18 years old girls pmv by dimecum tube porn

18 years old girls pmv by dimecum tube porn
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Home Alone It was a normal Saturday, wake up at noon, chores till 2, parents leave at 4 to go out for dinner and shop " I think it's more of a get back together party kind of thing for fighting all week", and my sister leaves for work or to hang out with friends and I was home alone till they got home which was usually about 10, 11 o'clock. Yeah I could hang out with friends or something besides sit at home, but I enjoyed the empty house.

These times are the best pig out on the left over food from the week, watch some good anime and most important I had time to jack off and look at some porn. During the week someone's always home so if I really have to I'll go to the bathroom and do it but this past week I've saved up so it'll be extra good.

I knew some pretty good porn sites mostly teen sites so I can easily relate and think up possible fantasies, but I had a big titted boss fucks with her employee tonight was going to be a really good night.

I started sitting at my desk slowly going up and down on my cock as it grew bigger in my hand finally I had checked all my sites and was downloading a short movie of a guy fucking a hot blonde in the nicest, roundest, most beautiful ass I have ever seen. I didn't know much of it except by the thumbnail it had to preview it. That was going to take at least 5 to 6 minutes to download and I didn't have the time to just sit there and watch it download I had to do something to keep my dick hard.

I thought about my magazines but quickly passed that considering I've looked through them all at least 20 times. I finally remembered about my fathers "secret collection" or so he thought, he usually got some new ones every month and I had forgotten about it for at least 2 months.

Damn I thought as I saw these two beautiful tan twins with blonde hair getting it on. Starting off in sweats and soon in a locker room shower. I felt my precum on my hand getting between the friction of my hand and cock, which was the hint to start heading to the bathroom to unload.

To my surprise as I reached the bathroom which was across from my room I saw a brunette in my room looking at the screen of my computer. A billion thoughts raced through my head as I stood in the doorway staring blankly at this mysterious girl and her the same with me except I finally realized I had my pants down with my cock in my hand. I then saw her eyes move from my face to my cock, which was now standing straight in the air, as a sign of I was very attracted to this girl.

One of us had to say something it seemed like a minute but as I went to ask who she was she interrupted with I'll take that as a compliment.


What I stuttered with¿ clearing my thought what I repeated what is a compliment. Your dick silly it's about to explode, aren't you a bit nervous with it hanging out in front of me. Yeah I stuttered again and pulled my pants up but my cock still pushed against my pants begging to be let out like a dog that had to do it's business and clearly I wanted it to do it's business.

She had beautiful brown hair as said before and was in a white skirt up to about mid thigh and a tight shirt that held her breasts firmly against her and the shirt. She had a nice tan tanned brunette gets banged in doggy by big rod hardcore and big tits, the kind every guy in high school wanted that cheerleader look that u would literally die for. Her hair down to her shoulders with a little curve at the end and nice white sneakers that pulled the look off.

I walked over to see what she had been looking at and it was the video of the girl being fucked up the ass; I quickly reached for the mouse to exit out or to minimize it so it would stop playing.

She grabbed my wrist and a reply of,"don't close it its fine leave it open." Shit shit shit I thought and I responded almost instantly," who are you and why are you in my house¿" why did I ask that for I really didn't care who or why she was here but glad she was, thinking I could get something out of it.

She said to call her Ashley and she was a friend of my sisters. I then also thought shit shit shit again but was calmed with her promising she wouldn't tell. Ashley said she was here to pick Nicole's cell phone up because she had forgotten it. Thinking quickly to cover my tracks so to speak I asked her not to tell anyone at school either but she said she had already graduated.

This girl Ashley then walked past me and to my sisters room with a smirk on her face. I then sat in my room thinking what had just happened.

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The moaning in the background from my computer brought me back to reality knowing I had to get her she was beautiful it'd be the best first time. I dashed to my sisters room but was stopped at my door way with her looking at me saying," now don't go jacking off know you might get caught again but not by someone such as myself so be careful." Kissing me on the cheek and continuing down the stairs to her car waking up from dreamland that I was just kissed by the fucking hottest chick in town.

I realized I had to still get her and yelled out," you want to hang out a little more" she answered with a maybe next time as she kept walking forward and not looking back. Damn I thought I was so close damn it to hell. I then turned some music on, loud too and cleaned up the trail with my father's magazine and my computer which still in repeat of the video.

I decided to take a shower to cool myself down and go over in my head what just happened and to relive in my mind the kiss and her smile.

DAMN IT as I punched the shower wall knocking all the shampoo on the ground. So I got out and went to my room to put some cloths on when all of heaven graced me with the joy of seeing Ashley there on my bed with her legs crossed. Looking at those legs where a man's dreams come true they were long and tan and perfectly shaped.

She turned her head and looked up at me and said," I figured I'd come by and see if you learned your lesson. . here come sit next to me I want to get a better acquainted with you" her motioning her hand on a spot next to herself. I not knowing what to do realized I had to make this look good so she didn't think I was just a dumb kid looking for a perverted fantasy dream.

"Like what you see", as she spun around and rested her legs upon my legs like I was a footstool I fella assists with hymen examination and screwing of virgin chick in my towel responded with a nod and a yes.

"Good, don't hesitate to touch" so I put my hands on each side of her top ankle like I was holding my hands out to get some candy which indeed I was and then slowly ran them up toward her with my hands splitting to one on each soft and beautiful leg. I had never felt anything like it I wanted to hold them forever but knew there was more to touch. Finding a hilarious coincidence in the song playing " Touch To Much by AC DC " I then continued up her skirt and went inward till I felt soft panty's.


"You want that don't you" she said as she sat there arms back behind her supporting her " I can tell because of your buddy in that towel" I looked down and saw it creating a large hump in the towel, a little embarrassed I let go of her legs and rested my arms behind me like she was and said I was sorry thinking that it was so utterly stupid and louserish if there ever is such a word. She said it was okay for it was her first time also she said she fooled around but never actually did it.

Yes! I imagined knowing I was going to get to do a graduated beauty, I the first she chose me! "Don't be shy I won't bite literally I won't". Okay as I leaned further to explore her soft skin.

I slowly ran my hands up her skirt and pulled them off gently as she laid herself down on the bed and closing her eyes at free chat sexy pergnant with big boobs playing on cam point I knew I was good.

I took a glance at the clock noticing it was 9:29 I had time oh I had time with a chuckle in my head. I continued to pull her skirt off slowly pulling one side down a few inches and then doing the same to the other until I reached her feet which I slipped her shoes off and laid the skirt next to them. I decided to leave her panties and bra for last to savor the moment. I continued to go slow enjoying every minute of it, I then adjusted myself to get her shirt of by kneeling shh step sister is sleeping front of her with one knee to each side of her waist such as a tower over a road of busy streets.

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I slowly put my hands up the edge of her shirt by her waist and move them up feeling her upper body and the smoothness of it. Not wanting to waist anymore time I got the shirt off and threw it by the shoes with the skirt and cupped her breasts with my hands still in the bra.

They were so perfectly sized not to big not to small perfect. Ashley in nothing but her bra and panties and me still in my towel with my dick sticking out between the crack in the towel where the two ends of the towel met, my dick now pounding I could feel the blood pumping through it.

It wanted to get busy I agreed. It was so big I was shocked hot suuple slut with big sexy boobs never reached this size. Ashley now stood up while still sitting on the bed told me to adriana chechik porn preference test on the edge of the bed so I did and she got up and kneeled in front of me like she was praying to me.

She then took the towel where it was connected and split it and laid it on the floor beneath her and took my swelling cock in her hand and started to go up and down such as I would with my hand when I was home alone and soon found she was now sucking on it taking my whole cock into her mouth as if it where a sucker or ice cream sickle. She then went up and down on cock making it get harder and harder it felt amazing.

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I closed my eyes for a second from the unbearable pleasure and opened them quickly to look down at the beautiful ella and ava started out jerking then pounding their pussies hard with blue eyes licking my dick.

Her tongue playing with the head of my dick I then realized I was going to cum and then moaned out, "I'm going to cum ahhhhh" she didn't responded but went on faster and faster till I felt it explode in her mouth it felt like it went on for ever, good thing I waited all week. I knew I had did well when she moaned like she had just drank the most delicious drink that she hasn't tasted in a long time.

She then said I would need a hard again and it would probably take awhile to do so, she said it was my turn to get a delicious treat, laying herself on the bed as she peeled off her panties to reveal the most treasured thing in the world. I guessed I was going to lick her and was correct as she moaned in response. Her clit was better than I imagined thrusting my tongue in and out then using it to massage her inner and outer sides of her pussy.

She cummed sooner than I thought and when she did she thrusted her hips upward into my tongue as I did the same downward into her pussy. It also tasted better than I had thought.

But during this whole ordeal I had again obtained a boner as she said I would I got up on the bed and laid next to her awaiting what she would want me to do I didn't really want to do her in the pussy cause I didn't feel like explaining it to my parents that I was a father she agreed as we laid there naked her still in her bra.


She then rolled over putting her arm around me whispering in a sort japanese amazing babe acquires a hard fuck panting breath that she was glad I was home and jacking off when she came, at this moment I got a smell of her perfume which smelled like a mix of strawberries and flowers, it was glorious and I knew I would never forget this as I responded with," so did I " and a little chuckle she chuckled a little too and we laid there cuddled next to each other I pulled my comforter over us to keep us warm from the sealing fan blowing air on are sweating bodies.

I suddenly awoke with the phone ringing, I answered it and it was my parents saying they were on their way home and talked some more and more. I didn't pay attention I was more worried where Ashley was, I found myself saying goodbye and heading back to the showers to get the stickiness off my body. When I returned to my room and cleaned it up I found a pair of panties and note saying she wanted to meet again and she wanted to try the thing in the video she had watched and at the bottom it said P.S.

make sure you don't get caught jacking off next weekend wink wink.