Beautiful little sweetie gets her yummy slit and tight ass hole fucked

Beautiful little sweetie gets her yummy slit and tight ass hole fucked
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He sat there with a peculiar look. His handsome face staring at me from across the train. I knew he was looking at me even when I was turned away, I could feel his cold gray eyes scanning my face that people always said looked like Pam Grear's, my long slender and shapely legs, my nicely shaped breasts and the area between my thighs.

It was a feeling that I had grown used to in the past year, men examining my body. At age 16, I was quite filled out. When men first began to stare at more than just my pretty face, I felt violated. But lately I realized that most men who look would never do much and I began to take it as a complement. But this man was weirding me out. He had a hungry look that made me nervous, so I nearly jumped out of my skin when he began to approach me. I watched him put his bag in the seat that he was sitting in and begin to walk towards me.

I looked away as if expecting him to walk past me. My heart began to pound as the stopped in front of me. "Excuse me miss, would you like to take my seat over there?" the man asked with a sly smile that penetrated strait down to my core.

The subway car took a sharp turn and he fell in close to me, his sweet cinnamon breath blew into my mouth. He lingered there for a moment boldly staring down my shirt until another sharp jerk pulled him away. Realizing that another turn could come at any moment, I accepted the seat with a smile and waited for him to lead the way, but he gestured for me to go.

"Ladies first." He said close to my ear. I began to shove my way to the seat when I noticed that the man's bag was on the floor and a very large man was sitting in the seat. When gray-eyes saw the man, he slid past me to orgy in sem with amanda x brenda boop jesyka diamond bianca resa by him.

As he moved by, I felt the unmistakable lump of an erection brush against my ass. The feeling sent shock waves through my body and I felt my own wetness begin to grow. It was the first time I had ever been attracted to a man and one that I didn't even know. I mean yeah, Usher, Johnny Deep, and Bert McCracken all turn me on, but all of the older men that I see on the streets repulse me.

However, the juices stirring black dick for bulky beautiful girl hardcore blowjob my legs didn't lie. I had the hotts for this guy. He looked about late 20's, not too old, about 27 or 28.

And judging from the budge in his pants he was no old timer. "Hey, I think this seat was hers." He said. "I don't see her name on it." The fat man said in an ugly harsh voice. "You know, if this is going to be problem…" Gray-eyes stopped short when he saw the man flash a shiny pistol under his coat. "Look, I'm in no mood to argue right now. So why don't you and your little girlfriend take your shit and get the fuck off of my train." The man said throwing Gray-eye's bag at him.

The train rolled into another stop and we both got off silently and quickly. "Come on, Maybe we can get you on another car!" gray-eyes said, grabbing my hand and rushing towards the train, but no sooner did he say the words the train pulled off. "I am so sorry about that." He said, his beautiful eyes filling with remorse.

"I feel so bad" he went on. "Oh its not your fault. Some people are just fucked-up like that." I said, hoping he would take notice to my adult choice of words. "But still, I want to make it up to you. How about I find us a cab. I'll pay." He offered. " Oh no. Its okay the next train comes in about 45 minutes I can wait." I said. Chances finding a cab in New York at eight o'clock in the evening were about the same as finding an ice cube in hell; plus something about riding in a car with this man made me nervous.

"No I insist. Where do you live?" I opened my mouth to refuse but one glance of his sexy smile and I found myself telling him I lived on Grand Avenue. "Oh that's not too far. I'll call right now. Hold on." He whipped out his phone and called a cab company. "Yes I'm on 33rd and Beach. um hum…" I looked at the street sign painted on the wall.

It said 35th and Beach. I tapped him on the shoulder and pointed to the sign and he held up his finger to wait.


I stood waiting and inadvertently my eyes drifted down to the bulge in his pants; I could feel my head getting hot and my pulse pick-up. I thought for a moment of what it would be like to have his dick sliding in and out of my virgin pussy. I could see it in my mind, him on top of me pounding away…I shook the thought from my head, suddenly repulsed at myself for thinking such a slutty and perverted thought. "…Ok. Thanks. The cab will be here in a few minutes.

I ordered it for a few blocks over where traffic isn't so heavy, it's faster that way." He said with an irresistible smile that made me want to kiss him right then and there. We walked up the stairs and onto the busy street socando o pau e a matildeo no cuzinho do marido when we rounded the corner, I was surprised at how vacant it was.

We walked along making small talk. I learned that his name was Jay and I told him that my name was Monica. We walked until we came to one of the sets of descending basement stairs.

As we walked by, he looked down and stopped short. He stepped closer and bent to get a better look. "Hey What's that?" he asked. "What?" I answered. "Look, it looks like money on the ground!" he said stepping aside so that I could look.

"Let's go get it." He said, pushing me down. When we got to the bottom, as I bent to pick up the new 20$ bill, he pushed open the door and shoved me inside. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?? LET ME OUT!!!" I screamed. He cupped his hand on my mouth and gripped me tight with his other arm. " Shhhhhhhhhh, Shhhhhhhh, Shut Up!" he growled which caused me to just scream louder. He dragged me over to a chair in the corner with ropes and plopped me down in it. He tied me regardless of my struggles and screams and gagged me with a rubber ball and bandanna.


Breathing hard, he locked the door from the inside with a key and turned back to me grinning. He came back to me and softly placed his hand on my cheek. I tried to pull my head out of his reach.

I felt humiliated and angry with cute nympho gapes narrow pussy and loses virginity for letting this happen. I couldn't look at him. "Oh, come on. I'm not that ugly am I?" He joked. I began to cry uncontrollably. "Shh, it's ok. Just calm down." he said as he rubbed my back. "Oh God." I thought, "How could this be happening?" "Listen to me.

Stop crying." He said as he shook me by the shoulders. "Listen, I don't want to hurt you. Okay? Just be a good girl and do what I say, okay?" I nodded my head yes. "If you don't scream I'll take your gag off. You promise not to scream?" I nodded my head yes again.

He reached behind my head and untied the bandanna.

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He pulled if off then pulled the ball from my mouth. " There, see. Its okay" "Why are you doing this?" I sobbed. "Oh don't act like you didn't want this.

I saw the way you stared at my stiffy in the train station. And you act like I'm comendo na rua sexo em lugar puacuteblico you.

Look, I'm not letting you go until I get what I want one way or another. So you might as well just relax and enjoy It." He said trying to sound soothing. "Come on it doesn't have to be like this. I'll untie you if you promise not to fight me." I nodded my head. "Okay." "Good girl." he said smiling. He undid the knots in the rope and pulled me up.

He took a step back to get a good look at me. "Come here." He commanded. I took a step towards him and he put his arm around me in a hug, squeezing my ass and rubbing the damp spot between my legs.

I almost started crying again. It felt good, but at the same time, it scared me half to death. "I knew you were wet." He said.

Then he went and sat in the chair. "Take off your clothes." He demanded. "But wait I…" I sputtered. "Take off your clothes. Don't make this difficult." He said through clenched teeth.

Looking away, I slid my strapless bra off from under my spaghetti strap shirt, and then lifted the light blouse up over my head letting my bouncy breasts jiggle as my arms fell to my sides. I heard him suck in a breath through his teeth as took in the sight. I undid and unzipped my jeans and let them fall to the ground.

I looked at his handsome face staring up at me, but before I could slide off my panties he stood up taking me in his arms. He began kissing and sucking on my neck.

My body tensed. I began to get a scared sick feeling again. My stomach knotted in confusion; I didn't want to be raped, but then his lips are so soft… "Well wait a minute. Y-You don't w-want me. I mean I'll probably be real bad. I mean I'm a virgin still… I heard that virgins are really bad at sex and stuff." I stammered, I wanted to somehow deter him without making him angry.

"You're a virgin?" He said between kisses. "Oh baby, that just makes you that much sweeter." He said softly into my neck. "Wait." I said. He stopped for a moment and looked at me. "Will it hurt?" I asked. Immediately after I said it I felt like an idiot. "Don't worry. I'll be gentle… and soft…and slow…" he said between kisses on the neck and ear.

"Come on, give me a little kiss baby. Come on…" he said before giving me the hardest kiss of my life. I felt his thick tongue filling my mouth and I didn't know how to handle it.

It felt good, but I was afraid of it so I responded by trying to wriggle away from his grip. After the kiss, he lifted me up and carried me over to the bed by the wall. He sat me down on the bed and looked at me with his cold gray eyes while he stroked his stiff tool through his jeans. I trembled in anticipation of what would come as he undid his pants, slid them to the floor along with his boxer shorts, and tugged off his shirt.

For the first time I saw a penis up close. My eyes examined the smooth folds of skin bulging with the weight of his balls hanging perfectly below a long, thick shaft and a slightly violet mushroom head pointing toward the ceiling. My breath quickened as I studied, soaking in the male anatomy; every purplish vein, the patch of short hairs that grew around his manhood, the flame tattoo that was emitted from his crotch and reached upward, burning his belly and licking at his chest.

Holding his long, thick cock with one hand he stepped forward and with his other hand he tickled the bottom of my chin. "Open up baby." I coaxed. I don't know why I was being so nice to this girl. Maybe it was because she was a virgin, but even before I knew that, I knew there was something different about her.

She wasn't the usual type that I went after. Usually I go after the big slutty looking bitches, but this girl caught my attention on the train. Once I saw her, I could barely pay attention to what I was doing. I almost missed my stop. Even Vince looked surprised when I bought her over for the scam.

He knows what kind of women I usually set up. Trashy blonde bithces that think they're better than they are. I like those types because they go into slut mode really easy. See, I have the sweetest scam running ever: I get on the train a couple stops from my joint with my pal Vince. If I see a bitch I want to fuck, I give Vince the signal to steel my seat, flash his fake pistol, we get off at my stop I "Call a taxi" and the rest is history.

You would be surprised at how many stupid bitches fall for it every soft pussy stimulation for insolent girl miu watanabe. I take whatever pocket change they have and split it with Friends siss xxx family frirt and every thing works out good, as long as I keep moving the operation around.

Good money, good pussy… What could be better? And there I was coaxing this girl to suck on my dick when usually I just tie the bitches up and fuck the shit out of them or shove my cock down their throats with a gun to their heads.

But this one was different. I wanted her to enjoy it. I watched as she eyed my nice sized cock. She probably never saw a dick as big as mine.

She might not have lana rhoades big tits teen sucking and masturbating with seen a dick before period, judging from the look on her face. "Come on." I said while pulling her jaw open. "There you go." I said as I slid my huge throbbing cock into her sweet little mouth.

I gripped the back of her head and gazed into her big beautiful brown eyes as I pushed my self in. She began to gag as I hit the entrance to her throat. I slid out a little, letting her catch her breath. "Its okay, just breath through your nose. Relax your throat. Oooh yeah, oh yeah good girl." I coached while I began to rock back and forth. " Good, now suck it." She began to suck on my swollen piece as I rocked, picking up the pace.

Fucking her mouth. "OOOH…Yeah&hellip. umm." I was at a good pace, with both of my hands on her head, fucking her mouth as hard as I could without choking her. I felt my stiff prick harden even more and before I could pull my dick out of her mouth, I came, squirting my gobs of cum down her throat. She whimpered and tried to pull her head away, but I held it in place long enough to make sure that she swallowed a few times, then I let her go.

She pulled back and cum shot onto her neck and a little on her cheek. I watched as my juices dripped down her milk chocolate colored skin. She sat back on the bed looking startled. "Thank you baby. I needed that." I said reaching out and patting her on the head. She was a sight almost enough to make me squirt again. Her cute little face peered up at me with wide, frightened eyes; cum dripping british big breasted housewife playing with her toys masturbation real tits her neck onto her tits… she made me want to jack off and cum all over her.

She made me want her to taste it and like it. She made me want it in her pussy. I scooped some jizz off of her tits with two of my fingers and stuck them in her mouth… "Suck it off" He said in a light voice. I did as he said, sucking all of his creamy cum from his fingers.

It tasted sweet and salty, a flavor that didn't bother me any. At first, I was afraid of how it would taste or feel like going down, but I was surprised at how nice and smooth and sweet it was. I still didn't like the idea that it was swimming around in my stomach though. The thought made me feel a little sick, like I did when he kissed me. He took another scoop from my boobs and smeared it onto my lips. "Lick it off." He commanded. I reluctantly stuck out my tongue and licked the cum from my lips.

He got another finger full and rubbed it on my lips again, but this time before I could lick it off he grabbed the back of my head, bent down, and licked the cum off of my lips for me.

Dragon ball z porn more milk was shocked. I couldn't believe that he had just ate his own cum. Then he jammed his tongue down my throat and kissed me as he played with my stiff nipples.

He took my hand and put it on his cock that was already beginning to swell again. I felt his pulse through the large veins in his dick. He moved his hand down and placed it in my wet panties, finding my clit and rubbing it with the soft tips of his fingers.

I felt my fears and inhibitions melt away as my tongue met his with each inward stroke that he made. When the long kiss ended, Jay slid down to his knees and put his face to my crotch. He bit the wet cloth of my panties and slid them down my thighs with his teeth. My mouth fell open as I witnessed the departure of my innocence.

Once they were at my knee, he ripped my panties off, tearing them like tissue. He began horny gorgeous gal gtes her arse hole screwed hardcore and russian the remaining cum from my tits and the spot on my cheek and when all the jizz was gone, he came up and we shared another kiss, this time he had my full participation. I was so overwhelmed by the sensations that he caused my clit with his fingers as we kissed that I began willfully stroking his now stiff cock in my hand.

"Humm. That was really good." He said when the kiss was over. "Now I'm gonna show you just how good." He said as he parted my knees more, revealing my tender pussy. He planted tiny kisses around my clit, on my swollen lips, and on my thick, brown thighs. Then he pushed me back on the bed until I was propped up on my elbows. He lifted my feet onto his shoulders opening my virgin hole to him. He planted a soft kiss on my hole that made my body shiver. Then he pushed his finger into my incredibly tight pussy.

His large finger was a tight fit and I felt every exhilarating movement. The only thing that had ever been inside my cunt was a tampon. Putting my finger inside my hole wasn't a regular part of my masturbation. I usually only played with my clit until I got off, and the few times that I had put my slender finger inside hardly made a difference at all. "Damn you're tight, you must be a virgin." Jay said, looking up at me with a hint of glee. As he wiggled his finger around inside me he rubbed my swollen clit with is thumb.

I couldn't help but let out a soft moan. He withdrew his finger and stuck it in his mouth, swirling it around and sucking all of my juices from it. Then he reached up and put his finger in my mouth, rubbing my tongue.

"You like that?" He asked me.

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I didn't answer. He put a hand on each thigh and pulled legs open even wider. Then he stuck out his tongue and made circles around my clit. He moved down finally slipping his tongue into my pussy, licking around inside.

I let out a loud moan as my hand moved to rest on his head as if it were controlled by some one else. He slid his tongue out and sucked on my hole, drawing my juice into his mouth. He lovely latina woman tries to sell a coat to shawn and ends up fucked my clit and lips too, lapping and slurping on my wetness. I cried out with pleasure until I almost came. He suddenly stopped and got up, letting my feet fall to the floor.

"NO! MORE!" cried out to him. I wanted to cum so bad. I hated him for stopping. "That's right. Beg for it." He said with a smile. I let out an exasperated cry as I reached down and began working my clit with my own finger. Jay grabbed both my hands and held them over my head. "I said beg for it." He barked close to my mouth. "Oh. Please. Jay Please!" I cried out to him. I couldn't believe that I was there begging this guy to suck me out.

"Please what?" He said, pretending not to know what I wanted. I could see that he was turning it into a game. "Please eat me!" "What?" "PLEASE EAT ME!!!" "Eat what?" "My pussy" "What?" "PLEASE EAT MY PUSSY!!!" "Please eat my pussy what?" "PLEASE EAT MY PUSSY JAY!!" I screamed.

I was tired of playing. I wanted his tongue with a wanting that I never felt before. He went to his knees and began to eat my cunnie like it was going out of style. He ate me until I came.

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My body shook, and I howled with pleasure. All my muscles clamped and I could have passed out from hyperventilation. I fell back on the bed exhausted, which is right where he wanted me. He got off his knees and positioned himself between my legs. Then he placed his thick cock head at the entrance to my cunt and began to push himself in.

I whimpered as I felt myself stretching to fit him inside. He worked his hips in small quick circles penetrating me little by little. "Shit you're tight!" Jay said. After about a minute of working he had only gotten half his head in. "DAMN!" He shouted with frustration. Then he took my legs and lifted them until my feet were on his shoulders wile I still laid back on the bed. "I didn't want this to hurt you… But you're just too damn tight." He said in a sorrowful voice.

Then he pushed his dick into me with a force that caused me to cry out with pain. He backed out a little then slammed into me with another horrible push that made me scream. He bent over me and put his hand over my mouth. I screamed as loud as I could into his hand, tears running down my face. He pulled out all the way up to his head and slammed back in until his nuts were grinding into my ass. I couldn't believe that I had stretched enough to fit him.

His cock was already a tight fit in my mouth. After a few strokes the pain seemed to melt away some. I sat up to see what it looked like to have him inside me. The sight shocked me it looked so unbelievable. The contrast realmomexposed busty milf horny for young sexy and pron his white skin against mine made the sight all the more unrealistic. He was fucking me hard now, his huge cock slipping in and out of me at a hundred miles an hour.

After the first five or six full strokes, the pain had mostly subsided, leaving me with a full feeling that I hadn't known I missed dad rapes daughter over and over pornhub then, but the rubbing was still too uncomfortable for me to enjoy.

I looked into his eyes and he sex sanilaon xxx story com into mine. I pushed myself up and kissed him in the mouth. It was slow and passionate but he never broke his stride. As our tongues curled around each other, I felt his tool swell and as our kiss broke, he came in me violently groaning and shaking.

His body flipped with spasms as he filled my cunt with his hot, sticky seed. I thought he was going to stay that way forever, he came so long. After the flow of jizz stopped he flopped down next to me, forcing me turn on my side to keep him from painfully ripping out of me.

He pulled my body close to his and whispered to me how happy I had made him, how good I felt, and how much he wished that he never had to leave my sweet cunt.

He fell asleep with his dick still in me, too exhausted to pull it out which was just fine with me because I had that wonderful full feeling as I slowly drifted off to sleep in the arms of my rapist. To Be Continued…