Solo beauty is passioantely masturbating for you

Solo beauty is passioantely masturbating for you
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Chad and Chelsea join the party I could see the humiliation in Tammie's eyes, as she stood there naked, with fresh cum on her face, in front of two total strangers. Two white teenagers whom she'd never met, who are probably as young as her son Tommie. Chad 15 years old 5' 6" 110 pounds. Chelsea 14 years old 5" 4' 90 pounds. As she lets them in and closes the door behind them. Chad walks in and plops down on my couch, right next to the wet spot, where Tammie recently squirted. Billy introduces Tammie and me to Chad and Chelsea.

Then, he tells Tammie and me to stand in the middle of the room, so that his friends could check us out. I'm both terrified and humiliated. But my pussy juices are starting to flow down my inner thighs. Little Chelsea looks up at me, staring at the cum still dripping from my face. Places her small fingers on my wet pussy. I try to keep my composure, but when she slipped her little finger into my dripping cunt and presses it against my g-spot.

I begin to grind my pussy on her little fingers. Then she reaches over and does the same thing to Tammie. Once I heard the squishy sound of Chelsea's fingers slide into Tammie's pussy. I knew Tammie was about to cum. Then, out of nowhere. With her legs now shaking.

Tammie grabs my shoulder. "Oh fuck, girl!!! Holy fuckin shit! This little girl is gonna make me cum!!!" As I look down at little Chelsea. I notice the evil smirk on her face. Just then, she pushes her entire little fists into our pussies. Sending us both over the edge. We both began to squirt our juices all over Chelsea's arm and cum like we've never cum before. "Of fuck, Chelsea. Please don't stop!" Chelsea pulls her fists from our pussies.

Leaving us both standing there with our legs shaking, standing in a puddle of our own cum, with Billy's cum still drying on our faces. "Now that I've introduced myself. I want you ladies to go and get freshened up. We have a long day ahead of us" ------------------------------------------------------------------------- As Tammie and I walk up the stairs, neither of us say a word. Once we're in my bedroom, I ask Tammie would she like to shower first fascinating lady is precious at blowjobs pornstar hardcore second?

"I could really use a nice hot bath right now" "You know what? That's a great idea! How about we take a bath together?" As I begin to jeune petite francaise adore sucer avant de se faire baiser our bath water.

I see Tammie reading a text on her phone, before throwing it on the bed. "What's the wrong girl?" "Nothing, just a text from Tommie.

Asking if I could lift his punishment. I said hell no!" "Why? What did he do?" "That little chubby fucker sat there and used my credit card to pay for over $200.00 on porn sites. So, I grounded his little ass for a kodam x x x vedeo. No TV, no internet, and no cell phone for a month. Plus, I make him leave his bedroom door open, so I can keep my eye on him at all times" "Damn girl, your son is still bad." "Let's hop in this jacuzzi tub, and forget about all of our problems" "So, are we going to talk about what just happened downstairs, or not?" "I don't know, Shante.

Let me think for a sec" We both wash the cum from our faces, and scrub our entire bodies, before exiting the bathtub. After we dry ourselves off and throw on a couple of my nightgowns. Tammie looks at me and says "What have we gotten ourselves into, Shante?" "I don't know girl!" "One minute I'm getting my flat fixed by a nice teenage kid, next I'm watching him fuck my best friend" "I know, right!" "How could two strong black women like us, become so submissive two a teenage whiteboy?" "I hope we're not becoming a couple of white cock whores" "I feel so confused.

On one hand, I feel degraded and humiliated. But on the other hand. I'm having the best sex of my life." "Who knew young whiteboys were walking around hung like horses?" "Shante, you're so bad!" "Let's make a deal, right now.

We'll have our fun with Billy and his friends, for this weekend only. But come Monday, we go back to the way things were. Deal?" "Deal!" "Now, let's go downstairs and have some fun!" As we walk down the stairs. I can smell marijuana smoke. I noticed they've rearranged my furniture.

Leaving a big space open, right in the middle of my living room. Billy is sitting on one couch, still wearing his robe. While Chad and Chelsea are both sitting on the loveseat, right across from Billy.

Tammie and I, make our way to the middle of the room. We're both nervous, but still excited. Billy uses the remote control to turn on some music, then tells Tammie and me to dance.

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Not needing to be told twice. We start dancing by ourselves and then dancing with each other. Billy stands up and tells me to give Chad a lapdance. I slowly begin to walk over to Chad and grind my 50-inch hips on his crotch. Then I turn around and swing my boobs in his face. Chelsea, then orders us to strip. Tammie began to strip, right there in the middle of the room.

I removed my top and flung it across the room.


And as I was bending over to slowly remove my bottoms in front of Chad. Chelsea reached over and slapped me on the ass.

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Causing my gigantic ass to shake right in her brothers face. Then they both started to smack my big ass, making me wetter and wetter. Billy began to dance with Tammie.

Grinding his big cock against her ass and grabbing her tits. Chad had lit up another joint, while I was still twerking my big ass in his face.

I felt so sexy. Chelsea stood up and told Billy to turn off the music. "Playtime is over!" Billy walks over to Chelsea and hands her a lit joint and says "Let's wish Chelsea a happy birthday" We all wish Chelsea a happy birthday. Then Billy says "Since today is your 14th birthday, Chelsea. You get to pick what we get to do today." Chelsea takes another puff from mona prepares nina for a proper lesbian fucking joint and says "Thanks, you guys.and girls!!!" "Today, we're going to try something new.

Shante, I want you and Tammie to pull out my brother's big cock." Tammie and I begin to undress Chad. I removed his shirt. Tammie removed his pants. Once he was down to his boxers. Chelsea told me to get down on my knees in front of her brother and let Tammie do the rest.

As Tammie slowly pulled down Chad's boxers, his big 8-inch cock sprung out and landed right on my face. He wasn't as long as Billy. But it was a hell of a lot thicker. Chad's cock was literally as thick as a soda can and felt like it weighed a couple pounds. Without being told to do so. Tammie reached down and began to stroke Chad's thick cock. All she could do was shake her head "Damn, you have a thick dick" While Tammie was stroking Chad's big cock.

I started to lick the head of his massive unit. Chad was in heaven. "Fuck, Billy!!! You always find the best black bitches." And with that being said. Chad grabbed the back of my head and shoved his big cock into my mouth. I could barely breathe, but I kept sucking. Then I heard Chad say "Shante, sucks my cock almost as good as you do, Chelsea." Chelsea says "We'll see about that" She then undresses and tells Tammie to come over and lick Billy's nut sack, while she blows him. As my head continues to bob up and down on Chad's big cock, I could hear the sounds of Tammie licking Billy's nuts, while Chelsea was sucking his cock.

After a few minutes of sucking Chad's cock.

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I felt Chelsea's hand on my back. Then she pulls me off her brother's big cock. "No sweetie, this is how you do it" Just then, Little Chelsea, engulfed half of her brother Chad's thick 8 inched cock. Within seconds she was deepthroating Chad's entire cock. I was so amazed, that I began to kiss all the way down Chelsea's back, and fuck my husbands friend interracial and hardcore over her cute little white ass.

Causing her to moan. Right behind us. Billy was now face fucking Tammie while twisting her nipples. Causing her to squirt again. I wanted to see just how far Chelsea would let me go. So I let my middle finger slip into her wet cunt.

Once I felt her meeting each of my thrust. I went to work on her little twat. "Come on birthday girl, give me that nut!!! So while she was deepthroating her brother's big cock, and bouncing her ass on my finger. Little Chelsea, squirted all over my hand. I couldn't help myself. So I put my fingers to my lips and tasted young Chelsea's sweet nectar. When I was finished licking Chelsea's cunt juices from my fingers. Chelsea finally stopped sucking her brother's cock and stood in the middle of the room.

The first thing she told me was to get a bottle of lube. So, I went upstairs to get my lube.


And when I returned, I saw Billy and Chad laying in the middle of the room, while Tammie and Chelsea, were in between their legs, sucking their cocks. Chelsea pulled her mouth from Billy's cock and told me to sit down with her brother's cock. As I straddled Chad. I could feel the girth of his thick white cock, pressing against my wet pussy. Then I felt Chelsea's hands on my hips, forcing me to take in more of Chad's cock.

"Oh shit, you're white cock is so big" Chelsea then pats me on the ass and says "good girl" Then she tells Chad to lift his legs, so he could really fuck me.

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Chad pinches my nipples, while he drives his big cock into my cunt. Making me cum all over his cock. Chelsea tells Billy to come closer to us, so she could watch Tammie ride his big cock. Tammie straddles Billy and starts to ride him. Pretty soon, all I heard were the sounds of our big black asses, plopping against our two white studs. With little Chelsea sitting in between both couples.

Then suddenly, I felt something cold pressing against my puckered asshole. Apparently, Chelsea had lubed up her hands and was now going to use them on our black asses. First I felt her little index finger slide into my virgin asshole. Causing me to bounce my 50-inch ass even harder on Chad's dick.

She must have been doing the same to Tammie. Because I could hear her in the throws of passion. "Oh fuckin shit, she's in my ass!!! She's in my ass, Shante!!!" "She's in my ass too!!! And it feels soooo fuckin good!!!" Young Chelsea knew she had us right where she wanted us. Both of us losing complete control, bouncing our big evelin stone and alena croft nasty some on the couch on two big cocks, while she fingers our assholes at the same time.

First she eased one finger into our asses, then two fingers into our asses, then two more fingers in our asses, and finally, she pushed her entire fists into both of our asses at the same time. Making us both squirt and yell uncontrollably. "Oh fuck, Chelsea. Don't stop!!!" "Oh shit Chelsea, fuck my black ass!!!" Our screams turned Billy and Chad on so much, that they began to pound our pussies, while Chelsea's arm was elbow deep in our asses.

"Oh God, Chelsea. Don't stop!" "Don't fucking stop" Chad, feeling his sisters fist rubbing against his cock, through the thin membrane between my cunt and my ass, starts to flood my pussy with his hot cum. With Chad's big dick cumming in my cunt, and Chelsea's fisting my tight asshole. I lean in and kiss Chad. Taking his tongue into my arab white anything to help the poor and sucking on it.

Billy starts pounding Tammie's squirting pussy so hard, that she starting yelling "Fuck me, you white motherfuckers. Fuck my black ass!!!" With Chelsea still fisting our black asses. Billy unloads his hot cum into Tammie's hot squirting cunt. Causing her to tremble uncontrollably. Before removing her small fists from our big black asses, Chelsea says: "That was fucking AWESOME!!!" "I could feel your cocks pumping cum into their pussies" "Could you guys feel my fists?" "Fuck, yeah!!!" Chad and Billy said in unison.

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When Chad pulled his huge cock from my cunt, I was so worn out that I just rolled over and lay there. While Tammie was lifting her ass off Billy's big white cock, and letting his cum run down her legs. She immediately takes a seat on the couch. While we're all trying to catch our breaths. Chelsea says: "The fun's not over yet you guys!

It's still my birthday!" "What do ya say we get ourselves cleaned up, then go to the park to play?" Billy says: "Are you guys thinking what I'm thinking?" Tammie and I were clueless as to what they were referring to.

But we had a feeling that it involved the two of us being sexually humiliated. To be continued.