As he flexes his buttocks right in front of my face I kiss him tenderly on his right cheek and reach under him to stroke his balls and cock. I say "What shall I do now darlin" and Gary ___ steps down from the stool and, picking Adele up in my arms I carry her to our bed in the next room.

She smiles up at me with pleasure and squirms on the bed as I slowly remove her clothing. I leave her panties for last and delicately kiss her sensitive stomach and navel area. My tongue is curving all along Adele's exposed skin but now want to sneak under her panty to her exquisitely manicured bush.

With the first touch of my tongue to her pubic hair she lifts her hips and pushes her panties down. I stop to gaze at her and, I swear, I've never seen a more beautiful womanly set of pleasurable genitalia than Adele's. I feel enough love that I tell her so. All of a sudden ___ I lift up on my elbows and say "Gary, we've forgotten! We're picking Bonnie up today. Remember, she's coming earlier than Bob." With that we gather ourselves up; for Bonnie's flight is due soon.

We get to the airport just as Bonnie deplanes and greet her at the gate. I greet her with "Hello Sis, how are you? I'm so glad to see you." And Gary leans in to give her a brotherly kiss on the lips.

I don't think it was my imagination that their lips lingered, and Bonnie seemed to drink in the affection given by my man with her eyes closed. We got everything settled in the car and Gary drove while Bonnie and I german mistress shit in slave mouth xstoryscom close together, sharing girl secrets, in the back seat. As we rode along I was gently running my fingers along Bonnie's leg and kissing her cheek. It was dark out by now so I didn't worry about anyone seeing our intimate touches.

Though I was aware that Gary was watching us in the rear-view mirror and smiling. I leaned over to my older sister, and, kissing her deeply on the lips, I moved my fingers up to her crotch. Bonnie opened her legs and sighed deeply as I touched her there.

I was wearing a skirt (my panties were left at home in the rush to leave) and, taking Bonnie's hand, I laid it on my bare leg.

She looked at me with the love of a big sister and ___ slid her hand up my leg till it reached my warm crotch. As she deftly fingered my clit she kissed me back with tongues intertwined. I was beside myself as I realized she was also wearing a skirt and despite the look of panties hers were actually crotchless.

So as our driver drove on we pleasured each other in the back seat. As we both came we realized we had left poor Gary out of the fun, so we promised to send him to the moon when we got settled at home. So once home we. .


all went to the bedroom were Bonnie began to undress my Gary. She moved really close to him as she slowly removed each piece of his clothing, leaving his boxers till last. His member was standing straight out by this time and Bonnie was gently and lovingly stroking it and cupping his testicles too. I watched as Gary was also removing Bonnie's clothing which came off really fast. She was standing naked in front of my man, and rubbing her body up and down on his front, his cock sliding up her stomach and back down to her crotch.

I had been removing my clothes as well and we were all naked by this time except for Gary's boxers. I moved closer to Bonnie and started caressing her back and reaching around to her breasts, caressing them tenderly.

They felt so good that I started to kiss her back, all the way down to her wonderful buns.

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At last she reached inside of Gary's boxers and yanked them down, then kneeling in front of him she ___ took his cock in one hand and his balls in the other. As Bonnie stroked his cock, she rolled his balls in the other hand then one at a time she took his balls into her mouth and gently rolled them with her tongue. As this was almost more than Gary could stand I suggested we go to the bed where.

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. . Gary laid on his back and Bonnie straddled him. Ever so slowly she lowered her body closer to his erect cock which I was holding lovingly for him. As her pussy slid over my man's cock top she moaned loudly and almost rushingly pushed herself all the way down on Gary, his cock buried deep inside of her hungry Miss M. My fingers big black cock for a curvaceous blonde moved from Gary's penis to Bonnie's clit where I was rubbing for all I was worth.

Then I leaned down and gently kissed her Lil C and sucked it into my mouth. "Oh, yes, Adele, that feels so gooood. Please don't stop sucking on my precious little button." My hands now moved to her breasts and I caressed them again, they feel so good in my hands.

Gary was getting a front seat view of the goings on and was being pleasured not only by the feelings Bonnie was giving him but by watching two women he loved pleasure each other too. As I was kissing my big sis's clit she was busy with me by ____ handling my breasts and as Bonnie swirled around my nipples she would give a little tug and twist.

As one hand continued this the other reached down and scooped up some of the fluids coming from Adele's vagina and offered them to Gary as he lay there watching in awe.

He hungrily lapped it all and asked for more, but this time he wanted the fluids from me and him so again I reached down and slid my fingers to retrieve some and gave them to him.

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Adele now wanted some loving so she straddled Gary by the shoulders and gave him her vagina to clean with his tongue. As Gary was now busy at this task we girls began to.


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. kiss deeply as Bonnie still rode Gary's rod. Bonnie and I both were caressing each other gently and lovingly, our fingertips sending us to ecstasy. I reached down and continued to caress Bonnie's little love button and she caresses my face and cheeks while Gary continues to send me to new heights with his tongue buried deep inside my luscious pussy. Gary finally erupted inside of Bonnie and started to slide out of her well juiced up pussy.

But she didn't let him go easily for she had strong muscles and clenched onto giving irrumation with lusty riding smalltits hardcore cock with all she was worth. She said "If I let you go Gary, you have to promise to ramrod enters wet vagina hardcore and blowjob yourself while we girls watch and I clean up my big sister's vag some more." So I lay down on my back, Bonnie got between my legs, her mouth and tongue doing wonders with my labia and mounds and her knees under her so her ass was held up high.

We could still both see Gary stroking his limp member for all it was worth and it came back to life even bigger than before! ! ! "God, your pussy looks so beautiful and pink from the rear Bonnie" said my man.

To which Bonnie replied ___ "thank you very much. Now will you do some clean up and then return your pleasing membrane into that nice clean love canal?

I wish to continue to please my lil sis if you don't mind." So as Gary starts in on his chore, Bonnie is fingering Adele as she is licking and sucking her to a totally different high than she has ever had before. Now as Gary is about to enter Bonnie again Bonnie asks if he would like to replace her fingers for her and Gary willingly and eagerly does. Bonnie then leaves Gary to Adele as she is in desperate need of a potty break.

. when our little sis comes back to us we all snuggle together on the bed, Bonnie between the two people who give her as much pleasure as her Bob does. Gary is spooning Bonnie and I am facing her. Bonnie and I trace little love trails over each others bodies, ending up at each others vaginas and as she puts two fingers inside of me I stiffen. Bonnie strokes her fingers in and out of me and while she's doing that Gary slides his cock between her legs and up her very juicy love channel to her clit.

"Oh Bonnie, yes, please, give me two more fingers. That feels so good now" I say. She gets four of her fingers inside of me, pumping them in and out, raising my pleasure to new heights. Gary is sliding up and down her canal with his cock, and I'm tickling her clit with my fingers. We are all moving in unison and I'm about to cum, but I want more!


"Can you please put your hand and arm inside of me my loving big sis, oh please. It feels so good." And Bonnie does just that and starts to pump her fist inside of my hungry vagina. I can feel every movement of her hand inside of me and I start to cry out for joy. Bonnie is getting aroused even more by this as well and reaches down to tuck Gary's cock back inside of her slippery tunnel of love. Gary obliges and lunges forward, burying his penis all the way inside of Bonnie and making her gasp in surprise.

We continue till we all cum once again and collapse into each other's arms, sleeping till we are ready for the next adventure.