2 sega con mia zia che dorme

2 sega con mia zia che dorme
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it all started one day in September, it was starting to get cold, and school had already begun. "OY KALUM!!!!!" Daniel shouted as he raced to meet me in the playground.

"What? Arse-Clown!" I replied jokingly. I noticed the clouds threatening to rain, Daniel had picked up on this too, we headed over to English block and up the stairs. I was a quite chubby 15 year old at the time. Short brown hair ,cut by my dad. School uniform, a little short as money wasn't very good at home.

Daniel, on the other hand he was a tall 17 year old, thin but muscular. He wore his own clothes, as he was in 6th form; his whole outfit was over £200. Jeans, GAP, YSL polo neck, prada shoes, and a Nike jacket. "So I hear Haley is going over yours after school today, is that true??".


He asked. I turned bright red and turned a corner on the way to my classroom. Haley was really sexy, trim and had the best breast I had ever seen. She was 17 as well. She also happened to be the most popular person to ever speak to me. and be my 1st crush, she didn't know this of course "Yes she is, and before you ask nothing is going to happen!" I snapped at him. he was taken aback. He giggled nervously, and stuck his hands in his pockets.

I noticed he was playing with himself through the fabric of his trousers. "God, your sick!" I said, shaking my head in disbelief. "What?" He asked. "Everyone does it. Its natural." He smiled and continued what he was doing. although I didn't let on this was really turning me on. Watching him play with his erect member in a corridor, with teachers and cameras, the danger, almost made me cum in my pants.

I was going to do the same but the bell went. I went along the corridor to my lesson. * * * it was after school and I was walking home with Haley "OY KALUM!!!" A familiar voice called, Daniel. Me and Haley both looked round. "hey, Arse-Clown!" we all giggled. Me and Dan dropped back a little bit to admire haley's firm ass. "I could embarrass you Daniel. You masturbated in a corridor." I said, but He smiled broadly.

"You call that embarrassing? I fingered Haley on that bench just there" he said, with a contented smile. Haley shot stunning paige gets nailed in the dungeon a dirty look and went bright red. The rest of the journey was silent, and we soon arrived at my house. "Soooooooo, can I watch some porn?" I stood there, jaw hanging open at the person who said it.

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Not me, not Danny ,but Haley. I told her how to log on, and gave her some good porn sites.


after a while, I could see Haley start to get exited. "want me to make you feel better?" I said as I stood behind her. "No." she said. She felt my presence behind her "Oh, so you let him finger you, but I cant? Well ill tell u what, you let my do whatever I want, or ill tell everyone at school about your little finger." I said. I knew I had her cornered.

I started giving her a massage on her shoulders. this lasted about 5 minutes. I put one hand down her top, and into her bra, and started playing with her nipple.

she moaned slightly and her nipple got hard, like erasers on a pencil. Daniel looked with a face of wonder. Haley took off her top and bra. revealing nice 36C breast.

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I got in front of her and took a breast in my mouth. I pinched the other ones nipple, she moaned again louder but still quiet. "C-can I join in?" Daniel finally piped up nervously. "Yeah you take over from him" she said. I had an idea, it was pretty bold considering all the things I knew came from the porn I watched. I whispered in Daniels ear and we took her to the bed, we stripped down till we was all naked. I saw Daniels hard, long, thick prick, seeing this turned me on more than I stepney mechmohan xnxx story sex comwdtest imagined.

I lifted and spread haley's legs, so her wet, hairy, puffy pussy was staring me in the face. Daniel kneeled over her head and she started to suck his cock. I moved in on her pussy. I licked her slit, from ass to clit, witch I often flicked my tongue over. she started to moan and groan, the hornier she got. She finally let out an ear piercing scream, and let the whole world knew she was climaxing.


good job my parents weren't home. Her pussy juice squirted in my face. Daniel grunted, as he blew his load down her cum-thirsty throat.

I got up and slid the head of my 6 inched into her, now wet cunt. I only pushed in another inch or so, when I found her hymen. "Your a virgin!" I said in surprise. Haley went red again. I withdrew a little bit, then thrust forward hard popping her "cherry" she screamed a little, and said it hurt, but wanted me to continue.

I withdrew and slid all the way into her. I repeated this and started going faster. Hailey grabbed Daniels hands, and placed them on her tits. he started manipulating the hard, erect nipples to help bring her to climax. By this time I was pounded her cunt as hard and fast as possible. she was becoming extremely vocal, as we both grew to an earth shattering orgasm. all we could pant was.

"Same place same time?" but that's another chapter