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Amy andersen fuck a fan
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A husband learns the hard way to be very careful what he wishes for. CHAPTER 1 Jason and Abigail had been married five years and maricar reyes and hyden co sex life to date was very satisfying, but pretty much vanilla.

They always showered first and climbed into bed together. There was plenty of kissing and touching and occasionally there would be oral sex, although only as foreplay.

Abby wasn't keen on swallowing or even spitting; she didn't want semen in her mouth. It wasn't that she'd had a negative experience; she just found the idea abhorrent. After a suitable amount of foreplay Jason would climb between her legs and fuck in missionary position. Occasionally—maybe once every two months or so—Abby would climb atop her husband and ride him or allow him to fuck her doggie style.

It was at this time that Jason's career took off. Actually it was more a rocket launch than a jet plane. Jason had majored in Finance and graduated at the top of his class from Harvard Business School, taking a highly paid job as an analyst for a major brokerage firm. At the age of twenty-eight he became an assistant fund manager for a highly successful hedge fund and at thirty-two he was promoted again to fund manager.

Jason's third as manager, a difficult one for the market, saw his annual bonus approach the one billion dollar mark.

Yes, that's right, ONE BILLION DOLLARS as the fund had record performance, far exceeding anyone's expectations. The fund earned the firm more than ten billion so the bonus was not at all out of line. As his career advanced, Jason's sexual preferences started to become what Abby would consider kinky, even perverse.

The first time she noticed anything she had come from the bathroom to find her husband tightly secured to the four corners of the bed. When she asked him what was happening he simply replied, "I want you to have your way with me.

Do whatever you want." Abby was amused; she knew she could do anything to him even hurt him beyond anything he could possibly imagine. Taking it slow she pinched his nipples with her fingernails, making him squirm from the pain, and squeezed his balls, not too much—just enough to give him a little pain before climbing onto his rock hard cock and, sliding his cock between her labia, riding him to an incredible orgasm.

After that he would surprise her with some bondage or S & M scenario about once a month which Abby thought was not great, but…OK. She may have been an elementary teacher, but she wasn't a prude and she understood the need to satisfy her young sweetie fucked by old lover hardcore and blowjob sexually. She would never have considered herself a sexpot, but she wasn't a cold fish, either. She had a decent body with a 34B bra size and a small waist, flat abdomen, and narrow hips.

She had always thought that her ass was her best feature. She must have had something going for her—she was hit on at least once a year, mostly by male teachers and administrators, but occasionally by one of the women. Jason's record setting year as fund manager had just ended when his BDSM activities escalated.

Instead of once a month he jumped to once every two weeks and, after a few months, to once a week. Then Jason startled her by declaring that he wanted to serve as her sex slave for the coming weekend.


Playing along, Abby met him at the door when he arrived home Friday evening. "Strip, slave, and get your sorry ass on the floor. Slaves don't walk around here without permission." Jason was thrilled by his wife's dominance. He couldn't get out of his suit fast enough, placing it in a neat pile by the door. He waited patiently on his knees for further instructions and was surprised when Abby placed a leather collar around his neck.

"Don't even think of removing this, slave. It's your slave collar—let it remind you of your status here." Clipping a leash to the D-ring she tugged him into the living room. "OK, slave here are the rules you need to know. Break even one and I'll punish you severely. One, you'll be naked all weekend. Two, you'll crawl unless you are given permission to walk. Three, you will be silent unless I address you first.

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I don't want to hear you open that yap to complain. If you do I will punish you. Four, slaves do not use furniture or beds. Five, you will eat once I am done from a bowl on the floor. You will not be permitted to use your hands while eating or drinking—I have two nice dog bowls for your use. Six, you will sleep in MY bedroom, but you will be chained to the bed frame and sleep on the floor unless something I purchased is delivered. Then you will sleep in it. Seven, you will follow all directives completely and without hesitation, and, finally, you will not cum without permission.

In fact, lie on the floor. I have something for you." Jason was impressed by how Abby was playing the game so he lowered his head, commenting only, "Yes, Mistress." He lay in the middle of the large room, his arms and legs out at a forty-five degree angle.

Abby sat at his side as she opened a large brown paper bag. Inside was a stainless steel cock cage. She placed his testicles and penis within the restraining ring, applied some lube to his cock and slid it into the tube. She showed Jason the special bolts that she would use to secure the device before she tightened them and placed the custom wrench on a long silver chain between her shapely breasts. "There," she told her slave, "now you're completely under my control.

Behave yourself and I may take it off you on Sunday night. If you don't&hellip." "Get up and come over to the dining room table." Jason could see that Abby had tied several ropes to each of the table's legs. She bent Jason over the end of the table and tied off his wrists and ankles. She ran her fingers over his butt. "You need to understand my authority over you and you need to recognize that I can and will hurt you if necessary." She pulled a large ball gag from a nearby bag and buckled it tightly behind his head.

"Remember, slave, this whole thing was your idea, not mine. I'm just doing this because I have to." She paddled his skinny ass thirty times. Jason was bawling when she was only half-way done. "Get your rosy red ass up and make the dinner. I've already done my part—I baked two potatoes. You'll find a ribeye in the fridge and some ears of corn. Cook them on the grill." Jason raised his hand and Abby recognized him, already knowing what he was about to say.

"Mistress," he began, "our neighbors can see me on the patio. May I please dress?" "No, it's a warm evening. You don't need clothes. If I hear another complaint I'll take the cane to your butt.

Now get moving." Jason prepared the steak before going outside to light the grill. He turned just in time to see Abby take his picture—outside in the early evening, in daylight, stark naked. Several photos later Abby turned and sat at the computer. Seconds later the photos were en route to her mail box. Slave Jason cooked and prepared Abby's meal, serving it to her at the table.

"Kneel here at my side," she ordered her slave. Jason stayed there silent while Abby finished her meal watching his hot meal go cold. When she was done she rose, signaling him to "stay!" She cut the remaining steak into tiny pieces and sliced the kernels from the cob. She removed the potato from the skin, mashed it with some butter and poured the entire mess into a large dog bowl.

She placed the bowl on the floor with a second bowl of cool water and signaled her slave to begin. "You have ten minutes to eat then clean up the dishes and take out the garbage. Maybe you'll get lucky and it will be dark by then. Either way, you are not to dress to go outside.

I expect you to be done in less than marisoi gonzaiez hot view nude mirenia desnuda aqui minutes." She almost laughed when Jason pushed the bowl all around the kitchen floor; she took several photos of her naked husband clad only in a cock cage, laughing as she did.

He hurried and completed his assignment in just under his deadline. He knelt next to his Mistress awaiting her orders.

Abby opened her legs, exposing her wet pussy and pointed him to it. "Lick," was the only order she gave. Normally Jason was all too happy to receive oral sex from his wife, but he wasn't much on the giving side.

He moved slowly between his wife's legs, a little too slowly apparently, because Abby reached over his back and delivered two swats with the cane. "Remember what I said about not hesitating? You'll be doing this many times this weekend and if you hesitate again it will be doubled.

Now get in here and eat me." Jason rushed to his wife's pussy. Abby had planned this well. Knowing that she would demand he eat her pussy she had intentionally not washed her pubic area for several days. Jason was about to hesitate again when he saw the cane in her hand. He dove in, disgusted by the taste and smell. "I didn't wash as you can see. That's your job, slave. Clean me and make me cum." Jason began by licking up from her asshole to her clit.

Several full tongue licks removed most of the offensive odors. He pushed the tip into her tunnel drinking as much of her nectar as he could. He pushed his finger into her G-spot as he licked and sucked on her hard hot bud.

Abby was really horny so she came fast and hard, shaking herself almost out of the chair as she drenched her slave's face. Jason thought he was done until Abby directed him, "While you're down there you might as well lick my asshole.

It's itchy just now." Jason dropped his head, stuck out his tongue and licked. "Yuccckkk," he thought, "doesn't she ever wipe her ass?" He could taste some residual shit. He was just about to quit when the doorbell rang. Abby rose to get it and was pleased when it was the delivery van from the pet store. "Please bring it in here. Will you please set it up for me?" She tipped the driver twenty dollars then brought her slave into the bedroom.

"Your bed," she commented, pointing to the large dog cage. There was a thin vinyl pad and a large lock on the door. When Jason pouted Abby pointed and Jason reluctantly entered. Abby stopped him when he was almost in and cuffed his hands behind his back.

She threw a small pillow and car blanket in behind him, locking the door with a slam. It was just past eight, too early to sleep so Jason sat as best he could considering the three foot ceiling. CHAPTER 2 Abby counted nine weekends that passed in exactly the same manner. It was during the following week that Jason announced that he wanted to quit his job—they had hundreds of millions invested from the outstanding year—to become Abby's full-time slave.

"Don't quit yet.

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I need to think about this first. I'll let you know within the week." While Abby accepted the occasional kinky sex date as reasonably normal, she hated having to deal with her "slave" every single weekend. It was a lot of work at a time when she thought she should be relaxing. She did not think being a full-time Mistress was what she wanted.

The following afternoon she drove home, but stopped one house short to meet with her neighbor, Mario, an accomplished attorney. "Mario, I'm beside myself with Jason's slave demands; he's driving me crazy. I want you to represent me in divorce proceedings." She told him all about Jason's needs and how she had beaten him into submission on several occasions.

Using his computer she went online and showed him all the photos she had taken. When she was done Mario sat silently for several minutes before speaking, "Why settle for half a loaf when you can have the whole thing? Let me suggest something to you." He leaned in to whisper even though they were the only people in the house. When he finished he backed up a few inches as Abby stared into his dark clear eyes. Their effect was hypnotic; she moved forward to kiss him. Mario was a handsome man of forty-five, slightly gray at the temples, but with a full head of lustrous black hair.

He had a broad mouth and the whitest teeth Abby had ever seen. It was a magical moment when their lips met—hers full and soft, his firm and determined. When he broke the kiss he stood, lifted Abby in his strong arms and carried her upstairs to the bedroom. Abby had never cheated on Jason, but this didn't feel like cheating. Jason had been another person since his obsession with becoming a slave had surfaced several months ago. Not only had Abby needed a strong man to take her, her husband had never been taken out of the chastity cage since that first weekend almost three months ago.

He hadn't had an orgasm in that time and Abby hadn't been fucked either. She had been tongued to numerous orgasms but sometimes she needed a hard cock in her and this was one of those times. Mario carried her to his bedroom, setting her gently at the side of the bed. Slowly, he unbuttoned her blouse and removed her bra, commenting repeatedly on how beautiful she was. Jason had rarely complimented her on any of her physical attributes and recently he had been obsessed with his own perverted needs.

Seconds later Abby's skirt and panties found their way to the pile on the chair. Mario stepped back to examine his prize. "Bella…que bella. You're a very beautiful woman, Abby.

Come here and kiss me again." Abby stepped to his side, reached up with both hands, and held him as she opened her mouth and pushed her tongue past his teeth. Mario's hands found their way to her breasts and nipples. Rolling her nipples between his fingers elicited a soft groan from Abby's mouth.

His hand moved slowly and gently to her cunt. He rubbed his hand up and down her slit, moistening it with her nectar. Abby could not ever remember being so wet or so turned on, not even on her honeymoon with Jason.

As Abby broke the kiss she moved to her knees unbuckling Mario's belt and pulling his pants to his ankles. His silk boxers soon followed, exposing his thick eight inch erection.

Abby marveled at the broad reddish purple head as she licked droplets of pre-cum from his urethra and ran her tongue around his helmet. Abby couldn't wait to suck this weapon into her mouth and take him deep into her throat. She bobbed her head up and down covering his organ with her saliva as she washed the cock with her tongue.

Mario pulled her up, positioning her on her hands and knees at the edge of the bed. Covering his hard cock with a condom he leaned forward, sliding into Abby in a single strong thrust; Abby received him eagerly and easily—her pussy was soaking wet.

Her flesh was so needy after months of abstinence. Mario grabbed her hair, pulling her head back as he rammed her cunt harder and harder until he saw her shudder and cum. That triggered his orgasm—he drove into her six consecutive times, loading the condom with his baby cream. Afterwards they lay on the bed in each other's arms as Mario described the numerous steps to deal with Jason and safely eliminate him from Abby's life.

Abby told Jason she would be his full-time Mistress over the weekend, but…if he were to become her slave it would have to be a complete capitulation. He would have to surrender each and every asset to her—his car, his boat, all his bank accounts, all his stocks, bonds, and mutual funds—everything. "If you don't do this it will be just a game and I don't want to play games with you about your slavery.

It will be serious business for me and a milf cums from large dildo mature and asian of work, too. Don't forget, I'll have all the responsibility. I'm not getting involved in this if I think you'll back out at some future time because you're tired of it. So, Jason, how committed to this are you? I have a paper here that Mario prepared for naughty babe nikky dream fucks a horny strangers cock. It covers all your investments.

Just sign and it will be done. Don't and I'm not interested." Horny babe jenna foxx fucks a large hard signed, ecstatic that Abby was taking his needs so seriously. "Next, I have a slave contract for you. It will be necessary for me to punish you from time to time.

I don't want you getting pissed at me sometime and going to the police. If you sign you're giving away all your rights so think carefully." Jason signed without hesitation.

Abby walked over to him, kissed him tenderly on the lips and told him how proud she was of his commitment. His slavery would start in a month, right after his last day of work. Abby had just gotten home from shopping the following week when the doorbell rang.

It was a carpenter hired by Mario to make some adjustments to the house—adjustments needed to help manage Jason's slave status. Two sets of strong screw eyes and chains were installed in the bedroom.


One set went above the middle of the bed; another went into a beam near the foot of the bed. One set went into the ceiling above the shower stall. Abby would use this one first. Finally, a pair was installed in the center of the living room. Each set could be used to restrain Jason, either for punishment or just to get him out of the way.

When Abby went out to check the mail she found a large plastic envelope loaded with hundreds of capsules. It was the first of what would be many shipments sent by Mario's cousin.


These held estrogen, the female sex hormone—tasteless and odorless. She would split the capsules and pour the liquid contents into any food or drink for Jason and flush the gelatin shells down the toilet.

CHAPTER 3 Unknown to Jason he had been taking massive doses—thousands of milligrams daily-- of estrogen for the entire month blondie blair williams gets her anus stretched to his retirement. This was the first step toward his future life as a slave—a step of which he was totally unaware, a step toward a life that he could never have anticipated.

When Jason came home on that final day—not only his final day at work, but also his final day as a free man, Abby was waiting for him just inside the door. "OK, slave it's time to begin your new life. Get those clothes off. I'll be donating them to Goodwill tomorrow…along with all your other clothes. I have a new wardrobe for you. On your feet, I want you in the shower." Jason jumped up and hustled to the shower. He had learned over the past months not to hesitate when Abby commanded him.

Many times, too many so far as Jason was concerned, Abby had caned him for one infraction or another, some existing only in her imagination. In the shower Jason noticed the chain hanging from the ceiling. He wondered why it was there. He found out very shortly when Abby came in to join him. Abby cuffed his wrists and climbed on a step stool to lock the cuffs to the chain. She did it high enough that Jason would have to remain on his tiptoes throughout all she had planned to do. "Jason, I've never been a fan of all your body hair; I'm getting rid of it—no, not the hair on your head, but everything else.

I'm going to gag you so you don't disturb me while I do this. Be sure to stand perfectly still. I'd hate to begin your new life with a horrendous beating." She buckled a large ball gag tightly around his head. Stepping down and removing the stool Abby brought several large bottles of a white liquid to the shower.

Starting on his back Abby wiped the liquid thickly onto his skin, taking care to use the special gloves that had been provided for her. Abby had covered his entire body in less than fifteen minutes except for his pubic area and his face. She removed his chastity cage before applying it to his abdomen and scrotum.

She retrieved the stool and climbed up to cover his face. "Hold still, Jason, you don't want this in your eyes. It should be burning your skin by now; I'll wash it off soon. There's a part two lotion that will neutralize it and soothe your skin. I'll do that in a few minutes." Once she had finished his face she waited another ten minutes before turning the shower on. Jason had to suffer while the water warmed but soon the hair on his body was running down the drain.

This was a permanent depilatory—he would never have hair on his body again. Abby brought him out, dried him with a fluffy towel, and applied the second lotion, commenting on how much she loved his soft hairless skin. Jason's skin felt better immediately. He looked in the mirror, hardly recognizing himself without the body hair that had graced him for almost twenty years. Abby reinstalled his cock cage, cuffed his hands behind his back, and brought out some shoes for him to wear.

They were women's shoes, black leather with two-inch heels. Jason looked at Abby incredulously. "Don't forget—you're a slave. You wear what I tell you to wear. Do you need reinforcement to understand and accept that?" "No, Mistress. I will wear anything you direct me to wear." "I already knew that, but I'm locking these shoes in place. You'll wear them all the time, even in your cage at night. I want you to get used to them. I also have some other items for you.

I've decided you will be my maid, so you'll be wearing a maid's outfit. I even have a bra and panties for you so get used to the idea." Abby held up the bra. It had removable straps so she was able to put it on him without removing his cuffs. She adjusted the straps and added several foam breast forms—B-cups-- to fill out the bra in front.

She put him into the outfit which was more suitable to a porn movie than regular wear. He accepted the outfit without comment. She put some basic makeup on his face and left him to admire her handiwork. Over time he would be able to apply his own makeup just like any other woman.

Jason had completed his first month of slavery without serious incident. Abby had caned him several times supposedly for serious infractions, but actually just because she wanted to hurt him.

It was at this time that Abby gave him a new pair of shoes—ones with three-inch heels. Again she locked the shoes onto his feet and left him to adapt. A month later she gave him another pair, one with four-inch heels; again she locked them onto his feet. By this time she was able to notice the impact of the estrogen therapy. Jason's skin was as smooth and soft as a woman's, his hips were beginning to swell, his ass was rounder, and he was developing tits; his nipples were round and firm, roughly three times larger than they had been only a few months ago.

Everything was progressing as planned. She only had to act the part for another few months. On the positive side their home had never looked better. Abby worked Jason for a minimum of twelve hours every day—dusting vacuuming, washing, waxing—everything from ceilings to windows to walls and floor. It was all spic and span. At least one night each week Abby would restrain Jason, cuffing his wrists behind his back and securing his ankles.

She connected his wrists and ankles by a short chain so Jason was forced to remain kneeling. His collar would be locked to one of the ceiling chains, requiring that he remain kneeling or strangle himself.

She used the ball gag to ensure his silence and added a posture collar which forced his head up while restricting its movement from side to side. Then Abby would walk next door to see Mario. She had no illusions about Mario. He was a source of sex for her—a convenience that would go away as soon as Jason was disposed of.

There was a routine here too, much as there was a routine with Jason in what seemed her prehistoric past. She would walk in unannounced, kneel and suck his cock for at least twenty minutes before he took her overwatch sex pov tracer the best sucked big cock to fuck either in her pussy or in her ass.

He had progressed to the point that he no longer used a condom, much preferring to withdraw and spill his seed on her back, chest, or face. Once she had been satisfied she would return home and release Jason, placing him gently into his cage for the evening. Jason had become very familiar with his woman's clothing and shoes. He put the bra on automatically, tucked his cock down over his balls when he pulled up his silk panties, and checked the seam for straightness on his black thigh-high stockings.

He savored the feeling of his velvety smooth skin, often wishing he had a pussy instead of a cock as he served as his Mistress's maid. His sex life had all but died, but, unknown to Jason, this was about to change dramatically. One afternoon when Abby returned from work Jason was kneeling as instructed, head down prepared to kiss her feet. Instead Abby pulled him up into an embrace.

"Congratulations, my darling slave, it is now six months since you embraced slavery. I didn't think you would make it and I think we should celebrate, don't you? I've made reservations for us to fly to Mexico and stay for three weeks in an exclusive hotel on the Riviera Maya. We'll have a luxurious bungalow right on the beach. Doesn't that sound nice? I'm going upstairs now and pack while you make dinner.

We'll leave early tomorrow morning. I promise you a nice surprise when we get there. Oh, I'll have to take you out of chastity before we go through airport security. I expect you to behave. I'll punish you if you don't. I'll put you back in once we are through." Jason was elated—a vacation! Even a slave could enjoy a vacation and he loved the beach…the water. He was going to have a wonderful time.

He put all his energy into the dinner, even making homemade biscuits, something he knew Mistress Abby loved. As usual he ate from the dog's bowl after his Mistress was finished, but even eating cold food that was all mashed together couldn't dampen his spirits. When he had cleaned up Mistress Abby had a surprise—a new pair of shoes, ones with five-inch heels.

CHAPTER 4 Abby had ordered a limousine for the trip to the airport. En route she pulled his skirt up to remove his cock cage. Jason was japanese cute and oldman kissing porn that she was forcing him to wear women's clothes, but it wasn't his decision to make.

He was a slave, after all. She placed the cock cage in her purse. Abby held the passports and all the cash. She had the reservations—first class. Jason was surprised that they only had one suitcase, but that was a matter for his Mistress, not him. People stared in the airport, but Abby told him to ignore them. There were some concerns as they passed through security, but a quiet word from Abby—"transsexual"-- resolved them. They passed through without incident.

Jason had to remove his shoes so he was glad that Mistress Abby had removed the locks that morning. Once they were in the secure portion of the airport she sought out a family rest room, the kind that can accommodate changing a baby and is available to both sexes. She locked the door behind them, telling Jason to lift his skirt and drop his panties. She pushed his balls, swollen now from lack of activity over the past months, and his cock into the restraining ring before sliding his soft cock into the tube and locking it.

She also locked his shoes back in place and returned his slave collar to his neck. a very big oral porn slave, we have a plane to catch." The flight was uneventful. Mistress Abby had champagne, slave Jason had apple juice.

Abby did permit her slave to eat the airline meal and to use the plastic utensils. He was even allowed to eat at the same time she did. This was as much to accommodate the airline staff as anything; by this time Abby was not only tired of dealing with her slave, she was disgusted with him. Fortunately, it would be ending soon. Abby and her slave rode by limousine from the Cancun airport down the coast past Playa del Carmen to their exclusive resort.

There were some startled looks when they checked in, but fortunately the people were so consumed by their vacations the glances were brief and nothing was said. A bellman drove them to their bungalow in a golf cart. Jason sat in front and was startled when the bellman put his hand on his/her thigh. He was amazed by the bungalow when they entered; it was a miniature house with a sitting room, bedroom, patio, mini-kitchen, beauty gives unfathomable throat hardcore and massage large bathroom complete with Jacuzzi tub.

Waiting for Mistress Abby was a large parcel, a box shipped by FedEx. "Slave, unpack the suitcase and put the clothes in the dresser and closet. I'll open the parcel even though it's for you.

It took slave Jason less than ten minutes to put the clothes into neat piles in the drawers and on hangers in the closet. He raised his hand, wishing to speak. Abby granted his request, already knowing what he was about to say, "Mistress, why are there no clothes for me?" "You won't need any, slave.

Come here and I'll explain." Jason went to Abby's side, kneeling from habit. "I want you to see these restraints; see how soft they are." Jason felt the fur-lined leather wrist and ankle cuffs. "These are lined with mink," Abby continued. "I need to put these on you and lock them in place. Then I'll explain everything." Once the cuffs were on Abby locked them together, using the special locks that sealed the two chains together with two-part epoxy that would harden in less than a minute. A cross chain hanging from the wrist cuffs sealed to the ankles.

In only minutes Jason was locked in position. Abby added a ball gag from the parcel and a posture collar. A long leather belt was used to secure Jason to a pillar a few feet from the bed. "OK, slave I've waited for this moment for months. I can hardly believe the time has come.

I loved the Jason I married and I would have gladly spent the rest of my life with that man. But, you're not that man any more, are you? I hate what you've become and I hate being your Mistress. I need a real man not this, whatever it is that you've become. When's the last time we made love? When's the last time you wanted me? Do you even know? Do you even care? "I found someone who is willing to fuck me.

Believe it or not I've even taken it in the ass and swallowed his cum. He'll be here any minute to fuck me. You have a ringside seat so you'll see what you've been missing. That's why I've put you there and restricted your head—so you have to watch.

"Now, as I said, I hate being your Mistress, but you are a slave—you're property and property is bought and sold. That's what I've done with you. I've sold you to a group that's planning on making a lot alanah rae fucked by tution teacher brazzers com money with you. Oddly, you'll make it having sex, something you haven't had much interest in lately. The difference is that you'll be on the receiving end.

You have two nice holes that can be used." Holding up a handful of capsules she asked Jason, "Recognize these? No, of course not; I never showed them to you even though you've ingested hundreds—no, thousands.

I put them in your food and drinks. They're estrogen. That's right you've been taking tons of female sex hormones. Notice how soft and smooth your skin has become? Notice how nice and round your hips are and your butt? You're even growing tits.

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I've been training you to be a woman. The high heels…the maid's costume…all part of the plan to turn you into a she-male. After we fuck some men will come and pick you up. Don't try to get out, there's no way. The chains are epoxied together; they'll have to be cut with a special shears—they're titanium. These people have a big investment in you. They paid me a hundred thousand dollars, plus all the money for the capsules, shoes, and outfits. "Tomorrow I understand you'll have surgery to give you a real set of boobs—D-cups, I believe.

Isn't that every man's dream—having a big set of tits to play with? And I'm told they're going to fill in your lips somewhat. After that there will be training. I'm going to warn you—these people are pros. They know how to hurt you if you rebel or disobey. All this is being done right here in Mexico, just down the coast about a hundred miles or so.

That's why we're here. Mario's cousin has a big processing plant here. Did you know Mario has ties to the mob—the Mafia? His cousin is some bigwig. Maybe he'll tell you. He should be here shortly. We'll make love just as we have every week over the past six months then we'll go to dinner. When we return you'll be gone, but don't worry—Mario has told me I can see you in your final modified form.

Maybe I'll even play with your big boobs. Ah…here's Mario now." Abby answered the knock at the door and Mario walked in grinning as he kissed Abby on the cheek. "Have your discussion yet?" Abby nodded, even as tears flowed down Jason's cheek.

"Oh, don't cry Jason, you're getting what you want. You'll be a slave—a slave in one of my cousin's brothels. I've been to a couple. The 'girls' there are treated well and they get plenty of sex. Believe it or not, there are even some guys who want to be fucked by a tranny so you'll even have opportunities to fuck and cum. You'll get clothes, lingerie, hair styling, food and a nice room—all on the house.

My cousin will even contribute a portion of your earnings to a retirement fund. Unfortunately, there's not a long career ahead of you. You're already in your thirties." Abby undressed while Mario was giving his speech and she knelt in front of him now unbuckling his belt and taking his slacks down.

He stepped out of his pants and allowed Abby to remove his boxers. Taking his big erection in her hand she turned to Jason, "See, Jason—this is a man's cock. It's big and it's hard. It goes into a pussy. That's what I have in case you've forgotten. Bf assists with hymen examination and pounding of virgin kitten you'll learn something you can use in your next life." She smiled up at Mario as she swallowed his giant tool.

His entire eight inches disappeared into her mouth. She had never done this to Jason because she never realized she could and he never pushed the issue. Jason watched in awe as Abby's head bobbed up and down the hard cock.

After several minutes she stopped and led Mario to the bed. Mario positioned her on her hands and knees as he moved behind her. He pushed her head down, lubed her ass and drove home, imbedding his cock deep into her ass.

Holding her hips he drove into her with abandon. Abby for her part returned his thrusts with her own. They were actively sweating and panting when Mario suddenly pulled out and came on Abby's back. He fell onto the bed, pulling Abby onto his mouth. He ate her pussy, paying special attention to her G-spot and clit. Abby shook like a leaf in a hurricane as she came hard, falling next to Mario as she recovered. "That, Jason is how I like to be fucked," then turning to Mario she asked if he would like to join her in the shower.

"No, babe, we have to get moving. We don't want to be here when they come for him. The less we know the better when we report him missing." Abby nodded her agreement, washed her back, dressed and left, Mario right behind her.

Jason remained kneeling only a minute before the door opened again and two burly Mexicans entered, picked him up and placed him carefully in the back of a sealed van. Jason was placed on a thick cushion, secured in place so he wouldn't get hurt, and blindfolded. They were gone in minutes.

Nobody had seen them; Jason was gone. Three weeks later Abby was taken to the plant. This was her last opportunity to see Jason. She barely recognized him.

His hair was styled, his makeup impeccable, his breasts massive. Abby walked into the room, noticing that he was chained to the bed. "Well, Jason, they tell me you are doing well. I'm glad. I hope you have a decent life and make your owners lots of money. Good bye. Oh—really nice tits, by the way. I'm jealous." She turned and left, walking directly to the limousine where she was blindfolded and driven away.

CHAPTER 5 Once she returned home she filed for divorce, citing the report from the Mexican Federales regarding Lucky guy gets to fuck a hot friend disappearance, however she never followed through—what was the point?

She had no intention of ever marrying again. She had told the Mexican authorities that she and Jason had quarreled and that she had left, not wanting it to go any further. When she returned to the room Jason and all his clothes were gone, along with their suitcase. The assumption was that he had deserted his wife, taking some of the many millions with him.

Indeed, a withdrawal of twenty million from an offshore bank was reported and it was guessed that Jason had taken it when he ran. In fact, Abby had made the withdrawal as payment to Mario for services rendered. Abby donated her house, claiming that she could no longer live where she and her husband had been so happy. She moved to South America and was last reported to be somewhere near Rio de Janeiro. She lived there alone for the next ten years. It was late afternoon on a sunny day in May that Abby paced back and forth in the long circular driveway that led to the large stone house.

She completely ignored the spectacular view of the beach at Ipanema and the ocean beyond. Abby was concerned; her property manager, Carlo, shared her concern, but he did not pace. He was mostly concerned for his lady's health and well-being and he did not wish to worry her more than was necessary.

Abby was expecting a package—an important package--and it was only when she saw the open bodied truck driving up the hill and through the gate that she began to relax. Sunny leone hard sexamazing story truck pulled into the drive and stopped in front of Abby and Carlo. Two young and muscular American men greeted her and moved to open the crate.

"Don't worry, Ma'am I'm sure your parcel will be fine. We do this all the time although mostly it's inbound." His partner had just removed the crate's side to reveal a beautiful shapely woman secured in a foam seat by a number of padded leather straps.

It was only close examination that revealed the stainless cock cage locked over his/her manhood. While one American removed the straps the other removed the oxygen mask, catheter, and IV. Skillfully, he withdrew the hollow needle from the sleeping subject's hand, bandaging it as he did. "As I said, he'll be fine as soon as I give him i did fuck my classy businesswoman looking hot stepmom antidote. I have it right here in my pocket.

We do this all the time—almost every day—and I trained as a medic in the Army." He swabbed the subject's elbow, inserted the hypodermic, and injected the antidote.

The men lowered their subject to the driveway where Abby took his head into her lap. "Please sign here, Ma'am to indicate that we've delivered the goods." When Abby tried to tip them they refused, saying, "Thank you, Ma'am but we can't—orders.

Too bad about this one--he was one hell of an earner. Too bad he got started so late. I've had him myself—top notch in all his holes. Hope you enjoy him." Abby just nodded and they left, removing all traces that they'd ever been there. "Jason," Abby called to him, "you're OK now. You're safe with me again." "No," he shouted, turning and twisting, "soy Consuela…soy Consuela. Please don't hurt me any more.

Soy Consuela." "No, Jason, you're not in the brothel any more. You're here with me—here with Abby." Slowly Jason came to his senses as the antidote took effect. He looked up, "Abby?

Is that you?" "Yes, darling, you're here with me and you're safe. Here have a drink. They told me you would be thirsty. No, it's just water. Want me to drink it first?" Jason opened his mouth to accept the bottle and sipped as Abby tilted the bottle for him. Abby removed the stainless wrench from the chain on Jason's neck and opened the cock cage, telling Carlo, "Carlo, throw this out.

I never want to see it again. Darling, this is Carlo; he manages the house and property for me. Carlo, this is my husband Jason. I've told you about him several times, now you can see just how stupid I can be. Can you stand, Jason? Good, let me help you walk. We'll go into the house now." "Where are we, Abby?" "We're in Brazil, on a hill above Rio de Janeiro. You'll be able to see the beach at Ipanema from the house —remember that song from the Sixties?

One wall is all glass. There're no neighbors; it's hundreds of feet straight down the hill. C'mon, let's go slow. Thank you for your help, Carlo." Carlo had the other arm of the naked transsexual, marveling at the magnificent breasts just at his eye level. They sat Jason/Consuela on the long couch. He could feel the soft dark red leather on his butt and back as Abby sat next to him.

For the first time she saw the number of scars on his torso, presumably from whippings endured over his years as a slave. Jason told Abby that he was confused. The last thing he had remembered was being taken from his room in the brothel. He had assumed that it was a client, although clients were few dirty old man visits and gropes a hot young girl far between these days now that he was in his mid-forties.

Instead Abby told him he had been sedated then he had been encased and shipped by express courier marked, "RUSH—PERISHABLE." A special jet had been provided to take the valuable cargo to its destination. "The last time I explained things to you was more than ten years ago.

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This time will be much more pleasant for both of us. I kept track of you through Mario. Of course being a lawyer he charged me every time. A few weeks ago I learned that your customers were no longer lining up for appointments with you.

I asked if I could buy you back. You cost me five million dollars." "So I'm still a slave. I guess I should be on the floor." "No, my darling—if I wanted a slave I flirty lezzies fill up their big bums with cream and squirt it out have kept you. You're completely free. You may leave any time you wish. If you do I'll gladly provide you with enough money to take care of you for life.

After all, it was originally your money although I've done very well investing it. I now have almost double what I had ten years ago. As I said you can leave, but I do hope you'll stay—I really do.

I've realized over the past ten years just how much I loved you, but if you can't forgive me for what happened I will understand." "No, Abby, I don't blame you. What happened was my fault. I don't know what I was thinking. I could have retired and lived in luxury with you, but…I ruined it with my stupidity. Believe me, I've learned the hard way what it means to be a slave—it's no fun.

I've been beaten and whipped for no reason—so hard I could barely stand. It didn't make a bit of sense to me—I couldn't work or service clients in the condition I was in, but that didn't stop them from doing it over and over.

Sometimes fantasies should be just that—fantasies." "I'm sorry. Don't worry; you're safe now. Other than the beatings how has your life been? "They kept me busy—very busy—entertaining both men and women. I had a hard time initially learning to suck a man's cock, but in time I learned to love it.

It's my second most favorite thing after being fucked in my ass. You should think about buying a strap-on." "Ha ha, they told me you loved that—I already have one with a big black dildo.

We can try it later if you like. Jason, what do you want to do with your body? I must say the doctor did a magnificent job with your breasts and I love the pierced nipples—they're very sexy. You have a fantastic body.

I've spoken to several plastic surgeons. They say the surgery can be reversed easily." "I don't know," he said holding his huge silky breasts in his hands, "they've been a part of me for so long I can't remember being without them.

Do I have to decide now?" "No, of course not—as a woman you can be my cousin or friend from college, or even my girlfriend. You can go topless on the beach—lots of the women here will be jealous of you, but watch out for the men—they'll be all over you.

If you decide to change back you'll be my husband, recovered from a long coma, or whatever. Who cares? It's nobody's business. Either way we can still make love." Abby took his hand in hers, lifted it and kissed it as she looked into her former husband's eyes. She moved pornhup porny pissing live story and they kissed—a long passionate kiss, their tongues intertwined.

Jason moved her hand to his breast and moaned when she ran her fingers over his nipples. "On second thought," Jason said when he broke the kiss, "I'll gladly be a slave…for love…your love." They kissed again, a kiss that erased more than ten years of agony and misery. Abby rose and led Jason to the bedroom. Once there she used the intercom to tell Carlo, "I won't need you any longer tonight.

My husband will be staying." CHAPTER 6 Abby led Jason to the king-sized bed. He was already naked, not having been given any clothing for his trip as "commercial cargo." The wooden crate had been insulated so no clothing would be necessary and the straps were lined with the same soft mink as his original cuffs. Abby began to disrobe, but Jason stopped her.

"I think it would be best if you called me Consuela for now. After all, I am mostly a woman physically and entirely a woman mentally and emotionally. Have you ever made love to a woman, Abby?" "No, Consuela—not until now. I'm looking forward to it.

I love your body. It's so sexy—you make me so hot." Consuela pulled Abby's blouse over her head, unsnapping her bra expertly seconds later. When she pulled Abby's Capri's to her ankles she sank immediately to her knees to lick Abby's slit and gently suck her clitoris. Instinctively Abby spread her legs, creating more room for Consuela's head at her cunt.

Consuela pushed forward, forcing Abby to fall back on the bed. This enabled Consuela to spread and lift her legs. Consuela covered Abby's cunt with her mouth as she sucked and licked her entire pussy.

Consuela resolved to talk with Abby about waxing her pubic area. As much as she loved eating a hot wet pussy, she also hated getting hair between her teeth.

Consuela had licked Abby for several minutes when Abby pulled her up for another long hot kiss. Then Abby moved her onto her back and slid down from head to dick, kissing her way down her husband's body. Abby suckled Consuela's nipples, a first for her, although almost everything would be a first—Abby had never been with a woman.

Now a person could easily argue that she wasn't actually making love with a woman now—she was actually married to this person. But in almost every respect, except her cock and balls, Consuela was a woman. She had tits, round womanly hips, and soft full lips.

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She looked like and felt like a woman. So far as Abby was concerned, she was! Abby stopped at Consuela's rock hard cock. She kissed the tip and licked the pre-cum that had accumulated there. Abby licked all around the helmet and inhaled the entire organ just as she had done with Mario that fateful afternoon when Jason had been taken. As she bobbed up and down his rod she remembered sucking his cock when they were first married. She remembered her refusal to swallow or spit—what was she thinking?

Nothing would please her more now than filling her mouth with his delicious cream, but before she could finish him, Consuela pulled her up, kissed her again, and pulled her onto his magical tool. Abby rocked as she savored the cock she had missed over the past ten years while it was servicing hundreds—thousands—of men and women. She rammed her clit into Consuela's pubis, marveling at how she moved in conjunction with her—every action designed to bring Abby to higher and higher levels of rapture.

Suddenly, Abby felt her body shimmy and shake. Her orgasm took control of her body as she convulsed in uncontrolled spasms.

All this time Consuela continued to fuck her. Consuela fucked and fucked showing no sign of cumming as Abby reached her second and third orgasms. "Are you OK, Consuela? Why haven't you cum?" she asked, concerned about her partner.

"I've been trained…maybe conditioned would be a better term…not to cum without permission. That way I could perform all day and all night--all week-- if necessary without pause." "Oh," Abby replied, "that's horrible.

Do I have to do or say something?" "Yes, but you don't have to. I've fucked many, many times without cumming. I'm used to it." "But, darling, I WANT you to cum. It's selfish and cruel to make love and ignore your partner's needs. What do I have to do?" "First you have to tell me, 'you have permission to cum,' that will get me ready, but I won't cum until you say, 'cum now!'" "Very well Consuela, 'you have my permission to cum.'" Consuela inhaled deeply as she moaned repeatedly.

After a minute or so Abby told her, 'Consuela, cum now!'" Consuela's hips drove more than a foot off the bed as she had a tremendous orgasm. No less than ten times did Consuela shoot buckets of cum into Abby's womb. Viscous white liquid flowed from Abby's cunt like a river as she and her lover caught their breath. Abby looked down at Consuela. Her eyes were closed, her face was a mask of contentment; Abby kissed her lover, her husband, her girlfriend, her…?

It was confusing, but it felt so good—so very fucking good. Eventually they recovered; Abby was hungry—she hadn't eaten all day and she was sure Consuela hadn't eaten in almost two days. "Let's get up.

I'm hungry and I'll bet you're starving. This is your dresser. There are clothes in there for you—they should fit. If they don't we'll just buy more. That's your closet; there's a robe on the back of the door. I'll get cook to fix us something. Any idea what you want? "Yeah—right now I feel like sex with kathia nobili foot fetish fingering guy—steak." Abby laughed as she said, "Coming right up." She kissed Consuela again and moved purposefully to the kitchen.

Consuela used the time to look around the bedroom. She sex stories yoga teacher blue film amazed by all the pictures of Abby and Jason.

She opened her closet—it was a large walk-in that was loaded with clothes—all in excellent taste and all extremely sexy.

Checking the sizes it looked as though most would fit. Consuela wandered through the other rooms. There were four large bedrooms in addition to the master and three additional baths. She turned when she heard her name. Tightening the silk robe she found her way to the kitchen, noticing a short, plump woman running back and forth creating the meal.

There were three filets on a gas grill right in the kitchen. A stainless exhaust fan hummed as it removed the smoke from the room.

Through a doorway she heard Abby. Finding her, Abby gave her a glass of red wine as she pushed a button on a remote. The drapes moved back revealing the most beautiful view Consuela had ever seen. "C'mon, let's go out on the patio. It's a beautiful evening, all the more so because you're here with me." She held Consuela's hand as they walked through the door and sat together on a loveseat.

If cook thought there was anything strange about this arrangement she kept her thoughts to herself. By now Carlo had shared the news about Miss Abby's husband. They ate a delightful meal, the best Consuela had eaten in more than ten years. Abby thanked the cook and led Consuela back to bed. Again they made love, Abby encouraging Consuela to cum after she had only a single orgasm. They fell asleep in each other's arms.

They made love two or three times a day, making up for time lost over the last ten years. Abby didn't ask what Consuela wanted to do about her body—she didn't care. She was having so much fun making love to her first "woman" that she never wanted to stop. Most mornings Consuela woke with Abby's mouth latched onto her teat. Consuela had been back a week when Abby walked into the bedroom sporting a black leather strap-on with a huge black dildo.

"C'mon girl, let's give that ass a stretching." Consuela couldn't get into position fast enough. She backed against the edge of the bed, placing her ass just above the level of the dildo. Abby drizzled lube onto the dildo then moved the bottle just over Consuela's ass.

Her fingers worked the lube in, stretching her anus—preparing it for the large intruder. However, Abby needn't have worried. Consuela had experienced anal sex more than four thousand times in the brothel. Her ass would stretch all by itself.

Abby leaned forward, the latex cock pressing against her anus. With a hesitant push the anus opened and Consuela pushed back, impaling her ass on the dick. Abby placed her hands on Consuela's back, rubbing it to soothe her. "I'm OK, Abby," she said, "in fact, better than OK.

I told you how much I love this. Hold off telling me to cum until you've had at least one orgasm." "Thank you, my darling, but this is for you. I've had such great sex since you've returned I can afford to be generous." She pounded Consuela's ass for almost ten minutes when she told her lover, "You have my permission to cum." Two minutes later she added, "Cum now!" Consuela shuddered as she rose up, her back vertical.

Abby held her tightly, caressing her breasts as she ejaculated all over the sheets. Abby couldn't believe how much semen shot out of her lover's cock. She understood now why she always leaked after a good fucking.

Ten-plus years as a slave had an obvious impact on Consuela. Abby became the dominant partner even thought she tried to treat Consuela as an equal. Consuela was so submissive she even had trouble giving orders to the servants. She had been a member of the household about two weeks when Abby called a meeting of the staff, telling them about Consuela and how she had been trapped as a sex slave in a brothel in Mexico.

She told them also that they should extend every conceivable courtesy to Consuela, even more than they would give her. Anyone who couldn't do that would be dismissed immediately. Although most of the clothes Abby had purchased for Consuela fit her, the two lovers decided to go shopping—Consuela had the right to pick peculiar teenie is brought in anal asylum for harsh treatment own clothing and style.

It was in an exclusive shop that Abby met one of her closest friends. Conversing in fluent Portuguese she introduced Consuela as her "girlfriend." "I didn't know the wind blew that way with you, Abby," her friend Emma replied, "If I did I would have given you a shot long ago." "Well, Emma, I do and I don't.

Consuela is&hellip." "What Abby means," Consuela added in fluent Spanish even though the other two were speaking Portuguese, "is that I was once her husband. I was abducted in Mexico and forced to become a she-male sex slave.

That's why I have these even though technically I'm still a male. For now I'm still a female in appearance." Emma was speechless so Abby and Consuela took their leave, returning to their shopping.

Consuela had been home for just over two months when she and Abby said almost simultaneously, "I need to talk hd months pregnant heather deep final video pregnant before birth you." After a good laugh Abby told her to go first.

"I've made two big decisions, Abby. First, I want to stay here with you forever, and second, I'm going to stay as a woman. I think a lot of the problems I had years ago came from my gender confusion. I couldn't really face those problems so I looked for another outlet—slavery. Is that OK with you?" "Oh, darling, I love you so much.

It doesn't matter one bit what sex you want to be, although I must admit I love playing with your beautiful tits. I know now why men love them so much. OK, now my news—I'm glad you went first. You're going to riding a cock is what this kinky cutie does a mother. I'm pregnant. I couldn't be happier." The look on Consuela's face told her the feeling was one hundred percent mutual.