Bitchy student seller with nice tits sucks a big hard dick

Bitchy student seller with nice tits sucks a big hard dick
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My brothers and I have an incredibly hot mom; she is definitely an M.I.L.F.! She is in her mid 40's, long blonde hair, a beautiful face and hot body and she is almost a nympho! Her body is that of a 20 year old, she works out, she is 5'11" maybe a 110 pounds a fantastic ass and she has big tits!

Her and the guy she is pretty blond sucks off and drilled in ice cream parlor blowjob bigcock fuck as often as they can. All of us had incredibly lustful, incestuous thoughts about our mom. We didn't just want to see her naked, we all wanted to fuck her! The three of us got together to try and think up of a way to fuck her. We thought about getting her when she was drunk but that didn't sit well with us. We wanted our mom to be a very willing participant.

Dan suggested that we don't give our mom and her man any chance to be alone to fuck. He said that since she loves to fuck that maybe if we forced her to go with out sex for a long time she would become so horny that at the right moment she would have an incestuous fuck with us. It sounded like the best plan so we went ahead with it. We made sure our mom had no time with her man, not even enough time for a quickie.

We knew it was working because after almost two weeks, she began to beg us to go out to the movies or to stay over at friends' house. This only increased our own incestuous lustful thoughts as we began to feel our chance to fuck our mom was coming closer. Then one evening, after dinner our mom went upstairs to take a shower. It was just her and the three of us, our sister was out for the evening.

We heard the water stop running so we knew she was out of the shower, we all fantasized about her naked. I went upstairs to listen outside of her door to see if I heard anything.

When I got up to her room I heard a low noise coming from her room. Her bedroom tight blonde babe with glasses screwed at the pawnshop was unlocked!

I opened it up just a crack and I saw our mom sitting on a chair in front of her make-up table. She was wearing nothing but a towel and it looked like she had her hands between her legs. Suddenly she pulled a vibe out of her pussy, running it across her lips, I watched as she sucked on it and then I could tell she rammed it back into pussy.

I knew then this was our chance. I ran downstairs and told my brothers that mom was fucking herself with a vibe and we should go for it now.

We went up stairs, quickly changing into sweat pants so our erections would be quite obvious. We peeked into our moms' room to see if she was still fucking herself and she sure was. We quietly opened the door and walked in, our mom did not notice us at all she was so lost in her self pleasure.

All of our sweat pants looked like tents with our cocks sticking straight out. Our mom had her eyes closed and she was moaning away as she worked the vibe in and out of her pussy. Skin diamond asphyxia noir bonnie rotten meet bonnie rotten got right up next to her and after a minute or two she opened her eyes to see her horny sons standing around her.

Her eyes bugged out as she dropped her vibe on the ground. "Oh my god! What.what.what are you all doing here?!" We just gave our mom a wicked lust filled smile. Pat reached down and grabbed her vibe before she could pick it up. "I think you dropped this mom. Sorry we didn't let you finish." Our mom turned bright red, embarrassed that we saw her playing with herself.

Our mom reached out to grab the vibe out of Pat's hand but he pulled it away just before she could reach it. "Come on and give it back!" Our mom shouted. Pat held it up to us and said, "Wow you must be really horny mom. Look at how wet this thing is." Then Pat took a lick on it. "Fuck you taste good mom." Then he handed it to Dan and he licked it.

Our mom tried to grab it but Dan tossed it to me and I took a lick as well. Our mom's pussy juice tasted so sweet. I handed it back to our mom, "Now it's clean mom." Our mom grabbed it and threw it into her make-up desk drawer, she turned around in her chair and that is when she saw our raging hard-ons.

She just stared at all of our cocks for the longest time. I spoke up, "What are you looking at mom? Do you see something you like?" Our mom blushed but she didn't take her eyes from our cocks.

Dan then said, "You must be really horny and now you have three cocks right in front of you, three nice hard cocks." Our mom got such an odd look on her face and then she said in a low voice, "It would be incest though." Pat said, "So what, we don't care." Then I added, "Yeah you are such an M.I.L.F." She looked at us and then slid off of her chair right down onto her knees.

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We knew right then we were going to get to live out our lustful, incestuous desires with our mom. She pulled all of our sweat pants in a flash and to her delight our cocks popped solo blonde drills herself with a dildo out at her drooling pre cum.

She grabbed our cocks and within a second she was going from each of our cocks sucking away. We all let out wild, lustful moans as we watched and felt our hot mom sucking on julias virgin snatch checked by cocks.

She went from Pat, to me then to Dan and back again. We couldn't believe how wild our mom was sucking our cocks, sucking her sons own cocks.

What was great was that as she sucked on one cock she had her hands on the other two of us and started to jack us off! She ran her tongue all over our throbbing prick heads, lapping up the pre cum drooling from our piss slits. "I have wanted to taste a cock in my mouth for so long!" our mom said to us and she went right back to sucking and jacking us off!

She was so incredible and great at giving head we were all ready to cum within five minutes. As our mom licked at Dan's prick she said to us in this hot, lustful voice, "Are you boys ready to cum for me? I can feel how hot and hard your cocks are." Then she sucked Pat's prick, "And I can feel your cocks throbbing." she grabbed my prick with her lips, working my shaft in and out of her mouth a couple of times before letting my cum filled prick slid out of her mouth.

"So I am an M.I.L.F.? Prove it by cumming for me! Cum sexy nice ass brunette rides cock in classroom rilynn rae young old blowjob over my face and in mouth!" We looked at each other in disbelief, we could not believe our luck that our mom was such a nympho, horny slut.

Dan yelled out, "You want some cum mom? I'll give you plenty!" Pat and I watched as he grabbed our moms head with one hand and held his cock with the other, pushing it into her mouth. He fucked her mouth like a wild man and in less than a minute he blew his load. Our mom had to brace herself with her hands so Pat and I jacked off why watching our younger brother fuck our mom's mouth.

"Oh yeah swallow it! Swallow it all! Oh yeah fuck! Fuck! Mom is swallowing my cum!" We watched Dan's tiny french mihonsakaguchi fucked in car convulse as he blew wad after wad of cum into her mouth and we could clearly see our mom swallowing every drop of cum!

Just as Dan finished cumming Pat and I grunted out, "Fuck! MOM! I'm cumming!" Pat and I both blew our first spurt mom son sex storys kurnool cum at about the same time launching two nice streams of cum across our mom's face. My cum splattered across her cheek and nose, Pat got the other side of her face and across her forehead.

Our mom pulled her head off of Dan's prick keeping her mouth wide open and cum covered tongue sticking out. Dan moved out of the way to let Pat and I get in close as our cocks exploded with more cum.

We gleefully watched our cum spurt out of our pricks and into our mom's mouth. Our mom grabbed our cocks and pulled us closer to her mouth, laying our prick heads on her tongue.

She continued to stroke our cocks, milking out every bit of cum and we sure did have a lot! We watched as some of our cum went right back down her throat but most of it coated her tongue and filled her mouth. When we finally emptied our pricks into our mom's mouth we took a couple of steps back to survey all the cum we blew into our mom's mouth and across her face. Our mom looked a bit dazed, her eyes were glazed over with the same incestuous lust we felt.

She slowly pulled her cum covered tongue into her mouth and then in a sexy manner, she closed her mouth and swallowed. Cum nearly spurted out the sides of her mouth, we watched as she swallowed and let the gobs of cum run down her chin, falling down onto her towel.

She slowly stood up still swallowing cum. She slowly wiped the cum off of her lips and chin with two fingers and then licked those fingers clean. She moaned softly and smiled at us. "I didn't realize that being an M.I.L.F. would make your boys cum so much. I guess you were all as horny as I am." We didn't say a word because we were far from being done with our mom.

I reached our mom first, reaching out for her towel. Our mom did not stop me as I pulled her towel off exposing her cock hardening hot body! Our cocks went instantly went hard again when we saw our mom naked.

She was thin, long sexy legs, a hot ass; her pussy had a very small, thin shaved line of light blonde pubic hair and her tits!

Her tits were so large, nice dark red wet mouth gives hot blowjob to ny business man about as round as a half dollar, her nipples were erect, small in length but they had some nice girth to them, perfect for sucking! Pat said out loud, "How fucking big are your tits mom?" "They are about a 34D. Do you like them." as she said that she fondled her tits.

We gave her our answer as we all grabbed her tits at the same time. Soon our hands were all over our mom's body, fondling her tits, grabbing her ass and playing with her wet pussy. Dan and Pat went wild licking and sucking on our mom's tits. She let out a loud moan. I dropped down onto my knees pushing my mom's legs apart. She looked down as buried my tongue deep into her wet pussy. Our mom let out a loud squeal of lustful delight as I drove my tongue deep into her hot sweet snatch.

"How does mom's pussy taste?" I pulled my head away tons of lovely bitches glad to see dick our mom's honey pot and to answer Dan. "Fucking sweet! Fucking sweet!" I buried my face back between her legs as my brothers continued their incestuous, lust filled attack on our moms' tits. As I continued to lap at my mom's pussy, I noticed my brothers had moved closer to our mom, pressing their hard cocks against her hot, sweaty body.

I watched them rubbing their cocks up and down, like a dog fucking someone's leg, getting pre cum all over her body. Our mom had a body that you just want to fuck, anywhere, as long as you get to fuck it and cum all over her. After about five minutes or so our mom's legs began to buckle as she got closer to cumming. Dan and Pat had to hold her as our mom squirmed around uncontrollably. As I looked up at my mom moaning and squirming under my attack on her pussy with my tongue, I noticed she still had Pat and mine cum on her face!

I thought to myself how much of a nympho slut our mom is. Our mom began to moan, "Oh yes, don't stop.don't stop licking my pussy! Eat my pussy.lick it! Make me cum! Suck my tits! Suck them hard! That's it.suck my tits, suck your mom's tits!" Then she screamed out as her body quivered with her incestuous orgasm. Her pussy released such sweetness; it sent me over the edge of lustful, incestuous desire.

My mom went limp after her orgasm was done, I stood up, my chin and lips were glistening from her sweet wetness. "You guys have got to fucking eat mom out!

When she fucking cums she tastes so fucking great!" We led our mom over to her bed and laved her down on her back. She spread her legs wide as Dan took his turn at our mom's pussy. I now attacked our mom's mouth watering tits, licking and sucking away on them. Pat took his rock hard prick in his hand and moved up to her head. He used his cock to wipe our cum off of her face. He got a sticky gob on his prick head, "Open up mom!

I have some more cum for you!" Our mom opened wide and Pat slid his cock into her mouth. "Oh yeah that's it mom! Suck it! Suck my fucking cock and swallow that cum!" It was such an incredible sight; Dan was down between our mom's legs, slurping at her pussy.

I was fondling her big tits while sucking on her nice erect nipples and Pat was having our mom suck his cock while swallowing the rest of the cum on her face. Dan rose up from our mom's pussy, "Mom tastes so fucking good! I'm gonna eat her pussy every fucking day!

"I responded by saying, "I told you she tasted great. Wait until she cums!" Pat grabbed moms' closest tit to him and squeezed it hard, pinching her nipple and then pulling on it. Our mom responded by moaning louder as she sucked on his cock.

Then our mom reached down and pushed Dan's head back down onto her pussy and with her other hand she grabbed my cock and began to stroke it.

Pat then said, "Mom's tits are so fucking big! They are perfect for fucking! What do you think of that mom? I think I'm gonna fuck your big tits and cum all over them!" Pat pulled his cock out of our mom's mouth.

She breathed heavily, "Oh yes, fuck them! Fuck my tits! I love having my tits fucked! I want all of you boys to cum all over my tits! I love feeling hot sticky cum all over my tits!" Pat then began slapping his cock head on our mom's lips, she responded by sticking her tongue out which of course Pat slapped his cock on her wet tongue.

I looked at my brother Pat and as much as I did not want to, I pulled myself away from our mom's tits. "Go on Pat, fuck her tits! Give moms' tits a nice good fuck! If our slutty mom wants her tits fucked, then let's fuck the shit out of them!" Pat got a wicked smile on his face as he mounted our mom's chest. He laid his cock between her tits, "Come on mom, and press your tits together around my cock!" Our mom did jus that, she reached up and mashed her huge tits together around our brothers' cock.

Pat began to pound the hell out of our mom's tits. "How does it feel, fucking mom's tits?" I asked. "OH FUCK it feels great! I'm gonna love fucking cumming all over your tits mom!" Our mom started to moan louder, sweat was beading up all over her body as Dan brought her closer to another orgasm. "Come on, fuck them! Fuck my tits! Be a bad son and fuck your mom tits!" my mother said to Pat. I moved myself over schoolgirl force fuck by teachers her head, holding my cock in my hand I began to run my prick head over her face getting sticky pre cum all over it.

My mom looked at me and said, "Come on and put that cock of yours in my mouth! Let your mom suck that nice hard prick of yours!" I loved hearing my mom say that to me, it was so dirty it made me hornier than what I already was.

I took my cock and rammed it right into her waiting mouth! I had my cock in her mouth for a couple of minutes before she let out a loud scream of pleasure as Dan finally made her get off! She let go of her tits as she writhed around in incestuous pleasure. Pat got mad; over come by lust he grabbed mom's tits and began to fuck them harder.

Then he looked down at our mom and said, "I'll cum on your tits later! I want some of your pussy now!

Hey, one of you come over here and fuck mom's tits!" As Pat moved down to take his turn eating out our mom, I got up and took my turn at fucking mom's tits. Dan moved up to our mom's head and had her start sucking his cock again. We had no intention of giving our mom a moments rest; we were going to get out all of our incestuous lust and dirty desires even if it took all night of fucking her to do it!

We were all so lost in our incestuous fuck fest with our mom nobody heard the bedroom door open or noticed our sister walking in. Kaylyn is my twin; we are a brother/sister twin pair. Kaylyn is incredibly hot! Our sister is 5'5", 110 pounds. She has a 24" waist and 34" hips and nice big tits! She has long blonde hair, blue eyes and a very cute, 'baby' face. When guys see her, they always stare she is so hot. We didn't know she was there until she spoke up, "Oh my god!

What the fuck is going on! You guys are fucking mom!" Pat didn't stop eating out our mom's pussy; he kept right on licking her pussy lips and sucking on her clit. I stopped fucking our mom's tits and looked over at our sister. Our mom looked up at her as Dan's prick popped out of her mouth with a nice saliva string dripping down from his prick head.

Kaylyn then said, "Do you know what you are doing? This is incest. I can't believe you are all fucking mom and you didn't include me! Don't you guys think I am hot? I thought all brothers had deep desires to fuck their sisters." That got Pat's attention! He looked up at Kaylyn; all of us kind of looked at each other trying to decide if we just heard what our sister just said. Kaylyn spoke up again, "Well don't any of you want to fuck me too?" I got up off of our mom; Dan quickly took my place placing his cock between her tits.

Pat went back to eating out our mom but he kept his eyes on Kaylyn. I moved closer to my twin sister, our mom said in lustful tone, "Come on, have your sister join us. I want to watch my daughter get pleasured too." I grabbed my sister, holding her close to me I gave her hot lustful kiss, thrusting my tongue into her mouth.


Kaylyn responded by thrusting her tongue back as she grabbed my very hard, pre cum coated cock. What an incredible feeling went through my body as my own sister began to stroke my cock! I responded by reaching up and fondling her impressive tits. She pulled her mouth away from mine, looking me in the eyes with a very lustful wicked look. "Come on, fuck me. I want you to rip my clothes off and ravage me!" I guess I had shocked look on my face, I never thought I would hear my sister say that to me.

"What's wrong? Didn't you think your own sister could have incestuous desires? I have wanted to get fucked by the three of you for so long. The thought of getting fucked by my three brothers really turns me on." My cock harden even more and my sister felt it. "See, I knew you wanted to fuck me! Your cock is so hot and throbbing even more! Just think how much dirtier it is fucking your own twin sister!" My sister was wearing a button up shirt and a pair of sweat shorts.

I looked her up and down and saw her hard nipples poking through the fabric of her shirt. That was all I needed to see as my incestuous lust took over. I began to slowly unbutton my sister's shirt; however my sister did not like that at all. "I said tear my clothes off!" Fine, if that is what Kaylyn wants I would be happy to oblige. I grabbed her shirt and pulled it apart, tearing off every single button. To my delight, she was not wearing any bra! Her tits were fucking awesome!

She had large tits like our mom, large, dark areola and very good sized nipples. My hands instantly went to my twin sisters' tits and my mouth followed right after them.

I grabbed her tits and locked my lips right around her nipple, allowing all of my incestuous lust out, I licked and sucked on tit with even more passion than I did to our own mother! My sister let out a loud moan, "Oooh yessss, suck it! Suck my tits!" Kaylyn reached down and grabbed my rock hard cock. I never felt such pure, lustful pleasure as I did at the moment and then as my own sister began to stroke my hard prick.

Dan and Pat got pissed because I was blocking their view of our sisters' tits. "Move over damn it! We want to see Kaylyn's tits!" I just ignored them for a bit as I realgfsexposed masturbating on her desk brunettes sologirl and sucked my way all over both of her tits.

Then I stopped and moved behind my sister. I placed my hands on her tits and played with them as our brothers looked on with lustful delight. Dan yelled out, "Fuck! Kaylyn how big are your fucking tits?" Our sister said, "36D.

Do you guys want to fuck my tits too?" Pat said in pure incestuous, lustful voice, "Fuck yes Kaylyn! I can't fucking wait to see my cum all over your tits. Yeah, my fucking hot cum all over my sisters big tits, that's what I want to see!" I led our sister over to the bed and laid her down next to our moaning, writhing around mother.

I yanked her sweat shorts off, revealing her shaved pussy. I got right down between my sisters legs and drove my tongue into her very inviting pussy. Pat pulled his cock out of our gagging on a black cock in the laundry room mouth and moved over to our sister, getting down on the bed he began to suck on her tits.

This was now better than what any of my brothers and I had thought it would be. We had our mom naked on her bed and now our sister too! - My sister's pussy tasted as good as I savored every sweet flavor of her pussy.

She moaned out loud as I worked her pussy and Pat sucked on her tits. Our mom rolled over just enough to face Kaylyn, her eyes were glazed over with lust and pleasure as Dan continued to lick her pussy to a sweet, wet orgasm. We watched a our own mom grabbed our sisters tit, moved her head close to it and began to lick her nipple and then suck on it!

I wanted to cum right then and there watching our mom suck on our sisters' tit. Our mom did not keep it up for too long as she lost control from her orgasm and released her sweet wetness all over Dans' tongue. As our mom writhed around from her orgasm, our sister really got into it. She moaned out to Dan, "Oh do it Dan.Make our mom cum! Eat her pussy out, make her moan, make her moan." When Dan had finished with our mom he moved over to our sister and took over on her tit that our mom had been sucking on.

We all had raging, pre cum drooling erections. As I brought our sister to her first incestuous orgasm Pat and Dan wildly continued to suck on her tits. Kaylyn moaned wildly opening her mouth and licking her tongue all around. She grabbed Pat and Dan's cock's in her hands and began to give them a hand job that only a sister could give. She got pre cum on her fingers and then, much to our delight, we watched her lick it off of her fingers then she went back to jacking them off.

"So you like pre cum Kaylyn?" Pat asked. Our sister moaned a yes. Pat then moved up next to her head and shoved his cock into her mouth. "There you go sis, suck away, suck my cock." Kaylyn went wild sucking on our brothers' prick. Soon she released his cock as she screamed out loud as her orgasm racked over her hot bbw gets both her sweet holes fucked. Our mom who now recovered from her orgasm moved into the scene.

"Pat, take your cock out of your sisters mouth." Pat did what she said. "You boys are going to take turns fucking Kaylyn's tits. When you are ready to cum I want you boys to cum all over my tits though.

Ok?" We all nodded yes. Our mom looked at me first, my face glistening from Kaylyn's sweetness. "Get up here and put your cock between your sister's nice big tits. Kaylyn, hold your tits together so your brother can fuck them good. Pat, get down there and eat your sister out. Dan, give me your nice cock to suck on." We all rapidly moved into our positions. I straddled my twin sisters' body placing my cock between her big tits. Kaylyn pressed her tits together around my cock.

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Pat got to work with his tongue on Kaylyn's pussy. Our mom straddled our sisters' face, putting her pussy right on her face! Kaylyn began to eat our own mom's pussy! Dan stood next to our mom holding his cock in position as our mom turned her head and slid his cock into her mouth.

I went to work fucking my sisters 36D tits. The sights and sounds coming from our incestuous orgy were enough to make anyone cum with in a couple of minutes. Pat was licking our sisters' pussy, she was moaning as she had her tongue buried in our mom's pussy.

Our mom was moaning while slurping away at my brothers' cock in her mouth and I was groaning with lustful pleasure as I slid my cock in-between my sister's big tits. I was already incredibly horny so it did not take me long before I was ready to cum. "Mom…I'm getting close to cumming!" Dan pulled his salvia coated prick out of our moms' mouth. "So fucking your sisters' nice big tits have got your ready to cum all over mine?" "Oh…yeah…mom…I getting closer to cumming!" "Well, keep fucking Kaylyn's nice big tits and then cum all over mine!" Our mom held her tits together as she massaged them, "That's, fuck her tits, fuck Kaylyn's tits!

Pat get ready to start fucking your sisters tits!" After a few oldnanny horny lacey starr got hardcore group sex seconds I felt my cum load getting ready to burst out of my prick.

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I jumped up in front of our mom with my throbbing prick in my hand. Pat quickly moved up and took my spot, pumping his cock between our sisters' tits. Dan moved around down between Kaylyn's legs and continued to lick her pussy. "Mom! I'm gonna cum…fuck here it cums!" I stroked my cock a couple of times and then I exploded with a huge cum load all over our mom's big tits!

I never jacked off that much of a cum load before. I loved the sight of my sticky, white cum spurting out of my prick and splattering all over my mom's tits. I felt like I wasn't going to stop as spurt after spurt kept surging out of my prick. My xxx stepson knows how tmake his moma feel good kept telling me to keep cumming she wanted more cum on her tits.

When I had finished our mom looked at me, "Let me suck your prick dry honey!" I slid my cock into her mouth and she sucked every last drop of cum out of it. After she had finished sucking my cock, our mom was grinding her pussy into our sisters' face so we all knew she was about to cum herself.

Pat yelled out to take my cock out of her mouth, he wanted to hear mom scream with pleasure as she got off on Kaylyn's face. Our mom began to grind her pussy onto our sisters' face, moaning louder and louder. Her eyes glazed over with this deep lust filled look suddenly her body shuddered as she screamed out with pleasure. My brothers and I could not believe we just got see our sister get our mom off. Mom struggled to keep a hold on her tits with my cum all over them.

She very slowly got up off of Kaylyn's face, we watched out sister lick her lips, gathering up all of mom's sweetness. Our mom stayed on her knee's right by Kaylyn's head. I got off the bed and just stood there watching my brothers in their incestuous pleasure with our sister. Pat was now fucking our sisters' tits with wild, hard, quick thrusts as Dan dug his tongue deep into her sweet pussy.

I listened to him slurping up her sweet juice as she writhed around, moaning with lust. "Oh yes Pat! Fuck my tits! Oh god I love getting my tits fucked! Do you like having your cock between my tits?"" Pat grunted back at our sister, "Fuck yes Kaylyn!

I'm gonna fuck your tits every day!" Our mom now jumped in, "Oh really? So you boys think you are going to get to fuck your sisters' tits every day and not fuck mine too? Oh no, I don't think so. You boys are going to have to really show us you love fucking your mom and sister, and then maybe you can fuck us any time you want." I spoke up now, "Mom, we are going to fuck you and Kaylyn so good, you won't ever want any other cock! We're gonna make you two suck our cocks, swallow our cum and be our fuck toys every day!" Pat hammered Kaylyn's tits with his prick, and then he let out a loud groan, "Oh fuck!" He grabbed his prick and jumped up in front of our mom.

"Take this mom! Here's some more cum for you!" Pat stroked his cock once and let fly a huge wad of cum splattering all over our moms tits. Kaylyn yelled out, "Do it Pat! Cum all over mom's tits! Look at all of that cum mom! Look at how much I made my brother cum!" Pat grunted, as he sent several more spurts of cum landing on our moms' big tits.

Our mom held her tits up, watching the cum spurt out of her own son's cock. "That's it Pat, keep cumming, keep cumming all over my tits." When he had finished, our mom's tits were really coated with cum and Dan still had to have his turn.

Our mom looked up at Pat, "You were such a good son, cumming all over my tits. Now why don't you have your sister suck your cock dry." Pat knelt down and shoved his prick into Kaylyn's mouth. "Come on Kaylyn, be a good sister and suck my fucking cock!" I watched as Kaylyn worked Pat's cock over with her tongue and lips. Dan now got up and mounted our sisters' tits and began his incestuous fuck of her glorious mounds. Pat pulled his cock out of her mouth and got brother and sexy sister forced the bed standing next to me.

Kaylyn looked at Dan, "Come on Dan, fuck'm! Fuck my tits! Oh god you are such a good brother, fucking my tits with your nice big cock!

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Hey! Nobody made me cum!" I looked at Pat and then at my twin sister. "So you want to get off Kaylyn?" "Oh pussy is so wet. I'm so close to cumming.please make me cum." I grinned at her and ran around the other side of the bed. I grabbed mom's vibe and moved back over to the bed. "Ok Kaylyn, I wanna here you moan!

I'm gonna fuck you with mom's vibe." I turned it on and slid it into her pussy. She let out a loud squeal. I worked the vibe in and out of my sisters wet pussy at different angles and as fast as I could. We all watched her write around, moaning and squealing. Dan fucked her tits faster why looking at our mom's cum covered tits. "Oh fuck your tits are so great to fuck! Mom, I'm gonna cum all over your tits.oh fuck.I can feel my cum.I can't hold it.much longer!" As my brother leapt up with his cock in his hand, prepared to blow his huge cum load over our mom's tits, I made our sister cum!

She arched her back, her huge 36D tits, bounced around; she let out such a loud scream of pleasure. At that moment Dan blew his wad of cum all over our mom's tits. Now the room filled with the grunts from our brother jacking off onto mom's tits and our sister screaming with her orgasm I was giving with the vibe. I pulled the vibe out of my sister's pussy; she grabbed it, got up on her knees facing our mom and offered it to her.

Our mom, holding her cum covered tits, opened her mouth and let Kaylyn slide the vibe into her mouth. Our mom moaned cheat with step mom brazzers she cleaned off the vibe with her tongue.

"Mmm, you sister tastes so sweet. I might have to fuck her myself with my vibe so I can really taste her." Our mom said to us. Now the three of us were standing next to the bed, we looked at our mom's tits in awe.

We never had seen that much in a porn movie. We were very proud of ourselves for cumming that much, especially since it was for our mom. Our mom looked at her tits and then looked at Kaylyn. "Look at how much you made your brothers cum. There may be too much cum here for me. Would you like some? Would you like some of your brothers sticky cum?" "Yes mom. I really love how much I made my brothers cum." Then my brothers and I now got to watch the hottest, incestuous thing we could ever imagine.

We watched Kaylyn move right up in front of our mom. Kaylyn held her tits out and our mom then began to rub her cum covered tits all over our sisters' tits! My brothers and I watched as our mom and sister rubbed their big tits together, sharing our cum. This night was going even better lonely years old granny pleases a stranger what our dirty incestuous fantasies could ever have come up with. After what seemed like in an eternity in incestuous, lustful time our mom pulled away from Kaylyn.

Both of their tits now had our cum on them. We watched our mom play with our sister's erect nipples for a few moments; Kaylyn bit her lip moaning softly. Then, much to our lustful delight, our mom grabbed Kaylyn's tits, sticking her tongue out she gave them a long, slow lick, licking up gobs of our cum and then swallowing it!

That sight alone made all of our cock's incredible stiff.


Dan yelled out, "That's it mom! Lick Kaylyn's tits!" Pat added, "Swallow our cum!" We watched as our mom slowly licked her way across our sisters tits, slowly cleaning our cum off of them.

Kaylyn moaned and hissed with incestuous delight as our mom pleasured her own daughter. We have no idea how long our mom made us suffer with such incestuous delight, all I knew was that after awhile, Pat, Dan and I had our cocks in our hands and we were jacking off to this sight.

Kaylyn opened her eyes and watched us. "Ooh mom…look at what you are doing to your sons. They…they are all jacking off to us." Our mom glanced at us, "You boys like watching me licking your sisters tits, you like watching me swallow your cum?" I hissed out, "Yes mom!

Don't stop!" We were so horny, we had to cum again! Dan jumped up on the bed, his cock in his hand. "I gotta cum!

Mom! Kaylyn! I'm gonna cum!" Our sister tilted her head back and opened her mouth; Dan emptied his prick right into her waiting mouth as our mom kept sucking on her tits! Pat and I jumped on the bed next and with a couple of strokes on our pricks, we blew our cum loads into our sisters mouth. It was so awesome! Kaylyn just kept her mouth open and her tongue out letting her own brothers send spurt after spurt into her mouth and down her throat!

We got down off of the bed as we watched our sister saucy blonde pleasures a big rod orally our loads. Our mom had finished licking the cum off of her tits.

Kaylyn then grabbed our mom's tits. She fondled them, getting cum all over her fingers. Then she placed her face between our mom's tits, rubbing her face around between her tit's getting cum all across her face. As she did this we watched her wildly lick cum off of our mom's tits.

Then she sucked on our mom's nipples while squeezing her tits. Our mom let out loud moans as now our sister pleasured our mom! Kaylyn pulled her head out from our mom's tits and looked at us, cum was all over her cheeks, nose, forehead and chin. "I love your cum all over my face! I love how hot and sticky it feels! I can't believe how great my own brothers cum tastes and feels!" Our mom looked at Kaylyn, "I know!

If I had known how good they tasted…I would have been sucking them off long ago!" We watched our mom and sister continue their incestuous actions. Kaylyn continued to lick our cum off of our mother's large tits. Our mom moaned with every swipe of our sisters' tongue on her tits.

She looked at us; saw the three of us becoming hard again. "You boys like watching your sister pleasure me?" I spoke up, "I love it mom! You know mom, we are going to fuck the shit out of the two of you." Kaylyn hearing this began to suck on our mom's tits.

Our mom bent her back, groaning, "Oooh…good…start with your sister…she needs to get fucked really good!" At that point our mom pulled Kaylyn's head up off of her tits and licked our cum off of her face.

Then our mom spread her legs and leaned back. Our sister went right down on our mom, beginning to eat out her pussy. Our mom began to moan louder as she ran her hands through our sisters' hair. She looked at me; her eyes were glazed over with incestuous delight. "Come over here and fuck your sister! I know you boys want to fuck us both.

I want to watch you fuck your sister. Fuck my daughter good!" I leapt up onto the bed and positioned myself behind my twin sister. She was down on all fours; her ass and pussy were right at the right height. I grabbed my throbbing cock and guided it to Kaylyn's pussy. I pushed my prick head into her wet, hot, tight pussy. Wow! It was better than any other pussy I had fucked.

My sister's pussy felt incredible around my cock. I let out a loud groan of pure dirty, incestuous pleasure as I buried my prick deeper into my sisters' pussy. She let out a loud moan of her own as I drove my cock deep into her. Pat and Dan moved closer to the bed, "Do it! Fuck her! Fuck Kaylyn!" Dan yelled out. "How is her fucking pussy?" Pat added.

As I slid my cock out of her pussy and pushed it back in, I turned to my brothers. "Oh fuck her pussy is great! You guys won't want to take your cocks out of her fucking tight, hot, wet pussy! I'm gonna fuck her every day!" I grabbed her ass cheeks and began to slowly fuck her, thrusting my cock into her hot pussy, harder and faster. Kaylyn moaned and began to fuck me back as well.

"Come on and fuck her harder!" My mom suddenly said. "Fuck her hard! She is your sister so fuck her like you have never fucked anyone else! Give it to your sister! Fuck her pussy and cum in it so your brothers can take their turns with Kaylyn." I held her ass tight and began to really pound my cock into my sisters' pussy.

Pat and Dan then became an incestuous cheering section. "Come on! Fuck her! Fuck her harder! Fuck Kaylyn! Fuck our sister, give it to her, give it to her harder!" I finally let go of all of my inhibitions and allowed my darkest, dirtiest, most lustful incestuous desires to take over and fucked my sister like there was no tomorrow.

Kaylyn raised her head up from our mom's pussy, moaning and screaming out with pleasure. "Oh god yes! Fuck me! Oh…mom…oh god…it feels so good…don't stop…fuck me…cum in me…I want you to…to cum inside of me…mom…my…my brother is going to make me cum!" She let out a loud squeal and I felt her pussy lock down on my prick.

A wash of her sweet, hot pussy juice coated my throbbing prick as she was over come with her orgasm. She bucked her hips and wildly fucked me back as pounded my cock into her. I was so horny, I felt my cum load building up in me. "Oh fuck…I'm gonna cum!" Pat and Dan yelled out, "Do it!

Cum inside of Kaylyn!" Our mom added, "That's it; show your sister how much you love her pussy! Fill it with your cum!" I pounded my cock into her as I did my cock exploded with cum. I pumped numerous spurts of cum deep into my sisters' pussy.

She yelled out, "Mom! I can feel his cum! Oh don't stop! Keep cumming in me!" When I had finished pumping my load into my sister I pulled out of her, my cock dripping with her pussy juice and a few annasophia robb cum tribute no 3 tube porn of cum.

My mom motioned me to let her suck my cock dry. Pat jumped up behind Kaylyn next. Kaylyn looked over her shoulder at Pat. "Fuck me up my ass! Then cum in my pussy!" Pat got this very gleeful look on his eyes as he drove his cock between her great ass cheeks and into her tight asshole. "Oh yeah! Kaylyn, you little slut! I'm gonna fuck you until you beg me to cum!" Pat lustfully said to our sister. Now our mom was sucking on my cock, Dan was kneeling next to our sister as Pat hammered her ass.

Kaylyn was moaning and squealing with pleasure as her ass was being worked over by her brother's prick. After our mom had sucked my cock dry she asked me to get her off by finger fucking her.

She wanted both of us to be able to watch Kaylyn getting fucked by Pat and Dan. I happily sat beside our hot mom, fingering her wet pussy as I watched my twin sister getting fucked by our brother. I did start thinking in the back of my mind how good it was going to be to fuck our mom next. Pat did not last too luck fucking our sister. I understood that, Kaylyn was so incredibly hot, like our mom, and something about fucking our own sister made is much dirtier and made us cum even sooner.

"Oh yes Kaylyn…your ass is going to make me cum!" Kaylyn looked over her shoulder at Pat, glazed over with her own pleasurable lust "Oooh yes…Pat…do it…shove that cock into my pussy…and…" At that moment he yanked his cock out of her ass and fumbled around to push it into her pussy. Pat let out a loud 'oh shit' as he experienced the incredible feeling of our sisters pussy around his prick. With just a couple of thrusts of his cock into Kaylyn, he yelled out 'oh fuck yes!' At that point we all knew he was filling our sister with his cum load.

He pounded his cock into our sisters wet pussy, with each thrust he sent a spurt of his cum into her, adding to the cum load I left. Pat's eyes were filled with lust as he kept cumming inside of our sister.

Finally he had emptied his cock into Kaylyn; he slowly pulled his prick out of her and stood up. His cock was a bit wetter than mine was and he had some cum all along his shaft. Our mom licked her lips, "Come over here Pat and let me clean off your cock." Pat moved over to our mom, "Open wide mom and suck my cock clean!" Our mom devoured his prick, licking it clean. Now Dan moved into action on our sister. "Kaylyn, roll over!" Kaylyn did what our brother said.

Dan positioned himself between our sisters' legs. He moved his pre cum drooling prick closer to her wet pussy. I yelled out at him as I continued to finger our mom's pussy, "Yeah fuck her! Fuck our sister good Dan! Make those big fucking tits of hers bounce around!" Dan buried his prick into our sister. "Oh shit! Fuck your pussy is so fucking hot and tight Kaylyn! Yes! I'm gonna fuck you every damn day Big ass brazilian maid undressed and fucked Dan said to our sister as he began to thrust his cock in and out of our sister.

Watching our brother fuck the shit out of our sister was a great sight and watching her big tits bounce around as Dan fucked her made myself and Pat go hard again. My fingering of our mom's pussy finally paid off and she began to moan and writhe around as I made her cum all over my fingers.

After my mom had cum all over fingers I offered them to our sister and she ran her tongue all over my fingers licking up our mom's sweetness. Dan was now pounding the hell out of our sister, making Kaylyn moan. Kaylyn kept rising up her head watching her brother's cock pounding in and out of her pussy. "Fuck me! Fuck me Dan! Oh yes, that's it fuck me hard! Harder, harder, fuck the shit out of me Dan! Show me how horny of a brother you are and fuck me good!" Now our mom joined in, "That's it Dan, fuck your sister!

Fuck her good! Make me proud and fuck Kaylyn real good and I will let you fuck me too!" We watched for what seemed like hours as our brother fucked our sister. Faster and faster he rammed big natural tits amateur hd pretty tied up cock into her, his balls slapped harder and harder against her taint.

My cock was now drooling pre cum as I watched sexy fucking of a taut anal hole sister getting fucked by our brother. I couldn't take it any more; my cock was aching to cum again.

I leapt up, moved between our mom's pussy and rammed my cock into her. Now I began to fuck our mom hard and fast, I fucked her with every bit of uncontrollable incestuous lust I had inside of me.

Pat was stroking his cock, watching his sister getting fucked by his youngest brother and now watching his other brother fucking our mom. Mom's large tits were bouncing around with every thrust of my prick into her. Now we had our mom and our sister both moaning like sluts as my brother and I fucked them. Dan kept glancing over at me fucking our mom and as he watched he fucked our sister harder.

"Fuck mom! Fuck old young sex play able story good! Is her pussy as good as our sisters?" Dan hissed at me as he continued to pound Kaylyn.

I grunted back, "Fuck yes!" I looked at our mom, her eyes rolled back in her head, "Oh yes.Kaylyn.your brother feels so good inside of me! I want you boys to fuck me every day!" Pat spoke up, "You don't have to tell us that mom! We would have fucked you frail asian hottie boned with a dildo Dan grabbed our sisters' big tits as he jack hammered his cock into her pussy.

"Fuck! Fuck here I cum Kaylyn! I'm gonna fuck'n cum in your tight pussy!" Then he let out a loud, guttural groan and kept saying, 'oh yeah' 'take it Kaylyn!' 'take my cum!" I looked down at our mom's tits as I fucked her, "Dan is cumming in our sister!

Then he is going to cum in your fucking tight pussy!" I looked over quickly at Dan as he pulled his prick out of our sister. Kaylyn got up and quickly straddled our mom's face! She pulled her pussy lips apart and some of our cum dripped out! "Here mom! Here is some of my brothers cum!" We watched Kaylyn plant her pussy onto our moms face and the best part was she was facing me.

Our mom dug her tongue into our sister, licking our cum out of her pussy! Kaylyn faced me and fondled our mom's tits. She looked at me with such lust in her eyes, "That's it, fuck our mom!

Fuck her good! Give her a nice cum load and I will give you a blow job every morning!" That was some great added encouragement! The thought of my sister sucking my cock every morning was a delightful, incestuous thought. I pounded my cock into my mom as hard and fast as I could, the only thing on my mind was cumming in her tight pussy.

Dan and Pat knelt beside us, stroking their pricks into hard erections. Kaylyn got up off our mom's face and knelt down by her head, she laid our mom's head in her lap. "There you go mom, now you can get a great look at your son's fucking you!" Kaylyn said to our mom as caressed her tits. Now we all could enjoy the sight of mom's tit's bouncing around with each slamming of my prick into her pussy. My brothers stroked their cocks faster watching me fucking our mom, "Yeah! That's it!

Fuck mom! Fuck her good! Look at her fucking huge tits bouncing around! Fuck her! How is her pussy?" I was focused on our mom's tits bouncing around, "Fucking tight…like our sisters!" Within another minute I felt my cock swelling up with one last huge cum load.

"Fuck…mom…I'm gonna fucking cum!" Kaylyn spoke up, "Here it comes mom. Get ready for you first cum load from your son's." My cock exploded inside of my moms' pussy. I nearly blacked out from the intense pleasure of cumming inside of her. "Oooh…that's it! Cum inside of me…fill my pussy with your cum!" My mom moaned to me. As soon as I had finished cumming inside of our mom, I pulled out so my brothers could take their turn with our mom.

Pat got off the bed and nearly pulled mom with him, "Put you hands on the bed and bend over mom!" Our mom did what he said, standing, facing the bed she bent over and placed her hands on the bed. Pat entered her pussy from behind and began to fuck her with all of his incestuous lust. Dan now knelt down in front of our mom's bouncing head, now fully jacking off in front of our mom. "Come on Pat. Fuck her! Fuck her faster and cum so I can cum next! Aw mom, I wanna fuck you so bad!" Our mom kept her head looking down, her long blonde hair swayed back and forth with the motion of Pat's pussy pounding attack.

I sat next to Kaylyn both of us were enjoying watching our mom getting fucked hard by our brother. Our mom just kept moaning louder and louder, speaking under her breath for Pat to fuck her harder and not to stop. Dan grabbed a fist full of our mom's long blonde hair and pulled her head up facing his erect cock. "Do you like getting fucked by us?" Our mom moaned yes.

"I would black girl sucking their first big white cock 46 tube porn to cum in your face right now but I want to save it for your pussy." Dan let go of his cock but he did place it in front of our mom. She tried to suck on it but Pat was fucking her so hard she could barely keep it in her mouth. Then Pat began to moan louder and louder, "Oh yeah…oh yeah…I'm cumming…I'm cumming mom!" Our mom looked over her shoulder at Pat, "That's it honey, cum in my pussy!

Give me all of your hot cum!" Kaylyn and I watched as our brother thrust his cock into our mom's pussy, releasing his cum. We could tell by his grunts every time he sent his cum spurting into our mom's pussy. When he was done, it was now our youngest brothers turn. Dan jumped off of the bed, grabbing our mom by the waist he spun her around and laid her back on the bed. He positioned himself between her legs and drove his cock into her wet, cum filled pussy.

"Fuck! Mom's pussy is so tight and sticky. I'm gonna love cumming in your pussy too mom." Now all three of us watched our mom getting fucked one last time by our 'baby' brother. He fucked her hard and fast.

I knew that with all of his cock stroking he was not going to last much more than a couple of minutes before he blew his load in her pussy. Dan watched our mom squirming around, her tits bouncing around. "Hey! Someone suck her tits! Suck moms' tits! I want her to cum when I do!" All three of us went for our mom's big tits. Kaylyn and I began to suck on her right tit, licking on her nipple; Pat had her left tit all to himself, sucking and licking it. This sent our mom over the edge of incestuous delight, she now screamed out with her pleasure.

Dan fucked her faster and harder as the three of us continued to suck on her tits. Our mom yelled out, "Oh baby! Don't stop…I'm going to cum! Nobody stop…oh yes…make me cum!' Our mom arched her back as her orgasm built and then released. That was the trigger our brother needed. As our mom's pussy spasm from her orgasm, it made our brother cum as well.

He just let out a loud yell as he tilted his bed back. We could see his cock turn bright red and swell up. Kaylyn said, "Dan's cumming! He's cumming in mom right now!" Dan pumped several large spurts of his cum into our mom.

Both of them moaned are writhed around as they lost themselves in their incestuous orgasms. We let Dan collapse onto our mom to recover from his ejaculation. He finally pulled his limp cock out of our mom's pussy. The three of us were spent, we needed a long rest. Neither Pat, Dan or I had planed on do so much fucking, we never thought we would get our sister involved.

Our mom and Kaylyn both knew the three of us needed a break. Our mom sat up and looked our sister. "Well, I think the boys need a rest." "I know mom. Big tits blonde teen bathroom and playfellows comrades sister these slutty teenager gals think we drained all the cum out of them for now." "Yes, I think you are right Kaylyn." We all walked to our mom's doorway; we all needed sleep.

We over heard our mom talking to Kaylyn as we made our way to our bedroom's. "Kaylyn, I am pretty jealous of you right now." "Why mom?" "Because I have to go to work tomorrow which will leave you alone with your brothers, they are going to fuck you all day." "I know mom. Just imagine how much cock I am going to get to suck as well." "Well, go easy on your brothers and do me a favor. Save some of their cum for me."