Exquisite czech doll lexi dona finger fucks and climaxes

Exquisite czech doll lexi dona finger fucks and climaxes
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This story happened about a year ago in 2007. My name is Dan. At the time, I was 19 years old, 5'8" and 160 lbs with broad shoulders and a 6 pack. I've always been athletic and I work out a lot, but I never got big. Don't get me wrong, I'm muscular and well-defined, but I never wanted to look like a body builder. As you can imagine, I'd been with my share of women, and always considered myself straight.

But from time to suckee fuckee session with an asian hooker, I would find myself focusing more on the man's cock rather than the woman who was sucking or fucking it, or I would get an urge or a curiosity to check out gay stories. Never really got into gay porn as I'm not attracted to guys like that, but something about the idea of being seduced by another man intrigued me (I guess that would be the best way to put it).

Anyway, I just got back from the basic training, where I had a heat stroke and was medically discharged. My girlfriend dumped me while I was in training so I hadn't had sex in almost 3 months. When I got back and didn't have a place to live or a job. A friend of mine put me up in his place and suggested I try unemployment until I could find work.

I didn't really like the idea, as I would rather work for my money, but I needed some cash so I figured I would give it a try. As soon as I walked in, I felt like I didn't belong. I'm sure some of them had real problems or situations similar to mine, but a lot of the people seemed like white trash trying to find the easy way out.

So as I was sitting there, waiting to talk to someone, I got to talking to some of the other people in there. One guy, Mike was his name, seemed fairly friendly. He looked like he was 34 or 36 judging by his weathered face and specks of grey in his hair, about 6'4" over-weight with a big belly and covered in hair.

He looked kind of trashy, wearing sweat pants and a stretched-out t-shirt, his hair a mess and his face scruffy. He kept looking at me like he knew me or something, so I started talking to him. Apparently his construction company had laid him off for a while, so he needed some income until the union found him some more work. Fair enough I thought to myself. We got done at the same time and started talking again as I was leaving.

He said he was going to be going to a party the next day and invited me to meet at his place and he'd take me. "Awesome!" I thought to myself, maybe I'll meet someone there and break this dry spell.

I gave him my number and he said he'd call me around seven to meet up. The next day came and seven o'clock couldn't get there soon enough. I got all cleaned up and shaved and even trimmed up my pubes in case I got lucky. Mike said there would probably be some girls there my age or if anything no older than he was. He called me up and gave me directions to a trailer park on the other side of town. I'm not one to judge though, so I drove on over. His place wasn't actually a trailer, to my surprise.

It was a small house on the edge of the trailer park. He met me outside and told me to come on in and do some pre-drinking before his buddy called him about the party. I noticed he was still wearing the same sweat pants and t-shirt he had been wearing the previous day, but again, I'm not one to judge. I followed him in and sat down in the living room on a small love seat (the only place to sit) and Mike handed me a beer.

Apparently, the air conditioner was out, so it felt hotter inside than out. The smallish living room had dirty looking carpet, just one couch and a big screen T.V.

We sat there talking for about an hour and a half, and when I had finished my 7th beer, I was starting to feel pretty buzzed. He kept telling me he was waiting on a call and then we could head over.

So we continued drinking for another hour and a half and I killed 4 more beers. By this time I was getting pretty drunk and I asked him again about the party. He said "I guess it's not goin or somethin".

I was pretty bummed about this so he said to me "I know you were lookin forward to meetin some ladies tonight, but you can just hang out here for a while, I got the next best thing".

I went to the kitchen to get another beer and when I came back there was some hardcore porn on the big screen. Gangbangs and facials. not really my thing, but at this point, sure why not. So I sat down and cracked my beer. After a few minutes of watching this I was starting to hot skinny red head girlfriend finger fucks tight pussy to orgasm where Mike had gotten to (and also getting pretty turned on).

Just then Mike's large hand came down on shoulder and said "Not as good as the real thing, but not too bad either, eh?" As inebriated as I was, I barely noticed his hand remained on my shoulder kind of half massaging me as he also watched the porn while standing behind me. "Damn. You have no idea how good that feels." I said to him and he rubbed my sore muscles. "Yeah, you're muscles feel pretty tight. Here, hold on just sunny leone boobs pressing storys by man minute.

I'll be right back". He was gone for what seemed to be 5-10 minutes, leaving me to watch some poor girl getting gangbanged by 5 guys.

By this time, the natural light from the windows was long gone, and the only light in the room was from the T.V. While he was gone I noticed I was paying more attention to the guys' cocks the girl was sucking and fucking more than her naked body. I couldn't help it; those old urges were coming back. By this time I was pretty sweaty from the heat and was also rock hard from watching the movie. Sitting there, alone in the dimly lit room I felt almost hypnotized in my drunken state.

Just then I felt Mike's large hands dip into the top of my shirt and the cold, wet feeling of whatever was on them.

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I jumped a little as I woke from my daze and didn't see or hear him come back into the room. "I use this stuff all the time when I'm sore from work." I then recognized the familiar smell of bengay as he continued to rub my shoulders.

At this point I was almost completely lost in a trance. I was hoping he didn't see the bulge trying to rip through the front of my pants. "What do you think?" he asked. I wasn't sure if he was talking about the porn or the massage, "This is crazy." was all I could think to say in my dazed state. I was so hard and I felt so confused at this point. Here I was, drunk, in some guys dimly lit house watching porn and having him rub my back. My mind just didn't have the capacity to think about it too much in my drunken state, and I didn't feel uncomfortable or anything, maybe he's just a nice guy.

After he worked the tension out of my shoulders, I was starting to feel really relaxed and he asked me how I was doing on my beer. I told him I had finished it a while ago.

"Sounds like you're ready for another one." he said and left the room. It was another 5-10 minutes he was gone. Again I sat in the dimly lit room entranced by the spectacle on TV. It surprised me that I had been watching it this long and I hadn't even realized there were barely even any women in it anymore. It was just guys standing around a girl jerking off on her face or getting sucked off. I didn't even notice the transition and I was slowly rubbing the bulge in my pants without even thinking.

"Here's google plushcam play lovense sex toys tight wet teen pussy likes beer." I heard Mike's voice say as he stood right beside me. He snuck up on me AGAIN while I was hypnotized by the porn.

He just stood there with a smirk on his face and a huge hard-on pushing through his sweats right at eye level and I stared in disbelief. "Here's your beer," He said again. After several seconds of just staring I reached for morgan lee in need long pen drive in pussy beer and accidentally brushed my arm against his rod. "Oh! uhhh. I uh. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to." I said, still in shock.

"Don't worry about it." He loira fudendo buceta com forccedila perfil e whats da gostosa still smiling, laughing to himself, and he sat down right next to me on the small couch.

He had his hands on his knees, which on the small couch meant his left hand was also against the outside of my knee. Now I was feeling a little uncomfortable. I was still embarrassed about accidentally touching him there, but I couldn't help but think about it. it was pretty big and I found myself wondering what it looked like.

I felt ashamed of myself for even thinking about something like that. I'm straight. I didn't know what to do, so I just stared at the screen. We both did. I was so hard. I had been sitting here, drinking and watching porn for near 30 minutes. Neither one of us spoke, just stared at the sleazy porn. I was lost in my own little world, watching close-ups of this girl suck one big cock after another. Very carefully, Mike moved his left hand from his knee to mine.

My heart was racing; I was paralyzed. When I didn't respond, his hand slowly and carefully moved up my thigh. I still did nothing to stop him. My eyes were locked on the screen, pretending nothing was even happening. I thought my heart was going to stop as his hand reached the bulge of my pants. I didn't know what to do as his huge hand fondled me. My body betrayed me as my dick responded to his touch with a twitch and it seemed to get even harder. He knew I liked it. My breathing was getting heavy as I stared at the screen, still afraid to look at him.

He rubbed my crotch through my pants. I tried to deny my urges but my body betrayed me again, as I let out a quiet moan.

A whisper, only as loud as my deep breathing but he must have heard it, as he reached over with his other hand and gently but deliberately moved my hand from my knee to inside of his left thigh. His large hand swallowed mine as he moved my hand up his thigh slowly.

I continued to stare at the screen, mesmerized. It wasn't long before my hand was at his crotch. God, I could feel everything through his sweatpants. He couldn't have been wearing underwear. He just moved my hand up and down on his shaft as he also rubbed mine. This went on for about a minute, we both had are eyes fixed on the screen. I couldn't look at him; it would make it too real. "That's nice." he whispered in my ear. It sent a chill down my spine. Before I could do anything he grabbed my hand again and quickly put it in his pants.

My hand was now flesh to flesh with his penis. It was so warm and soft, my hand instinctively wrapped around his shaft. I was stroking it, still staring at the video afraid to look at anything else. I was touching another man's penis, slowly pumping it on my own. I didn't even realize his hand was no longer guiding me. My sick fantasies were becoming a reality.

He reached his arm around, over my shoulders and whispered "It's ok." Another chill. I couldn't speak, I just sat there breathing very heavy, stroking his member and still hadn't even looked at him since he sat down.

That's when he pulled his pants down all the way and spread his knees to let me really work on it. The arm around my shoulder was slowly pulling me down. That's when I stopped looking at the screen and inches from my face was the biggest rod I've ever seen. It was at least 8-9 inches and thick. It smelt so musty like sweat and the faint scent of urine, but as my deep breaths brought it in I was getting such a head rush, like my first kiss, or in the throws of sex.

I was high with some primal instinct. I watched myself stroke this man's cock that I had just met yesterday. His arm slowly pulled me closer and closer until it was an inch from my face. I knew what he wanted me to do. I was staring at this huge cock and then it happened.

I kissed it. I kissed man's cock. It felt so soft and I could taste the drips of precum. "This is what you've always wanted" he whispered again with his large hand now gently palming the back of my head like a basketball.

He was right. I had denied it for so long but there was no room left for denial. I couldn't hold back any longer, and I parted my lips and took him in. God, it felt so warm. It felt good. "There's no turning back now," he whispered. Fuck my wife and her sister is pretending to be was right, I was sucking his cock.

If I wasn't so caught in the moment I'm sure I would have considered the repercussions of this. Nothing could take this away from me; I could no longer deny my secret lust for cock. He stood up and removed his clothes and told me to do the same. I did. He had a sloppy body. His fat, hairy belly hung down in front of him so much I doubt he could see his own prick, even as big as it was.

He looked like a giant standing there compared to my slim and much shorter body. He sat back down on the couch, knees parted wide, just smiling and leering at me, the young stud he had seduced and again I knew what to do. I dropped to my knees without being told, just as so many women had done for me. I wrapped my hand around the base of his fat cock and after stroking it a few times I parted my lips again and took it in. My other hand was on playing with his seemingly oversized balls.

One of his hands returned to the back of my head as he whispered "That's it, boy". I don't know why but I liked him talking down to me like this. I took his encouragement and I mimicked what I had been watching the woman on screen doing. Slowly stroking his shaft up and down as my mouth moved up and down as well.

He was letting out little moans as I took it as far into my mouth as I could before gagging. "That's it, suck Daddy's cock. You're mine now." he whispered. Hearing him say it forced me to accept this reality.

He began moving my head up and down pretty forcefully on his stiff member.

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He was getting more dominant with latin pussy pleased with cock in condom and I just accepted it. I thought of nothing, just bobbed my head up and down, and each of the things he said to me became true.

He would hold my head all the way down on his cock while he degraded me saying things like "You're mine now, boy." or "I bet you're friends don't know you're so hot for cock." no longer whispering, I just took it all in. I gagged and choked as I gasped for air in the short breaths he allowed me between insults. Then he pulled my head off his penis, drool and saliva stringing from my mouth and chin and pointed my face at his.

This was the first time we made eye contact since it started and he stared through me for what seemed like forever before he spoke. "You love Daddy's cock don't you, boy?" he said and I nodded my head. "Say it, boy." He commanded. "I love it." I whispered meekly. Nothing could break me from the drunken, horny trance I was in, and his strong, commanding attitude just played more and more into my fantasies. He told me what to think and do and I did it, without a second thought.


risky public teen squirt vol masturbation and gingerspyce It was like mind control, I was totally lost in the moment. He stood up looking down at me. This really put things into perspective. He looked even bigger looking up at him from my knees. "Get on the couch. On your back." He commanded in a stern voice. I xxxpron baby first time sex as I was told.

"You want me to mom teach of son how fuck you, don't you boy?" He asked. "Yes" I managed to whisper through my heaving breaths as I lied on the couch, knees apart and pulled to my chest. He laughed to himself and said "That's a good boy." He again retrieved the bengay and rubbed a bit on his cock. I just laid there watching this disgusting man rub lube on his naked cock as he looked me up and down, laughing to himself and I just closed my eyes.

He put a little more on his hands before he knelt a knee on the couch. He started to rub it all along my ass crack, teasing my tight hole as he circled around the ring of it. Then it happened. His middle finger slipped in to the first knuckle. Then the second. This man I had just met yesterday was now fingering my asshole. He began working it in and out a little as I lay there moaning like a bitch with my eyes shut.

Then, a second finger squeezed in and I winced and gritted my teeth. It hurt but it felt so new and exciting having something going inside me. At this point I was getting a very strange feeling from the bengay that followed everywhere his fingers had been.

He worked his fingers in and out, stretching my tight ring before he pulled out. "What do you want, boy?" he asked. "Fuck me." I whispered instantly, I needed it and I was panting like a dog in heat. "Speak up, boy." he again commanded. "Please fuck me, Daddy." I pleaded in a desperate tone. "I knew you would be my cock-loving boy when I first saw you" he said. My eyes opened wide.

It all made sense now: this was his entire plan from the start, there was no party, and that's why he was staring at me. How could he know that deep down I had this urge inside me? Deep down, I had always wanted this. I loved this. He knew it and he made me his gay boy. All I could do was silently watch as he positioned himself between my open legs. I felt like such a slut with my willing legs wide open to him. He leaned xxx pmb story sex stories 2019 with his big, sweaty, hairy belly lying on top of mine as he held both my wrists above my head with one of his meaty hands.

This was just another way to show me who was in control. His hard, slippery cock was perched upright in the crack of my lubed up ass. He made humping motions, moving his shaft across the length of my crack. His other hand explored my body grabbing here and there making his way to my mouth where he ran his first two fingers over my lips. The same two fingers that were just in my ass. I opened my mouth and took them in. I sucked them clean, tasting bengay and my own insides before he took his hand and groped his way back down my body, to the base of his cock.

He then ran his dick down my butt crack and put the fat bulb of it to my virgin butt hole. He slowly leaned forward and I could feel the pressure building against my threshold.

Then it happened. He leaned a little more towards me and his fat, lubed up cockhead slipped through with little resistance. "Now there's really no turning back, boy. You're mine. You're Daddy's new cock slut." he laughed "You're so pathetic." He laughed out loud.

And then he did it. He pushed his fat cock in balls deep. I yelped almost, but he didn't care. He just kept going, his fat, hairy belly flopping back and forth on me adding more momentum and his big hairy balls were slapping the bottom of my ass cheeks. I could feel all of it inside me, filling me up. I loved it and there was nothing I could do about it. He was really letting me have it, getting full hard pumps and almost knocking the wind out of me.

His hand moved up my body to my neck where he was choking me a bit or covering my mouth and nose, pushing my whole head into the couch. This fat disgusting guy turned me into his cock loving, gay boy and was now abusing me and I still loved it. I loved all the depravity of it. My ass had started spasming and squeezing the shaft of his cock. I was actually cumming without even touching it. Just the feeling of his cock deep inside me and feeling his fat belly rubbing on my cock as he fucked me was enough.

It just kept shooting more. I had never cum this much ever in my life. It was amazing and feeling my asshole try and spasm but failing because of the warm, fat pole inside me just made me cum more. "Now it's time to seal your fate as the fucking queer slut you are.

I'm gonna shoot my seed deep into your ass and you will never be able to pretend you're straight again." He said and pushed in as deep as he could get, pushing me into the arm of the couch and I was really moaning like a bitch at this point. He just let his whole weight, his whole fat body fall on top of as he dumped his load inside me. It was a xx club and collage pron feeling, but I could feel each hot jet hit my insides as he grunted and breathed deep into my face as he lay on top of me.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I woke up the next ryder skye slim oiled naked babe hardcore massage and my body hurt all over.

My head was pounding with a hangover as I lay on the cold, wet sofa. I wasn't really sure what had happened until I rolled over and saw the T.V. The volume was low, but I instantly recognized the images. It was a recording of me moaning like a slut and begging Mike to fuck me.

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I felt so ashamed as I watched the recording. When I woke up with all my clothes on, I had thought it was all a dream. It really happened, and the bastard recorded all of it. I got up and took the DVD out of the player and looked all over the house. Mike had apparently left. As I was getting ready to leave, I saw a note taped to the door. It read: "You can have the DVD. I already made copies and can put them on the internet whenever I want." My heart sunk.

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"If you want to keep your dirty little secret, I suggest you answer the phone if I call you, and do whatever I say." It was signed "Daddy"