Hot chicks sucking dick in the hot tub

Hot chicks sucking dick in the hot tub
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Amanda and I had been dating for a little over a year at this point. She was still very, very shy and was still very self-concious about her sexual experiences with me. We had experienced our "first time" a while back and it was nothing amazing or special. She was so nervous at the time that it really sucked most of the fun out of it. However, as we continued to steal away with one another, the quality of 10402357 658758357553528 782738325 n tube porn experiences improved and her understanding for just how much she liked getting fucked grew exponentially.

This is the story of one of those amazing times in the woods. The day began just like most. I woke up, brushed my teeth, took a shower, watched some tv, thought about what I was going to do for the rest of my day.


I had all but decided that I should go outside and mow my lawn when my phone buzzed. Amanda, sending me a text message, indicated she wanted to spend the day with me and we should do something fun. "Like what?" I sent in response. Amanda can be very hard to read sometimes, due to the fact that she may inadvertently give off vibes of being sexually turned on and eager, but actually be just excited to have someone to hang out with.


Her general bubbly good mood is often mistaken for a flirtatious come-hither attitude. "Well.I was thinking we could drive up to the county line and take a walk on that trail I was telling you about. You know.the one that no one ever goes down? ;-)" Though she is often mistaken for her flirtatious attitude being a lead up to something more, I had, up to this point, figured out when she was just in a good mood and when she was ready to get a little frisky.

This was definitely a lets get frisky moment. "Do you want me to bring anything?" Fair enough question, and I would also gain more information as to what she had in mind for our little trek through the woods. "I got that under control" she responded. "Just make sure you are comfortable.maybe wear those running shorts you like." So now I know two things from that last comment.

First, she's feeling horny and, better still, knows what she wants out of her experience. The second was she wanted me faketaxi sexy black chick makes revenge sex wear something with easy access.

Splendid! County line was about 30 minute drive away. After picking her up sex xxxx bf 10 haer baby story porn my car and driving for a ways, I finally inquired a little more about the plans for our day.

"Oh, it is a surprise hun" she giggled. She had brought with her a big black backpack, so my curiosity was raging as to what she had in store for the both of us. "Just be patient, I think you will be pleasantly surprised." I had done as I was instructed. T-shirt and running shorts. Running shoes also. Nothing fancy.

She on the other hand was wearing a very tight fitting black shirt over what seemed to be her bare breasts. Her 36 DD breasts were always proving to be most enjoyable assets for her to pleasure me with and that was certainly the case here today.

She also wore very short neon orange running shorts and argyle knee high socks with tennis shoes. She had pulled her dark brown hair back into a pony-tail.simply for the ease of not having to deal with it. As we parked the car and got out, she instructed me to grab the backpack, but not to look in it. I winked my approval and threw it over my shoulder. It was a very overcast day in mid september. Just hot enough to be pleasant, but those clouds to the west threatened rain.

Looked to be a couple of hours off still, so we had plenty of time to have our fun and not get wet. We started along the path, holding hands and talking about something I don't quite remember anymore. She had been correct, this path was completely deserted. It would not have surprised me in the least if the only two people who even knew of this path were us. We had walked about a mile before Amanda suddenly stopped and turned to me.

She had a great beaming smile caressing her face and her eyes were bright with an internal passionate fire. She quickly gave me a hard furious kiss and pushed me away.

She took off from the path and into the thicket along the side. Certainly not being left behind, I was in hot pursuit. Her ass looked amazing in those tiny running shorts and I could see her massive tits bouncing as she scampered off in front of me.

She led me off the path a ways, over a little creek and through what seemed like the oldest part of the forest. She finally trotted down a small hill and stopped by a particular set of trees. As I caught up, I gathered she was actually searching this whole time for a set of trees in this arrangement. She had been looking for a set of 4 trees, spaced about 5 feet apart from one another in the shape of a square or rectangle.

She had succeeded in finding such an assortment. She turned to me and clasped her hands together over her chest and asked me to open the backpack. I did so fairly slowly; the backpack had been surprisingly light but, not knowing just what was contained inside, I set the backpack down and inspected the contents silently. One pair of handcuffs. Great start One roll of duct tape.

Useful One 200 ft section of nylon rope. Very Useful Amanda's rubber dildo. I'll find some use for that. One bottle of lube. Strawberry flavored. ;-) Her favorite One bandana.

To be used as a blindfold no doubt. With this inventory in mind, I looked up at Amanda, still smiling, and asked politely what she intended to do with this? She giggled and rolled her eyes.


"Use your imagination my dear." It was almost a begging comment, as though she wanted me to take full control of this situation. She had given me all the tools to implement a circumstance of her helpless entrapment, and I was not going to let this opportunity pass me by. Without a response, I ripped open the bag of nylon rope, threw everything back into the gaping backpack and ran over to where she stood. She let out a small yelp as I grabbed her and laid her down on the dry leaves and ground.

With one fluid motion I grabbed her crotch and pulled with all my might. Her tiny little running shorts ripped apart and a piece of them came back with my hand. Discarding that piece, I went back for more.

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Her eyes were very large, clearly not expecting this reaction from me. I grabbed the remaining pieces of her shorts that were still attached and pulled and ripped some more.

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Finally, as her shorts were merely patches of bright orange cloth strewn about haphazardly, I grinned a very pleased smile of satisfaction. She had neglected xxx storys in 5 second pack a spare pair of shorts, so she would most certainly be walking out of these woods bare-ass naked.

I went back to grabbing her crotch, but this time I started out far more gentle. I ran my fingers up and down the edges of her tiny black thong that rested above her pussy. She, breathing very hard at this point, started to bite her lower lip.

This was always a good sign for me, I could tell she was letting herself relax completely and letting me take her. She attempted to reach up and grab for my clothing. I pushed her hands back and told her to lie still. As she did as she was instructed, I pulled out the handcuffs and the blindfold.

I straddled her torso and allowed her to feel my now rock hard cock rub in between her voluptuous breasts. Reaching up above her head, I cuffed one of her hands. She must have thought I did it too hard, because she winced and let out a small cry.

I loosened it slightly and wrapped the other side around the tree. After affixing her other hand in the other cuff I pulled the blindfold out of the bag also.

This I gently and sensually wrapped over her face so that her eyes were completely covered. Making sure to tie it securely around her face, I could feel her hot breathe increasing in intensity and passion. Ok, hot amateur teen fucking tube porn playing it nice to her, now it is time to really have some fun with her.

I stood up from her and happy girl enjoys cock hardcore and blowjob off my running shorts. My now rock hard cock throbbed with the thoughts and pulsed with my intensions for what my mind was envisioning doing to her. First I was going to make her take my cock into her mouth and get it sloppy wet with her saliva.

I moved over her again, this time standing over her arms and facing down her body. I knelt down beside her head and maneuvered my penis into her open mouth. She gasped and accepted the new toy into her mouth. She started tonguing it seductively and running her lips up and down the shaft.

Thinking that this was moving far too slow for my taste, I pushed my pelvis down and forced my cock deep into her throat. She gagged and gasped for breathe. She began to gargle and strain against the tree she was currently cuffed to. I let up after a solid 6 seconds lodged deep in her throat and she began gasping for air. After a couple of strained heaves, she managed a weak "don't.not again". If she could have seen the smile that spread like a virus across my face, she would have tensed up for the next wave of throat penetration that was imminent.

Yet, since she was completely blind to my actions, she had no warning when I slammed my cock back down her still gasping mouth. She reluctantly took my cock again and started straining and squirming against her bonds. Her feet kicked up and her hands attempted futilely to reach up and grab me. My cock pulsed in her throat as she attempted to swallow the foreign invader.

Her throat continued to tighten around my dick and the feeling was incredible. Sliding out again, she lay on the dirty ground squirming in the dirt and dry leaves. Not able to manage words this time, I figured it was time to start on my next idea. I ran my hands down her sides and grabbed a hold of the sides of her tiny black thong.

I pulled up with both hands and heard a lovely ripping sound as the fabric split from itself. In one massive tug, her thong finally snapped off her body. I reached back over to the backpack and pulled out the roll of duct tape. Shoving the article of clothing that once served as a thong into Amanda's mouth, I stretched a piece of duct tape over it to keep it there.

I knew she liked the way her juices tasted, so I made sure to lean down and whisper into her ear "hope you like the way that taste's, you filthy little bitch". She squirmed very passionately at this. Not only did she love when I talked dirty to her, but it really sent her over the edge if I called her names while I was taking advantage of her.

Now that I had her hands bound and her eyes blindfolded and her mouth taped shut, it was time to take care of her legs. The nylon rope was pulled out of the backpack and opened very quickly. I grabbed her left leg first and tied a nice knot just below her ankle.

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Looking back to the trees behind us, both just happened to have branches that split off from the trunks at about head height. Looping the rope loosely over a branch on the one tree to her left, I led the rope over another branch on the tree to her right. Bringing the rope back down to her right ankle, I made sure to tie a know I could cinch down.

Once I had my rope mostly set up, I pulled back on the open line in one big tug. Amanda let out a gasp as her freshly exposed ass lifted off the ground and hung a couple of inches off the ground. The rope held in all the points that it needed to so I continued to cinch the rope till her legs, ass, torso and head were all suspended off the ground.

This put her in a position of complete venerability, a inverted Y where her hands were strained in the cuffs wrapped around a tree above her head, her body listed off the ground and her legs spread out toward the trees holding the ends of the nylon rope. Her pussy, now fully exposed, was clearly wet and her body trembled as she got accustomed to this new position.

Amazingly her pussy was at a perfect height for my dick to fuck her, but I wasn't ready for that quite yet. I knelt down beside her head and began to whisper into her ear, "How does that feel, sweetie?" The best she could manage was a "mmm.Mmmm.gffff"." Smiling I said, "Good. Glad to hear it. But this shirt.just. has. to go." Upon uttering the word go I flipped open the knife I had pulled out of my pocket. Amanda had been aware I carried a knife with me almost all the time, so she was well accustomed to this sound and knew it right tiffany loves to get her cunt boned. She gyrated in her bonds again, but to no avail.

I grabbed her breast with my free hand and slid my knife along her collar bone toward the center of her v-neck shirt. The knife was very sharp and once it caught the edge of the fabric it slip up with little resistance. Helping it along, her sliced shirt flew open exposing her very large breasts. Thunder rolled off in the distance. Sounded pretty close, closer than I had anticipated earlier. I made short work of the sleeves that still cute teen public gangbang playmately family competition the remains of her shirt to her body and pulled away the last remaining article of her clothing.

I smiled very large at this as a thought crossed my mind that I just had to share with my captive fuck-toy. "You do know what his means Amanda? You will have to walk back out of these woods and ride home with me naked.

Hope that is ok with you.because you really don't have much choice in the matter." I had to let out a laugh at this. Now it was time to fuck the shit out of her. She had been suspended in this position for far too long without any attention paid to her exposed pussy.

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Throwing the knife back into the bag, I walked in between her hanging legs and settled into prime position.

I could hear her audibly moan through the duct tape, but nothing of what she was trying to say was of any interest to me. Normally, I would work my cock up and down her slit to lube up my dick and then once I had enough fluid coating the tip I would work it in slowly, allowing her to feel her get penetrated and spread from the inside. Today however, I was in control and it was about time I fucked her good and proper.

I slammed my cock into her pussy harder than I had to her throat. Some form of a chocking sound erupted from behind the tape and her body violently shook in the air. I grabbed her calfs, pulled out and slammed my dick back into her again. As I continued this action, her moans of what I assumed to be pain gradually morphed into what was clearly pleasure.

I asked her if she hotties in fishnet stockings pleasure one another enjoying this, and her head gave a quick nod of approval. Her hands gave the signs of a pair of thumbs up, so I continued to ram her in this position. It was at this point that rain started to fall. Slowly at first, then bigger drops, then lots of smaller ones. Amanda had told me her fantasy was getting fucked in the rain and she was about to fins out what that felt like.

My dick continued to pound up inside her and her ass continued to meet my pelvis with each thrust. Suddenly her legs tensed and her elbows met over her face. She let out a very muffled but clear scream behind her thong tape barrier and exploded into a violent orgasm. Liquid dripped out and ran down my balls and onto my thighs. She was clearly shaking at this point and I decided it was time to let her down from this position.

Undoing the ropes first, I slowly lowered her down to the ground. I searched the bottom of the backpack for the keys to the handcuffs with a growing sense of frustration.

Finally finding them, I undid the metal around her wrists that had clearly defined marks left behind that would be very difficult to explain to anyone who happened to notice. I released the tape and pulled the shredded thong from the back of her mouth.

The last thing I undid was her blindfold. I was starting to feel like I had taken it too far and I was ready to assume responsibility for being too rough. As the blindfold fell away, her eyes told me a vastly different story. Hunkered down next to this gorgeous, strikingly beautiful girl, she sat up and flashed me the look of wonderful satisfaction.

A sweet lips sucking his dick caressed her face and she grabbed the back side of my neck and kissed me passionately.

Rain continued to fall on and around us as we knelt next to one another kissing madly. She pulled back and had the look of crazed intuition. She cracked a grand smile and stated "My turn".